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King Of Gods - Chapter 325


Chapter 325 - Retracing back to the Ancestor

’’The Ten Thousand Ancient Races belong to the Ancient Era, which is too far away in time from us. I'm expecting to see how much power this bloodline will reach when it's awakened and retraced back to its ancestor.’’

The blurry figure of the purple robed man smiled.

With the owner's increase in cultivation, the bloodline inheritance would awaken and even have rare changes.

Retracing back to its ancestors meant reaching the bloodline power of the person's ancestors.

For example, if the ancestor was a King at the Void God Realm, with the retracement back to its ancestor, the younger generation would have the same if not similar bloodline powers.

The only thing was that after the countless generations, the bloodlines were extremely faint.

Zhao Yufei, Liu Qinxin, Ao Yuetian and even the Flooding Lake City Lord all had faint bloodlines that weren't even one one-hundredth or one one-thousandth of their ancestor's. If the ancestor was traced from long ago, it could even be one-ten thousandth.

From this, one could see if the bloodline was retraced to even one half or even one fifth of how terrifying power that would be.

’’Currently, Yufei's bloodline inheritance needs to be inspected first. It's speciality is that the compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is extremely high and the body itself can even easily absorb Yuan Qi. Apart from pure True Force and fast activation, her biggest advantage is cultivation speed.’’

The white robed daoist smiled faintly.

’’Although it might be fast, Yu Tianhao of the Middle Continent is without a doubt the fastest. At twenty years of age, he had already reached the peak True Mystic Rank and is named the top genius of the continent, surpassing even the Scarlet Moon Patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie when they were his age. One has to know that the later stages of cultivation are slower to progress through.’’

The purple robed man didn't find this point special. The higher one's cultivation, the more bottlenecks there were and the longer time was needed to breakthrough.

It was not unusual to spend years or even decades for a genius to breakthrough after the True Human Rank.

Hence, Yun Tianhao's cultivation speed was at least two to three times that of Zhao Yufei.

’’Yu Tianhao's ancestors were all Origin Core Realm Sovereigns and in their family, even Void God Realm ranks have appeared.’’

The white robed daoist shook his head: ’’He was born as a son of Heaven and had the best resources and teaching. Compared with him, Zhao Yufei has only been in the Heavenly Yuan Clan for a short amount of time and as her bloodline power retraces back to its ancestor, her compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan QI is also rising.’’

’’Still rising?’’

The blurry purple figure was finally surprised.

Normal geniuses cultivated the early stages extremely fast and could reach the True Spirit Realm as a teenager. But because they progressed too fast, they might be stuck on a bottleneck for years, decades or half their lives.

’’Yufei didn't have many resources when she was young and progressed slowly but everything has its advantages. This meant that her foundation was extremely stable and geniuses from far away lands usually have strong ment[a].’’

The white robed daoists' eyes seemed to contain infinite wisdom.

At the same instant, the Northern, East, South, West and Middle continents' forces were all preparing for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

There weren't many spots for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Even the Heavenly Yuan Clan had ten spots. The entire Canopy Great Country also had ten spots.

As for normal strong countries, there were usually two.

In the far away Cloud area, after the surrender of the Thirteen Countries, they were absorbed into the 'Iron Dragon Strong Country'.

Broken Moon Clan, Sky Moon Mountain.

Clan Leader's hall.

’’Mo'er, this is a Propelling Spiritual Pill and although its effect is worse than normal Spiritual Pills and has a big side effect, you have a chance to reach the True Spirit Realm with this.’’

Haiyun Master's handsome face turned into a smile.

Bei Mo stood in front of him, struggling and hesitating.

Right now, he was only at the half step True Spirit Realm but the chances of him reaching the True Spirit Realm were low unless he used outside help.

However, the Thirteen Countries was a poor place and it was hard for a Shedding Spiritual pill to appear once more.

Although this Propelling Spiritual Pill could help him break through to the True Spirit Realm, its after effects were huge.

After eating this pill, there was a chance of breaking the dantian and it even exploding. It was extremely dangerous.

’’Mo'er, do you never want to leave this place? Now that the Cloud area has become the Iron Dragon Strong Country's territory, as long as you reach the True Spirit Realm, you have a chance to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Haiyun Master stared at Bei Moi, the most talented genius of the Broken Moon Clan.

He had surpassed Yang Gan a whole year ago and became the head disciple.

’’Sacred True Dragon Gathering... ’’

Bei Moi's fists were clenched and his body trembled slightly. The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was the world stage and the Cloud area was only considered a barren village.

’’Only strong countries have the ability to recommend people. If the Iron Dragon Strong Country hadn't conquered this country, you wouldn't be able to even compete.’’

Haiyun Master handed the Propelling Spiritual Pill over to Bei Mo. He could see from this that this disciple of his was moved and unable to resist this temptation.

Bei Moi was a genius from birth and wasn't willing to be normal and left behind.

After the Thirteen Clan Alliance, he focused on cultivation and was now one of the top geniuses in the Thirteen Clans.

This was partially because he had increased by leaps and bounds while other prodigies, such as Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong, Zhao Feng, Ao Yuetian, Zhao Yufei and company, had left the Thirteen Countries.

If Bei Moi could go one step further, he would be a top prodigy even within the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

’’This Propelling Spiritual Pill's medicinal power is extremely dangerous and if ten people took it, five would die whereas most of the rest would be crippled. Bei Moi, your fortune will determine whether you'll be a snake or a dragon... ’’

Haiyun Master sent Bei Moi away with his eyes and his expression turned emotionless.

Broken Moon Clan. In another mountain at the First Elder's place.

’’Gan'er, your cultivation is stuck at the peak 7th Sky. This bottleneck may be there for years or even decades before you break into the True Spirit Realm. Why not go explore the world instead?’’ First Elder said.

’’This disciple will listen to everything Master says.’’ Yang Gan replied.

He had also realised that the bottleneck could restrain him for ten years.

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering will start in half a year's time and with your strength, you definitely can't attend but maybe you'll gain some insights from going to spectate.’’ First Elder suggested.

Even the Iron Dragon Strong Country had two Sacred True Dragon Gathering spots. Yang Gan definitely had no hope.

’’This disciple will definitely go to watch the Gathering, even if the path is full of dangers.’’

Yang Gan knew that the journey would be extremely dangerous.

Usually only those at the True Spirit Realm or elites such as Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong had a high chance of success.

’’Hehe, although the Cloud Country is near the edges of the Northern Continent and is somewhat closer to the Middle Continent, you'll still take a year or two to reach there with your speed. There's even chances of dying on the way.’’ First Elder laughed lightly.

’’This... ’’

Yang Gan was depressed. He would only be able to reach the Middle Continent within half a year if he was at the True Spirit Realm or had a flying steed,

’’I've already made preparations. A True Spirit Realm friend of mine in the Iron Dragon Strong Country is preparing to take some disciples to spectate the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and he will take you as well.’’

First Elder took out a letter and an interspatial bracelet which he handed over to his first disciple.

Yang Gan was overjoyed and extremely grateful as he took the letter and found that the interspatial bracelet was filled with Primal Crystal Stones and resources.

Sending Yang Gan away with his eyes, First Elder's eyes were slightly teary: ’’Gan'er, don't blame me for being selfish... ’’

The reason First Elder sent Yang Gan to spectate the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was because he still had a bit of hope.

Northern Continent. One of the three great countries, the Canopy Great Country.

Thousand Water River area at the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and his left eye became even colder. Within his mind, the freezing pond extended to one point three yards.

The coldness on his face was even chillier.

The second change of his God's Spiritual Eye had made Zhao Feng's aura colder.

With a scan of his left eye, even those at the true Human Rank would feel pressured and cold. With his breakthrough to the True Spirit Realm, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eyes' power was increasing.

He believed that most True Human Ranks couldn't block his eye bloodline whether it was a mental energy illusion or mental energy attack.

Apart from that, the Source of True Spirit within his body had fully consolidated and it was even more dense and pure than other experienced cultivators at the early stages of the True Human Rank.

No one knew that Zhao Feng still had the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit within him.

The sealing technique came from the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance and existed in a unique way.

’’Once my Qi of True Spirit is depleted, I can use the Water Moon pirate's to increase my strength.’’

Zhao Feng felt the Source of True Spirit which exceeded his own. This meant that Zhao Feng had two Sources of True Spirit - this was his advantage.

Under normal situations. the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit could only be used to replenish Zhao Feng's own. The element of this Source of True Spirit had been changed by the Water Moon Pirate to suit anyone, but Zhao Feng had comprehended the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and with his God's Spiritual Eye's control, he could control this Source of True Spirit.

After all, the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit was also formed from the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

’’It's better to use this Source of True Spirit as less as possible and only use it in dangerous situations.’’

Zhao Feng took back his God's Spiritual Eye's senses.


An elegant figure flashed in.

’’Chapter Leader, this is a letter from the Deputy Patriarch.’’

Die Ye handed over a letter.

Zhao Feng's eyes flashed as he looked what was inside: ’’Go to the Capital in a month's time to compete for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. In the entire Canopy Great Country, there's only ten spots?’’

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