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King Of Gods - Chapter 351


Chapter 351 - Copying Secret Technique

This beauty was Zhao Feng's most powerful opponent that he had met so far. The key point was that their battle wasn't directed by the True Dragon Token but man-made.

This made him think. Apart from participating in the fights, he spent most of the time comprehending his root of law and didn't pay much attention to the outside world.

In reality, the truth wasn't complex.

’’Of the four black horses of the northern stage, only Bing Shuiyue and Zhao Feng have forty-four wins.’’

’’That blue haired brat's luck had always been good. That's why he could be on par with Bing Shuiyue.’’

’’Hehe, looks like Bing Shuiyue is indeed as competitive as her sister. She won't allow such a thing to happen.’’

Most of the geniuses were playful, waiting to watch a good show.

Bing Shuiyue stood quietly on stage and her eyes were filled with disgust and disdain.

’’A measly early stage True Human Rank is on par with me? This is a humiliation towards the entire Northern zone. I am the number one black horse.’’

Bing Shuiyue's eyebrows furrowed and became more disgusted but Zhao Feng's luck was always good and didn't lose.

She wanted to truly become the number one black horse of the Northern zone and even become the entire Sacred True Dragon's number one black horse star.

This was why she had challenged Zhao Feng.

’’No wonder. It's good that I'm also comprehending the root of law and she's just reached the True Mystic Rank not long ago so I can use her to help me. Furthermore, her bloodline power's element is the same as mine.’’

Zhao Feng easily accepted the reality.

Although he didn't have much of a chance of winning, she could help him improve.

’’Blue haired brat, your good luck ends here.’’

Bing Shuiyue said in disdain as her True Spirit Realm coldness enveloped Zhao Feng.

She had just broken through to the True Mystic Rank not long ago and her root of law was comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank, meaning that her skills were powerful.


Bing Shuiyue's full cold aura could instantly destroy a normal True Human Rank's will to battle.

’’Damn it's cold.’’

Zhao Feng hiccupped but his mental energy remained unharmed.


Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye and locked onto Bing Shuiyue.

Bing Shuiyue's snow robe started to fade away in Zhao Feng's eye and transparency was only one of the God's Spiritual Eyes basic power.

However, Zhao Feng didn't do this because he was a pervert. In a flash Bing Shuiyue's figure was replaced by blood and Qi of True Spirit. Her bloodline power was also shown.

The clearest one was the Qi of True Spirit which extended throughout the body.

’’Shameless bastard!’’

Bing Shuiyue sensed something and her face went red before turning freezing cold.

Extreme Northern Ice Wind!

Bing Shuiyue exclaimed and waved her jade hand, summoning ice blue winds howling towards Zhao Feng.

Crazy attacks.

A radius of one mile was filled with the winds of the Extreme Northern Ice Wind.

Just one wind alone was enough to instantly freeze a peak True Human Rank into an ice block.

Since she was angry and embarrassed Bing Shuiyue continuously sent out seven to eight Extreme Northern Ice Winds which would even injure normal True Mystic Rank's.

Si! Si!

Zhao Feng only felt a chilling feeling come over that even made his Qi of True Spirit circulate.

The root of law that a True Mystic Rank expert created could suppress those at the True Human Rank.

Furthermore, her cultivation and skills were both superior to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng turned into a streak of lightning that disappeared from his original spot.

Shua Shua!

Two to three Zhao Feng's covered in a layer of lightning appeared in the air the next second.

Amongst them two were clones made from Zhao Feng's Yin Shadow Cloak.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

The icy winds exploded and instantly crushed towards where Zhao Feng was at, destroying two clones in the process.

At this moment.

Zhao Feng was forced to retreat and made to use his Claw of Lightning as well as Waves of Lightning but nothing could stop it.

The superiority in root of law, cultivation and skills was too much.

’’This girl is indeed worthy of being close to Mo Tianyi and Qin Kunwu's level.’’

Zhao Feng would definitely lose in a head on clash.

He hadn't used his bloodline power yet nor his four eye bloodline powers. Currently he was only using his God's Spiritual Eye as well as his advantage in speed.

Yet Bing Shuiyue hadn't used her bloodline power as well or her killing moves.

Claw of Lightning!

Extreme Northern Ice Wind!

The Claw of Lightning slashed towards the Extreme Northern Ice Wind!


The Claw of Lightning instantly broke and the remaining wind swept towards Zhao Feng.

Teleportation Lightning step!

Zhao Feng's figure disappeared and reappeared several yards out, dodging the core of the move.

The spectators watched with twitching hearts.

Zhao Feng was like a walking on a tightrope. Any mistake would result in becoming an ice block.

However, Zhao Feng could always evade the danger. His God's Spiritual Eye could control the situation and inspect Bing Shuiyue's path of Qi of True Spirit, including where it went and then estimate which route it would take.

Shua! Qiu! Qiu!

Zhao Feng's movement skill of the merged Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was quick and agile.

Bing Shuiyue didn't specialise in speed and all her attacking routes were' spied' upon by Zhao Feng, allowing him to succeed in evading every time.

’’Although your strong and I can't take your moves straight on but if you can't hit me what else can you do?’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed by on the stage and seemed to slightly casual.

His God's Spiritual Eye locked onto Bing Shuiyue right from the beginning and inspected her usage of the root of law.

The geniuses below who were waiting to watch a show took back their playfulness and underestimation.

Some of the top geniuses instead had solemn expressions.

’’Although this Zhao Feng doesn't seem to be winning, he's actually the one controlling the situation.’’

Xia Xianshang's expression became wary.

He was thinking about the result if all his sword routes were all seen by Zhao Feng on top of his agile speed.

’’This kid's eye bloodline has this rare ability?’’

The ghost eyed man's eyes flashed with jealously.

Firstly, his bloodline power could take the initiative and secondly, his large source of mental energy could allow him to accomplish an incredible feat in the path of mental energy illusions.

Furthermore, instinct told him that Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye wasn't as simple as it looked because his own eye bloodline became uneasy when it met Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye.

’’Shuiyue's being led by this brat.’’

Goddess Bing Wei who was watching raised her eyebrows.

Dozens of moves later.

Zhao Feng's figure flashed everywhere and had a bit of the style the 'Water Moon Pirate' once had.

His God's Spiritual Eye kept on locking onto Bing Shuiyue and only defended.

Bing Shuiyue wasn't dumb and regained her calmness, not wasting her Qi of True Spirit.

’’If that's so...’’

Bing Shuiyue's expression was cold and she snickered as her Qi of True Spirit started to spread rapidly.

Not good!

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically. He saw Bing Shuiyue's root of law bloom to a maximum and a dangerous feeling appeared.

Ice Blade Windstorm!

Bing Shuiyue exclaimed as she leapt into the sky and kept on moving her hands, sending wind storms in every direction.

What was more terrifying was that ice shards would appear next to the wind storm and would even crush mountains.

Bing Shuiyue danced around and the range of the ice blade wind storm increased to a hundred yards.

Wherever she went, that devastating windstorm would follow her.

Being an expert at the True Mystic Rank, Bing Shuiyue's speed wasn't much slower than Zhao Feng. The main difference between her and Zhao Feng was agility but with the ice blade wind storm, she decreased the space Zhao Feng had to dodge.

’’The range of attacks from the True Mystic Rank surpasses the True Human Rank by more than a level.’’

Zhao Feng landed on the ground with a solemn expression.

Three Flowered Treasured Lotus!

With a calm expression, a three-coloured lotus appeared under Zhao Feng's feet.


Three petals of green, blue and purple extended from the lotus, forming a three-coloured barrier.

Ding- Tok! Tok!

Sparks flew everywhere on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and the hits from the ice blade wind storm made the three coloured petals fade in colour.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he stood on the three-flower treasured lotus.

The defensive capabilities of the three flowered Treasured lotus was without a doubt powerful.

The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus gave off a hypnosis and hormone smell that made Bing Shuiyue exclaim and retreat dozens of yards.


Bing Shuiyue's face was slightly red and her body became hot.

She stared at Zhao Feng with disgust but the latter didn't mind and murmured: ’’This girl's inheritance and skill is powerful and therefore has a good root of law allowing her to be compared to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.’’

At this point Zhao Feng had understood Bing Shuiyue's root of law.

Zhao Feng had grasped the technique and direction to form the root of law but lacked time.

At this instance Bing Shuiyue attacked again as lines of ice appeared on her skin.

’’Ice Wind Phoenix Wings!’’

The wind storm in the air suddenly gathered and increased in power.

At last that devastating power condensed into an ice phoenix that brought a pressure from the ancient times.

’’This is your bloodline power?’’

Zhao Feng's bloodline trembled slightly and the ancient aura made breathing for him difficult.

Even though he had the three flowered Treasured Lotus, it was hard for him to face this move.

However, at this dangerous moment Zhao Feng became calm.

Under the locking of the God's Spiritual Eye, he saw Bing Shuiyue's usage of her bloodline power.

’’Since her bloodline has the same element as mine, it should be suitable for me.’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped.


A diagram of how bloodline was supposed to used appeared in Zhao Feng's mind according to how Bing Shuiyue used it was copied onto himself.

God's Spiritual Eye - Copy!

Zhao Feng's left eye gave off a mysterious blue light and in the next instant, he mimicked Bing Shuiyue's hand actions, waving them in the air.


A large but blurry figure appeared behind Zhao Feng. It was magnificent and sat on an incomplete ice throne, like the Lord of Winter


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