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King Of Gods - Chapter 328


Chapter 328 - The ball of Ice Soul

Prince Jin was the Prince of the Imperials and he had a concentrated bloodline that surpassed others.

At the same time, his own cultivation had reached the peak stage of the True Human Rank and he was ranked first in the stars.

’’With the highest cultivation and strongest bloodline in the younger generation, Prince Jin is unparalleled in the stars.’’

Jiang Sanfeng's eyes became full of wary when he mentioned Prince Jin.

In reality, he thought that although Zhao Feng was strong, there was still a difference between him and Prince Jin.

But because Zhao Feng was a Chapter Leader and he couldn't see his limits, it wasn't good to make an early conclusion.

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly as he made note of it.

Zhao Feng first stayed in the Iron Blood Religion main headquarters for a couple of days and would then follow the Deputy Patriarch and company to the Capital.

On the first night, the Deputy Patriarch summoned Zhao Feng.

In the quiet great hall, there was the blood hair coloured Tiemo and Zhao Feng by themselves.

’’Zhao Feng, your strength and growth has exceeded my expectations. The Sacred True Dragon Gathering this time is a great fortune for you. If your luck isn't too bad, you might be able to make the top one hundred.’’

Tiemo smiled faintly.

’’Top one hundred?’’

Zhao Feng paused slightly - this wasn't the ideal placing he wanted, but he knew that the top one hundred was a large gap.

Those that made the top one hundred were named the True Dragon Geniuses and could gather the continents blessing.

If they gathered enough blessing, they could enter the Inheritances.

’’Zhao Feng, I don't want to criticise you but Yu Tianhao from the central continent has reached the peak stages of the True Mystic Rank and he has even challenged a True lord Rank cultivator and almost tied with them. Tantan Lanyue from the Eastern Continent is a beast tamer who has three True Mystic Rank beasts under his command. One of them is a One-Horned Earth Dragon, whose battle power is close to a True Lord Rank cultivator. This Sacred True Gathering exceeds the previous dozens of generations.’’

Tiemo seemed to see that Zhao Feng wasn't satisfied with the top one hundred.

’’Cultivation at the peak of the True mystic Rank? Challenged a True Lord Rank?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but cluck his tongue. He didn't know whether it was a fortune or disaster to be born in this era full of monstrous geniuses.

The number of True Mystic Rank experts in previous Sacred True Dagon Gatherings were low and they were usually only at the early stages.

But in this era, there were too many eye-catching prodigies that clashed together. No one knew whether they would fall or create a brighter light.

’’Of course, everything has it's opposites. The more geniuses there are, the stronger the True Dragon Blessing will be. News comes from the divination clans that the chance of the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance connecting to the continent is much higher than before.’’

Tiemo sighed.

Zhao Feng nodded his head: ’’Deputy Patriarch, you can relax. I'll do all I can in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

He knew his position after Tiemo's teaching.

’’Don't be crestfallen. You're still young and the age limit of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering is fifty. Many competitors are double your age and they've participated in the previous Sacred True Dragon Gatherings... ’’

Tiemo smiled.

From his point of view, Zhao Feng reaching the top fifty was the limit. After all, Zhao Feng was young and his cultivation still was lower than the top geniuses of other continents.

Zhao Feng most likely wouldn't make the top twenty and he definitely had no chance for first place but after ten years, everything was possible.

’’The more geniuses the better as it can attract more Inheritances.’’

Zhao Feng calmed himself down.

Sending Zhao Feng away with his eyes, Tiemo hesitated and seemed to be making a hard decision.


Tiemo suddenly stopped him.

Zhao Feng turned around curiously. He had also seen how the Deputy Patriarch had something to say.

’’Come with me.’’

Tiemo looked deeply at Zhao Feng before turning into the depths of the great hall.

Zhao Feng followed closely behind without hesitation.

He didn't know that this journey would change his destiny.

After a few corridors, the two entered a secret hall.

A True Human Rank expert and several peak True Human Rank experts were concealed in the secret hall. Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to sense them without his God's Spiritual Eye.

At the corner of the secret hall, there was a staircase.

Following the staircase down, Zhao Feng felt a heavy aura. His God's Spiritual Eye seemed to twitch as if it sensed something but quickly calmed down.

The staircase led to an underground palace.

’’You're here? And you brought a youth?’’

A weak old voice sounded from the underground palace.

Although that voice sounded weak, it directly entered his mental energy.

Zhao Feng's heart tightened. From the aura of the person's mental energy, it surpassed any True Lord Rank he had seen.

In the underground palace, tgere was a purple gold bed on which an old man with thick eyebrows lay on top. His skin was dry and no aura came from him.

’’Brother Hong.’’

Tiemo went up and casually greeted him.

The thick eyebrowed man looked at them with questioning eyes.

’’This junior Zhao Feng greets Senior.’’

Zhao Feng immediately bowed. He didn't know why but this thick eyebrowed senior in front of him gave a deep feeling which instinctively made him not use his God's Spiritual Eye.

Even a sea was countless times larger than a river.

’’Brother Hong, he's the youngest Chapter Leader in the Religion in history and he rules the Thousand Water area. He also kidnapped Empress Qin, took the pre-ordered spot for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and helped me craft the Wheel of Light and Darkness... ’’

Tiemo smugly told Zhao Feng's tales.

After all, Zhao Feng was the one found and promoted by him.

’’A Chapter Leader at sixteen to seventeen years old? If it wasn't you, I would find it ridiculous.’’

The thick eyebrowed elder's scanned Zhao Feng and he instantly saw what Zhao Feng's age was.


He looked more closely with surprise.

Back at the Flooding Lake City, the Flooding Lake City lord Liu Jiutian had also seen that Zhao Feng's eye bloodline was unusual.

This thick eyebrowed elder had the same power, but it was even more precise than the Flooding Lake City Lord and Tiemo's.

’’A very unique eye bloodline and strong source of mental energy... ’’

The thick eyebrowed elder looked at Zhao Feng as if he was inspecting a jade.

’’Most of the people under the True Mystic Rank aren't Zhao Feng's match, but his eye bloodline still hasn't reached its full potential or else, at this Sacred True Dragon Gathering, he has the chance to reach the top fifty or even better. I'm hoping Brother Hong will able to teach him a little.’’

Tiemo explained.

’’Hehe, do you mean for me to teach him or give out resources?’’

The thick eyebrowed elder said irritably, but his eyes still stared at Zhao Feng.

An invisible wave of mental energy pressure suddenly swished through the air and enveloped Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng felt his heart shake and he felt a pressure that he had never felt before.

The thick eyebrowed elder had only released a tiny bit of his aura, but it seemed to be enough to crush an elephant.

Zhao Feng's left eye sparkled ice blue and the freezing pond within the dimension of his left eye gave off a chilling feeling.


The thick eyebrowed elder was finally moved. When he delved further, he was blocked by an invisible cold aura that even froze his consciousness.

’’How long till the beginning of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

The thick eyebrowed elder asked.

’’About four to five months.’’

Tiemo answered.

’’So unfortunate, if you brought him here a year or two earlier, the situation would be much different. With my help, he would've been able to make the top ten.’’

The thick eyebrowed elder said remorsely.

’’He's only just joined the Iron Blood Religion for a couple months and helped me a lot before. We'll just sharpen the spear before the battle. Zhao Feng's comprehension should be pretty high or else he wouldn't be able to reach such a level at this age.’’

Tiemo gave him the white eye.


The thick eyebrowed old man sighed helplessly.


He flipped his palm and a mysterious ice blue crystal appeared.

When the ice blue crystal appeared, Zhao Feng felt a coldness seep into his mental energy and it also made his God's Spiritual Eye twitch.

’’This is a Soul ball from the outside world and it is extremely mysterious. The value of the ball itself isn't high but it contains some knowledge about the Ancient Dao of the Soul although it's incomplete.’’

The thick eyebrowed elder said somewhat unwillingly.

Tiemo was extremely surprised - the thick eyebrowed old man had given a rare treasure from the outside world to Zhao Feng.

After being signalled, Zhao Feng took the Ball of Ice Soul.

From the Deputy Patriarch's reaction, it wasn't hard to see that this item was rare.


The thick eyebrowed elder expressionlessly took out a ancient book with a few words written on top.

’’Dark Eye incomplete page.’’

Tiemo exclaimed as he looked in disbelief at the thick eyebrowed old man.

’’This... senior you... ’’

Zhao Feng uneasily took over the Ball of Ice Soul and Dark Eye incomplete page.

This was the first time he had seen the thick eyebrowed elder and it was through the Deputy Patriarch's connection.

Being given so many important things, he felt uneasy.

Looking at Zhao Feng's expression,the thick eyebrowed elder smiled faintly: ’’Everything depends on your destiny. If you really want to repay me, reach the top twenty in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and if you're able to get some Elixir of Life, Life Restoring Pills or similar life items, I'll be extremely grateful.’’

’’This junior will try his best.’’

Zhao Feng retreated with the elder's wave.

Sending away Zhao Feng's figure with their eyes, only Tiemo and the elder were left behind in the underground palace.

’’Big bro, you gave the ball of Soul to him? Wasn't the previous owner someone at the Void God Realm? And that Dark Eye incomplete page was a forbidden technique in the continent that even you weren't even able to comprehend. You think he's able to?’’

Tiemo asked curiously.

He brought Zhao Feng here in hope that Brother Hong would help Zhao Feng, but this help was so big that even Tiemo was hurt.

’’The value of the ball of Ice Soul isn't high. It's just that it contains some essence of the Dao of the Soul and was probably a casual item carried by that King at the Void God Realm. I'm not someone who trains in the Dao of the Soul so it's of no use to me. More importantly, when Zhao Feng opened his eye bloodline, the ball seemed to sense it, as if it was destined... ’’


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