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King Of Gods - Chapter 335


Chapter 335 - Preparations

Because no one challenged Prince Jin, he became the one to lead the others to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Prince Jin wiped the cold sweat off his forehead in secret.

The competition and pressure of this generation was terrifying. Each prodigy was more monstrous than the last.

From second place to fourth place, everyone of them could move into Prince Jin's position.

Wang Xiaoguai ranked second was only a little bit off him. If he performed well, maybe the situation would be different

Number three Tian Yunzhi had risen higher after his fall and his battle power was immeasurable.

However, number two and three were stunned by Zhao Feng.

Tian Yunzhi originally wanted to challenge Prince Jin, but he lost the attitude after seeing Zhao Feng's strength.

In the upper echelon of the eight major forces, Zhao Feng who was ranked number four might be stronger than prince Jin.

In name, Prince Jin was the number one star but in the eyes of many Zhao Feng was number one in reality.

However, Zhao Feng didn't seem to be interested in number one as he closed his eyes to keep on comprehending

The ball of Ice Soul took him to a world of the Dao of the Soul that had limitless knowledge waiting for him to comprehend.

The bloodline technique had allowed Zhao Feng to start his bloodline path.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was about to start in a couple months and Zhao Feng needed to use every second.

The competition soon came to a close and the eight major forces left.

Zhao Feng focused mainly on comprehension while leaving behind a small amount on the outside world.

Tiemo nodded his head and ordered the others not to disrupt Zhao Feng.

Iron Blood Religion great hall.

Tiemo smiled: ’’This time, we got two of the ten spots. Pretty good.’’

The upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion had bright red faces with joyful expressions.

Having two spots was only one of the reasons. Many of the upper echelon looked at Zhao Feng with kindness.

Although this blue haired youth's eyes were still closed, no one thought he was arrogant.

Back at the competition, Zhao Feng had sent prince Jin flying with one kick and one palm and had defeated Wang Xiaoguai in one eye. Just thinking about it made them excited.

Although Zhao Feng didn't come first, number one and two were stunned by him.

In their hearts, Zhao Feng was number one.

’’The competition in the great country is just a small process. The true battlefield is the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. The birth of one hundred True Dragon Geniuses might change the destiny of this continent and lead this era.’’

The blood hair coloured Tiemo's eyes was filled with expectation.

He had witnessed dozens of Sacred True Dragon Gatherings, but this era was different. Geniuses were given birth like bamboo shoots after the rain. They surpassed the previous generations or else the chance of the heaven's Legacy Inheritance descending wouldn't be that high.

At this instance, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and felt the broadness of this era. Who knew it was lucky or a disaster.

’’The people representing us in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering will be Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue, a total of four.’’

Tiemo ordered.

Why did it suddenly become four people?

Zhao Feng was puzzled.

’’It's like this. Being a half star faction and almost a full one star faction at its peak, the Iron Blood Religion has two confirmed spots. Of the entire Canopy Great Country only the Imperials, Iron Blood Religion, Qin Sword palace and a few others have this glory. The four big families are still a bit off.’’

A Chapter Leader nearby explained.

Zhao Feng understood. In terms of strength, the Iron Blood Religion was even more powerful than Strong Countries.

If Strong countries already had two spots, how could the iron Blood Religion lack them?

Countries would have their own spots and factions would have their own as well if they were strong enough.

The ranking was distributed by the ancient way.

Half star forces such as the Iron Blood Religion had two spots.

One star forces such as the Heavenly Yuan Clan in the Northern Continent had ten.

’’A one star force needs to have at least one Supreme at the Origin Core Realm and other requirements too. Looks like each of the ten great factions have an Origin Core Realm.’’

Zhao Feng realised.

’’In half a month's time, you four will go to the star stand and use the Northern Star Teleportation array to reach the middle of the Middle Continent. At the same time, the geniuses from the other Strong countries, sects and forces including the Heavenly Yuan Clan will be there.’’

Tiemo told them their plan.

The Northern Star stand was the gathering point of the Northern Continent.

In the Azure Flower Continent, there was the North, East, South and West zones.

At the centre of each zone, there would be a star stand which directly reached the middle continent.

Of course, not everyone could use the star stand.

Knowing the plan, Zhao Feng returned to his place and immediately entered seclusion.

Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue would occasionally interact with one another by sparring but none of them found Zhao Feng.

The three of them weren't on the same level as him.

Even Jiang Sanfeng could only watch from behind.

In the hall, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged with shut eyes. He kept trying out the bloodline technique in the dimension of his left eye.

This technique was copied off Prince Jin and company and transferred onto himself.

Currently, the technique was too crude and not perfect.

’’My bloodline is unique. It's based on the God's Spiritual Eye. I can only look at other secret techniques and then test it out myself.’’

Zhao Feng sighed.

If Zhao Feng wanted, the Iron Blood Religion would give him bloodline techniques but his bloodline depended on himself.

Several days later, Zhao Feng looked at many bloodline techniques which allowed him to start perfecting his own.

With a thought, his bloodline power turned into dozens of lines that circulated in his body and they seems to have their own thoughts as they didn't meet or clash with one another.


Zhao Feng lightly exclaimed as the dozens of lines turned into hundreds and merged into his Qi of True Spirit while other parts attached themselves to the skin.

Instantly, a thin ice tattoo appeared on his body and a faint blurry blue figure appeared behind him.

Zhao Feng understood that the faint blue figure reflected the 'bloodline's ancestor's' partial state. If the density of blood was too low, only one shape of the ancestors millions would appear.

To fully recreate the ancestors shape, the bloodline needed to retrace at least 50% back to its ancestor.


With another thought, the bloodline power soon dissipated and merged back into his body.

At this moment in time, his bloodline power was stronger than back at the competition especially in familiarity and control.

After the bloodline technique was stabilized, Zhao Feng once again entered the Ancient Dao of the Soul.

The Ancient Dao of the Soul was a large branch of which mental energy techniques were just a tiny tiny small part of.

The power of mental energy came from the core - the Soul.

The ball of Ice Soul had information about the Ancient Dao of Soul, but more of it was about the Ice Soul.

Ice Soul focused on the element ice in the soul.

’’The Dao of Ice Soul is extremely compatible with my current God's Spiritual Eye's attributes. Comprehending it is easier.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The only regret was that the information within the ball of Ice Soul was incomplete, making it so that the full system was incomplete.

However, even then Zhao Feng was happy.

If he didn't get the ball of Ice Soul, he wouldn't have been able to dig out the potential of his eye bloodline.

Under that situation, he probably would only be able to reach the top fifty in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, but now he had the ball of Ice Soul his chances increased greatly, allowing him to maybe reach the top twenty.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen days had passed by.

Zhao Feng had comprehended over half of the contents in the Ice Soul Foundation.

The second level of the Power of Ice Soul was more profound and difficult to comprehend. But with the comprehension of the Ancient Dao of the Soul, Zhao Feng's mental energy increased by leaps and bounds.

In the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond had extended to nine yards. Just one more would allow Zhao Feng's mental energy level to be comparable to the True Mystic Rank.

’’No one under the True Mystic Rank can block one eye from me. Even those normal True Mystic Rank experts might be tricked.’’

Zhao Feng thought confidently.

In terms of mental energy, he had reached the peak True Human Rank but his mental energy source surpassed those of the same level.

Normal True Mystic Rank experts with weak will could have their flaws exposed to Zhao Feng and be tricked.

On this day, Zhao Feng exited seclusion.

There were only two days left till departure.

He remembered something else and that was Tiegan Master's mission.

’’Chapter leader, this is the weapon that Tiegan Master forged for you’’

Die Ye took out a black metallic box. Zhao Feng opened the box and felt a chilling air seep out.

At the instant that the metallic box was opened, a light of azure and blue glowed.

Zhao Feng took out a crystal blue bow that had the same structure as the Luohou Bow but was a size larger.

The bow string faintly flashed with lightning and it was compatible with the Qi of True Spirit within Zhao Feng's body.

Xiu-- Xiu-- Xiu--

Three dark silver arrows flashed into position.

’’The bow's ice attribute is compatible with my bloodline and the lightning attribute of the bowstring is suitable for my Lightning Inheritance. These three arrows are piercing and can conduct power... ’’

Zhao Feng concluded after inspecting the items.

The new Luohou Bow was close to the Middle tier Spiritual grade.

This made Zhao Feng admire it.

Normal True Human Rank experts used Low tier Spiritual grade items. If they used Middle tier Spiritual grade items, it would expend a lot of energy.

Only those at the True Mystic Rank could utilise Middle tier Spiritual grade weapons to the max.

There was another point.

The new Luohou Bow and Luohou Arrows was created by two sets. Once they used it, it would mean using two Spiritual grade weapons at once, expending even more energy.

The thing was that both were close to the Middle tier Spiritual grade, but not quite the Middle tier Spiritual grade.

’’The combination of the two should be better than normal middle tier Spiritual grade. It'll be useable until the True Lord Rank.’’

Zhao Feng lightly touched the Luohou Bow which then trembled slightly and glowed light blue. The compatibility rate wasn't much lower than before.

Now Zhao Feng had all the weapons that he needed for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.


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