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King Of Gods - Chapter 310


Chapter 310 - Agreement

Zhao Feng nodded his head and then expressionlessly kicked Empress Qin, who had the looks to destroy a country, towards them.

This move made the blood coloured man dazed and the Grand Elder's pupils contracted.

The other following upper echelons of the Imperials were all stunned.

Could Zhao Feng's heart be made of stone? To kick the most beautiful female in the Great Country without saying anything?

Furthermore, Empress Qin was an elder to him.

However, the situation wasn't as simple. The second Zhao Feng kicked her, a cold light flashed in Empress Qin's eyes and the bright red flush on her face faded by over half and a multi coloured Qi of True Spirit spun towards Zhao Feng.

Empress Qin's had counterattacked.

Unknowingly, Empress Qin had recovered ten to twenty percent control of her Qi of True Spirit and at this critical moment, she fought back.

’’Watch out!’’

The blood coloured Tiemo exclaimed, but he didn't have enough time to interfere.

’’After killing Zhao Feng and destroying the Mystic Peach Flower Seal, I'll be able to instantly regain my full True Lord Rank strength. I won't even need to fear the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion that much and when Grand Elder and company arrive, we might even be able to kill Tiemo.’’

Empress Qin's eyes flashed with killing intent as the multicoloured Qi of her True Spirit shook and shot towards Zhao Feng.

This was a shocking turning point.

Once Empress Qin succeeded, not only would Zhao Feng die, even the entire situation of the Great Country would change.


’’Indeed worthy of being the Empress.’’

The eyes of the Imperials lit up.

However, the instant Empress Qin attacked, Zhao Feng had already kicked out and was half a step faster than Empress Qin.

The two were both on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and the short distance wouldn't be able to be covered by cultivation.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat screeched and although the Mystic Snake Blood Whip had been shaken off by Empress Qin's Qi of True Spirit, it decisively let go of the whip and swiped towards Empress Qin.


Zhao Feng's leg hit Empress Qin.


Zhao Feng grunted and almost spat out a mouthful of blood, but his leg contained the power of lightning and the source of True Spirit from the Water Moon pirate and this made Empress Qin's figure stiffen slightly as she retreated.

The current Empress Qin could only use 10 - 20 % of her strength and she obviously didn't gain any advantage after Zhao Feng got the first hit.


The little thieving cat's paw glinted coldly and slashed Empress Qin's face.


Empress Qin's protective Qi of True Spirit was ripped apart and her dazzling figure was pushed out of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

A red gash had appeared on her beautiful face.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat licked the blood on its claws and made a face at Empress Qin.

’’This cat.... ’’

Empress Qin was so angry that she was trembling. An Empress such as herself had been slapped in the face by a cat.

Although her counter attack just then didn't succeed, it was on par with Zhao Feng but she had underestimated this cat.

’’What a cat.’’ Tiemo exclaimed as he arrived from behind.

Zhao Feng took out the Mystic Peach Flower Seal and Empress Qin's expression changed as she immediately went back towards Grand Elder and company.

After the failure of the counter attack, she had to admit that she was the one disadvantaged.

The reason why Zhao Feng won wasn't because of his intelligence, strength or guts.

He wasn't fighting alone. Behind him was the calculation of the Water Moon Pirate which had developed for a hundred years.

Even under this situation, Empress Qin had almost succeeded. From this, one could see her dangerousness.

Even Tiemo had sweated coldly.

Having the Mystic Peach Flower Seal meant that Zhao Feng had restricted Empress Qin, who had the battle power of a True Lord Rank.

’’Come with me to the Sedan.’’

Tiemo pulled Zhao Feng into the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

At this moment in time, Grand Elder Long Mu, Empress Qin, two other True Lord Ranks and five True Mystic Ranks all faced the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

’’Elder Long Mu, why aren't we using this chance to finish off Tiemo? As long as we kill or severely injure him, the situation of the Canopy Great Country will change.’’

’’Everyone knows that the Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion in deep sleep is a sham. One Tiemo isn't our match.’’

The upper echelons discussed, but Grand Elder Long Mu and Empress Qin were both calm.

’’Empress Qin, what do you think?’’

Grand Elder Long Mu turned towards Empress Qin.

’’The success rate is only 50%. The Iron Blood Religion's power have been in the Capital for many years. Everyone knows Tiemo's strength. With the Wheel of Light and Darkness, his offense and defense is perfect. Furthermore, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan is an Inheritance item from the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch and it can ignore attacks from those at the True Human Rank, weaken the attacks of those at the True Mystic Rank by 70% and those at the True Lord Rank by 30%. It can be said that with this they are impenetrable.’’

Empress Qin wasn't blinded by hatred.

Although there was a scratch on her face, it didn't make her ugly but made others want to protect her even more.

In reality, she had another problem and that was Zhao Feng's mystic Peach Flower Seal and Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

The Mystic Peach Flower Seal countered her and the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus could release three smells that could affect those at the True Spirit Realm. Combined with the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan, it was like adding wings to a tiger.

Therefore, the success rate of the Imperials was very low and Empress Qin would be disadvantaged.

Zhao Feng sat in the comfy sedan and had a safe feeling.

Even his God's Spiritual Eye found it hard to see through the material that the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan was created from.

’’Zhao Feng, if you hand out the Mystic Peach Flower Seal, we'll let you go.’’ The Emperor of the Canopy Great Country said.

’’If the Imperials take away my warrant and don't harm the people close to me or myself, I'll destroy the Mystic Peach Flower Seal myself in three years time.’’ Zhao Feng responded.

WIth the Mystic Peach Flower Seal at hand, Empress Qin would have to think about calculating against him or the Broken Moon Clan.

The reason why he said three years was that Zhao Feng realised that the Mystic Peach Flower Seal's power was gradually decreasing after being used this time and it would pose no more threat to Empress Qin after three years.

’’Deal, keep your promise.’’

Empress Qin nodded her head. At worst, all she needed to do was hide for three years and even if Zhao Feng returned after then, she would still try her best to resolve the Water Moon pirate's calculations.

After the two sides reached an agreement, the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan left with the four True Human Rank sedan carriers.

The Imperials sent the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan away with their eyes.

’’Grand Elder, Emperor, Empress, we're just going to let them go?’’

’’After this incident, where will the power of the Imperials be?’’

Some of the upper echelons couldn't restrain themselves. A measly youth at the Ascended Realm had kidnapped their Empress and they could only send him away with their eyes. This was a large blow to the Imperials' name.

’’If we can't even restrain ourselves at such a small thing, then it'll be chaos when something big happens. The Iron Blood Religion's strength suppresses us by a bit right now and they still have their Patriarch whose life and death is unknown.’’

The Grand Elder faintly shook his head.

’’Yes, we admit that the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch is strong. Several hundred years ago, he participated in destroying the Scarlet Moon Patriarch and was an expert that fought with the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch. But several hundred years have gone by and the lifespan of normal Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm are 500-800 years old. Back then, the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch was severely injured and is said to be sleeping but I'm suspicious that he's already dead. Even if he's still alive, he wouldn't be as strong as before or else the Iron Blood Religion would have united the Great Country already and maybe even reach the peak of a 'One Star Clan'.’’ One brown haired True Lord Ranked elder said unwillingly.

’’Elder Shui Xin, what you say may be correct. But right now is a very unique point in time for the Northern Continent, Middle Continent and even the Ten Great factions.’’ Grand Elder Long Mu faintly smiled.

Hearing this, the people present all started thinking.

’’You're talking about... the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

The eyes of the people present lit up.

’’You guys know the grandiosity of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. Every ten years, only true geniuses that have gathered enough fortune can open the four great inheritances. In the past ten thousand years, the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance has appeared once, Seven Sword Inheritance twice and other big and small ones totalling a hundred times.’’ Grand Elder paused.

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering is the Green Flower Area and several other area's fortune. The Ten great factions and every great country as well as Origin Core Realm Sovereigns all have recommendations. This contributes to a Great Country's future. If they're able to enter the inheritance and bring out powerful weapons and secret techniques, it can change the destiny of a Great Country.’’

Empress Qin nodded her head with a smile and expectation glowed in her eyes.

Within the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.

’’Thank you Deputy Patriarch for your help.’’

Zhao Feng was full of gratitude.

This time he used the Gold Iron Blood Order Token, and the Iron Blood Religion paid off their debt.

Tiemo inspected him for a moment before saying: ’’Zhao Feng, I've still underestimated your potential and courage. Now that you're enemies with the Imperials, Liu family and even Qin Sword Palace, where are you going to go?’’

Zhao Feng was lost when he heard this question.

He had already completed his Master's mission but the receiver of the letter had tried to kill him.

’’After offending the Flooding Lake City Lord and Imperials, where should I go?’’

Zhao Feng was indeed lost.

There was no place to put his roots down.

Return back to the Thirteen Countries? The situation there wouldn't be better than here.

On the contrary, staying here meant more resources and fortune.

’’If you're willing, I can promote you to a Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion and give you your own territory which is as populated as a Small Country.’’

Tiemo obviously admired Zhao Feng. Although he had paid Zhao Feng back, he was still offering his assistance and willing to promote Zhao Feng to a Chapter Leader.

This meant that if Zhao Feng was willing, the territory he controlled would be comparable to the Cloud Country.

In the Iron Blood Religion, only those at the True Mystic Rank had the right to become a Chapter Leader.

From this, one could see how much importance Tiemo put on Zhao Feng.

The thing was that Zhao Feng right now had no place to stay and danger was close by.

’’I'm willing to enter the Iron Blood Religion.’’ Zhao Feng agreed.


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