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King Of Gods - Chapter 317


Chapter 317 - The Chapter Leader's Order

’’Zhao Feng, come and die!’’

The Fan Flying Bandit shouted with a poisonous look on his face as he finally caught up to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had comprehended the Lightning Inheritance and had the Yin Shadow Cloak so his speed was the best amongst the people present.

Those whose speed could be compared to him were only the Head of the Yun side family and the Fan Flying Bandit.

Being the personal disciple of the Water Moon Pirate, the Fan Flying Bandit was extremely fast.

’’Chapter Leader watch out, this bandit is full of tricks... ’’

Die Ye came over after severely injuring an enemy True Human Rank elder and tried to help Zhao Feng.

Die Ye's most important task was to support Zhao Feng, including his safety.

Zhao Feng's eyes lit up. Die Ye's strength was stronger than what he thought and she almost not weaker than Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen.

’’Die Ye, you go help rescue Lieutenant Chen, I can handle this bandit myself.’’

Zhao Feng's voice traveled into Die Ye's mental energy area.

Die Ye was somewhat hesitant, but the Chapter Leader's voice resounded throughout her head and was full of order.


Die Ye turned around and charged towards the Hundred Flower Chapter to rescue Chen Mengzhen.

If they could rescue her, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter would have another Lieutenant and have the chance to flip the situation around.

The only problem was that there was one True Human Rank and two half step True Spirit Realm cultivators guarding Chen Mengzhen.

While Die Ye charged other, another True Human Rank expert came over to block her.

The main point of the situation was between Zhao Feng and the Fan Flying Bandit.

The Head of the Yun side family had been stalled by Yun Sha and company.

Die Ye and other handled the experts from the Hundred Flower Chapter and fought together.

The two sides were currently balanced, but the opponent had the Fan Flying Bandit who was full of terrifying tricks. Once Zhao Feng couldn't hold him back, the situation would become one sided.

The Fan Flying Bandit's damage towards normal True Human Rank cultivators was just too high. Even a lieutenant had been captured.

At this instant, Zhao Feng and the Fan Flying Bandit both looked at each other and their Qi of True Spirit became denser as they gave off a pressure which made others nearby unable to come closer.

The other experts from other forces were secretly watching this battle.

’’Fan Flying Bandit, you lost to me last time and lost an arm. You haven't changed at all. This time, I'll chop off your other arm and cripple your cultivation.’’

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as his eyes twinkled.

What arrogance!

The Hundred Flower Chapter, the Yun side family and the Iron Blood Religion Chapter were all stunned.

From their point of view, Zhao Feng was the weaker side.

From Zhao Feng's tone, the Fan Flying Bandit had lost to him before.

’’Is this true or false? The new Chapter Leader had once defeated the Fan Flying Bandit and cut off one of his arms?’’

’’Probably false, Zhao Feng just broke through to the True Spirit Realm meaning that before he was just at the Ascended Realm... ’’

The three forces guessed.

Hearing what Zhao Feng said, the Fan Flying Bandit roared and killing intent filled his face. That day at the Transverse Water Bay, where he met his defeat, was the most humiliating thing in his life and Zhao Feng had told everyone.

Seeing the Fan Flying Bandit's expression, everyone was surprised. Was it actually true?


The Fan Flying Bandit howled as he exploded.


The Water Moon God Peach Fan in his hand was waved and it created terrifying ripples that seemed to weigh millions of kilograms and could destroy anything in its path.

The Water Moon God Peach Fan was, after all, the only offensive item of the Water Moon Four Treasures and its attacking capabilities were devastating.

Even those at the True Mystic Rank would be moved by such an attack.


Zhao Feng's figure flashed and the Yin Shadow Cloak behind him flapped.

Weng~~ Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng'figure turned into three figures. The three figures that were exactly the same as Zhao Feng turned into three lightning streaks that lept towards the Fan Flying Bandit.

This was the hidden ability in the Yin Shadow Cloak, the Yin Shadow Doppldangers.

Now that Zhao Feng's cultivation level was high enough, he could use this secret technique of the Yin Shadow Cloak.

Even those at the True Spirit Realm couldn't see which one was the real Zhao Feng in a short amount of time.

’’All of you, die!’’

The Fan Flying Bandit waved his fan and the ripples enveloped the three Zhao Fengs.

Even three True Human Rank cultivatord would find it hard to be able to retreat fully unharmed.

Boom! Boom!

Two of the Yin Shadow Doppelgangers were instantly destroyed when they came close to the Fan Flying Bandit while the third Zhao Feng ran out of range.

’’Where are you running to?’’

The Fan Flying Bandit licked his lips and quickly followed.


The third Zhao Feng was killed by one fan.


The Fan Flying Bandit finally realised that something was wrong. With Zhao Feng's current strength, he definitely wouldn't be killed by one fan. He knew how terrifying his calculations and strength were.


A blue haired youth sitting on a lotus appeared out of nowhere.

One couldn't forget that Zhao Feng's Yin Shadow Cloak had the power of invisibility.

The crowd broke into chaos and the upper echelons from the three forces all exclaimed.

Would Zhao Feng fight directly with the Fan Flying Bandit? Of course not.

After the three hundred and sixty turn, he immediately threw off the Fan Flying Bandit and charged towards the hundred Flower Chapter.

Target: Rescue Chen Mengzhen.

When Zhao Feng mentioned how he had defeated the Fan Flying Bandit before and seemed to hold victory in his hands, it was all to pretend that he was going to battle the Fan Flying Bandit.

Who would have guessed that he was actually not going to fight?

All of this was created so he could throw off the Fan Flying Bandit.

Zhao Feng vs Fan Flying Bandit? He wasn't so dumb to do something that gave him no benefits. This wouldn't affect the entire situation much unless he could defeat the Fan Flying Bandit in a short amount of time.

But the problem was that the Fan Flying Bandit had been defeated by Zhao Feng once and his battle power had increased drastically. The same tactic wouldn't succeed twice.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng had succeeded on throwing off the Fan Flying Bandit as he charged into the Hundred Flower Chapter's group.

Ring of Lightning!


Ripples of lightning were sent from Zhao Feng's body and went in every direction.

Those below the True Spirit Realm were almost all killed.

With Zhao Feng's help, Die Ye got closer to Chen Mengzhen.

The plan was succeeding bit by bit.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter cultivators were all excited and full of expectation.

’’Hmph! If you come one step closer, I'll kill her!’’

The True Human Rank expert from the Hundred Flower Chapter reached out and clamped Chen Mengzhen's neck.

Die Ye's footsteps stopped. She didn't know whether to continue or retreat.

’’Zhao Feng, you won't succeed.’’

The Fan Flying Bandit charged from behind.

Zhao Feng calculated the time and distance then ordered Die Ye: ’’Charge across and save her.’’

’’This... ’’

Die Ye was somewhat hesitant, but it was Zhao Feng's order so she had to charge towards Chen Mengzhen.

The expressions of many upper echelons from the Iron Blood Religion Chapter changed: ’’Does the Chapter Leader not care about the lieutenant's life?’’

An enemy at the True Human Rank was holding Chen Mengzhen's life. If they were going in by force, he would definitely kill Chen Mengzhen.

’’Am I going to die here? This new Chapter Leader is so emotionless.’’

A bitterness appeared on Chen Mengzhen's mouth as she was filled with sadness.

Zhao Feng's cold order almost froze the hearts of the Iron Blood Religion members.

Only the Fan Flying Bandit seemed to suddenly remember something and his expression changed dramatically: ’’Kill that woman!!!!’’

He had fought Zhao Feng before and knew how terrifying this youth was.

However, his warning was too late.

Zhao Feng stood on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and his faint blue left eye was like a limitless cold pond.

A chilling intent filled the mental energy world.


The True Human Rank holding Chen Mengzhen hiccupped when he looked into Zhao Feng's eye.

Immediately after, he felt Zhao Feng's left eye turning into a cold abyss that enveloped his consciousness.

After reaching the True Spirit Realm, the God's Spiritual Eye's power increased by a lot.


The True Human Rank expert holding Chen Mengzhen fell onto the ground drenched in sweat and feeling exhausted. His eyes were full of shock and fear. He couldn't even lift up his body.

This scene stunned everyone. All they had seen was Zhao Feng glance towards the True Human Rank expert and it made the latter instantly crumble.

Instantly following that, the two half step True Spirit Realm cultivators next to Chen Mengzhen fainted.

’’What a terrifying eye bloodline!’’

The Head of the Yun side family took a cold breath.

Yun Sha, Elder Gao and the other upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter were dazed.

Being the person rescued, Chen Mengzhen was shook as her eyes became large.

’’Is this the Chapter Leader's eye bloodline?’’

Die Ye was dazed for an instant before she reacted and successfully rescued Chen Mengzhen.


The Iron Blood Religion members all reacted and shotued in joy.

Once Chen Mengzhen was saved, the situation would turn.

Zhao Feng entering the battle and killing a True Human Rank, throwing off the Fan Flying Bandit and rescuing Chen Mengzhen had only taken him ten breaths.

This meant that in ten breaths time, Zhao Feng had changed the outcome.

’’Zhao Feng, there's no point of you saving her. She's been poisoned by my Sky Softening Collapsing Powder. She won't have any battle power within three days and all her bones will turn into mud.’’

The Fan Flying Bandit's laugh shocked everyone present.

He had captured Chen Mengzhen but had left another trick behind just in case.

’’Sky Softening Collapsing Powder?’’

From within Zhao Feng's mind surfaced information regarding it from the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible contained the essence of the Wicked Path and the entire Hundred Flower Chapter's tricks.

’’Someone get me some poisonous spider's saliva, squiggly clock stone, horse piss, and ten ice elemented spiritual pills... ’’ Zhao Feng ordered.

’’Understood, Chapter Leader.’’

Although the Iron Blood Religion members didn't understand, they still went according to the Chapter Leader.

However, as Zhao Feng gave out the order, the Fan Flying Bandit's expression changed

’’How is that possible? How do you know the antidote to the Sky Softening Collapsing powder? This is a secret that the Hundred Flower Chapter never tells anyone... ’’

Within ten breaths, the Iron Blood Religion members all gathered the common items.

The poisonous spider saliva, chilling ice pill, squiggly clock stone and other commonly seen items were put into the horse piss and thrown onto Chen Mengzhen.

Chen Mengzhen felt her softened body become more and more powerful and she became overjoyed.

At this instant, Zhao Feng was facing the enraged Fan Flying Bandit's attack.


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