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King Of Gods - Chapter 333


Chapter 333 - First in the Great Country (2)

Wang Xiaoguai strained his head to the side as a purple gold light flashed in his eyes.

After his bloodline power opened and he waved his stick, the entire arena shook slightly. That devastating power could even kill a late stage True Human Rank.

’’What a powerful bloodline!’’

Exclaims broke out from the crowd.

Even Zhao Feng was awakened. The bloodline power within him had sensed the ancient bloodline and it even felt slightly pressured.

Zhao Feng rarely met this situation. There were only two situations: Either Wang Xiaoguai's bloodline was very high tier or his bloodline had awakened and reached a high level in retracing back to its ancestor.

For example, one's bloodline could have reached 10% awakening, whereas the other had only awakened one hundred thousandth percent.

’’Hahaha, this is the surprise that our Wind Cloud Sect has brought!’’

’’Wang Xiaoguai's bloodline has been ignited in the past half a year and has been retracing back to its ancestor. It's power is growing daily.’’

’’It looks like Prince Jin's position of strongest bloodline is going to be unstable.’’

The upper echelon of the Wind Cloud Sect were smug.

’’Congratulations on the Wind Cloud Sect for having such a prodigy.’’

The Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion congratulated the Wind Cloud Sect Leader.

In the Canopy Great Country, the Wind Cloud Sect were in the same alliance as the Iron Blood Religion.

’’This Wang Xiaoguai comes from the Wind CLoud Sect and was a monster ever since he was young. He fights like a maniac and has powerful strength. After that, the bloodline within him awakened and received the attention of the Wind Cloud Sect... ’’

Tian Yunzhi saw that Zhao Feng was slightly curious and explained.

Zhao Feng felt slightly weird, didn't this Tian Yunzhi want revenge?

Back then, he had used the water Moon God Peach Fan and almost destroyed his future.

’’In this life, I have only met two people worthy of being admired and grateful. One of them made my comprehend my blade intent and the other is you, who made me rise higher after my fall.’’

Tian Yunzhi smield faintly.

The blade intent after his fall and rise wasn't stronger, but Zhao Feng felt that it was more profound than before.

No wonder why Tian Yunzhi wanted to challenge Prince Jin.

’’Wang Xiaoguai, although your bloodline has strengthened, you're still not my Imperials' bloodlines match.’’ Prince Jin said deeply as he crossed his hands and his brown hair blew.


The bones and blood of his body, especially his skin, had thickened and a layer of gold light glowed around him.

In the blink of an eye, Prince Jin's figure rose an inch or two and his skin had thickened a bit more, making him look bulkier.

Furthermore, a faint figure appeared behind his back.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye constricted. He found that the figure's shape was like an animal.

’’This is the rare Imperials' bloodline 'Golden Boar Bloodline', which can greatly increase attribute and power. Those with the Golden Boar Bloodline can block the attacks of several of those at the same cultivation level.’’

’’Prince Jin's Golden Boar bloodline has reached a high level and he has a perfect bloodline secret technique... ’’

Peng Dong Dong---

The two power specialised geniuses awakened their bloodline power and stamped on the arena, causing it to tremble.

’’Earthen Evil Wind Cloud Stick!’’

Wang Xiaoguai roared and he waved his large gold and silver stick, creating a purple green wind to swept a hundred yards in front of him.

’’Golden Destroying Demon Slaughtering Palm!’’

Prince Jin howled and a golden tattoo expanded on his palm and was thrust heavily at Wang Xiaoguai.

Bam Boom!

The two mountainous powers clashed together and the merging of bloodline power with Qi of True Spirit broke through the limits of cultivation.

It was extremely difficult for one to use power beyond their cultivation, but it wasn't impossible.

The most common ones were secret techniques of burning their Qi of True Spirit but they had high prices.

Furthermore, they could use powerful weapons but the energy expended was a lot and was hard to control.

Bloodlines was the one with the less after effects, therefore those with bloodlines were the loved ones of the Heavens that could use power beyond their own.

Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai were perfect examples.

The battle from the two left holes on the arena. The competitors before couldn't even damage it at all.

It felt as if two giants were fighting as the arena trembled.

’’These two monsters.’’

The sons of heavens from across the country had their hearts tremble as they saw this.

Those in the top ten couldn't help but feel lucky that they didn't challenge Prince jin or Wang Xiaoguai.

Anyone under the peak True Human Rank would be slapped flying with one palm or bashed to death with one stick.

Hong! Beng! Boom ----

The battle continued and cracks started to appear on the arena.

’’In terms of bloodline power, the two are around the same. Wang Xiaoguai has a higher tier bloodline, but Prince Jin's has been awakened to a higher degree and has a secret technique with it.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye inspected the two.

At a certain instant, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye caught how the two used their Qi of True Spirit and bloodline power.

He found that the two had their own ways of using it.

Wang Xiaoguai was still kind of new to it, but Prince Jin definitely had a complete skill.


Zhao Feng smacked himself on the forehead.

After inspecting Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai's use of bloodline, he finally realised how crude he used his own.

It wasn't even crude. Zhao Feng hadn't even learnt how to use it and could only forcefully utilise it.

Of course, not all the blame could be on Zhao Feng. His bloodline power originated from his God's Spiritual Eye, which changed his body.

Therefore, he didn't have any suitable bloodline nor the way how to use it.

Compared to him, Prince Jin had a complete secret technique made for his bloodline.

After all, the Imperials' bloodline was perfected after generation after generation.

’’En, it's still not too late.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye inspected how the two used their bloodlines.

Prince Jin extremely mastered it, whereas Wang Xiaoguai hadn't, maybe because his bloodline was rare.

However, even then he was better than Zhao Feng.

Firstly, Wang Xiaoguai's bloodline was natural and his body had adapted to it.

Secondly, when his bloodline had awakened, he had been given advice by those from the Wind Cloud Sect.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng had come from a faraway place where blood lines were rare.

After inspecting them, Zhao Feng analysed how to use bloodlines.

’’Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai's bloodlines belong to the power type and have uncertain elements but some bloodlines increase speed, explosiveness and even have elements... ’’

Zhao Feng thought about the bloodlines that he had seen.

Bi Jiangqing had an elemental bloodline that could activate the azure green flames.

Then what about Zhao Feng himself?

’’My bloodline should be based on the God's Spiritual Eye. It used to be azure, but now it's blue meaning that my current bloodline element should be favoured towards ice.’’

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and comprehended.

WIthin the depths of his body, the lines of blue blood moved in a certain flow and merged with the Qi of True Spirit, blood and bones.

Zhao Feng's actions came from Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai.

Prince Jin had a more complete skill, whereas Wang Xiaoguai had an ancient bloodline.


The faint blue blood within the depths of Zhao Feng's bloodline merged with the Qi of True Spirit in his Source of True Spirit and his blood, bones and flesh.

Instantly, balls of blue and azure air were created in Zhao Feng's body that gave off a slightly electrical feel and coldness.

’’So simple? Looks like the slight difference in a piece of paper can be similar to a mountain.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. The bloodline bottleneck had finally broken through.

With his more familiar use, the faint blue blood within him could be moved to every corner within his body.

Every movement made Zhao Feng's bloodline power denser.

Zhao Feng soon completed a circuit and with the God's Spiritual Eye as the core, he circulated the bloodline power around his flesh, bones and blood.

With every complete circuit, he found that the bloodline power within him was strengthening. It was like a man with infinite power finally realising how to dig.

’’This aura... ’’

Liu Qinxin and Tian Yunzhi on his left and right felt the bloodline aura from Zhao Feng and their own bloodlines started to tremble uneasily.

Tian Yunzhi's bloodline was a combination of two bloodlines and it was obviously powerful.

Liu Qinxin's bloodline was more mysterious and unique.

Time passed by.

On the arena, Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai fought fiercely as if the heavens and mountains were crumbling.

Zhao Feng had entered a state which made a cold blue tattoo glow on his skin.

An hour later.

’’The first step's done.’’

Zhao Feng let out a long breath as his bloodline power faded away.

At this moment in time, his bloodline power was more than 2 times stronger than before.

It was like a jade that had been refined, shining with its flawless light.

’’Eh? Still fighting?’’

Zhao Feng opened his eyes with surprise.

These two had fought over an hour already.


The arena suddenly made a sound and it split into pieces as smoke rose into the air.

Both Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai condensed their power and unleashed their devastating attacks.

Bam! Bam!

The two figures flew out.

A streak of blood leaked from Prince Jin's mouth, whereas Wang Xiaoguai spat out a mouthful of blood.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye quickly analysed the fight.

In terms of battle power, the two were on par and in terms of offense, Wang Xiaoguai was even slightly stronger. But Prince Jin's Golden Boar Bloodline's defense was too strong. It was said that it could block the attacks of several of those at the same cultivation.

Therefore, he was injured slightly less.

’’Not good!’’

The crowd broke out into chaos.

While the two retreated, they brought the remaining shockwave with them which was stronger than any one attack from the two.

Those under the True mystic Rank would probably not survive.

Prince Jin's path of retreat was where the high stage where the ten stars was.

’’I'll use this chance to kill Zhao Feng.’’

Prince Jin purposely pretended that he couldn't stop his retreat and brought his Golden Boar figure and shockwave towards Zhao Feng.

Not good!

Liu Qinxin, Tian Yunzhi and company were unprepared.

However, how could Prince Jin's path escape Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye?

’’F*k off!’’

Zhao Feng roared and used his bloodline power in a certain way that it pushed forwards.


He shot out a palm and at the instant that palm was shot out, a faint blue figure appeared behind Zhao Feng as if it had come from the ancient era.


The palm of lightning and cold blue light of chilling intent hit Prince Jin with a 'Bam'.


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