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King Of Gods - Chapter 315


Chapter 315 - Chapter Leader exiting seclusion

The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, which had been destroyed by Zhao Feng, was actually preserved in the Water Moon pirate's Source of True Spirit.

’’Water Moon pirate, you still can't stand for your secret skill to be lost can you? Why else would you leave this trick behind?’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye observed the book made from the Qi of True Spirit and he couldn't help but sigh.

At this moment in time, he had finally felt how terrifying the Water Moon pirate's calculation skills were.

In that era, the Water Moon Pirate didn't have the strength to rule. But he didn't rely just on strength and treasures, he was also extremely intelligent.


Zhao Feng circulated his God's Spiritual Eye to scan the 'book' created by the Qi of True Spirit and its contents were immediately copied by Zhao Feng.

His God's Spiritual Eye had underwent many changes and its power became more and more terrifying. Even the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, a skill comparable to the High level Spiritual grade had been copied.

Soon, the Mystic Flowered Treasured Bible appeared in his mind and Zhao Feng quickly glanced at its contents.

In terms of skills, the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was only close to the High level Spiritual grade. But it was a book that contained the skills of the Hundred Flower Chapter and those from the Wicked path.

Simply said, this was a Wicked book that contained the essences of evil techniques.

Therefore, it's true value could be comparable to Zhao Feng's Lightning Inheritance.

The only difference was that the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible made it very hard for cultivators to reach the Origin Core Realm, whereas the Lightning Inheritance had a certain amount of success.

’’The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible contains weird techniques that can't be anticipated. The movement and speed skills can help some of the weaker parts of the Lightning Inheritance.’’

Zhao Feng was stunned as he first read the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

The Lightning Inheritance aimed for comprehension and insights, whereas the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible could be used in any situation, each with different tactics.

’’I'll choose the best and forget the rest.’’

Zhao Feng made his decision. With the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible at hand, he didn't need any other skills.

For the next one to two days, Zhao Feng stayed in seclusion.

The Lightning Yuan Qi above the Chapter Leader's hall became several times denser and it even formed a lightning cloud.

’’Just the aura from trying to break through to the True Spirit Realm is several times stronger than others.’’

Die Ye's heart was moved. The cloud of lightning gathered above the hall had already exceeded the early stages of a True Human Rank expert.

According to the usual norm, those that had just entered the True Human Rank were considered to be at the beginner stage and only after consolidation would they reach the early stages.

The was three main reasons why Zhao Feng's aura was so strong.

Firstly, the Lightning Inheritance was extremely powerful and Lightning was one of the strongest elements in the world. It could counter most other elements.

Secondly, Zhao Feng's mental energy had reached a high level and his God's Spiritual Eye's Source of Mental energy was extremely large, hence he could gather more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Thirdly, part of the Water Moon Pirate's pure Source of True Spirit had merged with Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit.

Apart from these reasons, Zhao Feng also had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, which helped him cultivate.

Therefore, although Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit had just been gathered, it was already quite powerful.


The cloud of lightning in the air suddenly shook and it rushed into Zhao Feng's body like a flood and cleansed it.

At a certain moment in time, the lightning in the air dissipated.

Immediately following that, a new aura of the True Spirit Realm containing a chaotic, destructive feel spread across several miles.

At that point in time, everyone in the iron Blood Religion Chapter felt an aura that made them tremble.

’’He succeeded.’’

Die Ye acted as if she had just completed a huge task and a flash of surprise appeared in her eyes.

Zhao Feng's aura was far too powerful. He had just reached the True Spirit Realm, but he was already giving off such a formidable aura.

Only some of the supreme experts would give off such a feel when their cultivation increased.

For example, when the Sword Saint Ye Wuxie ascended to the True Spirit Realm, a beam of sword light forced the True Spirit Realm experts pursuing him to retreat.

According to ancient records, when the Scarlet Moon patriarch ascended to the True Spirit Realm, a blood coloured cloud enveloped everything within a ten mile radius, symbolising disaster.

When Zhao Feng reached the True Spirit Realm, everything within a ten miles radius could hear the hum of thunder and felt numb.

’’Reporting to the Chapter Leader, Lieutenant Chen has been captured by the Fan Flying Bandit. The Head of the Yun family and Fan Flying Bandit have said that if the Chapter Leader doesn't appear within three days, they'll destroy the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.’’

A kneeling figure outside the hall trembled.

At the instance when Zhao Feng broke through to the True Spirit Realm, even normal True Human Rank cultivators would feel their heart shake when facing Zhao Feng.

’’F*k off.’’

A thunderous voice sounded through the air, like the sound of the God of Lightning.

’’Yes yes!’’

The half step True Spirit Realm cultivator was so frightened that his soul almost dissipated.

Just a shout from this new Chapter Leader alone had almost made his mind crumble. Normal True Human Rank's didn't have this power.

’’He should be consolidating his Source of True Spirit. Now's not the best time for him to make his move.’’

Die Ye thought in her heart.

Within the hall.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged with his blue hair blowing. Arcs of lightning wrapped around his body. They were even thinner than spider webs.

At the same instance, a lightning mark flashed on his forehead. It was the same Floating Crest Lightning Mark that he had received in the Floating Crest palace.

Die Ye was only 50% correct. Not only did Zhao Feng need to consolidate his Source of True Spirit, he also needed to improve.

His Lightning Inheritance had been restricted by his cultivation, but now he had broken through to the True Spirit Realm and had reached a new level in sensing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. It was even better than most normal True Human Ranks.

Boom Boom Boom!

Lightning appeared once more in the air, this time even more powerful than the last.

’’What... what's going on? Didn't he just break through to the True Spirit Realm? Why is his aura rising again?’’

Die Ye had an incredulous expression.

In reality, because part of the Water Moon pirate's Source of True Spirit had merged with Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit, its size was close to an early stage True Human Rank.

One had to know that the Water Moon pirate's cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and it was half a step into the True lord Rank.

The Source of True Spirit he had left behind was obviously strong.

Using the power and senses from breaking through just then, Zhao Feng charged straight into the second floor of the Lightning Inheritance and gathered even more Lightning Yuan Qi.

At the same time, the Water Moon pirate's Source of True Spirit became a force that helped him absorb the Lightning Yuan Qi and consolidate his Source of True Spirit.

Time passed by.

The movement from the Lightning Yuan Qi above the Chapter Leader's hall was almost comparable to a True Mystic Rank.

Clouds of lightning a hundred yards wide appeared above Zhao Feng. At this instance, not even normal True Human Rank cultivators dared to come close to Zhao Feng.

If that terrifying cloud of lightning came down, not only would Zhao Feng die, even the nearby True Spirit Realm cultivators wouldn't be able to retreat unharmed.


The Three Flowered Treasured lotus below Zhao Feng gave off a weird light that helped him absorb more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

A holy item such as the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus also increased Zhao Feng's aura.

’’Zhe zhe, this is the last day. If Zhao Feng doesn't come out, then this erotic lieutenant will become our playtoy.’’

The Fan Flying Bandit smiled gruesomely.

The Yun side family and Hundred Flower Chapter had surround the Thousand Water Chapter.

Lieutenant Chen Mengzhen's face was full of anger. The reason she had lost wasn't because of strength, but because the Fan Flying Bandit had used a poison taken from the Water Moon Treasury that the Water Moon Bandit had used when he was alive.

Lieutenant Yun Sha led the upper echelon of the Chapter and only defended.

The Yun side family and hundred Flower Chapter didn't dare act too harshly as the Iron Blood Religion's power was even suppressing the Imperials right now.

The Fan Flying Bandit wanted to take out his anger and take back the items that belonged to him.

The Yun side family leader wanted to take vegeanace for his grandson and behind him was the main Yun family.

’’That Zhao Feng has already reached the True Spirit Realm but he still isn't coming out.’’

Yun Sha gritted his teeth, extremely angered. At such a critical moment, Zhao Feng, the true Chapter Leader, was hiding like a turtle.

At this instance did Yun Sha have the time to calculate against Zhao Feng?

The Thousand Water Chapter had fallen into the most dangerous situation within ten years. By using all their forces, both in the light and dark, they had only barely managed to block the two factions.

Time passed slowly by, Yun Sha felt as if a day was a year long and Chen Mengzhen was feeling dread for what was coming.

Bitterness appeared in their minds.

They had wanted to trick Zhao Feng but had burnt themselves instead.

Not only did they not calculate against Zhao Feng, they had been dragged into a problem caused by the latter.

Yun Sha was even suspicious that Zhao Feng was a calamity. He had escaped the marriage at the Flooding Lake City, went to the Transverse Water Stronghold and took the Water Moon Treasury then went to the Capital and kidnapped Empress Qin.

Now, he had arrived at the Thousand Water Chapter and disaster had already befallen upon them before they had the chance to calculate against Zhao Feng.

The Yun side family and Hundred Flower Chapter were both Zhao Feng's enemy.

However, the pressure that was supposed to be beared by Zhao Feng was being beared by the two lieutenants.

’’It's almost noon. If Zhao Feng doesn't come out, we'll defile this beautiful lieutenant then destroy the Thousand Water Chapter.’’ The Fan Flying Bandit threatened.

The Head of the Yun side family also snickered coldly and raised his hand, as if making preparations to attack the Thousand Water Chapter.

The main Yun family was also one of the eight major factions. The main clans, families or headquarters wouldn't support the side or chapter forces too much or else the balance would be lost.

Therefore, the Head of the Yun side family was only wary of the Iron Blood Religion but wasn't scared of them.


A loud thunder exploded above the Thousand Water Chapter and everyone within a hundred mile radius could see an arc of lightning.

A lot of people felt an uneasiness appear.

At the same time, the cloud of lightning above the Chapter Leader's hall disappeared.

An azure lightning symbol appeared on Zhao Feng's forehead.


His figure vanished from the spot and a streak of lightning flashed through the sky.

’’The Chapter Leader is coming.’’

Die Ye smiled faintly and sent an transmission everywhere.

’’The Chapter Leader is coming.’’

The entire Thousand Water Chapter watched that arc of lightning pierce through the sky.


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