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King Of Gods - Chapter 336


Chapter 336 - Eye of Death

There were still two days left till departure.

The four geniuses representing the Iron Blood Religion had made their preparations.

Jiang Sanfeng and company came over to ask for advice from Zhao Feng.

A few days ago, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue had all sparred with one another but they didn't have the chance to spar with the geniuses at the top of the Northern Continent.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and inspected the three.

The cultivation of the three hadn't changed much. After reaching the True Spirit Realm, progress in cultivation was difficult and it may be several times harder than before.

If the difference in cultivation was one rank like the True Human Rank and True Mystic Rank for those of the same age, their cultivation speed would differ by several times.

This included Zhao Feng. Although his cultivation progressed, it was still a bit from the Late stages of the True Spirit Realm.

After all, his eye bloodline didn't help cultivation speed and it mainly focused on comprehension.

The first person that came up was Dong Xue, who had the cultivation of the early stages of the True Human Rank.

Of the four, Dong Xue was the weakest.

’’I hope that Chapter Leader Zhao will go easy on me.’’ Dong Xue said respectfully.

Zhao Feng had agreed the three that he wouldn't use his eye bloodline in sparring.

The Ice Jade Technique that Dong Xue cultivated was an ice elemental skill, which brought whistling cold winds with any attack. A layer of faint blue air surrounded her body as she summoned gusts of chaotic wind that streamed towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng didn't underestimate her even though the element of her skill was similar to his eye bloodline.

In the battle, he carefully inspected the skill and after dozens of blows, Zhao Feng seemed to understand something and his figure flashed.

Shua Shua!

Two figures of Zhao Feng appeared on the left and right and both attacked Dong Xue.

Dong Xue panicked and was pushed back by a lightning palm and she couldn't move for a while from the numbing.

’’Your Ice Jade Technique isn't bad and it can greatly restrict the opponent's speed but your close combat and agility isn't enough.’’

Zhao Feng analysed.

Dong Xue stuck out her tongue: ’’Understood. In terms of ice element skills, the Mystic Ice palace is supreme. Goddess Wei in this generation from the Mystic Ice palace had received an inheritance from the Mystic Ice Inheritance and reached the top three in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Zhao Feng had heard of the Mystic Ice Palace before. It was one of the Ten great clans.

The Mystic Ice Palace existed in the far north and it was most famous for the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Every couple of decades, the Mystic Ice Palace would open the Mystic Ice Inheritance and only those that trained in the ice element would enter.

After that, Die Ye came and sparred with Zhao Feng.

Die Ye's cultivation had reached the late stages of the True Human Rank and she was extremely close to becoming one of the ten stars.

Zhao Feng exchanged blows with Die Ye, but he didn't seem to find any major flaw after a couple hundred moves.

If a flaw had to be said, it was that her explosiveness wasn't enough but this regarded the fact that she had no bloodline or cultivation skill. Normal females lacked explosiveness anyways.

This was the biggest difference between her and Jiang Sanfeng.

At last, it was Jiang Sanfeng's turn.

Zhao Feng still didn't use an eye bloodline power, so this battle was extremely fierce.

A hundred moves later.

’’Claw of Lightning!’’

Zhao Feng single handedly formed a several yard long Claw of Lighting which crackled as it came down.

A destructive wave had first reached the ground and the lightning pressure made Jiang Sanfeng hard to breathe.


Jiang Sanfeng was pushed to the ground by the Claw of Lightning and he was burnt as he said in frustration: ’’This move again... ’’

The Claw of Lightning was Zhao Feng's currently most powerful and practical move, which could lock onto a certain range, making hard to dodge it.

If it was used together with the God's Spiritual Eye, the opponent would almost certainly not be able to dodge it unless their cultivation level surpassed Zhao Feng by a lot.

Zhao Feng smiled, but he didn't speak. Even if Jiang Sanfeng was one times faster, he wouldn't be able to escape from the Claw of Lightning.

Once the Claw of Lightning enveloped a certain area, it would create a numbing effect that would restrict the enemy's movement.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had calculated the opponent's path with her mental energy. If it was used with the God's Spiritual Eye, it could estimate the opponents next move.

In half the time it took an incense to burn, the three had been defeated by Zhao Feng.

After losing, Jiang Sanfeng asked to personally feel Zhao Feng's eye bloodline.

’’You probably can't block a glance from me at your level.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head faintly.

’’Chapter Leader, we don't want to defeat your eye bloodline. It's just that there will be other geniuses with eye bloodlines.’’

Die Ye explained.

’’Oh? Are you sure they'll appear?’’


Jiang Sanfeng promised.

Thinking about it, even in the Cloud area there was Lin Tong who specialised in an eye bloodline. Across the entire Azure Flower Continent, it would be normal for other eye bloodlines to be present.

’’Although eye bloodlines are rare, there's around one hundred on the continent and the three eye families have the strongest eye bloodline inheritances. In the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, these three eye families will definitely send their geniuses to participate. They're extremely troublesome.’’

When mentioning the three eye families, Jiang Sanfeng and company had solemn expressions.

Unless one had imparable strength, they were usually troubled by those from the three eye families.

’’In the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering, I met Heaven Piercing Eye from the Tuoba family. A glance from him sliced at my throat.’’

Jiang Sanfeng recalled with fear.

If it was a life or death battle, the Heaven Piercing Eye from the Tuoba family could've sliced Jiang Sanfeng's throat open or pierced through his heart.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was stunned. It looked like it was not only he who had a powerful eye bloodline. At the same time, he was also excited and expectant.

To be able to see more eye bloodlines could help Zhao Feng improve his own eye secret technique.

One had to know that Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye specialised in comprehension and it could 'copy' those not too complicated skills.

’’Fine, as you wish.’’

Zhao Feng stood on the spot with his blue hair blowing.

Eye of Illusion.

Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye and it scanned the three.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Jiang Sanfeng and company fell down onto the ground, drenched in cold sweat and exhausted.

’’Experiencing the Eye of Illusion can increase your resistance against mental energy. I also have the Eye of the Heart, the Soul Eye which controls the heart and erodes the mind respectively...’’

Zhao Feng laughed.

His eye secret technique had begun to form.

Two days later, the blood hair coloured Tiemo and two Elders led Zhao Feng and company to depart.

With the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan moving, its speed was faster than normal True Mystic Rank experts.

’’Our destination is the star stand, but because the Canopy Great Country is counted as a whole body, we can only leave after everyone arrives.’’

The Deputy Patriarch said.

The Imperials of the Canopy Great Country, on a field.

Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi and the other ten stars arrived.

Apart from that, there were also others with confirmed spots such as Die Ye and Dong Xue.

On the surface, the Great Country had ten spots but in reality there was sixteen.

Prince Jin was the representative of the geniuses.

Prince Jin stood smugly at the front, but his expression became somewhat dim when Zhao Feng arrived.

Zhao Feng's arrival brought gazes of respect and wary over.

He didn't respond and kept his eyes closed in comprehension.

He had reached a certain foundation on the Ball of Ice Soul now. Next, he tried to comprehend the Dark Eye incomplete page.

The Dark Eye incomplete page was given to Zhao Feng by the thick eyebrowed elder as well.

The Dark Eye incomplete page was an offensive eye skill and it was forbidden.

Zhao Feng's consciousness soon entered the world of the Dark Eye incomplete page.

Even when all the geniuses of the country arrived, Zhao Feng didn't open his eyes.

On the journey, the two Elders led the four geniuses on a True Mystic Rank flying beast.

Hu~ Hu~

The winds were strong in the air and it could blow them off balance.

Zhao Feng was still lost in comprehension.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out and burped as it looked after its owner.

Within the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

The Deputy Patriarch had a faint smile.

He had originally planned for Zhao Feng to enter the sedan to comprehend but he didn't expect this cat to help.

Although the little thieving cat's size was small, it's power and ability wasn't to be underestimated.

It stood on Zhao Feng's shoulder and no matter how powerful the winds in the air was, they would weaken as they came close to Zhao Feng.

’’This cat... ’’

The Deputy Patriarch stared at the little thieving cat and thought of something.

He had seen similar spiritual pets, but only two of them were truly mysterious.

One of them was the one in front and the other one was probably the Sage of the Six Warlock Tower.

The Deputy Patriarch had once seen the Six Warlock Sage. This was when the Patriarch was a Supreme at the Origin Core Realm.

Under the Six Warlock Sage's guidance, the Patriarch entered deep sleep, awaiting the sizzle of hope in the future.


The little thieving cat's eyeballs spun as it seemed to sense something and glanced -at the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

The intelligence in its eyes definitely wasn't something a being that was one to two years old could have.

Inside the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye.

In the mental energy dimension, a tattered old book appeared.

The old book was partial and some of its contents were blurry.

’’The Dark Eye incomplete page isn't to be cultivated by weak eye bloodlines and those under the Origin Core Realm need to be careful when cultivating... ’’

Zhao Feng read the contents and was moved.

The requirements to learn this skill was too much.

Firstly, one needed a powerful eye bloodline.

Secondly, one's cultivation should be at the Origin Core Realm or higher and the minimum standard was the True lord Rank.

Zhao Feng was only looking at it and he didn't think too far.

The final goal of the Dark Eye incomplete page was to cultivate the forbidden eye secret technique - the Eye of Death.


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