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King Of Gods - Chapter 322


Chapter 322 - Shocking the Thousand Water (2)

A hundred years ago, the famous Water Moon pirate had cultivated the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and was famed for his speed.

The Water Moon Pirate had used his terrifying speed to enter the vaults of every faction and stole their treasures. Even those at the True lord Rank couldn't do anything.

Mystic Flower Lightning Charming Step.

Zhao Feng was a blur that couldn't be seen clearly. He had merged some of the essence of the Wicked Path into his Lightning Inheritance.

The Lightning Inheritance was extremely powerful and profound, therefore Zhao Feng used it as his foundation. The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was more practical and smoother to use.

Therefore, Zhao Feng merged some of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible into the Lightning Inheritance.

Currently, he had merged about 10% of the essence into it. But even then, Zhao Feng had improved dramatically.

Cold sweat appeared on Tian Yunzhi's forehead. He hadn't seen such terrifying speed ever before amongst the younger generation. It was even hard to sense him with his Spiritual Sense.

Zhao Feng's movement was as fast as lightning and ghostly illusions. Blurs intertwined and it was hard to determine which one was real.

’’Blade of lightning!’’

A sharp blade of lightning appeared in the air. It was around half a yard long, it gave off a faint azure colour and trembled as it rotated.


The Blade of Lightning couldn't be sensed and it stabbed heavily towards Tian Yunzhi's side, right where his flaw was.


Tian Yunzhi was so scared that he started to sweat coldly. He barely managed to sense it with his blade intent and managed to block it.


The Blade of Lightning exploded and a wave of lightning numbed Tian Yunzhi's body.

If it wasn't because of his bloodline power, he would have been injured heavily.

Although Tian Yunzhi managed to block this blow, he had become numb and this reduced his agility and speed.

Zhao Feng's movement complete advantage and the chaotic lightning forced Tian Yunzhi into a dangerous situation.

Of all the skills in the world, speed was supreme.

Although Tian Yunzhi had opened his bloodline power, which made his battle power comparable to Zhao Feng's, the difference in speed disadvantaged him.

’’The Mystic Flower Lightning Charming Step is made from the merging of the Mystic Flower Freedom Step and Charming Figure of Lightning. My speed is top against those at my cultivation level and it has the chance to follow the Water Moon pirate's speed.’’

Zhao Feng's figure was like a flash of lightning that successfully pressured Tian Yunzhi.

If Tian Yunzhi hadn't comprehended the blade intent and managed to block Zhao Feng's killing moves at the last moment every time, he would've died several times already.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng hadn't even activated his bloodline to increase his attacking power.

He was using Tian Yunzhi to test his Mystic Flower Lightning Charming Step, while also using some new comprehended techniques from the Lightning Inheritance.

The more Tian Yunzhi fought, the more frightened he felt. Under this situation, his potential and blade intent power were also drawn out.

’’If I'm able to merge all of the essence of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible into the Lightning Inheritance, my speed has the chance to surpass the Water Moon Pirate's. The power of the Lightning Inheritance would also exceed its original form.’’

A cycle appeared in Zhao Feng's mind.

It wasn't as if he hadn't merged different skills before. He had once done this when he was learning Mortal tier skills.

However, the techniques he had right now were all at least at the Spiritual tier and the Mystic Wind Palm and Four Wind Stances were all foundational.

When Zhao Feng was suppressing Tian Yunzhi the elites of the Iron Blood Religion had a large advantage.

The Yun side family retreated step by step.

The powerful helper that they brought along, Tian Yunzhi, was completely being suppressed by Zhao Feng.

Yun Sha, Elder Gao and other upper echelons of the chapter started to have some admiration.

In terms of strength and methods, Zhao Feng was worthy of being the Chapter Leader.

Furthermore, he was extremely young and was full of potential.

Yun Sha, Die Ye and company finally understood why the Deputy Patriarch admired this youth so much.

Would a normal genius be able to escape from the Flooding Lake City, steal the Water Moon Treasury and kidnap Empress Qin?


Ghostly blurs appeared throughout the shore.

Zhao Feng had pulled away from Tian Yunzhi.

Tian Yunzhi was puffing and sweat was pouring from his forehead. There was also several scorched places on his body.

’’Why didn't he continue? He could've beaten me just then.’’

Tian Yunzhi gritted his teeth.

Zhao Feng didn't look at him and glanced towards the other side of the shore with his left eye.


A helper from the Yun side family, who was at the True Human Rank, half kneeled down on the ground. His entire body was drenched in cold sweat and he looked helplessly at Zhao Feng.

This expert was a friend of the Yun side family who had heard the news and came over to support the Yun side family.

An extra True Spirit Realm cultivator could give the Yun side family a bit more hope.

However, before the Yun side family were even filled with joy, that reinforcement had lost his battle capabilities from one glance from Zhao Feng.

’’Ridiculous... he's watching the situation while fighting with me and is even attacking others?’’

Tian Yunzhi was shocked and angered, but he became more wary of Zhao Feng's strength.

What did this mean? This meant that Zhao Feng didn't even try his all against him and had been paying attention on the overall situation.

The Head of the Yun side family, Yun Sha, Die Ye and other experts all noticed this detail.

Not only was Zhao Feng personally strong, his intelligence and eyes spread across the entire field.

The reinforcement of the Yun side family was crushed emotionlessly by Zhao Feng.

’’Does the Heavens want to destroy my Yun side family?’’

The Head of the Yun side family was full of sadness as his Qi of True Spirit trembled and almost started to burn. He was able to shake off Yun Sha and Die Ye within a short amount of time.

This True Mystic Rank expert was old and he wasn't at his peak strength anymore, or else he would easily be able to suppress Yun Sha and Die Ye.

’’Family Head!’’

The people from the Yun side family and Tian Yunzhi were all unwilling. The Head of the Yun side family was close to using his life force.

’’Old family head, if you burn your Qi of True Spirit, you might be able to kill a True Spirit Realm or two but your life will come to an end. Without you, the Yun side family will also face death.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

After he said this, the Yun side family and Iron Blood Religion fell into a short silence.

’’What do you want?’’

The Head of the Yun side family gritted his teeth. He stared at Zhao Feng with a bit of hope.

Although it seemed Zhao Feng was powerful as he attacked the Yun side family, Zhao Feng still had his worries.

If they fully destroyed the Yun side family, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter would also suffer heavy losses. The Head of the Yun side family could give no regard to his life and ignite his Qi of True Spirit, which would allow him to use power which would have surpassed his peak. How many elites would the Iron Blood Religion Chapter lose then?

’’The Yun side family's surrender and giving half its territory, Primal Crystal Stone mines and other resources to the Iron Blood Religion Chapter. You will also have to sign a fifty year contract stating that you will be under the Iron Blood Religion Chapter's rule.’’ Zhao Feng slowly said.

Instead of suffering heavy losses and destroying the Yun side family, it was better to gain so much more profit.

Hearing this, the despaired upper echelons of the Yun side family revealed looks of joy.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter didn't truly want to wipe them out and instead gave requirements. At least this way, the Yun side family wouldn't die out.

The Head of the Yun side family was silent for a moment before gritting his teeth: ’’It's impossible for the Yun side family to become a force under the Iron Blood Religion Chapter. Furthermore, half of our resources and territory is too much... ’’

The two then discussed with their Spiritual Sense.

The Yun side family would only give a third of its territory and resources and they made sure the Iron Blood Religion Chapter never attack the Yun side family within a hundred years or else the contract would be broken.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed, this Head of the Yun side family didn't step back much.

Right at this moment, Tian Yunzhi seemed to recover a bit and shouted coldly: ’’Yun family head, don't agree to his demands, I'll take care of him.’’


He took a deep breath and his two bloodlines seemed to intertwine. His Qi of True Spirit was on the verge of being ignited and his blade rose and screeched, full of power.

’’I didn't think that the battle just then had ignited your bloodline and blade intent.’’ Zhao Feng smiled coldly.


An elegant fan appeared in his hand and the bloodline within him moved.

In that instant, a faint azure lightning symbol appeared on his forehead.


Zhao Feng's Water Moon Peach God Fan was waved through the air and a river of lightning crushed over.


The river immediately created waves a hundred yards high and the waves of lightning destroyed everything in its path.

’’What... ?’’

Tian Yunzhi's blade intent was crushed by the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

Sky Cloud River Slash!

He used all of his strength and slashed out at the ripples of lightning.

The two terrifying powers clashed together and Tian Yunzhi spat out a mouthful of blood with a pale expression.


Tian Yunzhi's figure was hit by the devastating ripples of lightning and thrown several miles away. His body was scorched and he fainted.

This scene stunned both parties. No one would have imagined that Zhao Feng would be able to send such a powerful hit when he used the Water Moon God Peach Fan.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had also used a mental energy attack through the Water Moon God Peach Fan, which broke through Tian Yunzhi's blade intent.

He had been crushed both mentally and physically.

’’Stop, I'll agree to your requirements.’’

The Head of the Yun side family lost the colour in his face as he looked deeply at Zhao Feng and put his hands up.


The fan in Zhao Feng's hands snapped shut and his breathing was a bit rushed.

Zhao Feng raised his hand and all of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter members stopped their attacks.

With Zhao Feng's destructive blow just then, the Yun side family had lost all their will to fight and all of them decided to surrender.

Of course, although that fan just then was extremely powerful, it had instantly expended 20% of Zhao Feng's Qi of True Spirit.

On the same day, the upper echelons of both forces reached an agreement.

The Yun side family gave half of its territory and resources to the Iron Blood Religion Chapter and both sides signed a contract stating that they wouldn't attack the other in fifty years.

After this battle, the situation in the Thousand Water River area changed drastically.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter now truly ruled the Thousand Water area and Zhao Feng's name made countless forces scared.


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