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King Of Gods - Chapter 309


Chapter 309 - Balance

Joy flashed in Empress Qin's eyes. With Grand Elder's 'Half step Origin Core Realm' cultivation, he had many moves that he could use to save her, even from dozens of miles away.

Just a thought alone from him could make the mind of normal True Human Rank experts crumble.

At this instant, the power of the half step Origin Core Realm spread across a radius of a hundred miles and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was forming different types of sceneries.

An elder holding a dragon headed staff had appeared on the city wall. His wrinkled face was expressionless.

’’Greeting Grand Elder.’’

’’This one sees Elder Long Mu.’’

The experts at the True Spirit Realm including the Emperor himself all respectively bowed down.

The Canopy Great Country Imperials had been on the Northern Continent for tens of thousand of years and they obviously had experts that held the fort.

Grand Elder 'Long Mu' was one of them.

’’Grand Elder, as long as you make your move, that brat will be powerless to resist.’’

The Canopy Great Country's Emperor said.

No one was doubtful of the Grand Elder's strength.

’’This brat's eye bloodline power is not simple, so I can't control him from the mental energy level. Furthermore, the pet cat he has is also unusual... ’’

Elder Long Mu stared at the scene and didn't make any rash moves.

Empress Qin's status was ranked in the top three of the Imperials. Her own cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank and the Imperials only had a few of them.

The more important thing was that Empress Qin was the bridge between the imperials and the Liu family.

Empress Qin played a huge part in why the Liu main family would support the Imperials. If they lost the Liu family's support, the Imperials' respect and power would diminish and they may even lose to the Iron Blood Religion.

Dozens of miles away, Zhao Feng didn't panic from the current situation.

The little thieving cat controlled the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and held Express Qin hostage. The aura from the half step Origin Core Realm didn't affect it much.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat even bared its teeth and made a face.

These actions obviously didn't escape Grand Elder's senses.

Zhao Feng's calm and composed manner was also seen by Elder Long Mu.

’’Little friend, release the Empress, surrender and maybe you'll have a chance.’’

Elder Long Mu's old voice was like a voice of the gods that almost crumbled the minds of people who dared to resist.

Zhao Feng's left eye flashed blue and a cold blue light stabilised his mind.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond only rippled.

The God's Spiritual Eye's source of mental energy was unfathomable, but most of the power couldn't be controlled by Zhao Feng.

Of course, when Zhao Feng was attacked, most of the mental energy would be weakened.

In terms of single combat, Elder Long Mu could slay Zhao Feng with one finger but his mental energy level hadn't reached a point where Zhao Feng would instantly surrender.

’’The situation isn't this simple. If it's this brat alone, I have many more moves.’’

Elder Long Mu's expression turned slightly solemn as he looked far away.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye could see part the dozens of miles and the situation on the city wall.

On top of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, Empress Qin was powerless but her breathing rate started to calm down. After all, she was at the True lord Rank and was starting to control the red seal on her forehead.

’’The Mystic Peach Seal is made to counter women and it is a secret technique of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible. However, the Water Moon pirate has underestimated my improvement.’’

Empress Qin didn't move. She was waiting for her body to get used to the Mystic Peach Seal and when ten to twenty percent of her Qi of True Spirit recovered, she could counterattack.

However, the pressure Empress Qin faced wasn't just so. There was also Zhao Feng's Mystic Snake Blood Whip which was slowly sucking her blood essence.

These reasons restricted her ability to recover.

’’Zhao Feng, are you interested in listening to a story? You probably don't know why I have to kill you.’’

Empress Qin's beauty was enough to destroy countries and men.Even Zhao Feng's heart rate sped up a bit.

Although his God's Spiritual Eye made him extremely logical, it was instinctual to pursue perfection.


Zhao Feng nodded his head in interest, even though he had somehow felt that Empress Qin was getting used to the Mystic peach Seal.

’’There used to be a wise person that took in three female disciples. The first disciple chose the Dao of Life, the second the Dao of Charm and the third the Dao of Entertainment.At that time, the three females were all young but walked different paths of life.’’

Empress Qin fell into her memory and revealed the rare pure expression.

Because of the distance, apart from Elder Long Mu, almost no one heard their conversation.

’’I've heard this story.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly.

’’The wise person had different plans for the three disciples. One of the females met a handsome youth in a faraway village and fell in love with him, but at the end, she chose her inheritance and left that village and came back to the populated city... ’’

Speaking up to here, Empress Qin paused slightly.

Zhao Feng obviously understood that that female disciple was Empress Qin and the faraway village was the Thirteen Countries.

’’This is the first reason I want to kill you.’’ Empress Qin said expressionlessly.

Zhao Feng's mind shook, Empress Qin was colder than he thought.

But thinking about it, it was understandable.

No matter how much they loved each other back then, so many years had gone by and now Empress Qin stood at the top of a Great Country.

There wasn't much connection between the two.

First Elder was only an ex boyfriend who came from a small village.

How would she allow an ex boyfriend to disrupt her current life when she had already became the Empress of a Great Country?

Therefore, knowing that Zhao Feng was First Elder's disciple, Empress Qin had some killing intent but she was somewhat hesitant.

’’Secondly, you're engaged to Liu Qinxin and senior martial sister died to change her destiny. You're also a key factor.’’

Empress Qin's eyes were cold.

Zhao Feng stood silently and didn't think that there would be this connection as well.

Empress Qin and his fiance were on opposite sides.

Zhao Feng was once again pushed towards Empress Qin's enemy's side.

’’At first, I only wanted to keep you in the dark then kill you without you knowing . I never expected you to inherit the Water Moon pirate's will and have the Mystic Peach Flower Seal.’’ Empress Qin harrumphed coldly.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled: ’’If the person holding the Mystic Peach Flower Seal was strong enough, they could probably directly enslave you.’’

Empress Qin stayed silent but didn't disagree.

Zhao Feng's connections with First Elder and Liu Qinxin were problems only in the future and not critical.

Empress Qin didn't even try to kill Zhao Feng in the Water Mist Pavilion until Zhao Feng took out the Mystic Peach Flower Seal.

’’Water Moon pirate, I don't know whether you've helped me or not.’’

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Empress Qin fell into silence and her eyes were calm. Currently, her Qi of True Spirit had recovered ten percent but purposely pretended to not have realised.

Although she could escape right now, she wasn't confident enough to kill Zhao Feng.


A condensed ball of lightning shot from Zhao Feng's palm and hit Empress Qin.

At the same time.

The little thieving cat tugged the Mystic Snake Blood Whip.

’’You... ’’

Empress Qin could only circulate that 10% Qi of True Spirit which was dissipated by Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

Her body became numb again and the symbol became redder.

Zhao Feng estimated the distance and calculated that they were around a hundred miles away from the Capital.

Grand Elder Long Mu and several experts followed closely behind but didn't make any moves.

’’Greetings Lord Tiemo.’’

Zhao Feng smiled and looked towards a hill a dozen miles away as a gold token imprinted with a red crystal appeared in his hand.

Gold Iron Blood Order Token.


The blood coloured gold token turned into a blood coloured mist that shone with gold.

’’Hahaha... I was going to keep on continuing to watch the show but I didn't think that you'd find me.’’

A long laugh came from the hill and the next instant, a golden sedan with a symbol of a blood dragon and a sword and blade intersecting appeared.

Four sedan carriers at the True Human Rank floated over towards Zhao Feng.

Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan!

The expressions of the experts of the Imperials all changed.

Elder Long Mu's eyebrows furrowed together.

In the Canopy Great Country, not many people didn't recognise the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan. Even if they didn't, they would know the legend.

’’Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan... Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion... ’’

Empress Qin's expression tensed and her calm face turned solemn.

No matter how bad the situation was before, she wasn't as moved as this.

’’Tiemo, are you really going to protect this brat?’’

Elder Long Mu's old voice resounded within dozens of miles.

The blood hair coloured Tiemo walked out of the Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan to greet Zhao Feng.

’’Zhao Feng is my Iron Blood Religion's guest. If Empress Qin didn't attack first, he wouldn't have put himself in such a state.’’

Tiemo snickered coldly.

Although his cultivation was slightly weaker than Elder Long Mu, he still retorted back.

Especially after the Wheel of Light and Darkness was forged, Tiemo was even stronger.

’’Let go of Empress Qin and everything here today will just be an accident. Or else with just you here, you won't be able to escape unharmed under the frenzied attacks of me and the other few True lord Ranks.’’

Elder Long Mu's face was slightly ugly. He had already going back a step by saying this.

’’Fine, let her go.’’

After reaching the agreement, Tiemo was very decisive.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and kicked Empress Qin towards them without saying anymore.


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