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King Of Gods - Chapter 305


Chapter 305 - Auction (4)

’’One million.’’

This charming voice made Zhao Feng's body soft and have an unwilling and caring feeling.

The experts here felt as if their hearts were melting.

There was a saying: Heroes can't pass the challenge of beauties.

No matter how powerful the hero was, they couldn't beat a beauty's smile.

Furthermore, the owner of this voice was the most beautiful woman of the Canopy Great Country - Empress Qin.

’’Empress Qin... I've finally found you.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a deep breath as his figure trembled slightly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat in the Spiritual Pet Bag panicked. Empress Qin had bidded for one million and no one currently competed against her.

Furthermore, according to the deal between Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat, as long as the price exceeded a million, Zhao Feng would stop.


The little thieving cat opened its mouth and spat a Spiritual grade weapon of the Low tier out, it was probably worth around a million.

This was the little thieving cat's personal money.

If one's primal crystal stones weren't enough, they could trade other items in addition to it.


Zhao Feng had a smile on his face, he was planning this anyways.

’’One million and a hundred thousand.’’

Zhao Feng confidently added another hundred thousand. This made the spectators somewhat surprised.

Who was this person from the 50th stand that could compete against the Iron Blood Religion and now the Imperials.

’’Whose wild brat is this to compete against the Empress?’’

’’Hmph, this is the first time that her Empress has bidded. How can she admit defeat?’’

The experts from the Imperials in the 3rd stand let out unsatisfied harrumphs.

’’One million one hundred and fifty thousand.’’

’’One point two million.’’

Zhao Feng and Empress Qin couldn't see one another, but they were competing through their voices.

Empress Qin's voice was clear, crisp and charming. It sounded as if it was the best sound in the world.

On the other hand Zhao Feng's voice was cold and emotionless, as if he didn't know what emotions were.

Finally, even Empress Qin couldn't help but be curious of who the owner of the voice was. The owner didn't seem that old and he could block her 'Charming Soft Voice.’’

Normal people would give up the second that they heard Empress Qin's voice and be too embarrassed to compete.

’’One million and eight hundred thousand.’’

Zhao Feng's voice was hard and showed no signs of retreat.

In the third stand, Empress Qin sighed: ’’Oh well, I'm not proficient in the Dao of Life anyways. You can have it.’’

Those that heard this voice felt as if they should buy the coin and give it to her.

In reality, with the Imperials strength and wealth, if Empress Qin really wanted the coin, Zhao Feng would find it hard to win. But the Imperials were focusing on something more important and a price of almost two million had exceed the item's value.

’’If I can see the Empresses beauty, can I give this Foretelling Ancient Coin to you for free?’’

Zhao Feng laughed loudly.

Hearing this, the entire auction broke into chaos.

’’Does this kid not fear death? Pursuing Empress Qin in front of everyone?’’

’’Luckily, the Emperor's not here or else there'll be a show.’’

’’Zhe zhe zhe, Empress Qin's charm is indeed not small. Two million alone just to witness her looks.’’

Zhao Feng's words instantly caused a wave.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat bared its teeth and looked at Zhao Feng in disdain and anger.

The 3rd stand.

’’Sure, if you get the Foretelling Ancient Coin, you can come and see me after the auction ends.’’

Empress Qin's sweet voice contained some playfulness to it.


Zhao Feng obviously agreed.

He knew that with Empress Qin's wisdom, it wasn't hard for her to see that he wanted to meet her.

The Foretelling Ancient Coin was only a saying.

After buying the Foretelling Ancient Coin, the prices of the items after it became higher and higher, gradually reaching the several millions and tens of millions mark.

’’Star Darkness Sword, a weapon at the High tier Spiritual grade made from a mysterious material. It can camouflage itself in the darkness and use the power of the stars. It comes from the Seven Sword Inheritance.’’

High tier Spiritual grade, Seven Sword Inheritance.

This was definitely an important treasure and even those at the True lord Rank were full of excitement.

Of the Four great inheritances, the Seven Sword Inheritance was ranked second and was solely for the Dao of the Sword.

In the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Era, the Sword Saint 'Ye Wuxie' had received the recognition of the Seven Sword Inheritance.

He had comprehended a powerful sword intent and could split rivers with one sword and reduce everything to void with just a thought. He had played a huge part in the defeat of the Scarlet Moon Patriarch.

The Star Darkness Sword had come from the Seven Sword Inheritance and was immensely powerful.

’’Star Darkness Sword, starting price twenty million. Every raise must be at least of a million.’’

The plain robed elder waved his hand.

Starting price of twenty million.

This alone cut off most of the competitors. Only the eight powerful forces and other top tier factions were able to participate.

After some fierce competition, the Star Darkness Sword was bought by the Qin Sword Palace with a price of seventy million.

’’Seventy million... ’’

Zhao Feng's heart shook. Every difference in tier would result in a price change of at least ten times.

High tier Spiritual grade items were at the peak of the continent.

Zhao Feng had never seen or even heard of Peak tier Spiritual grade items.

It was the Wheel of Light and Darkness that could have the capabilities of surpassing the High tier with its sharpness and combined power.

Zhao Feng thought that the Star Darkness Sword would be the peak and it would be hard to reach another level of the same height.

Unexpectedly, the fourth item item broke the new record.

’’Demon Slaughterer Blade, High tier Spiritual grade and comes from the 'Daguang Lord Country' from ten thousand years ago. Everyone knows that the Daguang Lord Country was destroyed in one night and ever since then, Lord Countries became only a legend. This Demon Slaughterer Sword is an item from the Daguang Imperials. Apparently, it's original grade was at the Peak tier Spiritual grade but after that disaster, it dropped to the High tier... ’’

The plain robed elder summarised its history.

The Demon Slaughterer Blade itself was full of power and had the ability to suppress Demons and Ghosts. Before, it was even a peak tier Spiritual grade weapon. It came from the Daguang Lord Country, which had a high collective and historical value. It might even contain secrets as to why the Lord country was annihilated.

’’Demon Slaughterer Blade, starting price of twenty five million.’’

The plain robed elder's face was flushed red.

’’Thirty million.’’

’’Forty million.’’

’’Forty five million.’’

A while later.

The Demon Slaughterer Sword had been pushed to seventy million and was finally sold for seventy two million to the Imperials.

Soon, spiritual grade items, techniques and skills which would be hard to obtain outside appeared in the auction.

’’Heavens Legacy Script. There's only forty-eight in the world and every script contains some secrets of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance. With enough scripts, one can calculate the destination and time of the next appearance of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.’’

’’Scarlet Moon Incomplete maps, after accumulating all the one hundred and eight, one can open the Scarlet Moon Inheritance and reach the height of which the Scarlet Moon Patriarch reached.’’

The plain robed elder auctioned the Scarlet Moon Incomplete maps and the Heavens Legacy Scripts at the same time. The Heavens Legacy Scripts had eighteen different types with every type copied out a hundred times and had a starting price of fifty thousand.

The Scarlet Moon Incomplete maps had sixty eight different types and one hundred copies of each, with a starting price of twenty thousand.

Both the Heavens Legacy Scripts and Scarlet Moon Incomplete maps had a information slip that could only be used once.


Zhao Feng thought about it and gave up.

The Heavens Legacy Script and Scarlet Moon Incomplete Map were both sold for high prices.

The average price for the Heavens Legacy Script was one hundred and twenty thousand and the Scarlet Moon Incomplete Maps were sold for an average of fifty thousand.

Even Heiyun master couldn't resist the temptation and he bought ten Heavens Legacy Scripts.

Zhao Feng wasn't moved by this. Fortune was something one could wish for but not get. It wasn't as if you collected these items, the inheritance would open when you wanted it.

The auction reached the last critical moment after all the Scarlet Moon Inheritance and Heavens legacy Scripts were sold.

Everyone knew that the main items of the auction were the 'Pieces of the Earth grade weapons' and 'Seven Sword Incomplete Manual'.

’’The Seven Sword Incomplete Manual comes from the Seven Sword Inheritance and has some connections with the Sword Saint 'Ye Wuxie'. This incomplete manual is apparently said to be hard to comprehend even by those at the True lord Rank. Treasure Inspectors found that this skill was originally at an extremely high grade but because it is incomplete, it is only close to the Peak Spiritual grade.’’

The first to be sold was the Seven Sword Incomplete Manual.

’’Seven Sword Incomplete Manual - starting price: thirty million.’’

The instant this was said, the crowd went into chaos once more.

’’Fifty million.’’

Sixty five million.’’

’’Eight million!’’

Only when the price reached eighty million did it start slowing down.

At this moment, only the Imperials, Iron Blood Religion, Qin Sword Palace and Tian family were still competing.

’’A hundred million. Everyone give me some face please.’’

A clear voice sounded from the number 1 stand.

The first Esteemed Guest Stand.

Everyone looked over. At this moment, even the upper echelons of the Imperials and Iron Blood Religion had solemn expressions.

The crowd fell into silence and the atmosphere became weird.

’’Who is this person that wants everyone to give him face?’’


The people below were somewhat unsatisfied.

Although a hundred million had almost reached the maximum value of the forces, isn't this person being a bit too arrogant?

’’Greetings, Mystic Sword Sovereign.’’

The plain robed elder took a deep breath and bowed respectfully towards the 1st stand.

Origin Core Realm expert.


The auction broke into discussion.

’’Is this really real? There's still Origin Core Realm Sovereigns alive in this continent?’’

’’Really? If the Origin Core Realm Sovereigns were to exchange blows, the Capital might not even be able to handle it.’’

Some people were suspicious while others were excited.

The legends said that those at the Origin Core Realm had the power to destroy the heaven and earth. They did not even put a Strong country or eight major forces of the Canopy Great Country in their eyes.

What they said could affect everything.

However, at this moment, the Imperials and iron Blood Religion all remained silent.

No one competed against him.

From the 1st stand walked out a green clothed youth who had a magnificent aura.

In one step, he reached the auction stage and in the next step disappeared.

Along with him disappearing was the Seven Sword Incomplete Manual.

’’Farewell Sovereign.’’

The plain robed elder bowed and an interspatial ring appeared in his hand.

When experts at the True Lord Rank spread out their Spiritual sense for dozens of miles, there was already no signs of the Mystic Sword Sovereign.


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