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King Of Gods - Chapter 319


Chapter 319 - Tian Yunzhi

Although the Fan Flying Bandit's methods were comparable to a normal True Mystic Rank's, he didn't have the courage to kill himself.

Losing both his arms only made him think about surviving.

’’Fan Flying Bandit, this is the second time that you've troubled me. I told you before that I'm going to chop off one of your arms and cripple your cultivation.’’

Zhao Feng coldly chased after the Fan Flying Bandit with his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

Having burnt his Qi of True Spirit, the Fan Flying Bandit's speed had surpassed the True Human Rank level and he was even slightly faster than normal True Mystic Rank cultivators.

The distance between Zhao Feng and the Fan Flying Bandit was getting further and further apart.

’’Unfortunately, I don't have a powerful long range weapon.’’

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful.

The Luohou Bow wasn't enough to deal with the Fan Flying Bandit, who had reached the peak True Human Rank.

’’Chapter Leader, the Hundred Flower Chapter has been defeated and the Fan Flying Bandit has lost two of his arms. There's almost no threat left. If we keep on following, I'm afraid that... ’’ Die Ye warned.

From her point of view, it was already incredible to force the Fan Flying Bandit into such a step.

Zhao Feng knew what Die Ye meant. The reason why the Fan Flying Bandit didn't have the decisiveness to die was because he still had a bit of life yet.

If there was no life in him left, the Fan Flying Bandit would definitely try to drag his opponent down with him.

’’We'll follow him.’’ Zhao Feng smiled.

His God's Spiritual Eye could see up to a thousand miles away and all he needed to do was wait for the Fan Flying Bandit's Qi of True Spirit to be expended.

The Fan Flying Bandit soon disappeared from view but Zhao Feng still locked onto the target, not panicking or rushed at all.

’’No wonder.’’

Die Ye's heart jumped as she looked at Zhao Feng's cold blue eye. It seemed to see through her heart.

Zhao Feng's eye bloodline couldn't be measured with normal standards.

The Fan Flying Bandit felt a coldness in his heart. It was as if an eye was looking from the heavens down onto him.

His heart rate spread up and he felt his blood freeze. Limitless pressure seemed to come down upon him and destroy him.

He suddenly turned around and saw an 'Eye of the Sky' look down on him.


His eyes blurred and the Eye of the Sky disappeared. It was as if it was just an imagination.

If his senses were correct, then the opponent's eye bloodline would be too terrifying.

’’Hmm? What just happened?’’

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright. He had just then used all his God's Spiritual Eye's power and purposely locked onto the Fan Flying Bandit and added mental energy pressure onto him.

At a certain instant, Zhao Feng felt as if his consciousness had jumped out of his body and was in the sky looking down below.

At that moment, he felt as if he was the Sky and Earth, looking down and controlling everything.

’’Was that my imagination? Why did my mental energy source instantly decrease by 10%?’’

Zhao Feng was surprised.

Half the time it takes to make tea later, the Fan Flying Bandit's Qi of True Spirit stopped burning and he was exhausted.

Zhao Feng maintained a distance of a hundred miles between him and the Fan Flying Bandit. The latter wouldn't be able to see this far or sense him with his Spiritual Sense.


From the mountain in front came the sound of flying.

A male and female came into the Fan Flying Bandit's view.

’’When did you catch up? No, this is impossible!’’

The Fan Flying Bandit panicked.

He had just burnt his Qi of True Spirit. How could they have caught up?

Looking closely, the Fan Flying Bandit let out a breath.

The male and female wasn't Zhao Feng and Die Ye.

One of them was a youth with a handsome pale face. He wore a green battle robe and had an ancient blade on his back.

Next to him was a red robed girl with beautiful lips.

Zhao Feng also saw them through his God's Spiritual Eye.

The battle robed youth's cultivation had reached the early stages of the True Human Rank and his age was only around thirty.

’’Could that youth be the main Yun family's top genius 'Tian Yunshi'? Someone who has the bloodlines of both the Tian and Yun family and is ranked third on the great country's star ranking... ’’

The Fan Flying Bandit's gaze evaded the youth in the battle robe.

The male and female were sitting on a flying steed and passing by the Fan Flying Bandit.

’’Big brother, that person looks terrible. Both his arms have been cut off. Who's pursuing him?’’

The red robed girl said sympathetically.

Hearing this, the Fan Flying Bandit's heart jumped up to his throat.

The battle robed youth couldn't help but look at the Fan Flying Bandit.


A cold voice suddenly sounded.

The Fan Flying Bandit's figure froze and he forced a smile: ’’What do you two need?’’

The battle robed youth turned around and inspected the Fan Flying Bandit. He felt that this person was somewhat familiar and he was obviously uneasy when looking at them.

The battle robed youth raised his eyebrows: ’’Are you from the Hundred Flower Chapter?’’

’’No way! How can I be a bastard from the Hundred Flower Chapter? I'm an elder from the Yun side family, but because we fought with the iron Blood Religion and lost, they pursued me to here. Can you two help block the enemies from behind? This one will be eternally grateful.’’

The Fan Flying Bandit purposely pretended to be confident and started to lie. If he wasn't wrong, the Yun family and Tian family had a good relationship.

This 'Tian Yunzhi' had the bloodlines of both the Yun and Tian family and was a peerless genius.

This battle robed youth was Tian Yunzhi, whom the Fan Flying Bandit had seen once before.

’’What? The Iron Blood Religion and the Thousand Water Yun family are fighting? We're on our way to the Yun side family... ’’

The red robed girl was stunned.

’’Seeing that we're all friends, can you two help me block those enemies?’’ The Fan Flying Bandit begged.

’’Brother Tian, let's help him?’’ The red robed girl asked sympathetically.

However, Tian Yunzhi's face became even colder than before.

’’Bandit, die!’’

A cold, dominant voice boomed.

In the next instant, an azure blade was drawn and an arc of blade light flashed through the air. The invisible blade intent had already enveloped the Fan Flying Bandit.

’’Sky Cloud Blade Drawing intent... Don't... ’’

The Fan Flying Bandit's expression was full of fear. His battle intent had vanished when he saw that blade intent. He didn't even have the thought to fight back.

If he was at his peak and had the Water Moon God Peach Fan, maybe he would be able to fight back. But at this point in time, he didn't have any thought to even resist.


The blazing blade light seemed to slash through the clouds.

’’Blade intent? The beginning of blade intent. Almost close enough to form true Blade Qi.’’

A hundred miles out, Zhao Feng took a deep breath while standing on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

Blade intent and sword intent were both mental energy beliefs. The former was a Blade user, while the latter was a sword user.


The Fan Flying Bandit's body was slashed into two.

’’Hmph! The infamous Fan Flying Bandit defiled one of my relatives three years ago. Although I haven't seen you before, your pictures were spread across the city.’’

Tian Yunzhi snickered coldly.

’’He... he was the Fan Flying Bandit? The disciple of the famous Water Moon pirate?’’

The red robed girl felt lucky.

No wonder Tian Yunzhi instantly killed him.

Being a Wicked force, the Hundred Flower Chapter had several dangerous methods that couldn't be guarded against. If some members had powerful poisons such as the Sky Softening Collapsing Powder, even those at the True Spirit Realm might fall to it.

If members already had such items, what would the Fan Flying Bandit have?

A while later.

Zhao Feng stood on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and saw Tian Yunzhi and the red robed girl.

’’Thank you for killing this bandit.’’

ZHao Feng smiled faintly and greeted them.

He didn't recognise Tian Yunzhi and company, but the enemy's enemy was their friend. Furthermore, Tian Yunzhi's strength and blade intent gained Zhao Feng's admiration.

’’Three Flowered Treasured Lotus? Who are you?’’

Tian Yunzhi coldly inspected Zhao Feng and company.

This was especially so for Zhao Feng, who had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and the Water Moon God Peach Fan in his hands.

’’Tian Yunzhi, don't be arrogant. This is the Iron Blood Religion's new Chapter Leader. If we didn't attack the bandit before, you wouldn't have killed him so easily.’’ Die Ye said coldly.

Tian Yunzhi was one of the ten stars and the top genius in the main Tian family.

’’Chapter Leader?’’

Tian Yunzhi's heart jumped. He knew how terrifying the Iron Blood Religion was, but this was the first time that he saw such a young Iron Blood Religion Chapter Leader.

’’Could it be... you're that lucky Zhao Feng who escaped the marriage in the Flooding Lake City and then kidnapped Empress Qin?’’

Tian Yunzhi's eyes sparkled and a battle intent rose from him.

At this instant, both Tian Yunzhi and Zhao Feng were famous juniors.

Tian Yunzhi was even ranked one of the top ten stars.

Although Zhao Feng wasn't on the list, what he had done had shocked the country.

He had escaped from the Flooding Lake City marriage, kidnapped Empress Qin and became the youngest Chapter Leader in the Iron Blood Religion. All of this dimmed the lights of other juniors.

’’Chapter Leader, be careful. This Tian Yunzhi is the top genius of the main Tian family and has the bloodline of both the Tian and Yun family. He has comprehended blade intent and his battle power is top amongst this generation.’’ Die Ye secretly told Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and then handled Tian Yunzhi with a few sentences before turning around and heading back towards the Chapter.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter still needed him.

’’Brother Tian? You clearly made it clear that you want to challenge him, but why did he give up? Is he scared of you... ?’’

THe red robed girl laughed.

’’Scared? Who would I be scared of? However, his bloodline power even pressured my bloodline. Since he left in such a hurry, we'll spar later.’’ Tian Yunzhi said.

’’Are you sure you'll have the chance? He's a Chapter Leader and needs to control everything.’’

The red robed girl seemed to enjoy talking back to him.

’’The Iron Blood Religion will definitely recommend him to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. And that Xin Wuheng who defeated me a year ago with just one hand allowed my to ignite my blade intent. I'll prove everything in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

’’Never mind that, Xin Wuheng is already a miraculous star of the Northern Continent and only just lost to the Head disciple, Mo Tianyi from the 'Heaven Yuan Clan' of the Ten Great Forces. Mo Tianyi is someone that came top ten in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’


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