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King Of Gods - Chapter 311


Chapter 311 - Tiemo's Decision

Zhao Feng agreed without hesitation.

In the Canopy Great Country, he had no foothold and nowhere to stay.

Right now, he was like a rootless weed that floated around aimlessly.

Ever since the Alliance Banquet, Zhao Feng had reached the trough of his life. After entering the Great Country, he had been warranted for by the major forces. Whereas the Iron Blood Religion admired Zhao Feng and helped him.

Even if it was a wicked force, Zhao Feng wouldn't reject them. After experiencing so much wind and rain, he didn't have a clear idea of righteous or wicked anymore.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng still had a wish deep in his heart and that was to go back to the Thirteen Countries when he had enough strength and power.

’’Zhao Feng, the reason that I admired you before was because of your eye bloodline. But after you escaped from the marriage in the Flooding Lake City and fought in the Water Moon Treasury then kidnapped Empress Qin while retreating fully unharmed, I've given your talent, potential and courage a higher ranking.’’

The blood hair coloured Tiemo had a deep smile on his face.

Zhao Feng's heart moved slightly - he didn't think that all his actions weren't able to escape the iron Blood Religion's eyes.

Escaping the marriage and kidnapping the Empress were both shocking things, but the Water Moon Treasury was far away and it didn't happen long ago. If the Iron Blood Religion was able to find the truth so quickly, its forces weren't to be underestimated.

’’I've actually got a big fortune for you that you can try after entering the Iron Blood Religion.’’

Tiemo paused.

Big fortune?

Zhao Feng was extremely sensitive to these words.

It was certain that fortune such as the Water Moon Treasury wasn't considered big. Of the Water Moon Four Treasures, the only one that could enter his eye was the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus but he might not even use it.

’’It's the most grand Scared True Dragon Gathering of the Green Flower Continent. Every prodigy that participates will lead the fortune of geniuses and every one of them are the children of Heaven.’’ Tiemo summarised.

Scared True Dragon Gathering.

Zhao Feng had heard about it in ancient records but he didn't think that the true source was here.

The Thirteen Countries was too far away and not knowing this was usual.

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering is the stage of the continent and the eyes of the entire continent will be gathered there. For most geniuses, they would die with no regrets if they're able to participate. However, most of them won't even have the right to participate.’’

Tiemo sighed.

Zhao Feng clucked his tongue. How many geniuses would there be on this continent?

According to Empress Qin, the Cloud Country, which was Zhao Feng's homeland, was a desolate village.

Above villages were cities, capitals and countries.

Just a village alone had produced Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng, Bei Moi, Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Yufei.... How many of geniuses like them would the entire continent have? And how many would be even stronger?

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng couldn't contain his excitement and the blood within him started to boil.

Tiemo saw Zhao Feng's change in attitude and smiled: ’’When the blessing brought by the geniuses at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering all get together, there's a chance for it to connect to the inheritances of the outside areas. For example, the Heavens Legacy Inheritance, Seven Sword Inheritance. Of course, these big inheritances rarely appear and the heavens Legacy Inheritance only appears once every ten thousand years which is a one percent chance. Through the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, there's also chances of connecting with other inheritances of different scales.’’

Zhao Feng understood why the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would attract the entire continent of which even the ten great forces, Great Countries and major sects would all send their prodigies.

If one was able to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, it meant that they would be able to fight with geniuses from other continents.

’’Would there be any chances of seeing geniuses from the Thirteen Countries or the Iron Dragon Strong Country in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

Zhao Feng suddenly thought.

According to logic, the chances weren't high and the Iron Dragon Strong Country had a higher chance but thinking about it now, the Thirteen Countries might already be overrun by the Iron Dragon Strong Country.

Zhao Feng didn't know that if First Elder had some connections, the experts from other clans would also have connections.

’’Deputy Patriarch, are you planning to let me participate the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't contain the excitement in his heart.

To fight with geniuses from the entire continent and have the chance to enter inheritances was something worth waiting for.

’’Hehe, Zhao Feng, you think too highly of yourself. Yes, your bloodline, potential and courage are all perfect but with your current level, it'll be pretty good to reach the top one thousand. If you can't reach the top hundred, you're not of much value to the Iron Blood Religion.’’

The blood hair coloured man revealed a hint of playfulness.

Zhao Feng was puzzled - he didn't even have the right to participate?

’’You used to live in a faraway village and underestimate the peak geniuses too much. In the ten great factions, a small number of Core Disciples have already reached the True Spirit Realm at your age and it's not something rare. Some of the monsters have even reached the True Mystic Rank and their Masters are Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm.’’

Tiemo's words struck Zhao Feng.

The talents of the peak geniuses had definitely surpassed the Thirteen Countries and might be able to compared against Zhao Yufei.

The resources in the Canopy Great Country also exceeded the Thirteen Countries and the ten great forces were even half a level higher than the Imperials and Iron Blood Religion's.

These ten great forces had even destroyed the Scarlet Moon Religion.

Furthermore, a small number of these geniuses were disciples of Sovereigns.

Talent, resources, Master, competition... their birth and environment both surpassed Zhao Feng.

Under this situation, Zhao Feng's confidence finally started to control itself.

’’Although you can challenge those at the True Human Rank when you're at the half step True Spirit Realm and win, there's also occurrences of winning fights against higher cultivation opponents in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. For example, Sword Saint Ye Quxie from several hundred years ago came first by beating a True Mystic Rank late stage while only being at the early stages of the True Human Rank, reaching an era of fame.’’

Tiemo's smile became bigger.

In reality, Zhao Feng could enter the Sacred True Dragon Gathering with his current strength, but he wouldn't obtain a good ranking.

He was purposely training Zhao Feng to give him more pressure.

’’Sacred True Dragon Gathering will be held in half a year's time and the Iron Blood Religion has many people to choose from. If you're able to reach the True Spirit Realm in the next half year, there shouldn't be much of a problem to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Tiemo said.

’’I understand.’’

Under normal circumstances with Zhao Feng's current cultivation, the hopes of reaching the True Spirit Realm within half a year wasn't high. But Zhao Feng's mental energy level was high and he had the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit within him.

Tiemo could feel Zhao Feng's current mental energy level but he couldn't see the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit as it was hidden by a secret technique from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

From Tiemo's point of view, Zhao Feng only had a 30-40% chance of reaching the True Spirit Realm within half a year but Zhao Feng was pretty confident.

The Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan flew through the air and arrived in valley after several thousand miles.

The Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan had the power to fly itself - the four sedan carriers were only supporters that took care of small things for the Deputy Patriarch.

This valley was protected by a large array whose scale was ten times more than the Broken Moon Clan.

Within the valley was a large palace built between a valley and cave.

This was the headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion. Although it wasn't as big as the Capital, its defense was extremely strong.

’’Greetings Deputy Patriarch.’’

The members of the Iron Blood Religion, from the Ascended Realm cultivators to the True Spirit Realm cultivators all bowed down as the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan descended.

Zhao Feng stepped out with the blood hair coloured man and raised the eyes of countless people.

’’Who's this brat that can even sit in the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan with the Deputy Patriarch?’’

The members of the Iron Blood Religion were all secretly surprised.

About half the time it took to make tea later.

The blood hair coloured man and Zhao Feng walked into a grand hall.

Tiemo assembled a meeting of which several Elders and a Protector attended.

Zhao Feng knew one of them, a wrinkled robed elder - it was the Iron Blood Religion Protector that had warned him when he had just entered the Capital.

’’This is the youth that had just held Empress Qin hostage in the Capital.’’

The blood hair coloured Deputy Patriarch introduced.

The upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion were all at least at the True Mystic Rank and some were even at the peak of the True Mystic Rank.

One of the Elders was a white haired female who was the Regulations Elder and her cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank. Her status was only below the Deputy patriarch's.

After this introduction, Zhao Feng got to know some of the upper echelons. Of course, the Iron Blood Religion was spaced out, so the people present wasn't all of the upper echelon but even then, this was enough to make Zhao Feng cluck his tongue.

’’Even if you add all the Thirteen Countries and two Strong countries together, they probably wouldn't be the Iron Blood Religion's match.’’

Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

’’Patriarch, you want to promote him to a Chapter Leader? This isn't a small problem. Most contestants for a Chapter Leader are at the True Mystic Rank or strong peak True Human Ranks. A youth as young as him with insufficient cultivation will probably find it hard to control an entire area.’’

The white haired female Regulations Elder questioned.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, Tiemo was the Iron Blood Religion's Deputy Patriarch. In reality, he was not much different from the true Patriarch as no one knew whether the true Patriarch was alive or dead. There was even rumours that he had fallen into deep sleep. All in all, the true Patriarch's existence could be ignored.

The other people all agreed.

A Chapter Leader was very important in the Iron Blood Religion. They could hold the fort in a single area and would be comparable to a Marquis in the Imperials.

’’My decision is final.’’

The blood hair coloured Deputy patriarch's expression didn't even change at all and he made no signs of explaining. He gave off a feeling that he held all the power and decision.


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