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King Of Gods - Chapter 324


Chapter 324 - Six Warlock divine Sage (2)

Liu Qinxin's change made the Flooding Lake City Lord joyful and somewhat surprised.

His daughter's talent, bloodline and looks were top class in the world.

On the surface, the Flooding Lake City Lord was the top genius in the Flooding Lake Liu family within a thousand years. But only he knew that his daughter's talent and potential was above his own.

However, after Liu Qinxin's mother's and her master's death, she started to like quietness and didn't like to fight.

’’Who made you change your mind? Is it because of that brat?’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord couldn't help but be curious.

’’No, I saw Teacher not long ago.’’

Liu Qinxin smiled. It was rare to see this smile ever since Zhao Feng had escaped.

’’Teacher? Do you mean the Six Warlock divine Sage?

The Flooding Lake City Lord was finally moved. The Six Warlock divine Sage was as knowledgeable as the ocean and knew how to divine life. Even Empress Qin was his disciple.

Several months ago, the Flooding Lake City Lord had wanted to invite the Sage to help track where Zhao Feng had escaped to so he could catch him but he didn't get as he wanted.

’’Teacher divined that at this Sacred True Dragron Gathering, there will be many powerful inheritances appearing. For example, the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance had a chance of at least ten percent and its still increasing. He also said that the Azure Flower Continent will be undergoing a huge change not far away and let me take this chance.’’

Liu Qinxin had an expectation in her eyes that was never there before.

’’The Heavens Legacy Inheritance has over ten percent chance of appearing?’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord was stunned.

Everyone knew that the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance was the most mysterious and ancient Inheritance.

However, the chance of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appearing was extremely low and it usually only appeared once every ten thousand years.

Calculating the probability, it was one-thousandth as the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was held once every ten years.

However, the Six Warlock Sage had calculated that the chance of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appearing was a hundred years more than the previous one, even though it was only ten percent.

’’Qin'er. You've got to grip onto this chance. Dozens of generations might not have this chance. Every time the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance appears, it will change the continents situation. This era will surpass the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion's Era.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord was excited. The Heavens Legacy Inheritance only appeared once every ten thousand years and the lifespan of normal True Spirit Ranks were only a couple hundred years.

In front of ten thousand years, even the lifespan of a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm was miniscule.

The Flooding Lake City Lord had attended two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings and he had reached the top one hundred. But in the past hundred years, no powerful inheritance had appeared.

’’Father, don't be happy too early. This is just divination. At the time, the one to appear might not be the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.’’

Liu Qinxin smiled.

Northern Continent, Heavenly Yuan Clan.

In a vast mountain range below the clouds, palaces, spiritual pets and birds could be seen in this quiet area. It was like a picture from a painting.

At this instant, there were several dozen disciples gathered at a mountain top who were all at least at the half step True Spirit Realm and over half of them were at the True Human Rank.

The leader was a silver robed handsome youth who stood out amongst the group.

A divine light seemed to burn in his eyes and his every breath would connect with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. He had an invisible pressure that made the heart of normal True Mystic Ranks twitch.

All the disciples present looked towards him with deep admiration as if this man was a God.

He was the Head disciple of the Heavenly Yuan Clan - Mo Tianyi.

’’Great Luo Rippling Blade!’’

A late stage True Human Rank blue robed youth exclaimed and slashed out.

Although this blade didn't contain any blade intent, it's profoundness and power was comparable to Tian Yunzhi's.

Normal True Human Rank's would be instantly severely injured by such an attack.

Moving the Skies and Shifting the Mountains.

The silver robed Mo Tianyi calmed swiped his hand and a beam of bright light hit the blue robed youth's Great Luo Rippling Blade.


The blade suddenly recoiled and was directed towards the blue robed youth.


The blue robed youth instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, as if his blade had injured him instead.

’’Hehe, Luo Jin, if you had comprehended blade intent maybe you could fight me. But even if you reach the True Mystic Rank now, you're not my match.’’

Mo Tianyi shook his head and smiled.

’’Senior brother Mo's 'Yuan Mountain Secret Technique' is indeed worthy of being one of our Clan's strongest Spiritual grade techniques. Even some at the True Lord Rank can't comprehend this. Such comprehension is unparalleled in the Northern Continent.

’’That's right, Brother Mo had restricted his cultivation to the same level and had beaten the opponent in one move.’’

’’This time, Brother Mo will at least reach the top ten and even the top three at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

The elites of the disciples exclaimed and some youth revealed looks of admiration.

Mo Tianyi took his hand back and said: ’’At the last True Dragon Gathering, I wasn't the Head disciple yet and managed to make it in the top 30. Across the entire Northern Continent, only three people had reached the top 30.’’

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was held once every ten years and those under the age of fifty could attend.

For those at the True Spirit Realm, fifty years was only one fifth to one sixth or their lifespan - they still had a long way to go after.

Ten years ago, Mo Tianyi was not even twenty but had reached such a result. It was hard to imagine how much he had improved in ten years time.

’’Being one of the ten great Clans, the Heavenly Yuan Clan has ten confirmed recommendations.’’

’’Aye, the competition for these ten spots are too fierce. Just with Inner disciples alone, we have over a thousand and there's dozens of Core disciples.’’

Although the disciples on the mountain were elites, many of them still had worried expressions.

Mo Tianyu's eyes scanned through the disciples and landed on a young girl.

The girl was dressed in purple and had eyes like crystal. Her face was beautiful and her body gave off a weird glow, as if she was a beauty made from ice.

Although she wasn't the tallest in the crowd, any youth that saw her face would act as if they lost their soul.

’’Sister Yufei, I haven't seen you spar for a while, but with your strength, it shouldn't be a problem for you to get a recommendation.’’

Mo Tianyi rarely spoke to anyone. He was the Head disciple and across the entire Northern Continent, there were only two great clans.

There was also a Mystic ice Clan in the extreme North.

Therefore, Mo Tianyi stood at the peak at the younger generation.

’’This Zhao Yufei rarely appears and was apparently recommended by the Three Yuan side Clan.’’

’’I heard that her talent is extreme and she has a rare bloodline power. She was taken in as a disciple by a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm when she entered the Clan and is extremely mysterious... ’’

Many of the elites from the Heavenly Yuan Clan looked at the beautiful and mysterious girl.

Only Mo Tianyi and Zhao Yufei were disciples of the Sovereign.

’’I've been comprehending a secret technique and learning from Master, so I probably don't have the right to attend the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Zhao Yufei's voice was clear and respectful.

’’Sister Yufei is too humble. Who dares to underestimate the disciple of a Sovereign?’’

Mo Tianyi's voice contained curiosity.

This Zhao Yufei had entered the Heavenly Yuan Clan a year ago and was only at the half step True Spirit Realm then. How long had it been? And now she had reached the late stages of the True Human Rank and could be ranked within the top ten Core disciples.

Such terrifying progressment might be linked to her bloodline and after reaching the True Spirit Realm, her Qi of True Spirit was harder to detect.

Of course, standing at the peak of the younger generation of the Northern Continent, Mo Tianyi didn't fear any genius.

His true opponents were the strongest geniuses from the Middle, West, East and South Continent as well as the disciples of Sovereigns.

Zhao Yufei smiled but didn't ask to spar with anyone. Two True Human Rank disciples gathered the courage and challenged her afterwards.

Zhao Yufei's skills flowed like water and every action was pleasant to look at.

No matter how destructive the Qi of True Spirit was, in her hands, it was easily wielded.

The first early stage True Human Rank lost within ten moves and the second challenger who was at the late stages lost within twenty moves. Zhao Yufei seemed to win steadily.

At the same time. On the peak of a mountain further and higher away, a white robed old daoist and a purple robed man were watching the sparring.

’’Hehe, Mo Tianyi, this little brat has already reached the early stages of the True Mystic Rank and has trained the Yuan Mountain secret technique to the seventh level, much better than the last generation. It looks like he can enter the top ten. As for the top three, it depends on his last and the improvement he'll make in the next half a year as well as our luck.’’

The white robed daoist smiled. There was no sign of Qi of True Spirit from him.

’’This Zhao Yufei seemed to have an unusually bloodline. You make others jealous by picking up such a jade by just returning to the Azure Flower area.’’

The purple robed man's voice was low. Although he was extremely close, his figure was blurry.

’’Her bloodline is extremely compatible with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and her whole body can even absorb Yuan Qi. I've recently been searching the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and her bloodline seems to be similar with one of the almost extinct races.’’

The white robed daoist took a deep breath as his expression turned solemn.

’’Ten Thousand Ancient Races.’’

The purple robed man was shocked with disbelief: ’’Any of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were legends in the ancient era and even the talent of the descendants from the Void God Realm can't be compared.’’

The Ten Thousand Ancient Races was even a legend for those at the Origin Core Realm. It was a legend that belonged to an era far away from them.

’’Even if she only has a faint bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, her future is incomprehensible and can even change the outcome of the continent.’’

The white robed daoist's voice trembled with excitement.


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