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King Of Gods - Chapter 346


Chapter 346 - The First Battle

The geniuses of the Southern stage were cold and stunned.

There were exclaims and even screams from females.

The hundred thousand spectators all took a cold breath.

’’Someone was killed!’’

’’This Taiyun Shuangzi's so cruel. Killing a genius in front of everyone!’’

Those from the Southern stage exclaimed and many people started to shout to punish me.

’’You should judge Taiyun Shuangzi by the rules. Purposely killing someone should be kicked out of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Someone below suggested.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering's competition was extremely fierce and there were instances of people dying.

The Sacred Alliance also appreciated geniuses as those participating were selected out of billions.

Therefore, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had set a rule to not purposely kill the opponent, especially if they surrendered.

A peak True Mystic Rank expert from the spectating stand howled in pain: ’’Sacred Alliance, this brat should be killed or at least removed from the True Dragon Gathering just like what the rules say.’’

’’Ridiculous! How was I supposed to know that he was so weak that he couldn't even take one blow for me? How is this considered purposely killing someone?’’

’’Hehe, according to the rules, killing someone before they surrendered isn't against the rules. That kid just then didn't surrender..’’

Taiyun Shuangzi's two heads started to taunt without fear.

It was obvious that they knew the rules.

The instant Taiyun Shuangzi attacked, he had used his True Spirit Realm aura to pressure the opponent and killed him before he was able to react.

Putting aside the True Human Rank, even most of the True Mystic Rank's would be normally killed.

’’This Taiyun Shuangzi is a newly ascended overwhelming prodigy whose cultivation has reached the late stages of the True Human Rank. With two heads and four hands, he's comparable to two True Mystic Ranks combined and is apparently unparalleled under the True Lord Rank.’’

’’Taiyun Shuangzi is indeed worthy of being Yu Tianhao's greatest opponent.’’

The spectators and geniuses were moved by Taiyun Shuangzi's strength.

At this moment in time, facing the complaints the Sovereign judge emotionlessly said: ’’Taiyun Shuangzi, first warning. Take ten percent of your genius dragon blessing.’’

After saying this the judge waved a True Dragon Flag.


Taiyun Shuangzi's dragon blessing decreased by ten percent and the shining gold True Dragon Token became a bit dimmer.

The lost dragon blessing was spread amongst the geniuses of the Southern zone.

’’Hehe, free dragon blessing.’’

Prince Jin smiled and his silver True Dragon Token became a bit brighter.

’’F*k, why?’’

’’We didn't kill on purpose, the opponent's just too weak.’’

The two heads of Taiyun Shuangzi gritted their teeth unwillingly.

’’The rules of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering state that if the killing was unintentional, one tenth of your dragon blessing will be deducted.’’

The judge remained unmoved.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering had a perfect set of rules.

Being an overwhelming prodigy, the Sacred Alliance's judgement on him was light.

’’Boss, looks like we can't kill everyone now.’’

The second Taiyun Shuangzi head said.

’’Zhe zhe zhe, the rules say that you can't purposely kill people but didn't say you can't cripple them....’’

The Taiyun Shuangzi big brother licked his lips in cunningness.

Xin Wuheng had a solemn expression in the crowd: ’’If the two are specialised in combined attacks then their battle power would probably double....’’

Xin Wuheng, Prince Jin and company had been sent to the Southern zone, the same as Taiyun Shuangzi.

After this battle.

The geniuses of the Southern area maintained a distance between them and Taiyun Shuangzi.

Many people had already made the idea that if their luck wasn't very good and met Taiyun Shuangzi, it was best to forfeit immediately.

On the ancient arena.

The battle of the five zones continued.

Every fight was led by the True Dragon Tokens which signalled for the two sides to battle.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering didn't care about how much you won, but how much dragon blessing you gathered.

Northern zone.

After Goddess Bing Wei's victory, another few geniuses had their turns.

According to previous experience this process would continue for about ten days as there was a couple hundred geniuses in every zone.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged with closed eyes but would put a part of his consciousness on the outside world while most of his focus was on comprehension.

’’With my current strength it'll be hard to make the top twenty.’’

Zhao Feng didn't give up any chance and grasped every second to increase his strength.

Within his mind.

The Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible kept on merging together.

The second level of the Ball of Ice Soul was increasing steadily.


The Dark Eye incomplete page made Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye have many new ideas and thoughts.

Over the past few months of comprehension Zhao Feng's mental energy level was on par with the True Mystic Rank.

Within the dimension of his left eye.

The faint blue ice pond had reached one yard and was even colder than before.

Zhao Feng felt that the mental energy source he could use was now double than before and the power of Ice Soul was even stronger.

At a certain point in time.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and watched a battle.

Although he was comprehending, he still put some focus on the outside world. With the evolving of the God's Spiritual Eye, it wasn't hard to do two things at once.

Northern zone's arena.

Bei Moi took a deep breath as a dark blue ripple appeared around him, agilely attacking his opponent.

’’Kid, just give up.’’

A red robed man laughed as flaming lights appeared in the middle of his palm and hit towards Bei Moi.

The red robed man's cultivation was at the early stages of the True Human Rank and was slightly higher than Bei Moi's beginning stage cultivation.

Even though Bei Moi's Dark Water Inheritance was powerful, every True Dragon Gathering participant had a strong background.

The red robed man in front of him countered Bei Moi perfectly and had better skills.

Thirty moves later.

Bei Moi was forced back by the red robed man.

The arena was ten miles wide and due to Bei Moi's defense, he could still hold on.

’’The Dark Water Inheritance is useless here and even my Lightning Inheritance is only average. Luckily I merged it with the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but feel lucky.

It wasn't that Bei Moi's Dark Water Inheritance was weak, it was that everyone here were children of Heaven that had talent, high status of birth and fortune.

Compared with them the Cloud area was just a tiny village in a remote land.

’’Brat, if you don't admit defeat, it won't be against the rules even if I kill you.’’

The red robed man took out a scarlet red dragon wood sword and slashed through Bei Moi's Dark Ripple defence.


Bei Moi spat out a mouthful of blood and watched the red robed man close in.

’’Dark Water forming Ice!'

Bei Moi's eyes were red as his Qi of True Spirit seemed to evolve.


Bei Moi's liquid ripple of defence turned into ice as gave off a coldness.

Dark Water forming Ice was Bei Moi's ultimate move and the most powerful technique of the Dark Water Inheritance.


The red robed man had a bloody gash after being slashed by the dark blue ice blade and a coldness eroded his body, forcing him to retreat.

’’If it weren't for the spiritual pill making me break through to the True Spirit Realm under the chances of dying, I wouldn't have been able to comprehend one of the two strongest laws of the Dark Water Inheritance.’’

Bei Moi took a deep breath as ice and water interacted around him. Every attack would have the explosion of ice and his fists seemed to be made of icy mountains.

Fifty moves later.


Bei Moi's palm hit the red robed man.

’’I won.’’

Bei Moi wiped the blood from his mouth and felt his blood boil.

His emotionless expression was replaced by excitement and craze.

On this stage Bei Moi didn't strive to be remembered forever. He just wanted to give out a moment of light.

After the victory.

A wisp of dragon blessing fell into Bei Moi's True Dragon Token and his white token became a bit brighter.

’’Bei Moi is just about the top ten Canopy Great Country's strength.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Although it was hard for Bei Moi to reach the top three hundred in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, it was an incredible feat with his background.

On the Northern stage.

The fights were fierce and the sparring continued until a certain moment, Zhao Feng's True Dragon Token started to buzz, directing him towards the stage.

’’It's my turn.’’

Zhao Feng felt his blood boil and even with his calmness, he became slightly excited.


Zhao Feng turned into a flash of lightning that landed on the Northern stage.

His opponent was a youth was firm eyes who held a low tier Spiritual grade blade.

’’This is my first battle, I can't lose.’’

Gao Peng gripped his blade tightly as his Qi of True Spirit roared out.

He looked at the blue haired youth in front of him and for an instant, memories flew by in his mind.

’’Before we left the elders of the Guanyin strong country were full of expectations for us. After almost twenty years of hard work and countless battles, I finally reached this step. If I lost this fight to someone of the same cultivation, how would I be able to face the geniuses that lost to me?’’

Gao Peng's battle intent reached a peak.

’’Not even twenty years old and the early stages of the True Human Rank....’’

Zhao Feng stared at the youth silently. His talent and potential were all top tier.

Zhao Feng didn't underestimate in this first battle.

Blade of Lightning!

Zhao Feng condensed an azure blade a yard long in his palm.

Flying Crane Cloud Slashing Blade!

Battle intent burned in Gao Peng's eyes as he roared and seemed to become one with the blade as he slashed forward through the air.

The agile movement skill and dominant blade contrasted one another but seemed to merge perfectly. As he struck his Qi of True Spirit enveloped dozens of yards.

’’Flying Crane Cloud Slashing Blade, what a profound blade intent. Any opponent on the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had considerable strength.’’

Zhao Feng felt his horizons broaden.


Zhao Feng's body was instantly slashed apart by that blade.


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