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King Of Gods - Chapter 313


Chapter 313- True Spirit Realm (2)

Several days later.

A male and a female sat together on a three colored lotus.

The male wore a blue and white Heaven Luo Mystic Cloak and his hair was blue. His left eye was ice blue and he had a cold expression as he sat cross legged.

Next to him was a pink dressed female who seemed around the age of twenty.

This pink dressed woman was named Die Ye and was the helper that Tiemo had sent to Zhao Feng. Her cultivation had reached the True Human Rank.

According to Tiemo, Die Ye was the mysterious true Patriarch's maid servant and her cultivation, age and experience couldn't be taken by her appearance.

It could be seen how much importance Tiemo had placed on Zhao Feng by giving him such a unique helper.

’’Chapter Leader, the Thousand Water Chapter is near the Thousand Water River. The landscape there is complex and there are at least one hundred forces there. Some bigger forces include the Yun side family, Bi side family, Hundred Flower Chapter and more... ’’

Die Ye's voice was soft and extremely cute.

In the Canopy Great Country, the forces of the Imperials, Three Sects, and Four Families had spread across the entire country.

Even in the Capital, there was the forces of the Iron Blood Religion.

The Thousand Water River was the same. Apart from the Iron Blood Religion's Chapter, there was also some other forces such as the Yun side family, Bi side family, Hundred Flower Chapter and co.

The ones Die Ye had mentioned were those that were big. The smaller families and clans weren't included.

In the past dozens of years in the Thousand Water River, the Iron Blood Religion's Chapter was the strongest force there just as the Flooding Lake Liu family was in the Flooding Lake area.

If the Flooding Lake City Lord hadn't ascended to the True Lord Rank, Zhao Feng's current position would be of the same status as him. Of course, the Flooding Lake Liu family was already a bigger side family within the Liu family and they held their own area.

’’Hundred Flower Chapter?’’

Zhao Feng became slightly interested in one of the forces.

The Hundred Flower Chapter was the Wicked clan that the Water Moon Pirate once belonged to.

After the Water Moon pirate died, the Hundred Flower Chapter also fell but even then, it was still able to be compared to the Yun side family and Bi side family.

’’The Hundred Flower Chapter can be ranked within the top five forces in the Thousand Water River area and it is a Wicked clan that harms different families and beautiful women. They have an extremely bad reputation.’’

Die Ye inspected the youngest Chapter Leader in the history of the Iron Blood Religion with sparkling eyes.

Zhao Feng had broken the record. With just sixteen to seventeen years of age, he wasn't even considered to be an adult and his cultivation hadn't reached the True Spirit Realm.

This youth didn't speak much and he would cultivate most of the time.

Sometimes, it was even Die Ye who inserted her Qi of True Spirit into the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus to fly it.

Soon, Zhao Feng understood the general situation around the Thousand Water River.

’’What do I need to worry about when we reach the Thousand Water Chapter?’’

Zhao Feng humbly asked for advice.

’’On the surface, the Thousand Water Chapter has six True Spirit Realm cultivators. Amongst them, the two lieutenants Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen both are at the peak True Human Rank and when the two teamed up, they had even beaten a True Mystic Rank expert. Of course, these two are both eyeing the position of Chapter Leader and I'm worried that they won't be very obedient... ’’

Die Ye didn't hide the factors that were unbeneficial for Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but rub his forehead. It seemed like the pressure on him wasn't small.

The greatest importance right now was to reach the True Spirit Realm. This way, there would be less pressure and rumors.

The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus' flying speed was extremely fast and close to a normal True Mystic Rank cultivators. At the same time, it was also extremely stable.

The weakness was that the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus could only fit two to three people maximum. But without a doubt, the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus' offense, speed, and support abilities made it Zhao Feng's most precious item.

After that, Zhao Feng also inspected the map of the Thousand Water River.

Finally, at the very outer edges of the place, Zhao Feng saw the name ’’Transverse Water Stronghold.’’

’’Hehe, so the Transverse Water Stronghold and Hundred Flower Chapter are both around the Thousand Water River.’’

Zhao Feng's heart moved.

Half a month later.

Zhao Feng and Die Ye arrived at the Thousand Water Chapter.

The new Chapter Leader instantly caused chaos in the Iron Blood Religion's Chapter.

’’Hmph! This new Chapter Leader is a brat that hasn't even grown any hair.’’

’’You want us adults to listen to a kid's orders? I don't understand what the Iron Blood Religion main headquarters is thinking.’’

The upper echelons of the Thousand Water Chapter were all angered.

The two lieutenants at the front, Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen, both had ugly expressions.

Yun Sha was a blood robed youth with a cold expression and he had a fierce bloody aura that made normal True Human Rank cultivators tremble.

Chen Mengzhen was a stunning woman that seemed to be extremely noble. Her pair of eyes kept twinkling.

The two exchanged glances.

’’This new Chapter Leader was promoted by the Deputy Patriarch himself. Secondly, this kid's apparently received the Water Moon pirate's inheritance and had kidnapped Empress Qin in the Capital.’’ Chen Mengzhen said.

’’Hmph! So what? Getting the Water Moon Treasury is only luck. Kidnapping Empress Qin was also only a coincidence, something done with no path of retreat. If Deputy Patriarch didn't arrive, do you think he could escape unharmed?’’

Yun Sha snickered coldly.

It was obvious that everyone knew about this Chapter Leader's history and background.

For those down below, they needed to see the new Chapter Leader's attitude and personality in case they angered him.

For the two lieutenants, they needed to find a vital point and then have a chance to be promoted.

Chen Mengzhen laughed and said: ’’No matter what, he was promoted by the Deputy Patriarch himself and is famed throughout the country. We can't do anything on the surface or else if that spreads... ’’

Yun Sha harrumphed but didn't say anything.

With the backing of the Deputy Patriarch, they obviously couldn't do anything on the surface to this new Chapter Leader, but they could use several methods in the dark.

Soon, the new Chapter Leader descended from the skies for his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

The eyes of everyone from the Iron Blood Religion stared at the cold blue haired youth that wore the Heaven Luo Mystic Cloak. That faint ice blue left eye seemed to be able to pierce through anything in the world and gave off a chilling coldness.

The middle and lower echelon of the Chapter instinctively avoided his gaze.

This new Chapter Leader's gaze was just too terrifying. Its coldness seemed able to freeze souls.

Only the two lieutenants didn't avoid him.

’’An eye bloodline, but unfortunately his cultivation's too low and doesn't have enough experience.’’

Yun Shao snickered coldly.

The weird thing was that next to the new Chapter leader, there was also a pink dressed maid servant whose cultivation had reached the True Human Rank.

’’Die Ye? The most trusted maid servant of both the Patriarch and Deputy Patriarch....’’

Chen Mengzhen recognized the pink dressed maid servant and took a deep breath while taking back her underestimation.

One could see how much the Deputy Patriarch admired and placed importance on Zhao Feng by sending her to Zhao Feng.

’’Greetings Chapter leader.’’

When Zhao Feng took out his Chapter Leader token, the people below all bowed down.

Even those as strong as Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen had to bow down to Zhao Feng in respect.

At this moment, Zhao Feng felt as if he was a lord of the sky descending but he knew that this was the power that the Deputy patriarch gave him. Through his God's Spiritual Eye, it wasn't hard for Zhao Feng to see that these people didn't really obey him.

On the first day, Zhao Feng got to know the upper echelons of the iron Blood Religion Chapter.

The Elders would report some of the important issues to the Chapter Leader.

’’Chapter Leader, the Yun side family had been increasing in strength rapidly and another True Human Rank has been born. Although the Head of the Family is getting old and can't utilize all of his True Mystic Rank power, they are still the strongest force threatening the Thousand Water Chapter.’’

’’Not long ago, the Yun side family even caused trouble in a Primal Crystal mine under our Thousand Water Chapter's control and killed someone. There's definitely some underlying intentions here. This one recommends to personally go to the Yun family and settle the problems.’’

’’Reporting to the Chapter Leader, the Hundred Flower Chapter has been unusually low ley in the past few months. Some of the upper echelons are suspicious that they've gotten some of the Water Moon Treasury.’’

The Elders all reported their issues.

Zhao Feng scrunched his eyebrows. From his point of view, it seemed that these small problems had been magnified and were all for others' benefits.

At least right now. no single force dared to personally challenge the Thousand Water Chapter's power.

’’From today onwards, I will be in seclusion and everything will be handled by Die Ye.’’

Zhao Feng rose and entered his place.

It seemed that he wasn't very interested in these problems and this made Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen secretly overjoyed.

The new Chapter Leader wasn't very interested in power. This meant that the two of them still held a large amount of authority.

The troublesome one was actually Die Ye.

This maid servant could find holes in the problems and question them.

’’The new Chapter Leader is only a brat and isn't scary. The key problem is this maid servant.’’

Yun Sha and Chen Mengzhen turned their attention towards Die Ye.

Die Ye wasn't just Zhao Feng's assistance, she was also the Deputy Patriarch's key advisor.

Zhao Feng had an easy job and would spend most of his time cultivating. The Qi of half step True Spirit was very pure and its affinity was rising with the Heaven Earth Lightning Yuan Qi.

After sitting down for a while, there was already Lightning Yuan Qi gathering above him.

Reaching the True Spirit Realm wasn't very hard for Zhao Feng.

All he needed right now was some time to condense his own Source of True Spirit.

The Source of True Spirit was the origin of the Qi of True Spirit and gathered the life and blood essence of the cultivator.

Four to five days passed by, Zhao Feng's Qi of half step True Spirit had reached a pure level and had almost become fully pure.

The liquidity True Force form was even purer than the original Qi of True Spirit.

The lightning Yuan Qi above Zhao Feng became denser and traveled throughout his body, washing his bones and changing his Qi of half step True Spirit.

’’One last step.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and the raindrops of True Force gathered then shrunk as if forming a mini pond.


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