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King Of Gods - Chapter 343


Chapter 343 - Reappearance of the God Eye

The terrifying strength of the overwhelming prodigy made the hearts of the other geniuses of the Northern Continent shake. They couldn't even block the erosion of the coldness.

Only Mo Tianyi could barely manage to do so.

At this instant, waves brewed in the minds of the people present. Their will to battle and confidence had been dented heavily.

In reality, geniuses such as Mo Tianyi, Xia Xianshang, Xin Wuheng, Cang Yuyue, Zhao Feng and company had all surpassed the number of prodigies in the past eras.

This meant that Mo Tianyi's generation wasn't weak, it had surpassed the other generations.

However, they were considered lucky and unlucky at the same time.

It was because of this that the Green Flower Continent had the highest chances of connecting with the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance. Normally the chances weren't this high.

’’Normally there would only be one overwhelming genius every genius such as the Sword Saint Ye Wuxie, the Three Eyed Sky Sovereign, Scarlet Moon Patriarch. However, this generation has five overwhelming geniuses.’’

Tiemo's eyes flashed with worry and expectation.

An overwhelming genius could crush several generations and this generation there was five.

Especially the top prodigy ’’Yu Tianhao,’’ he was said to have surpassed Sword Saint Ye Wuxie and overtaken dozens of generations.

’’She just used a special technique to merge her True Spirit into the air, like mental energy. Those that looked at her would feel an aura and by using the contact of mental energy, judge their strength.’’

Zhao Feng analysed after he regained his calmness.

Through that technique Goddess Bing Wei's conclusion was that no one here was her match.

The clash of mental energy auras proved this.

Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng, Princess Linyue, Prince Jin, Cang Yuyue and company were all utterly defeated.

If it was Zhao Feng, he wouldn't need it to be so troublesome. With one scan of his God's Spiritual Eye he could see everyone under the Origin Core Realm's strength including their bloodline power.

However, Zhao Feng didn't dare do this unless he also had the strength of an 'overwhelming prodigy' such as Goddess Bing Wei.

’’The late stages of the True Mystic Rank with a powerful bloodline and pure skill, surpassing every genius here, including me....’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye analysed Goddess Bing Wei's strength.

First was cultivation.

Goddess Bing Wei was at the late stages of the True Mystic Rank and close to the peak stages, surpassing all the juniors here.

Her bloodline was also top tier, only stronger than Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai's.

In terms of pure skill, only Mo Tianyi was close to her. After all, the two were both Head disciples of two of the Ten Great Clans.

’’The Head disciples of the Mystic Ice Palace are always abnormally powerful because the Mystic Ice Palace holds one of the four inheritances, the Mystic Ice Inheritance and can open it once every dozens of years. Apparently, Goddess Bing Wei received the core of some inheritances from the Mystic Ice Inheritance.’’

Jiang Sanfeng said in envy.

Zhao Feng had also heard of this.

Although he had received the top inheritance of the Floating Crest Inheritance and some of the Water Moon treasury, it was nothing compared to the Mystic Ice Inheritance which was one of the Four Great Inheritances.

Those that were titled Overwhelming prodigies had fortune ten times better than Zhao Feng.

’’Although I might not reach the top of this Sacred True Dragon Gathering, living in this era is luck. More importantly inheritances will connect this time.’’

Zhao Feng's state of heart calmed down as his expression returned emotionless. He soon closed his eyes once more and started to enter comprehension quietly.

Tiemo saw Zhao Feng's change of heart and couldn't help but nod his head;’’Zhao Feng's state of heart is pretty good.’’

Because of Goddess Bing Wei's appearance, the geniuses present had emotional changes and were angry, unwilling or sad.

However, Zhao Feng's mind was well and accepted this reality as he became normal once more.

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Origin Clan's side.

’’If I go full out, the chance of me getting number one is miniscule. This era is full of expectations....’’

Xin Wuheng's normal face was calm.

His state of heart never moved. It was as if he had witnessed the rise and fall of countless lives.

Xin Wuheng also closed his eyes and became immersed in his own world.

Time passed by slowly.

All the geniuses on the Northern Star Stand were silent.

They were all waiting.

Three days later.

A shining white light appeared on the Northern Star Stand.

At the beginning the white light was slightly faint but begun to shine brighter and brighter.

At a certain instant.


The ancient pure black stone gate at the centre of the Northern Star Stand became enveloped in a white light.

’’The Northern Star Stand's opened.’’

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering will begin.’’

’’Everyone, let's lead this great era---’’

Cheers appeared on the Northern Star Stand.

There were several hundred geniuses across the Northern Continent present and most of them were participating in the Sacred True Dragon for the first time. Their hearts were filled with excitement and courage.

Maybe not everyone could reach the top ten or one hundred but for most of the geniuses present, just to be able to compete with the prodigies of other continents and show off their skills on the world stage was something to die for with no regrets.

Weng~ Weng~

The ancient pure black stone gate gave off an even brighter light and the shining white light finally enveloped the entire Star Stand, as if welcoming this generation.

’’Everyone, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering will begin after you enter the stone gate and you will be able to enter the 'ancient arena's'.’’

A loud voice sounded from within the stone gate.

That voice seemed to sound across the sky and earth. It was as if it came from another dimension.

’’Let's go.’’

The Mystic Ice Queen waved her hands and the representatives from the Mystic Ice Palace entered the shining stone gate.

Shua! Shua!

The instant these figures touched the gate they would disappear.

Weng~ Weng~

The shining white lights on the Northern Star Stand became brighter and brighter.

’’This is....’’

Everyone found that the lines of an array had appeared under their feet.

Huang! Weng~~

The entire Northern Star Stand shook and shot white light into the sky.

’’.... What this heck is this?’’

Those that hadn't entered the gate yet including the Mystic Ice Queen, elders of the Heavenly Yuan Clan and Tiemo felt their hearts shake.

At that instant.

The burst of white light formed the figure of a dragon.

In that exact moment.

A dragon appeared on the Eastern, Middle, Southern, Northern and Western Continent.

Five shining dragons interacted and howled at each other in the skies of the Green Flower Continent.

However, since the Continent was too big, the people on the Northern Star Stand was like a speck of dust and couldn't see the entire situation but the figure of the dragon alone shook everyone's' hearts.

’’This... this is the genius Dragon Blessing!’’

’’My god! Such an enormous genius Dragon Blessing.’’

’’Only in the Sword Saint Ye Wuxie and Scarlet Moon Patriarch's era was there a Dragon Blessing.’’

The five star stands broke out into chaos.

’’If the Northern Star Stand already has one Dragon Blessing, then the other continents would at least have the same amount.’’

Tiemo exclaimed. He was starting to realise that this generation was far different from before.

According to his calculations.

In this generation the five overwhelming prodigies, especially Yu Tianhao had overtaken the past dozens of generations and had a powerful Dragon Blessing.

Tiemo's guesses weren't wrong.

The Dragon Blessing of the Middle Continent was the largest and brightest of all. It shot out into the sky and gave off a feeling that it was the ruler.

’’What's the reasoning behind the Dragon Blessing?’’

Zhao Feng curiously opened his God's Spiritual Eye and looked into the sky.

Once his God's Spiritual Eye was fully opened, he would enter a mystic level.


His mental energy consciousness suddenly left his body and flew into the sky, even surpassing the five Dragon Blessing's.

Canopy Great Country.

In a pitch black six-sided tower in the mountains.

This was the legendary Six Warlock divine Tower.

There was a total of 49 floors in the Six Warlock divine Tower and figures could be seen inside.

At the front was an ancient elder wearing a black cloak with half his face covered.

People could only see his pair of eyes. It was as spacious as the stars and had an ancient wisdom to it.

36 Priests sat behind the mysterious elder and wisps of silver light merged into the sky.


At this point in time a screen appeared above the Six Warlock Tower and flashed silver.

Five Dragon Blessings in the Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western and Middle continent could be seen.


The call of a cat reached the sky's.

A silver black cat the size of two palms appeared on the mysterious elder's shoulder.

This silver black cat had a lazy attitude and squinted its eyes as it stared into the sky.

It raised its paws and flipped five bronze coins.

’’Sage, do the five Dragon Blessing's represent the five overwhelming prodigies?’’

A female priest as stunning as the moon asked respectfully.

’’Not entirely. The five Dragon Blessing's doesn't just represent the five overwhelming prodigies. It represents the combined blessings of the continent. Of course, the five overwhelming prodigies lead this era and can indeed form the five Dragon Blessing's.’’

The Sage smiled and said.

His eyes of wisdom still stared at the sky and murmured to himself: ’’The chances of the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance connecting to this continent has risen to 20% but the future is still full of possibilities, pushing this era to the unknown.’’

’’Look, what is that?’’

’’Oh my god!’’

The Priests suddenly shouted.

The silver black cat's eyes also bulged out as it stared at the screen like it had been choked.

Above the five Dragon Blessings a 'Eye of Heaven' appeared.

The 'Eye of Heaven' looked down coldly from the skies to the five roaring Dragon Blessings.

The Priests of the Six Warlock tower were stunned by the scene.

However, the Eye of Heaven only appeared for a breath or two before fading, as if it was just an illusion.


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