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King Of Gods - Chapter 307


Chapter 307 - Calculation From a Hundred Years Ago

’’You escaped the marriage in the Flooding Lake City and came all the way here just to see me?’’

Empress Qin smiled as her attractive face appeared in front of him. Every breath - every action of hers expressed charm to its fullest.

The smell emitting from her momentarily dazed Zhao Feng.

Empress Qin at this moment was like a magnet that would attract men towards her.

A hint of blue appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye, which gradually turned his eye fully blue.

’’You actually guessed it?’’

Zhao Feng's heart went cold and took a light breath

It didn't matter whether Empress Qin was testing him or not - she had succeeded.

What she had said just then hit Zhao Feng's vital point and her charm had also made Zhao Feng use his God's Spiritual Eye and reveal his identity.

’’Hehe, you are indeed Zhao Feng, the one who flipped the Flooding Lake City around and now came to the Capital. Do you really think I'm as easy to bully as Liu Qinxin?’’

Empress Qin smiled and displayed a playfulness that young girls had.

Zhao Feng restrained himself. This Empress Qin had gathered the attitudes of millions of women. She would sometimes be noble and elegant while other times charming.

’’Empress, you wouldn't hand me over to the Flooding Lake City Lord, right?’’

Zhao Feng purposely drooped his face and asked.

According to the Iron Blood Religion's news, the Imperials and the Flooding Lake City Lord had both reached an agreement to capture Zhao Feng and Empress Qin was from the Imperials.

Now that she had identified Zhao Feng, what would await him?

It was certain that if Empress Qin made her move, Zhao Feng would be captured.

After opening the God's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng was certain that Empress Qin's strength had reached the True Lord Rank.

The reason why Empress Qin had such power in the Imperials was because of her own strength, charm and intelligence.

There was even rumours that she had even taken control of the Emperor.

Empress Qin laughed and said in a sweet tone: ’’Keke, lucky you, my relationship with the Flooding Lake City Lord isn't very good. Why did you run for millions of miles to the Imperials and come find me?’’

While speaking, she even patted Zhao Feng's shoulder like a girl from next door.

Zhao Feng was dazed. This Empress Qin was indeed changeable. Just one person alone but she could pretend to be anyone.

This also heightened his defense.

’’Empress Qin can pretend to be limitless women meaning that there can be no flaw. This also means that what she says can't be trusted.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes were calm as he quickly analysed everything.

This was Zhao Feng whose God's Spiritual Eye had made him calmer and smarter.

At the same time, a light flashed in Empress Qin's eyes. This youth's self composure and state of heart was terrifying. She had pretended to be different types of women and displayed their attitudes to the fullest.

In this world, every man at least liked one type of women. For example, obedient, pure, cute, elegant, noble, etc.

However, Empress Qin found that Zhao Feng was like a block of wood and her charms suffered their first defeat.

Zhao Feng didn't say anything and silently handed over his Master's items to Empress Qin.

Half a jade brush and a letter.

Empress Qin's expression changed slightly as her hand touched the half jade brush.

’’This is... ’’

Empress Qin fell into a memory as the expression of what a young girl should have flashed past her face.

Zhao Feng paused - this was the first time that he had seen Empress Qin lose her composure.

’’What's your relationship with Si Tumo?’’

Empress Qin put away the jade and slowly opened the letter.

’’My Master.’’

Zhao Feng answered.

Si Tumo was Broken Moon Clan's First Elder.

Empress Qin silently read the letter as surprise occasionally flashed by her eyes.

Zhao Feng waited slowly. There must be some important stuff in that letter.

’’The Thirteen Countries are too far away. Furthermore, the Canopy Great Country is split. Unless it is united, there's no chance of helping the Thirteen Countries.’’ Empress Qin said straightly.

ZHao Feng wasn't surprised at this result.

’’Your Master doesn't have any confidence in saving the Thirteen Countries. His only wish is for me to help you.’’

Empress Qin smiled faintly.


Her hand squeezed and the letter was shredded into powder.

Zhao Feng's expression froze. He didn't know Empress Qin's thoughts and meaning.

This person could act out every type of women. Who knew what she thought?

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had a bad feeling.

’’Since you're his disciple, I won't mistreat you. How about I take you in as my step-son?’’ Empress Qin asked.

Step son?

Zhao Feng was puzzled and felt as if he wasn't catching up to her in terms of thoughts.

For normal people, to become the Emperor and and Empresses stepson was something they would wish for.

’’Thanks for Empress's intentions... ’’

Zhao Feng immediately declined.

He already had parents and an extra step mother was against him.

’’Oh well, you first stay in the Capital. When I go back, I'll find the Emperor and if you're willing I can recommend you to the Qin Sword Sect... ’’

Empress Qin continued.

As the meeting with Empress Qin was about to 'end', Zhao Feng soon remembered something else.

’’Empress, there's something else someone told me to give to you personally.’’

Zhao Feng took out a jade petal.

In reality, this jade petal was an extension of the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and the Water Moon Pirate's will was hidden in here.

In the will, it said that the person who received the Water Moon Treasury should give this petal personally to Empress Qin.

After Zhao Feng had refined the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, he had received the information.

’’You... ’’

Empress Qin's voice started to tremble as her snow white skin started to turn red.


A faint red lotus symbol appeared on Empress Qin's forehead.

Empress Qin instantly felt powerless and she couldn't control her emotions.

’’This... what the heck is going on?’’

Zhao Feng was stunned.

A charming beauty who had no resistance was right in front of him and she was the most beautiful woman of the Great Country.

If it was another normal man, they would probably give in and do something.

Zhao Feng immediately then felt the petal on his hand become hot and then a fiery aura extended throughout his body to flood his consciousness.

At the same time, Empress Qin's lotus symbol became brighter and redder.

This Empress who specialised in charm felt her whole body go on fire and her eyes became dreamy, but she still resisted with all she could.

However, her body still could do some actions like taking off her dress and revealing her body.

’’Not good.’’

Zhao Feng almost couldn't control his emotions and his lower body became hard.

At the critical moment, inside the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, the faint blue pond lit up.

Instantly, Zhao Feng's mental energy was frozen and he was able control his body.

’’This Water Moon Pirate still even has calculations.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye thought.

The petal in his hand had a unique relationship with the lotus on E,press Qin's forehead.

Through the petal, he could control Empress Qin's emotions.

This meant that the battle one hundred years ago, Empress Qin didn't completely win.

Although the Water Moon pirate failed, he was still able to pass through the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and leave this secret technique on Empress QIn.

Once someone got the Water Moon Treasury and took out the petal, they could play as much as they wanted with Empress Qin and even enslave her.


What devastating calculation.

Zhao Feng's heart went cold.

If Water Moon pirate could think like that, the Empress Qin who had beaten him would also not be a simple figure.

Just as Zhao Feng thought about the reasons, Empress Qin's powerful will allowed her to manage to control the lotus on her forehead.

’’Kill him!’’

Empress Qin coldly shouted, but this was her limit as her entire body was numb.

Although the Water Moon pirate had succeeded in calculating Empress Qin, the latter had also made improvements and had now reached the True Lord Rank.

’’Sister Qinxin.’’

The green dressed beauty outside exclaimed and charged in, but the scenery made her dazed.

The perfect image of Empress Qin in her mind was now half naked in front of a youth.

’’Kill him.’’

Empress Qin's face was cold and her eyes revealed killing intent.

This killing intent wasn't just because of the petal in Zhao Feng's hand, but something that had been there long ago.

’’Bastard, how dare you calculate against the Empress. Die!’’

The green dressed beauty roared and her Qi of True Spirit turned into green snakes that slithered towards Zhao Feng.

The arrival of the green dressed girl let Empress Qin let out a breath. With her personal servant here, it was enough to kill him.

Lightning Wave of Destruction!

Arcs of lightning surrounded Zhao Feng and forcefully broke through the green dressed girl's attacks.

The Lightning Wave of Destruction was a stronger version of the Ring of Lightning and it could continuously send out waves of lightning that would numb and burn the enemy.

Not good!

Because the green dressed girl had to protect the powerless Empress Qin, she could only switch some of her power from offense to defense.


The exchange of the power at the True Spirit Realm instantly caused the place to split apart.

The expressions of Empress Qin and the green dressed girl both changed drastically as they could only watch Zhao Feng escape.

The two obviously hadn't thought that Zhao Feng was strong enough to break through the attacks of the True Spirit Realm.


The green dressed female was angered because just, then she had to protect the Empress and couldn't go full out.


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