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King Of Gods - Chapter 342


Chapter 342 - The Five Overwhelming Prodigies

Zhao Feng's ghostly movement and Lightning skills made the other geniuses cluck their tongues and even some leaders were wary.

Although Wei Yunqi was ranked ninth in the Heavenly Yuan Clan, he would've been first or second in other strong countries and forces.

An elite like this has been casually beaten by Zhao Feng.

In the process of beating Wei Yunqi, Zhao Feng didn't use his 'hands'. He had reached a profound level of mastering lightning.

This was because with the merging of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible into the Lightning Inheritance, all the skills became more practical.

’’He's doesn't just specialise in eye bloodline skills. This means he's far more troublesome.’’

Princess Linyue's expression became solemn.

She had finally realised that the strongest star from the Canopy Great Country wasn't Prince Jin or Tian Yunzhi, but the blue haired youth who was as deep as Xin Wuheng.

The Heavenly Yuan Clan's side.

’’Senior brother Mo, that brat's pretty interesting. His strength might be close to Xin Wuheng's or Xia Xianshang's.’’

A True Mystic Rank yellow faced male said solemnly.

The yellow faced man was ranked second in the Heavenly Yuan Clan, just below Mo Tianyi.

Just then he had inspected Zhao Feng and Wei Yunqi's fight and felt surprised.

Zhao Feng had just toyed around and using movement and lightning, beating Wei Yunqi without even using his hands.

Coincidentally, he knew Wei Yunqi well and knew the latter's fighting style. Unless the opponent had overwhelming strength, he wouldn't have lost so fast.

’’This Zhao Feng is young and is far off from Xia Xianshang and Xin Wuheng, probably around Princess Linyue's level. If he uses only movement in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, he'll die an ugly death. With his strength he needs to depend on luck to reach the top fifty.’’

Mo Tianyi shook his head faintly as a snicker appeared on his mouth.

Putting aside Zhao Feng, even Xia Xianshang, Xin Wuheng and other prodigies were defeated by him.

Mo Tianyi stood with his hands behind his back and had a solitude feeling as he scanned over the geniuses present.

The yellow faced man was slightly surprised then laughed: ’’That's right, Brother Mo's already top in the Northern Continent.’’

Mo Tianyi's eye level had surpassed their level.

After all, he was already at the peak.

’’My true opponents are Yu Tianhao, Tantai Lanyue and other overwhelming geniuses.’’

Mo Tianyi's eyes seemed to be filled with divine light and a rare look of excitement and battle intent could be seen.

’’Senior brother is talking about the five overwhelming prodigies of the Green Flower Continent?’’

The yellow faced man and several people nearby all took a cold breath.

The five overwhelming prodigies.

The hearts of the core disciples of the Heavenly Yuan Clan shook at looked towards Mo Tianyi with even more respect and admiration.

At this point in time.

Although Mo Tianyi was right in front of them, he gave them a distant feeling.

The five overwhelming prodigies were the five legends at the peak of the Green Flower Continent, each one of them were children of heaven.

Experts in divination had foretold that the five overwhelming prodigies had the chance to become rulers.

’’The five overwhelming prodigies are: The Middle Continent - Yu Tianhao, Eastern Continent - Tantai Lanyue, Northern Continent - Goddess Wei, Southern Continent Tai Yun and Western Continent Shi Chengtian.’’

The Heavenly Yuan Clan disciples had heard of them before.

When mentioning these five, everyone's heart jumped.

’’How powerful are these overwhelming prodigies?’’

Zhao Yufei was slightly curious.

’’Very, very strong.... So strong that 99% of the geniuses in the Northern Continent can't even take one blow from them. Especially number one from the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering - Yu Tianhao.’’

Mo Tianyi took a deep breath and clenched his slightly shaking fists.

His mind was still replaying the scenery from the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

The yellow faced man didn't speak. He had also participated in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering. Back then only three of the five overwhelming geniuses had appeared and both he and Mo Tianyi were utterly crushed.

’’Senior brother Mo, back then you weren't the Head disciple and after ten years, your strength has increased significantly. You'll at least make the top ten this time and have the chance to settle it out with these other prodigies.’’

The yellow faced man smiled and said.

It was still raining and the geniuses of the Northern Star Stand had stopped sparring.

The 'scouting' across the Northern Continent geniuses had finished.

The geniuses all discussed the situation across the entire continent.

’’The five overwhelming prodigies?’’

Zhao Feng heard some chatter nearby.

Even Prince Jin, Jiang Sanfeng and company mentioned these five from time to time.

Time passed slowly by and the day of the Sacred area Alliance connection came closer.

On this day.

A sudden chilliness started to appear which made many people chatter.

’’What powerful coldness....’’

Zhao Feng felt a cold flow and couldn't help but raise his head and look in that direction with his left eye.

An invisible wave of coldness crushed over like a mountain.

The Northern Star Stand.

Some True Lord Ranks and even half step Origin Core Realms sensed this and stood up.


An ice blue light flashed through the air. Looking from afar it seemed like a block of ice that struck towards the Northern Star Stand.

That blue light was even almost ten times faster than the Iron Blood Religion's ’’Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.’’

In the blink of eye, the blue light holding a dozen figures landed on the Northern Star Stand.


A terrifying coldness spread everywhere.


The blood of many geniuses present almost fully froze and many people exclaimed but couldn't say anything.


In that instant the remaining rain on the Northern Star Stand froze into ice.

Zhao Feng's entire blood and Qi of True Spirit seemed to freeze. His limbs were stiff and a coldness touched his bones.

Luckily the faint blue blood within his body seemed to like this and began to interact with that coldness.

’’Hehe, looks like not many of the Northern Continent geniuses are actually geniuses.’’

A crisp female voice sounded from where the blue light was.

When the blue light faded, a dozen figures appeared, most of them young male and females.

The leader was a woman holding an ice staff with a crown. She seemed like a goddess of snow and ice that had descended from the sky.

The ice staff gently tapped and the coldness faded.


The True Lord Ranks all let out a breath.

’’Greetings Sovereign.’’

’’This one greets the Ice Queen.’’

The Heavenly Yuan Clan and three Great Country True Lord Ranks all bowed down in respect.

Wherever the Snow Ice Queen went, everything within a ten-mile radius would freeze.

This was just the coldness she brought with her where she went.

’’If this Ice Queen really wanted to attack the entire Northern Star Stand would be instantly frozen. Apart from the Deputy patriarch and a couple half step Origin Core Realms, no one would be able to escape.’’

Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

He had better eyesight and saw more clearly.

The Ice Queen didn't intentionally release coldness but had turned the entire northern Star Stand into ice.

’’Everyone please rise.’’

The ice Queen faintly waved her hand and only responded to the elders of the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Ten Thousand Origin Clan, Ten Thousand Sword Clan and a couple others.

What made others curious was that the Ice Queen even talked a sentence or two with the blood haired Tiemo.

The blood haired Tiemo seemed to know this Ice Queen.

’’So, this Ice Queen is the legendary Origin Core Realm Sovereign....’’

Bei Moi in the corner felt that breathing was hard.

The blood across his entire body and Qi of True Spirit had been frozen, and lost the senses in his limb.

The Tiexiao True Lord, who had ruled the Iron Dragon Strong Country and the Thirteen Countries had shock and respect written in his eyes. He didn't even have the courage go up and greet her.

’’The Mystic Ice Queen is a Sovereign of the extreme North. They already have a teleportation array, why would they need to come here?’’

’’That's right, why would the people from the Mystic Ice Palace need to come here?’’

After the chaos, people started to discuss in private.

The Mystic Ice Palace was the same as the Heavenly Yuan Clan, one of the Ten Great Clans.

This force was in the extreme north and was considered one of the members of the Northern Continent.


Over the past years the Mystic Ice Palace rarely interacted with other forces and just stayed in their own place.

This time they had come to the Northern Star Stand instead.

The Mystic Ice Palace had the same amount of recommendations as the Heavenly Yuan Clan, a total of ten.

Of the ten participants, females took up the most part while there were only a few males.

The Head disciple of the Mystic ice Palace was a cold beauty whose skin seemed to be made of snow. She had reached a perfect level of coldness that touched the bone.

’’.... Goddess Bing Wei.’’

Mo Tianyi spoke out slowly.

’’One of the five overwhelming prodigies - Goddess Bing Wei!’’

The hearts of the geniuses shook as they inspected this cold beauty.

Goddess Bing Wei stood on the same spot and a half transparent coldness circulated around her that made two True Mystic Rank disciples next to her scared to come closer.


Goddess Bing Wei's cold eyes suddenly scanned across the geniuses present.

At that instant every genius felt their heart go cold and couldn't say one thing. Their Qi of True Spirit also seemed to be frozen.

’’What a terrifying girl.’’

Even the peak True Mystic Ranks of the older generation felt a coldness.

Everyone under the True Lord Rank was pressured by Goddess Bing Wei.

Even Mo Tianyi was gritting his teeth at the moment, blocking that coldness.

Xia Xianshang and Xin Wuheng couldn't even directly look at her and could only look at her from afar.

’’The five overwhelming prodigies are too powerful... how can this be the power of a junior?’’

Zhao Feng only felt this pressure from True Lord Ranks and obviously couldn't take it head on.

At this instant, he had finally understood what Tiemo had told him.

Tiemo didn't even think of him coming into the top ten. Getting into the top one hundred was already an achievement and top fifty was pretty good. The top twenty was almost impossible and as for the top ten or first.... That would be ridiculous.

Goddess Bing Wei only scanned across the area and didn't say anything.

’’Bing Wei, how about it?’’

The Mystic Ice Queen smiled and said.

’’None are my match. In all the continents my only opponent is Yu Tianhao.’’

Goddess Bing Wei took back her gaze, slightly disappointed.

If she had known this she wouldn't have come to the Northern star stand.


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