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King Of Gods - Chapter 339


Chapter 339 - Gathering of Stars (2)

’’The Canopy Great Country and Purple Rising Great Country are friends and our juniors rarely meet each other. We can use this chance of sparring to increase our friendship.’’

Princess Linyue's eyes flashed with heroicness.

She had mentioned sparring straight out and didn't try find problems like the Scarlet Sky Great Country.

Prince Jin hiccupped. Could it be Princess Linyue was going to challenge himself?

Facing Princess Linyue who was at the True Mystic Rank, he had no chance of victory.

Although Prince Jin's bloodline was strong, Princess Linyue was only stronger than him and in terms of cultivation she was also higher.


Princess Linyue didn't seem to have any intention of challenging Prince Jin.

In her opinion, she knew Prince Jin who had lost many times to her. Her true opponent was Xin Wuheng and even Mo Tianyi.

A male and female soon walked out from the Purple Rising Great Country.

They were the number four and five geniuses: Ke Li and Fan Xiaoyue.

The cultivation of the two had reached the late and early stages of the True Human Rank respectively.

Their ranking perfectly mirrored Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin's rankings.

According to previous experience, under the same ranking, those from the Canopy Great Country weren't the Purple Rising Great Country's match.


Zhao Feng who was sitting down suddenly felt a battle intent come from a silver white robed youth in front.

’’Blue haired brat, come and fight.’’

Ke Li said impatiently without any respect.

If it weren't because of Princess Linyue, he wouldn't have paid any attention to Zhao Feng.

Ke Li had the right to be arrogant. In the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering he had reached the top three hundred and half a year ago, slew a peak stage True Human Rank bandit after chasing him for ten thousand miles.

Ke Li became famous after that.

He obviously had no interest in challenging a newbie whose cultivation was lower than him.

While Ke Li was shouting, he didn't realise prince Jin and company had gloating expressions.

Tian Yunzhi and Jiang Sanfeng all had playful smiles.

These details fell into Princess Linyue's eyes who became surprised.

The Iron Dragon Strong Country's side.

’’Zhao Feng!’’

Bei Moi's heart jumped and his expression changed as he stared at the blue haired youth in the Canopy Great Country.


The other representative Lu Long from the Iron Dragon Strong Country saw Bei Moi's change in expression.

’’Nothing, just saw a familiar person.’’

Bei Moi's gaze started to pay attention to what was happening there.

The three great countries weren't something the two of them could participate in.

The situation here caught the attention of many people present.

Zhao Feng sat on the same spot and ignored Ke Li's shout.

His gaze even turned towards a corner.

’’Brother Bei Moi, we meet again. How's the Broken Moon Clan doing?’’

A voice sounded in Bei Moi's mind which made his heart thump.

When Zhao Feng interacted with him, Lu Long who was next to him and even True Lord Tiexiao didn't sense anything.

It was hard to imagine that Zhao Feng who was being challenged right now could still talk easily to him.

’’Zhao Feng, the Purple Rising Country and our Canopy Great Country are friends. Just spar already, it won't waste much time of yours.’’

Seeing the atmosphere was a bit cold Prince Jin smiled and said.

After all, he was the Canopy Great Country's leader.

Prince Jin's words made the Purple Rising Great Country's geniuses' furrow their eyebrows in irritation.

He gave off the feeling that Prince Jin himself was needed for this youth to make a move. It was like saying: Just go, you'll finish it in an instant.


Ke Li boiled with anger. Prince Jin and Zhao Feng's attitude was completely looking down on him.

Putting aside Prince Jin who was stronger than him and whose opponent should be Princess Linyue, what right did this blue haired brat have?

’’Hahaha, blue haired brat, your name is Zhao Feng, right? If you can exchange ten blows with me without losing, I'll surrender.’’

Ke Li laughed as his silver white robe rippled.


A scarlet green ripple appeared around him which formed dozens of flaming blade lines like a flaming blade array.

Any normal True Human Rank that came within a ten yards radius of him would be burnt to a crisp.

On top of this a scarlet black blade appeared on his hand which was condensed with fire symbols that caused countless flames to rise into the sky.

’’Looks like Ke Li's using his full strength. He's trained the Scarlet Flame Symbol to the seventh symbol.’’

’’With the Dark Lines Flaming Blade, his strength is almost at the True Mystic Rank.’’

Those from the Purple Rising Great Country looked at Zhao Feng gloatingly but they found that the geniuses from the Canopy Great Country also had gloating expressions.

’’Brother Zhao watch out that guy's battle power is terrifying... not good! He's charging over!’’

Bei Moi's expression changed as he warned Zhao Feng through mental energy.

Maybe feeling a threat Zhao Feng finally turned his gaze to Ke Li.

’’I only need one eye to beat you.’’

Zhao Feng's left eye seemed to become a limitless ice abyss.

Eye of the Heart!

One of Zhao Feng's three eye techniques was instantly sued.

Ke Li's eyes was sucked into that abyssal world and his expression became dazed.

The next scene stunned the prodigies present.


The scarlet black blade in Ke Li's hand fell onto the ground as the Qi of True Spirit faded.

Pa! Pa!

Ke Li started to slap himself on the face.

’’Ting'er, it's my fault. I'm a bastard.’’

’’You married that bitch and was tortured and died. Everything's my fault...’’

Loud slaps sounded across the Northern Star Stand.

Ke Li's face was soon puffing red and blood dripped out from his mouth.


In the end he kneeled and wept.

The people from the Purple Rising Great Country started to shout and scream however Ke Li was lost in his own emotions and couldn't sense the outside world much.

’’Ke Li lost.’’

Princess Linyue glanced deeply at Zhao Feng before sending in people to take Ke Li away.

From the beginning to finish.

Zhao Feng had sat on the same place and used one glance.

The Eye of the Heart was used against the emotion and desires of people. Anything alive couldn't not have emotions nor any flaws in the heart.

Zhao Feng could make the opponent fall into their heart demons.

Back at the Water Moon Secret cave he had used a similar skill to make Master Bi and company fight each other.

’’This guy's eye bloodline is terrifying.’’

’’In just one glance Ke Li lost.’’

The geniuses of the Purple Rising Great Country and Scarlet Sky Great Country were full of wary towards Zhao Feng.

The Iron Dragon Great Country's side.

Bei Moi's heart shook. At this instance Zhao Feng was still talking to him about the situation of the thirteen countries and Broken Moon Clan.

This meant that Zhao Feng was doing two things at once and while talking to him, had defeated Ke Li.

If others knew of this their analysis of Zhao Feng's eye bloodline would go up a level.

After Ke Li was defeated.

The other opponent Fan Xiaoyue was dazed for a while before recovering.

She soon challenged Liu Qinxin.

Fan Xiaoyue looked at this stunning beauty who made herself feel guilty for her looks.

Liu Qinxin smiled and a seven stringed Qin appeared in her hand.

In the competition in the Capital, she didn't use a Qin.

’’Cultivator of the Dao of Entertainment.’’

Fan Xiaoyue's eyes flashed as she didn't give Liu Qinxin the time to play and sent a blue purple strike towards her.

These condensed attacks were fast and powerful.

The cultivators of the Dao of Entertainment were deadly when they started playing.


Liu Qinxin's jade fingers touched the Qin and the blood of many geniuses present felt their blood boil.

A half transparent line rippled out towards Fan Xiaoyue.


The blue purple strike Fan Xiaoyue sent out crumbled and an invisible power rushed into her body.


Fan Xiaoyue spat out a mouthful of blood and the continuous ripples forced her to retreat.

In almost one move Fan Xiaoyue was defeated.

The Purple Rising Great Country was dead silent.

’’This Liu Qinxin is also terrifying. If she used her Qin to the fullest, even the attack of someone of the same cultivation will be easily nullified.’’

Princess Linyue's expression was solemn.

She didn't put Zhao Feng nor Liu Qinxin to heart personally was wary of the Canopy Great Country's overall strength.

Prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, Tian Yunzhi, Zhao Feng, Liu Qinxin. None of them were simple, each was scarier than the last.

’’Looks like this times Sacred True Dragon Gathering the Canopy Great Country are able to turn the situation around.’’

’’In terms of overall strength, the Canopy Great Country suppress the other two great countries.’’

The forces on the Northern Star Stand discussed.

The upper echelon from the Canopy Great Country had bright red faces of glory.

On the northern Star Stand the Canopy Great Country had no losses and swept across the other two great countries.

’’But in terms of the leader the Canopy Great Country is a bit weaker. Prince Jin had lost more than once to Princess Linyue.’’

Others saw the Canopy Great Countries flaw.

As time passed more and more strong countries, families and major factions arrived.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes for comprehension and didn't bother about the outside world.

At a certain moment.

Discussion broke out once more on the Northern Star Stand.

’’The people from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan are here.’’

’’The Ten Thousand Sword Clan is the number one sword clan in the Northern Continent and their strength is almost at the Ten Great Clans, enough to destroy any strong country.’’

A few figures descended from the sky.

The leader was a one-eyed sword cultivator who had reached the half step Origin Core Realm and was even a bit stronger than the Grand Elder of the Imperials.

’’This old undead is also here.’’

The blood hair coloured Tiemo's expression changed.

In terms of strength the Ten Thousand Sword Clan was close to a one-star faction and stronger than the Iron Blood Religion.

There were only two geniuses from the Ten Thousand Sword Clan.

One was an azure robed male with weird white hair.

The other was a snow-white female who had piercing sharp eyes.

’’It's her...’’

Bei Moi was stunned as he looked at the familiar girl.

Back then that female had crushed all the thirteen countries' geniuses under her feet with her sword.

He instinctively glanced towards Zhao Feng but the latter had closed his eyes in comprehension and didn't see this.


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