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King Of Gods - Chapter 314


Chapter 314 - True Spirit Realm (3)

Iron Blood Religion, Thousand Water Chapter.

From the new Chapter Leader's hall the crackle of thunder sounded and the area around it became infested with Heaven Earth Lightning Yuan Qi.

At the end there were even faint arcs of purple lightning that created a stunning scenery.

Every cultivators at the Ascended Realm or higher within a ten miles radius could feel the change here.

’’He is indeed worthy of being place great importance upon by the Deputy Patriarch. Not even seventeen yet, but is able to reach the True Spirit Realm at such a young age. This is rare even across the Canopy Great Country.’’

Die Ye's eyes spun as she guarded Zhao Feng.

With her experience, she knew that Zhao Feng was progressing smoothly and that there was no bottleneck.

The disruption from the new Chapter Leader instantly gathered the attention of the upper echelon of the Thousand Water Chapter.

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen's expressions were both slightly solemn.

’’This Zhao Feng is indeed a genius. To think that back then we struggled to reach the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm. Furthermore, he has a unique blood power....’’

Chen Mengzhen's eyebrows furrowed as she felt that this situation had become slightly troublesome.

If Zhao Feng hadn't reached the True Spirit Realm, then he would have just been an ant that had a big background in their eyes. Although they couldn't do anything on the surface, they could do things in the dark that would make this brat retreat from this Chapter.

However, once Zhao Feng reached the True Spirit Realm, the situation became different.

Once True Spirit, never mortal.

This sentence was commonly used even in the Canopy Great Country.

Once someone reaches the True Spirit Realm, that person's lifeform drastically increases in strength and their lifespan also rises rapidly.

’’If he reaches the True Spirit Realm, it'll be indeed troublesome. Someone with a bloodline power is stronger than those without one, provided they are at the same rank. Furthermore, he has the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.’’

Yun Sha's expression kept on changing.

Although they were at the peak of the True Human Rank and didn't put normal True Human Rank in their eyes, Zhao Feng had too many things to rely on. He had the Deputy Patriarch behind him, terrifying talent, a unique eye bloodline, and precious items.... All of these things pushed his fame to a higher level.

’’No, I must stop him from reaching the True Spirit Realm. Everyone knows that luck, form, spiritual pills, and state of heart is what is required to reach the True Spirit Realm. If I stop him now, his chances of success later will be much lower.’’

A cold glint flashed in Yun Sha's eyes.

’’Are you crazy? If the Deputy Patriarch knew of this and you didn't die, you would at least lose a layer of skin.’’

Chen Mengzhen jumped up in fright.

’’Hmph! We obviously can't use people from our own Chapter. We need to get the help of outsiders.’’

Yun Sha's face dimmed.

’’Help of oustiders? Could it be you...’’

Chen Mengzhen revealed a look of understanding.

In the past, the Thousand Water Chapter was never in much danger. The only problem they had was with the Yun family.

The Yun side family had entered a Primal Crystal Mine that was owned by the Thousand Water Chapter and killed a member of the Iron Blood Religion.

’’That kid needs approximately ten more days to condense his Source of True Spirit. During this time period, we can make things bigger. Once the two forces fight, the Chapter Leader will have to attend.’’

Yun Sha licked his lips with a gruesome expression.

Chen Mengzhen thought about it for a while before nodding her head.

She had to admit that this was the perfect plan. They obviously couldn't make the moves themselves, so they had to rely on outside help.

The outside help would be the Yun side family, the Thousand Water Chapter's greatest enemy.

For the next two days.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter and the Yun side family's feud became bigger.

Both sides didn't take a single step back.

The Iron Blood Religion had a hard manner and because the Yun side family was the one who had killed their member, the Iron Blood Religion obviously wouldn't give up. Everything that they did seemed to go with the Iron Blood Religion's typical manner.

WIthin three days.

The Iron Blood Religion and Yun side family's battle reached a new level.

At the beginning, it was only a battle between those at the Ascended Realm or half step True Spirit Realm.

Later on those at the True Human Rank participated.

The conflict began to gradually evolve as the two sides began fighting small scale wars.

On the fifth day Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen entered the battle themselves, slaying a True Human Rank expert from the Yun family and severely injuring two true Human Rank experts.

After that, the head of the Yun side family, the True Mystic Rank expert, also killed a True Human Rank from the Iron Blood Religion.

The situation began to expand.

’’This... what's going on? Why is the Yun family working together so well?’’

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen were both surprised.

In the past, the Head of the Yun family was getting old and had no intentions of fighting , usually just avoiding clashes with the Iron Blood Religion.

However, this time it was extremely weird.

The Yun side family was the side that killed the Iron Blood Religion member and the Iron Blood Religion was fighting for revenge, yet the Yun side family attacked back without Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen doing anything.

Everything was going too smoothly.

’’There's definitely something going on. Why would the Yun side family dare to clash with us head on? Although they have a True Mystic Rank expert, do they really expect to win more than they lose? Furthermore, we have a lot more people including scouts and spies....’’

Chen Mengzhen felt uneasy.

’’Reporting to the lieutenant, the Hundred Flower Chapter has tricked our spies and raped several of our female members before throwing their corpses at the gate,’’a half step True Spirit Realm reported.

Hundred Flower Chapter!

The expressions on both Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen's faces both changed and their hearts leapt to their throats.

Around this time, the Hundred Flower Chapter had been acting weirdly, and the Fan Flying Bandit had received many treasures in the Water Moon Treasury, specifically the Water Moon God Peach Fan which had increased his strength dramatically.

The Hundred Flower Chapter's forte was calculation and using cruel methods while acting in unison with the Yun side family. This would critically endanger the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.

’’Not going well.’’

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen both took a deep breath.

On the same day.

The Iron Blood Religion Chapter faced the counterattack of the Yun family and the Hundred Flower Chapter.

On the surface, the Iron Blood Religion had many members and spies that could beat any one faction,

but no one had thought that the Yun family and the infamous Hundred Flower Chapter would act in unison.

On the seventh day, the Iron Blood Religion Chapter's losses became even greater.

If this continued, the Thousand Water Chapter would face destruction.

’’Hmph, if Zhao Feng comes and apologises to me, the Yun side family can think about giving up on attacking the Iron Blood Religion Chapter.’’

An old and wrinkled elder while dressed in white floated in the air, as if he was a feather with no weight.

He gave off a grand aura that made those at the True Human Rank tremble with unease.

This person was the Head of the Yun side family, the True Mystic Rank expert.

’’Make the Chapter Leader apologize? Our Chapter Leader hasn't even walked half a step out of the Thousand Water Chapter. When did he offend your Yun side family?’’

Yun Sha and company felt something was off.

How could Zhao Feng have caused such big trouble already?

’’Hmph! That new Chapter Leader destroyed my grandson Yun Haiyang's arm in Flooding Lake City. Haiyang was our Thousand Water Yun family's top genius and was recommended to the main Yun family. He was full of potential, but was crippled by that bastard who also injected a poison into his body that almost made his cultivation drop. Right now he is still recovering...’’

The head of the Yun side family's voice was cold and full of rage.

Hearing this, the members of the Iron Blood Religion Chapter all looked at each other.

They had heard of Yun Haiyang, the number one genius in the THousand Water Yun side family. At the same time, he was also the grandson of the old head of the family.

However, this Yun Haiyang unexpectedly had a feud with the new Chapter Leader..

Back at Flooding Lake City, Yun Haiyang was jealous and had challenged Zhao Feng in archery.

That battle was extremely dangerous. Zhao Feng used all of his strength to seal his opponent's arm in ice. Luckily, Flooding Lake City's Lord had helped in time otherwise Yun Haiyang would have become an ice statue.

After that incident, Yun Haiyang's injury was actually more severe than initially thought. The coldness of the Luohou Bow had latched onto his own power and seeped into his bones.

Over the past half year, Yun Haiyang has been bedridden. Although the Yun Family had invited many doctors over, his potential had dropped, making it very hard for him to reach the True Spirit Realm in the future.

Coincidentally, the new Chapter Leader would be a major figure in the Thousand Water and the forces there happened to look into his background.

However, under their investigation, they had found that this brat was the person who had injured Yun Haiyang.

’’Hmph, Zhao Feng. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for making so many enemies. You ran from FLooding Lake City, injured my grandson, and then stole from the Water Moon Treasury. If the Fan Flying Bandit hadn't suggested teaming up and splitting the rewards, I wouldn't have made my move so soon.’’

The Head of the Yun side family snickered coldly in his heart.

The Fan Flying Bandit of the Hundred Flower Chapter had refined the Water Moon God Peach Fan and his cultivation was now half a step within the True Mystic Rank. In terms of battle power, it wasn't lower than his, but his methods were much crueler.

Yun Sha's side felt extremely pressured. Because the yun family and Hundred FLower Chapter were attacking together, he had to face the Yun family while Chen Mengzhen faced the Hundred FLower Chapter.

’’Lieutenant Yun, Lieutenant Chen has been defeated and captured by the Fan Flying Bandit.’’

A figure quickly sped closer.

What!? Chen Mengzhen had been captured?

Yun Sha took a cold breath as cold sweat poured down his back. He knew Chen Mengzhen's strength very clearly. She was someone who had fought against him for years.

However, an expert such as her had been defeated by the Fan Flying Bandit and then captured.

’’You have three days to hand over Zhao Feng.’’

The Yun side family snickered.

Thousand Water Chapter, Chapter Leader's hall.

’’Chapter Leader, the Yun family and the Hundred Flower Chapter have teamed up to attack the Thousand Water Chapter. The two lieutenants need your help.’’

Someone reported from outside.

Die Ye stood at the entrance and said nothing. She was only here to protect Zhao Feng.

’’F*k off,’’ Zhao Feng said.

In his heart he knew that Yun Sha and co. were definitely trying to stop him from reaching the True Spirit Realm.

At this point in time,he Source of True Spirit within his body had formed into the size of a thumb.


Right in that instant, something unexpected happened.

Inside his dantian, the Water Moon pirate's Source of True Spirit interacted with Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit and formed a mysterious bridge.

That Source of True Spirit was more than ten times larger than Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit, and created a transparent book.

On the book were several words: Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.


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