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King Of Gods - Chapter 348


Chapter 348 - Inheritance Shadowings

The faint blue blood within Zhao Feng's body formed a bright connecting the dimension of his left eye to his Source of True Spirit within his dantian.

The sizzle of True Spirit Lightning Fire succeeded in merging with the freezing pond.

The freezing pond wasn't just Zhao Feng's Source of mental energy, it was also Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eyes' 'eye power' and the core of his eye bloodline. Up to now it still remained a mystery.

Through the testing the freezing pond and True Spirit Lightning Fore could merge together for a short amount of time and a faint azure lightning flame would occasionally flash in Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye.

At this point in time Zhao Feng had copied the ghost eyed man's Flaming Eye technique.

’’After all, the eye is the human's weakest part of the body and this flaming eye technique is best used instantly, not continuously. A normal eye can't do this.’’

Zhao Feng realised.

This meant that those without powerful eye bloodlines couldn't use this skill even if they knew how to cultivate it.

This was because the eyes of normal humans were weak and couldn't contain the flame.

At this instance.

Zhao Feng's Lightning Flame God's Eye had formed and was probably stronger than all the others.

As of right now.

Zhao Feng's eye techniques contained: Eye of Illusion, Eye of Ice Soul and Eye of the Heart.

The Eye of Ice Soul had a powerful offense and specialised in locking onto the opponent - Zhao Feng didn't dare use this easily.

On the other hand the Lightning Flame God's Eye was an instant attack and definitely stronger than the Eye of Ice Soul.

’’I can't use the Lightning Flame God's Eye easily or else it's very easy to burn the opponent's soul and do more than wanted damage. Furthermore, this skill puts a lot of pressure on the God's Spiritual Eye.’’

Zhao Feng was slightly regretful.

He had just comprehended the Lightning Flame God's Eye and definitely didn't have enough control over it.

Therefore whenever the ghost eyed man went up Zhao Feng would inspect and learn a thing or two from him.

Ghost Eye Soul Burner!!

The ghost eyed man's eyes shone with fire.


A peak True Human Rank expert howled and fell to the ground rolling as if being tortured.

The ghost eyed man's Ghost Eye Soul Burner was controlled precisely or else it was easy for the opponent to accidentally kill his opponent.

Anyone that lost to him would be injured in the mind and definitely wouldn't be able to recover during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Therefore, the ghost eyed man was also a forbidden opponent that many geniuses didn't dare to fight against.

’’This Wu family is indeed worthy of being one of the three major eye families.’’

Qin Kunwu and Xia Xianshang all had solemn expressions.

These two were Mo Tianyi's level but extremely wary of the ghost eyed man.

’’All three from the three eye families are here. The Tuoba family, Wu family and Qiu family.’’

Qin Kunwu scanned across the area.

Under normal situations most geniuses apart from overwhelming prodigies didn't want to meet the three major eye families because their skills were hard to fend against.

’’Look at the Eastern stage. It's someone from the Tuoba family!’’

The gazes of many geniuses turned to the Northern stage.

The overwhelming prodigy from the Northern stage was Tantai Lanyue and was easily supreme.

At this instance the successor from the Tuoba family had appeared on the Northern stage.

’’Tuoba Qi from one of the three major eye families.’’

Their gazes locked onto the handsome youth.

Tuoba Qi's opponent was a moving female dressed in pink.

’’Die Ye!’’

Zhao Feng, Dong Xue, Jiang Sanfeng and company exclaimed.

Heavenly Piercing Eye!

Tuoba Qi's calm eyes suddenly became sharp.


A gash was left on Die Ye's face that went straight down to her neck.

’’I... I admit defeat....’’

Die Ye exclaimed with fear.

Thinking back how she had chased after the Fan Flying Bandit with Zhao Feng, her strength was about the peak True Human Rank but now she didn't have any chance to fight back at all.

The Heavenly Piercing Eye's attack could create invisible blades that slashed the opponent's throat.

’’The Heavenly Piercing Eye is still so powerful. If I faced him the result would most likely be the two of us severely injured.’’

The ghost eyed man's expression was solemn.

Of course.

The people from different zones couldn't battle others from other zones as of right now.

Even the ones from the same zone had a low chance of fighting one another.

’’This Heavenly Piercing Eye's offense is terrifying. And it's biased towards the physical world.’’

Zhao Feng clucked his tongue.

Tuoba Qi's speed was too fast. So fast that Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye couldn't lock onto it.

Furthermore, the opponent's Heavenly Piercing Eye had the wind element so even if Zhao Feng learnt it he couldn't use it.

Northern stage.

The battles continued and Goddess Bing Wei beat her opponent with one move every time.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng had entered five battles and won all of them.

Bei Moi won two and lose three whereas Dong Xue lost all five and had a sad expression.

Wang Xiaoguai had also won five and became fiercer with every fight.

It was an incredible feat to win five in a row.

Of course.

Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man all had five victories as well.

The seventh match.

Zhao Feng went up again, his opponent this time a youth clad in black at the peak True Human Rank who had a token with a glimpse of silver.

Zhao Feng's True Dragon Token only had a glitter of bronze.

’’Hehe youth, your perfect record ends here.’’

The youth in black smiled faintly.

This was Zhao Feng's strongest opponent so far.

His token told his battle prowess and power.

’’Black Crow Li Chengyun. To have the title of black crow means his speed is fast and not many people can catch him.’’

’’This guy only reached the top three hundred last time but that increased rapidly this time, becoming a black horse that just beat two bronze token geniuses in a row just then.’’

Many people knew this youth in black's background.

The black crow Li Chengyun also inspected Zhao Feng.

Since they were both at the northern stage Li Chengyun also knew that Zhao Feng had won six battles in a row.

It could be said that these two were both black horses of the Northern stage.

’’Speed is my forte and my cultivation is far higher than yours therefore your eye bloodline has much less an effect on me.’’

Black crow Li Chengyun had a relaxed look but in reality was cautious.


In a flash Lin Chengyun disappeared and in the next instance, a man with black wings appeared in the air.

Shua! Shua!

At the same time several blurry figures appeared around Zhao Feng.

In terms of speed Li Chengyun was even slightly faster than some cultivators at the beginning stages of the True Mystic Rank.

’’Anyone under the True Mystic Rank is useless.’’

Zhao Feng suddenly opened his God's Spiritual Eye and locked onto a figure.

Eye of Ice Soul!

The ice blue eye turned into a freezing pond and coldness eroded his mental energy dimension.

The ghastly fast black crow Li Chengyun suddenly froze.

He seemed to enter a world of ice and the coldness of mental energy eroded his mind.

Li Chengyun's mental energy consciousness was enveloped by an ice blue light and at the end even his thoughts were frozen.

At this moment it was as if he had aged. His reactions and movements were as slow as a snail. Furthermore, his mental energy consciousness were eroded by the power of ice soul and almost fell into deep sleep.


Zhao Feng raised his foot and kicked Li Chengyun off the stage.

When the latter fell onto the ground he was still hiccupping and even his thoughts and actions became slow.

’’Luckily I stopped quickly.’’

Zhao Feng wiped his cold sweat.

After his mental energy level increased his eye of Ice Soul's power also became more terrifying and attacks like this that went straight towards the soul were dangerous. It was easy to accidentally kill someone.

After winning the seventh match Zhao Feng's token suddenly turned into pure bronze as his dragon blessing increased.

Defeating Li Chengyun meant Zhao Feng became one of the powerful black horses of the Northern zone.

Eight wins, nine wins, ten wins.

Zhao Feng's fights continued and his bronze True Dragon Token became brighter.

Apart from the overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei and Qin Kunwu and company, the other geniuses all looked at this blue haired youth with wary.

Of course.

There wasn't just Zhao Feng becoming a black horse in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

In the Northern zone there was also Wang Xiaoguai and a couple others.

At the same time.

The Eastern, Western, Southern and middle zones all had black horses.

In the Southern zone Xin Wuheng, Liu Qinxin and company continued their winning streaks and even beat some geniuses that achieved good results in the previous Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

This was especially so for Xin Wuheng who single handily and casually beat his opponents.

In the Western zone there was also a couple black horses and one of them was a female sword master who defeated her opponents in one move.

That was Cang Yuyue.

Zhao Yufei also became one of the four black horses in the Eastern zone.

Above the arena on the stage the Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance watched the exciting battles of the five zones.

’’Hehe, no wonder it's one of the peak generations.’’

’’In the past generations there was only a couple black horses, not dozens.’’

The Sovereigns nodded their head.

The Deputy Palace Lord at the centre surveyed the surrounding stone statues: ’’The genius dragon blessings continue to rise and is still going forwards....’’

The stone statues that seemed to be legends of ancient eras gave off a mysterious aura and their expressions seemed to change as they watched the battles.


A couple stone statues seemed to shake and its aura began to rise.


One of the Sovereigns stared at the sky above the ancient aura.

Between the clouds a couple transparent figures had appeared.

These transparent figures were blurry and palaces, mountains, and libraries could be seen.

’’An inheritance connected with the continent already?’’

’’Incredible! The Sacred True Dragon Gathering has just begun. Usually 'Inheritance Shadowings' would only appear during the mid-late stages of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

The Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance were stunned.


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