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King Of Gods - Chapter 344


Chapter 344 - Ancient Arena

The Eye of Heaven seemed like an illusion as it coldly scanned the five Dragon Blessings.

The five Dragon Blessings were enormous and fought with one another, none of them sensing what was above them.

Maybe that Eye of Heaven had the power to survey the earth but had no power to counter the five Dragon Blessings...

’’Sage, what was that just then....?’’

The pure and holy Priestess exclaimed and the Priests behind were also curious.

One had to know that the five Dragon Blessings meant the five overwhelming geniuses. Every one of them had the power to surpass the geniuses of several generations.

That Eye of Heaven just then had exceeded the five Dragon Blessings and had the feeling that it surpassed the five Dragon Blessings.

’’It started two years ago.’’

The Sage's old figure was at the top of the tower and his voice was steady.

His ancient eyes lit up mysteriously.

’’Could it be that this continent had given birth to a prodigy that surpasses the five overwhelming prodigies?’’

The Priests were all in disbelief.

If that was true, then the owner of the Eye of Heaven would be too terrifying.

’’Hehe, you saw that the Eye of Heaven didn't interact with the five Dragon Blessings. This means that it hasn't reached a level where it can threaten the five overwhelming prodigies yet, so how can it be above them?’’

The Sage smiled.

’’Then what did that scene just mean?’’

The pure Priestess couldn't keep back her curiosity.

She was still shocked from just then.

The Sage closed his eyes tiredly and didn't speak anymore.

Northern Star Stand.

The enormous Dragon Blessing burst into the sky and flashed brilliantly.

Mysterious and complex arrays appeared under the people's feet.


The entire Northern Star Stand hummed and lit up to the maximum.

In the next instant.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Figures could be seen with the naked eye disappearing as a white light flashed in its place.

Zhao Feng was also taken by a white light and disappeared.

A breath or two later.

The entire Northern Star Stand was dead silent and no one was left.

After spinning around and losing his balance, Zhao Feng's feet landed on the ground.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Around the same time flashes of white lights appeared from which figures stepped out of.


Those inexperienced newbies panicked and fell to the ground.

’’My lord? So, this is the ancient arena?’’

Exclaims sounded across the area.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned the place and his heart shook.

This was an enormous ancient arena and every stone and brick contained an ancientness to it and gave off a mysterious, old aura, as if it belonged to the ancient era.

The floor of the ancient era was made from a rare and mysterious silver green material that wasn't metal nor stone but it's hardness was comparable to normal Spiritual grade weapons.

The entire ancient arena was a hundred miles wide and strived towards the heavens and clouds.

The ancient arena was surrounded was mountains each taller than the last and stone statues were piled at the side of the mountains.

These stone statues ranged from dozens of yards tall to hundreds of yards tall. The tallest ten was even close to a thousand yards.

Every statue was fierce and lively. They were made of different shapes such as beasts, humans and seemed to contain a divine power that made one respect it.

The tallest ten statues seemed to be on par with the Heavens and Earth and each had their own expressions, whether they were emotionless, dominant, or smiling wickedly.

The tens of thousands of stone statues created 'mountains' that surrounded the ancient arena.

This powerful scene shook the hearts of many.

It was as if Demons and Gods were watching every action within this arena, putting a solemn and historic feel to it.

’’No one alive right now can make such magnificent work.’’

Zhao Feng was overwhelmed.

The 'mountains' of stone statues surrounded the arena and seemed to continue a legend of the ancient era.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye suddenly jumped and sensed that these stone statues seemed to have their own intelligence and was filled with a mysterious power.

Zhao Feng shook his head. These stone statues were definitely dead.

’’The ancient arena comes from the ancient era and its history started with this continent. Even the Ten Great Clans can't trace its roots.’’

Tiemo stood next to Zhao Feng and Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue all quickly gathered over.

In just a short span of ten breaths thousands of figures had appeared.

Geniuses of every continent had entered the ancient arena at the same time and regathered with their group after the shock.

Middle Continent, Northern Continent, Eastern Continent, Southern Continent, Western Continent.

The five continents were teleported to five different areas.

On the top of the ancient arena was a floating gold stage about ten to twenty yards wide.

Compared with the enormous ancient arena, the stage was like a dot.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

A few figures dressed weirdly suddenly appeared on the gold stage.

The thing in common between them was that every one of them had overwhelming force. Every action seemed to be in harmony with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

’’It's people from the Sacred Alliance.’’

’’The judges of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering are always from the Sacred Alliance.’’

The speaking below became quiet because all the figures on the gold stage had surpassed the True Lord Rank, entering the Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng even saw a mystic robed youth with an air of righteousness. It was the Mystic Sword Sovereign from the Rising Dragon Auction.


A total of nine Origin Core Realm's appeared on the gold stage, making the hearts of the geniuses below jump.

’’In the past there was usually just two or three Origin Core Realm holding the fort. But now it's just started and there's nine.’’

’’Even the Deputy Palace Lord of the Sacred Alliance is here.’’

The experts from each continent discussed.

The Deputy Palace Lord sat in the centre and was a large figure with bronze skin. His eyes were orange and his hair was purple black, like a burning flame.

The most eye-catching part was a large blade on his black. It was brutal and two yards long with a gap in it.

The bronze skinned large man sat at the middle of the gold stage, as if suppressing the ghosts and demons here. Two Origin Core Realms next to him had respectful expressions and every Origin Core Realm appeared would bow to him in respect.

’’This one greets the Dominant Blade Sovereign Lord.’’

The Mystic Ice Queen from the Mystic Ice Palace respectfully bowed to the Deputy Palace Lord.

The bronze skinned giant faintly nodded his head then went to talk with the other Origin Core Realm Sovereign's.

’’This Deputy Palace Lord has such a terrifying aura.’’

Zhao Feng didn't dare use his God's Spiritual eye to scout anyone at the Origin Core Realm, especially such an immeasurable giant.

According to what he knew the Origin Core Realm was also split into ranks, like the True Spirit Realm.

The three heavens of the True Spirit Realm were: True Human Rank, True Mystic Rank, True Lord Rank.

Of these three ranks, all of them were still considered the True Spirit Realm.

The Origin Core Realm was split into the Small Origin Core and Great Origin Core.

’’Deputy Patriarch, what kind of group is the Sacred Alliance? Why is there so many Origin Core Realm Sovereign's? Doesn't this mean that even the Ten Great Clans would have to obey them?’’

Zhao Feng asked curiously.

’’Zhao Feng, there's not much use for you to know at your level. Said simply, it's a group made of members at the Origin Core Realm that maintains peace across the continent. Members include Sovereigns of the Ten Great Clans and those by themselves.’’

The blood hair coloured Tiemo explained.

Zhao Feng was surprised that the continent had such a large organisation.

The Sacred Alliance members were made up of many Sovereigns from the Ten Great Clans.

Therefore, the decisions made by the members were stable and it was hard for a single opinion to affect the entire continent.

’’If there wasn't the Sacred Alliance, the Ten Great Clans would've found it hard to team up and destroy the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. The Rising Dragon Auction's backer is this Sacred Alliance.’’

Tiemo added.

No wonder.

Zhao Feng seemed to understand. Although this continent was large, it's fate was decided by this group.

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering will officially start in three days.’’

A loud voice resounded across the ancient arena.

The next three days were for preparation.

Every genius from every faction would need to apply for a ’’True Dragon Token’’ which would allow them to participate.

In this time, they would also learn the rules of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

A day later.

The Canopy Great Country geniuses went to take their own ’’True Dragon Token.’’

Looking at it Zhao Feng saw that his was pure white like most others such as Xin Wuheng, Zhao Yufei, Bei Moi and company.

Of course, a small number of others had different colours.

For example, Jiang Sanfeng, his token was bronze because he reached the top three hundred last time.

Prince Jin's token flashed silver and had the line of a dragon whereas Mo Tianyi's was pure silver with a brighter dragon symbol.

Zhao Feng then inspected Goddess Bing Wei's.

Her True Dragon Token was shining gold and the dragon even seemed to move while it faintly roared like a true dragon, making the True Dragon Tokens of others tremble.

’’Everyone's participating in the same Sacred True Dragon Gathering but why are our treatments different?’’

Many geniuses moaned.


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