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King Of Gods - Chapter 323


Chapter 323 - Six Warlock divine Sage (1)

For a very long time after that, the Thousand Water area only had one voice.

Being the Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter, Zhao Feng was this places' king.

’’After defeating the Yun side family and controlling the entire Thousand Water area, I can now focus on preparing for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Zhao Feng felt assured.

After signing the contract, Zhao Feng led the Iron Blood Religion members back to their chapter area.

On the opposite side of the shore, the upper echelons of the Yun side family had sad expressions but more people were secretly happy.

The Yun side family head was full of sadness and his figure seemed to become older as he sent Zhao Feng away with his eyes: ’’That kid is terrifying. He's already reached the True Spirit Realm and ruling his own territory at such a young age. The Iron Blood Religion will definitely recommend him to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering in half a year's time.’’

His eyes spun towards the scorched Tian Yunzhi.

Tian Yunzhi's face had no colour on it and his aura of life was extremely weak as he was unconscious.

’’What's the situation?’’

The Head of the Yun side family glanced at the doctors nearby.

’’Under our help, there's no life threatening danger but a lot of the damage comes from the mental energy dimension.’’

An old, white haired doctor said solemnly.

’’Mental energy injuries? My family has many precious Spiritual Pills that can help that.’’

The Head of the Yun side family said.

’’We've already given him Spiritual Pills, but the mental energy damage is connected to his blade intent. Outside help is limited. He needs to rely on himself.’’

The white haired old doctor smiled bitterly.

Normal mental energy injuries could be slowly healed with the use of rich resources, but even famous doctors couldn't help much when it came to blade intent.

’’What's the origin of this Zhao Feng's eye bloodline? It can even crumble Tian Yunzhi's blade intent. That's troublesome.’’

The Head of the Yun side family had a look of solemnness and worry on his face.

Tian Yunzhi was a child from both the Tian and Yun family and had inherited both their bloodlines. Across the entire Great Country, he was top. Only 'Prince Jin' from the Imperials had the ability to beat him.

’’What's the result?’’

The Head of the Yun side family asked.

’’The worst result is that his mental energy consciousness breaks. This isn't much different from death and has a higher chance of happening. The better result would be that he rises after the fall but the chance of this happening is low.’’

The white haired doctor said after some silence.

’’Isn't there any way to save him?’’

’’There's technically no way at all. Even if a Sovereign of the Origin Core Realm came, it wouldn't save him. Only if those Kings at the Void God Realm appeared, then maybe. Apparently, those at the Void God Realm have touched the level of the soul and can travel freely around the universe.’’

The white haired doctor shook his head.

The Head of the Yun side family became somewhat bitter.

The eight strongest forces of the Canopy Great Country didn't even probably have an Origin Core Realm Sovereign. As for the higher ranked Void God Realm Kings, there would probably be none in the continent.

’’Family head, the Six Warlock divine Tower has a mysterious intelligent person there who specialises in medicine, arrays, geography.... His knowledge is like the ocean and knows everything. Apparently, even a Sovereign from one of the ten major forces, the Heavenly Yuan Clan, went to visit him.’’

One of the doctors suddenly said.

’’An extremely knowledgeable person from the Six Warlock divine Tower? Do you mean... Empress Qin's teacher?’’

The eyes of the Head of the Yun side family lit up. Even Empress Qin was that person's disciple. From this, one could see his capabilities.

However, the light in his eyes instantly went dark once more.

He had heard of this person before and they would spend most of their time travelling. Even if he was at the Six Warlock Tower, he wouldn't see anyone.

’’There's a bit of hope no matter what. With the Tian and Yun main family's combined, we might be able to invite that person. If Empress Qin can help as well, there will be more hope.’’

The eyes of the Yun side family head were wet and his two fists were clenched.

The nearby Yun side family elders were silent. Only a small number of people knew that the Yun side family Head was Tian Yunzhi's Grandfather. Even Tian Yunzhi didn't know this - his mother had died long ago and this was his first time coming to the Yun side family.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged and the Qi of True Spirit in his body was like a continuous stream.

The Qi of True Spirit was in a liquid state as this would be more compressed.

In the dantian, there would be a pond and that would be the Source of True Spirit of those at the True Spirit Realm.

The different ranks of the True Spirit Realm had different sizes of the Source of True Spirit.

If the Source of True Spirit of those at the True Human Rank were compared to a bowl of water, then the True Mystic Rank had a basin of water and the strongest True lord Ranks had a tank of water.

The difference between the three was extremely big. This was especially so for those at the True Lord Rank. They were extremely powerful and every action from them came with unfathomable strength.

With Zhao Feng's current strength, he could counter the slightly weaker True Mystic Ranks, such as the Head of the Yun side family.

Slightly stronger True Mystic Ranks were several times more powerful than the Head of the Yun side family and Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to do anything against them.

As for those at the True Lord Rank such as the Flooding Lake City Lord or the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion, a wave of their hands could destroy those at the True Human Rank.

Luckily, Zhao Feng was under the Iron Blood Religion's protection and wasn't scared of the Flooding Lake City Lord's revenge.

’’My Source of True Spirit has just formed and the next step is to strengthen and widen it.’’

Zhao Feng inspected the Source of True Spirit in his dantian.

His Source of True Spirit had a dark azure color and it contained sizzles of lightning. If it wasn't concealed, a destructive aura would radiate from him, making the other living beings nearby uneasy.

Once True Spirit, never Mortal.

Zhao Feng's life form had far surpassed normal existences and his Source of True Spirit could interact with the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi and absorb it.

The Lightning Yuan Qi was the most compatible with Zhao Feng and therefore it was the easiest to absorb. Others such as the Wind, Wood, Fire and other elements were blurry even when sensing it, so how could he absorb it?

Next, Zhao Feng only needed to strengthen his Source of True Spirit and he would step into the Early stages of the True Human Rank.

Normal True Human Ranks usually needed half a year to two or three years to reach the Early stages from the Beginning stages.

It was the progress from the Early stage to the Late stage that needed fortune, talent and foundation.

The Late stage to the Peak stage was was the same, it also had a huge gap. Yun Sha and the Fan Flying Bandit were all at the Peak stages but there were differences in their strengths.

At this level, they could attempt to break through to the second Heaven of the True Spirit Realm - the True Mystic Rank.

The True Mystic Rank had a large gap and needed one to condense their own Seed of Law.

’’I have the Mystic Flower Sacred Liquid from the Water Moon Treasury which helps comprehend the Seed of Laws and increases the chances of reaching the True Mystic Rank by 30%.’’

Zhao Feng's heart moved. The Mystic Flower Sacred Liquid was a treasure that Zhao Feng received from the third floor of the purple coffin of the Water Moon Treasury.

Now thinking about it, its value could be comparable to the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

Who knew how much this Mystic Flower Sacred Liquid would sell for if it was put on the Rising Dragon Auction?

After half a month of consolidation, Zhao Feng came out of seclusion and asked the situation of the Chapter.

The Thousand Water Chapter had now taken control of the area and there were countless families as well as forces that came over to them.

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen, the two lieutenants, were both extremely busy.

Zhao Feng, the true Chapter Leader had been in seclusion and didn't care much about what happened. He didn't even greet those at the True Spirit Realm that came over him to visit.

’’Chapter Leader, you're finally out of seclusion.’’

Yun Sha, Chen Mengzhen and the other upper echelons instantly headed over to report the important issues.

Now that the Iron Blood Religion Chapter had gained control of the Thousand Water River area, there wasere several issues that needed to be resolved.

’’The Bald Eagle, Captain of the Severed Blood Pirates claims to know the Chapter Leader and was a comrade in arms. He wants to see you and get a high position in the Iron Blood Religion.’’

’’Lord Yin of the Qiwu Mountain has reached the True Mystic Rank and is said to have issues with the Flooding Lake City Lord. He had heard of Chapter Leader and would like to invite you to drink with him. Apparently, he also has a daughter who is extremely beautiful and probably wants to... ’’

’’There's a Daoist who claims to have divined the Canopy Emperor's life and says that Chapter Leader has the air of a True Dragon and would like to support you to control the world.’’

At this instant, problems of every sort arrived in Zhao Feng's ear.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but rub his temples and furrow his eyebrows: ’’If there isn't any matter concerning life or death, reject everything for me.’’

He gave all the troublesome issues to Lieutenant Yun Sha and the Elders.

When his heart became calm, Zhao Feng said to Die Ye: ’’I have a letter that needs to be sent to Tiegan Master. I need his help with forging.’’

’’Tiegan Elder? He's an extremely famous blacksmith across the Great Country and is a Glorious Elder in the Religion. I'll send the letter over, but I can't guarantee he'll come.’’ Die Ye said slightly solemnly.

’’My relationship with Tiegan Master isn't too bad.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. The reason why he wanted to invite Tiegan Master was to craft a long range weapon or use the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal to increase the Luohou Bow's power.

Apart from that, the Water Moon God Peach Fan also had seven small slots which could be used to store secret weapons.

After arranging this, Zhao Feng entered seclusion once more and started the merging of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. This was a long process.

Flooding Lake City, City Lord's Palace.

’’City Lord, the news is correct. Zhao Feng has become a Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion and swept across the Thousand Water River area and even beaten the number one genius of the Tian main family 'Tian Yunzhi.’’

A dark shadow reported then disappeared.

The Flooding Lake City Lord stood with his hands behind his back with a deep expression on his face. His eyes seemed to contain the sky and contained a faintly burning silver red light.

After a while, he turned around and spoke: ’’Qin'er, what do you think?’’


A figure in snow white walked out like a goddess from a painting.

’’I've decided to enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering... ’’

Liu Qinxin bit her lips as her eyes rippled.

’’Hehe, with your bloodline and concealed true strength, no one across the younger generation of the Great Country is your match. It's time for you to exit the Great Country and enter the true stage of the Northern Continent.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord said with a smile.


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