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King Of Gods - Chapter 332


Chapter 332 - Number One in the Great Country (1)

The current ranking on the high stage for the ten stars were as follows:

Number one - Prince Jin

Number two - Wang Xiaoguai

Number three - Tian Yunzhi

Number four - Zhao Feng

Number five - Liu Qinxin

Number six - Jiang Sanfeng

These six places were pretty stable.

The spots that were changing were the last few, especially number nine and ten.

On Zhao Feng's right was Tian Yunzhi while Liu Qinxin was on his left.

Because of Liu Qinxin's arrival, Zhao Feng seemed to be slightly pressured and didn't continue to 'sleep'.

Liu Qinxin sat next to him quietly with no signs of blaming him and instead, she had a look of joy on her face.

Although Zhao Feng ran away from the marriage, they were still engaged.

This meant that the two still had a fiance-fiancee relationship as they entered this competitive area.

If there wasn't any surprise, the two would both step onto the true stage of the continent.

Such destiny was filled with colour and changes.

Liu Qinxin felt satisfied as she looked at the blue haired youth next time her ith wamrth.

On the high stage, Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin's eyes occasionally met. The former was slightly awkward while the latter smiled but didn't speak.

Prince Jin, who was number one, squinted his eyes as he scanned them over Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin.

He became stunned by Liu Qinxin's beauty.

’’This Liu Qinxin's aura, looks and talent can be compared to the Empress and she is most suitable for a wife. If I can take her as my wife, I'll get the Flooding lake Liu family's support and even pull up the connections from the main Liu family and Empress Qin. The chance of me becoming the Emperor would rise by a lot.’’

Prince Jin's heart thumped as his slightly chubby face almost lost control and laughed.

The more he thought about it, the more he was moved.

Firstly, Liu Qinxin's personal charm and looks were completely opposite to Empress Qin's but she could be compared to her. Furthermore, she trained in the Dao of Entertainment and liked quietness so she wouldn't be ambitious like Empress Qin.

Secondly, the power behind Liu Qinxin.

After Liu Jiutian ascended to the True Lord Rank, the Flooding Lake Liu family became one of the elite side families.

After the Flooding Lake City Lord reached the True lord Rank, their overall strength came close to any one of the four main families.

Of course, Prince Jin didn't know that Empress Qin and Liu Qinxin had a problem between them that couldn't be solved.

However, at this moment, he had made his decision.

’’Zhu Lin.’’

Prince Jin contacted one of the ten competitors with his Spiritual Sense.

’’Big bro Jin, what do you need?’’

The purple robed youth said respectfully.

The two started to talk through their spiritual sense.

This purple robed youth was also a genius of the Imperials and he was fourth in the ten competitors, ranked higher than Bi Jiangqing.

’’You have two chances to challenge. Use one of them to challenge Zhao Feng and scout him out. If I'm not wrong, you have a divine jade that can resist mental energy attacks.’’

Prince Jin ordered.

’’No problem. Even if I can't beat this brat, I can find out more secrets about him.’’

The purple robed Zhu Lin said confidently.

He didn't have a high chance to beat Zhao Feng, but just to force the opponent to reveal more of his strength shouldn't be hard.

Furthermore, he still had a rare soul item for protection.

Zhu Lin stood out with eyes as sharp as swords: ’’Zhao Feng, you've inherited the wicked methods of the Water Moon Pirate and are infamous. You still dare to show off in the Capital. Want to have the right to enter the Sacred True Dargon Gathering? Today, I'll... ’’


Before he finished speaking, Zhao Feng had disappeared from the high stage.

’’What's all the trash talk about?’’

Zhao Feng's ghostly figure flashed onto the arena with an arc of lightning.

’’You... ’’

Zhu Lin stopped speaking as he went onto the arena, extremely infuriated.

The two looked at each other with dozens of yards between them.

The judge announced the start of the fight.

Zhu Lin took a deep breath and prepared himself for Zhao Feng's eye bloodline attack.


His two arms intertwined as his bloodline power opened and a faint golden shadow appeared on his skin, causing his muscles and bones to increase by a level.

’’Imperial bloodline!’’

Exclaims came from below.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye slightly constricted as he found that Zhu lin's phyiscal body and attributes had risen.

If he originally had the power of one thousand pounds, he now had one thousand six hundred.

The rise in attributes was even greater.

If he could originally take one thousand pound damage, he could now take one thousand eight hundred.

This was excluding some extra capabilities.

Zhao Feng was slightly moved.

Zhu Lin's Imperial bloodline was slightly better than Zhao Feng's in terms of battle power and Prince Jin was the one with the strongest bloodline, meaning that his was immeasurable.

Of course, it didn't mean that Zhao Feng's bloodline was weaker than theirs. Some bloodlines had their own fortes and didn't increase battle power such as Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng's core was the God's Spiritual Eye and his bloodline was produced by the God's Spiritual Eye.

’’Brat, if you don't make your move, you won't have the chance.’’

Zhu Lin mocked. It was incredibly retarded for the opponent to let him open his bloodline.

In this state, he even had the chance to beat those at the late stages of the True Human Rank.

Ice Soul Eye!

Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye, which was like an endless freezing pond.

Zhu Lin hiccuped as a coldness flowed inside his soul and heart.


At the crucial moment, a white jade on his waist glowed.

But even then, Zhu Lin's thoughts were weakened by only ten to twenty percent.

The coldness in the mental energy dimension quickly eroded and extended.

In under a breaths time, his heart froze.

From the view of others, Zhu Lin seemed to be like a retarded old man whose actions and expressions were slow motioned. His figure trembled slightly and his eyes was filled with fear and helplessness.


Zhao Feng slowly walked over and kicked out.

Under the gaping gazes of the crowd, Zhu Lin was kicked out of the arena.

Before the judge announced the result, Zhao Feng had disappeared from the arena and returned to the fourth seat.


Zhu Lin spat out a mouthful of blood and his thoughts were still slow: ’’How is this possible... I couldn't even take one glance of his.’’


The crowd boiled.

’’Zhu Lin had no resistance at all even with his strength and bloodline power.’’

Prince Jin's face was solemn.

Zhu Lin's challenge further increased Zhao Feng's fame.

In the ten with preordered spots, Tian Yunzhi and Zhao Feng both finished off their opponents with one move.

The difference was that Tian Yunzhi had formed a blade intent stronger than before and suppressed his opponent with absolute force.

Zhao Feng's opponents had no resistance at all.

As for the number one and number two, Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai, no one dared to challenge them.

The reason why Tian Yunzhi was challenged was because a genius thought that maybe his blade intent was still injured and he could win.

The competition was entering the last stages and ten spots were decided.

The first six didn't change: Prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, Tian Yunzhi, Zhao Feng, Liu Qinxin, Jiang Sanfeng.

Of the last four, three of them were new.

It was worth noting that Zhu Lin and Bi Jiangqing who had challenged Zhao Feng both 'missed out'.

The two had been attacked by Zhao Feng's Ice Soul Eye and frozen in the mental energy dimension. Although it could be healed from spiritual pills and doctors, in a short amount of time it wouldn't fully recover.

The aftereffects was that their reactions were much slower than others and they obviously had no hope of getting a spot.

Zhu Lin and Bi Jianging were full of regret.

The two had both concealed some of their strength in the competition and had a chance to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering but because they botg challenged Zhao Feng, they lost the chance to enter.

’’Zhu Lin, I'll pay you back when I have the chance.’’

Prince Jin comforted Zhu Lin.

He didn't expect this to happen as well.

Who would have thought that Zhao Feng's Ice Soul Eye would be so devastating, freezing mental energy and leaving wounds behind?

The biggest difference between the Ice Soul Eye and Eye of Illusion was that the former was a mental energy attack whereas the latter was a mental energy illusion.

’’If my Ice Soul Eye is powerful enough, it can freeze the enemy's consciousness and force the opponent into an eternal sleep.’’

Zhao Feng could feel how terrifying the erosion of the Ice Soul Eye was.

At this instant, the ten spots for the Canopy Great Country were confirmed.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes once more and started to focus on comprehension anymore.

He didn't know that the battles hadn't finished.

At this moment, the Canopy Great Country's Emperor rose and said in a low tone: ’’Traditionally, the Canopy Great Country would always pick a leader of the ten. This leader must be the strongest and stand at the peak of the same generation.’’

The leader represented the Canopy Great Country's strongest genius and glory.

When they left the country, the leader represented the entire Canopy Great Country.

Said simply, they were fighting for the number one in the Great Country next.

’’Number one is temporarily Prince Jin. If anyone isn't willing, they can challenge him.’’

The Canopy Great Country's Emperor had a bright smile.

Prince Jin was his son, he had the strongest bloodline and he was confident of him.

In terms of cultivation, Prince Jin had reached the peak stages of the True Human Rank and was only higher than the other prodigies present.

In terms of bloodline, he had the strongest.

However, right after the Canopy Great Country Emperor spoke, Wang Xiaoguai and Tian Yunzhi were filled with battle intent.

’’Zazazaza, number one is mine!’’

Wang Xiaoguai held a large gold and silver stick and he flashed onto the arena while jumping up and down.

The people couldn't help but be surprised, but none of them dared to underestimate Wang Xiaoguai's strength.

One could see this from how no one dared to challenge only him and Prince Jin.

Prince Jin laughed longly and like a golden roc, he flew onto stage.


The arena trembled slightly. It was hard to imagine how physically strong Prince Jin was.


Wang Xiaoguai didn't want to appear weak and so he thumped his stick onto the arena, causing it to tremble.

His body didn't seem to have muscles at all, but it seemed to be metal and rock instead. Every one of his actions could move the mountains and easily crush a normal True human Rank.

’’Hmm? Ancient bloodline?’’

Zhao Feng was awakened as the faint blue bloodline within him trembled slightly and even felt slightly pressured.


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