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King Of Gods - Chapter 337


Chapter 337 - Northern Star Stand

The Eye of Death was a forbidden technique that represented Death when trained to the final level.

’’Once I complete the Eye of Death, anything under the gaze of the eye will have their soul sucked out. Although it can't decide who lives, it can decide who dies... ’’

Zhao Feng's view of the world was flipped once again.

The Eye of Death's core point was controlling the Laws of Death.

Life and Death were profound laws that couldn't be controlled.

He hadn't heard of anyone that had comprehended these laws of Life and Death and achieving eternal life.

Even Supremes at the Origin Core Realm could only live a couple hundred years. They couldn't live past one thousand years and couldn't comprehend life and death.

Kings at the Void God Realm still couldn't break through this barrier.

Above the Void God Realm was the Mystic Light Realm as well as the legendary Heavenly divine Realm.

Those at the Heavenly divine Realm were apparently Gods and Legends. Maybe only those at this level could achieve immortality.

’’So, the Dark Eye incomplete page represents Death?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but shake his head, feeling somewhat unrealistic.

At least this was only one of the pages and a partial one at that.

According to what it said, the Dark Eye had a total of nine pages and only when all of them were gathered could one cultivate the final Eye of Death.

Even at Zhao Feng's level, he felt it hard to comprehend the contents of the Eye of Death.

There was many 'phrases' that were extremely ancient and if it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng had stepped into the doors of the Ancient Dao of the Soul, he wouldn't be able to comprehend anything.

Although Zhao Feng couldn't cultivate the Dark Eye incomplete page in a short amount of time, it broadened his horizons.

The Dark Eye incomplete page still had many forbidden eye secret techniques which were named 'Dark Eye Secret Technique'.

Some of these Dark Eye secret techniques could rot the opponent's mind and soul. Once used, the enemy wouldn't be able to recover and could only watch themselves walk into death.

There were other Dark Eye secret techniques that could gather the Souls of the Dead and condense the Power of Dead Souls that could kill others stealthily.

More profound curses could even 'Curse' others with the Dark Eye.

The Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground had powerful curses that even those at the True Spirit Realm wouldn't be able to escape from. Only the Scarlet Moon Patriarch had ever survived without being harmed.

All in all, the Dark Eye Incomplete page contained deadly techniques that could kill without any leaving any traces.

The journey continued and time passed by.

Zhao Feng started to read the Dark Eye incomplete page and although he hadn't stepped into the Dao, he had thoughts and ideas from it.

With the help of the Dark Eye incomplete page and its foundation, Zhao Feng started to perfect his own eye bloodline.

As of right now, he had two main bases.

One was the Lightning Inheritance and the other was the Ancient Dao of the Soul, represented by the Eye of Ice Soul.

One physical, one mental energy. With the two, Zhao Feng had a deep foundation.

In the blink of an eye, almost two months had passed by.

On the last day, Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes, feeling somewhat tired but a bright light shone in his eyes which gave off a stronger mental energy pressure.

Over the past two months, Zhao Feng's two main bases had improved.

The second level of the Ball of Ice Soul increased Zhao Feng's mental energy level day by day and now it was on par with the True Mystic Rank.

The second floor of the Lightning Inheritance had been comprehended almost to the late stages.

At this instant.

The lightning symbol on Zhao Feng's forehead slowly grew clearer and even if he didn't use the power of the Lightning Inheritance, it could be seen.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat yawned.

’’En, thank you.’’

Zhao Feng put the little thieving cat into the Spiritual Pet Bag, but when he checked his interspatial bracelet and ring, his expression changed.

’’F*king thieving cat!’’

Zhao Feng's eyebrows twitched with anger.

The lightning symbol of his forehead thumped slightly and the Lightning Tuan Qi nearby started to become chaotic, booming thunder.

The resources and Primal Crystal Stones in his interspatial items had decreased by half.

Without even asking, he knew that it must have been eaten by the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat wouldn't do anything for free and helping Zhao Feng block the winds for two months, he obviously needed a fee.

’’What powerful lightning.’’

The group from the Canopy Great Country all sensed this and the other ten stars including Prince Jin felt a greater pressure.

Zhao Feng lightly let out a breath and retracted his aura before he pulled the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat pitifully waved its paws as if trying to explain.

’’What? You're in a 'growing' stage and need resources and Primal Crystal Stones to replenish your energy?’’

Zhao Feng suspiciously inspected the little thieving cat.

Even after eating a mountain of his resources, the cat didn't grow much bigger.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat then waved around to say that it'll give Zhao Feng all the help it could on the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

’’After hearing so much of my resources, do you have any new powers?’’

Little thieving cat: ’’... ’’

Zhao Feng shook his head and became more disappointed in the cat.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye sensed something and he looked into the distance.

There was bright white light one thousand miles away giving off a weird feeling.

The bright light became closer and closer.

’’The Northern Star Stand. We're finally here.’’

Those from the Canopy Great Country said.

The bright light was a shining white stone stage around ten miles wide. In the middle of the stone stage was a simple, pure black stone door.

The shining white stone stage that contrasted with the pure black door was extremely eye catching in the middle of the desert.

This desert had sandstorms all year around and it was enough to devour humans under the True Spirit Realm. In the sky, there were flying beasts that could even harm those at the True Human Rank.

’’So, this is the Northern Star stand?’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye scanned over the place and found that the materials here surpassed what he knew.

Such a setup made him remember the centre of the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground.

While the group from the Canopy Great Country was arriving, there was already many people gathered here on the Northern Star stand.

’’The people from the Purple Rising Great Country and Scarlet Sky Great Country are here.’’

Prince Jin's eyes scanned over the crowd.

At this instant, the people on the Northern Star Stand were split into their respective parties.

The geniuses from the three great countries gathered together.

Apart from this, there was also those from Strong Countries, Clans and major Families.

On the Northern Continent, the number of strong countries came close to one hundred but every strong country only had two spots.

Compared with them, the three Great Countries were enormous.

Many strong countries were governed under the three Great Countries.

For example, when the Canopy Great Country's people arrived, many strong countries came over.

The three Great Countries were: The Purple Rising Great Country, Scarlet Sky Great Country and Canopy Great Country.

Zhao Feng found that the three Great Countries took up a bit over half of the forces on the Northern Continent.

After all, a Great Country had many forces and families which had their own respective representatives.

’’Hehe, little gold pig, we meet again.’’

The mocking voice of a female sounded from the Purple Rising Great Country.

The leading genius from the Purple Rising Great Country was a heroic purple hair coloured young woman who wore a phoenix battle robe.

Little gold pig?

Zhao Feng realised that the phoenix battle robed woman was talking to the Canopy Great Country.

’’This Princess Linyue... ’’

Prince Jin gritted his teeth but was helpless and had a headache.

Jiang Sanfeng suppressed his laughter and said in a low tone: ’’Little gold pig is the nickname Princess Linyue gave Prince Jin. Prince Jin sparred with her twice but was utterly defeated by Princess Linyue.’’

This Princess Linyue was the Princess of the Purple Rising Great Country and was probably the person with the strongest bloodline power.

’’Princess Linyue is famed across the Northern Continent for her strength and she has challenged two experts at the True Mystic Rank before... ’’

’’In the last Sacred, True Dragon Gathering Princess Linyue reached the top one hundred and this time her strength and bloodline have increased greatly.’’

The forces on the Northern Star Stand discussed and tested each other out.

Princess Linyue slowly walked over to the Canopy Great Country's side.

’’Aye, little gold pig, you're still the leading genius of the Canopy Great Country? Looks like the Canopy Great Country isn't very strong.’’

Princess Linyue scanned over the geniuses of the Canopy Great Country.

Although it seemed like a casual glance, her gaze contained a sharp and pressuring aura.

The geniuses who were scanned by her instinctively looked away.


Wang Xiaoguai showed off his power.

A sharp light flashed across Tian Yunzhi's eyes that seemed to slash through the air.

Zhao Feng was unmoved, while Liu Qinxin remained silent.

Jiang Sanfeng instinctively turned away from the gaze.


Princess Linyue was slightly shocked. She had just used a secret Imperial technique that was used to detect the opponent's strength.

If the opponent couldn't look at her gaze, this meant their strength was at least two levels apart from her.

If her opponent could look at her in the eye, it meant that at least they had the belief to challenge her or at least not far too away.

However, the scouting surprised Princess Linyue.

Wang Xiaoguai and Tian Yunzhi could even counterattack her gaze.

Tian Yunzhi's blade intent had almost moved her heart.

’’This Tian Yunzhi has comprehended such a powerful blade intent. It looks like his strength might be able to surpass Prince Jin's and is one of my strong opponents.’’

Princess Linyue concluded.

Apart from them, she also couldn't detect Zhao Feng's and Liu Qinxin's strength.

Zhao Feng was utterly unmoved. It was as if he had ignored her gaze.

’’Hehe, what beautiful blue hair.’’

In a flash, Princess Linyue arrived in front of Zhao Feng with an envious look.

Zhao Feng's hair was faint blue and looked natural.

Princess Linyue had another aim and that was to see Zhao Feng's strength but after looking closely, she confirmed that this guy was only at the early stages of the True Human Rank.

’’The Northern Continent shouldn't have another Xin Wuheng... ’’

Princess Linyue shook her head. She was thinking too much. Zhao Feng remained unmoved from Princess Linyue's arrival till departure.

Those from the Canopy Great Country such as Prince Jin and company wiped their cold sweat. These old geniuses all knew how troublesome Princess Linyue was.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The sound of flying continuously appeared and more and more strong countries and big clans gathered.

’’Hmm? What's this strong country? It looks new?’’

A few people landed from a large blood blue bird and were out of state with the others.

’’Oh, I remember, I think it's a very far away country called the Iron Dragon Strong Country.’’


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