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King Of Gods - Chapter 304


Chapter 304 - Auction (3)

On the platter was a long blood coloured sword with ancient, condensed carvings on it. Blood seemed to be scattered across it.

When experts at the True Human Rank laid eyes upon it, their hearts trembled from the boundless aura of the blood.

’’What terrifying aura!’’

The Spiritual Sense of the True Human Rank experts didn't even dare to get too close.

From its aura, it seemed like this sword was only close to the High tier Spiritual grade.

’’This is the famous Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword from when the Scarlet Moon Religion ruled. Although it's grade hasn't exactly reached the High tier Spiritual grade, it can steal the blood of living beings to replenish its owner's blood essence. When the quantity and quality of living beings slain has reached a certain level, the power from the sword will be comparable to the High tier Spiritual grade.’’

The plain robed elder explained.

His eyes looked at the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword with desire. ’’It could be said that this is a perfect creation. It increases the user's strength with its vampire abilities. Simply said, its expenditure was small while having the strength of a High tier weapon.’’

When the history of this sword was revealed, the auction once again became fiery. Even those at True Lord Rank couldn't contain their excitement.

’’What the hell? When I obtained this sword, it was definitely broken and only at Low tier. When did it become complete?’’

Zhao Feng was stunned.

That's right, this Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword was the one he had obtained from the Blood Corpse Protector which he gave to the Clan for some rewards.

As for why and how the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword was here, Zhao Feng had no clue.

The simplest solution was that they found the other part of the sword and a blacksmith master helped out in mending it.

’’Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword. Why had it arrived here? What happened to the Broken Moon Clan and the Thirteen Countries?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but worry.

He held a certain fondness towards the Broken Moon Clan which was within his home country.

’’Starting price of the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword - 6 Million. Every raise must increase by at least half a million.’’

The plain robed old man announced.

A six million starting price was the highest starting price so far.

It should be known that normal Mid tier Spiritual grade items were only 3-4 million.

However, the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword only expended energy equivalent to a Mid-tier item but was able to release strength similar to High tier items so it couldn't be measured by normal means.

’’This Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword can be compared with your Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and would cost roughly ten to twenty million primal crystal stones.’’

Heiyun Master laughed and said.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and waited to see how much the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword would go for as its value was on par with his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

’’Eight million!’’

’’Eight and a half million!’’

’’Ten million!’’

This weapon was instantly bid for by many experts.

The Iron Blood Religion, Wind Cloud Sect, Four Major Families, and even the Imperials participated in the auction.

The Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword's price instantly reached ten million. At this price, one could already buy two Mid tier weapons.

Normal Low tier Spiritual grade items were worth tens of thousands. Only the best were worth millions.

The price of Mid tier Spiritual grade items would multiply by ten and the High tier Spiritual grade items would multiply by another ten.

Items of High tier Spiritual grade were extremely rare across the Northern Continent.

Of the Water Moon Four Treasures, the Water Moon God Peach Fan was close to the value of a High tier whereas the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus only had the value of a normal High tier Spiritual grade item.

The Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword hadn't reached High tier Spiritual grade, but it had easily broken through the ten million barrier.

’’Sixteen million.’’

’’Seventeen million.’’

’’Twenty million!’’

After reaching twenty million, the majority of the competitors gave up.

The third stand which belonged to the Imperials.

’’Oh well, it's just a Mid tier weapon after all and can only increase its power dramatically in a short amount of time by killing.’’

’’This weapon is only useful for those trained in the Path of Demons and Slaughtering. We'll save our money and buy the Demon Slaughterer Blade in the future.’’

’’That's right, the Demon Slaughterer Blade is at the High tier and its power is top class while also countering those trained in the Path of Demons and Ghosts. It's extremely suitable for the Imperials' bloodline.’’

The people from the Imperials gave up on the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword.


The Blood Moon Devouring Spirit Sword was finally bought by the Iron Blood Religion for the price of twenty-two million.

’’I never would have thought that the once half-broken sword would sell for such a high price after being reforged.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

However, it wasn't rare to see the price of items go up by tenfold after going up a tier.

He couldn't help but think of his Five Elemental Piercing Crystal.

The Five Elemental Piercing Crystal was a unique material that could raise a Low tier Spiritual Grade item by half a tier and if it was used in sync with some other materials, it could increase an item's rank by a whole tier.

’’Five Elemental Primal Crystal. It can increase almost every weapons power and when used together with the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal, it can raise an item of the Low tier by a whole level.’’

The plain-robed elder said.

Five Elemental Primal Crystal.

Zhao Feng's eyes lit up;this was what he was waiting for.

The Five Elemental Piercing Crystal increased sharpness, permeation, and hardness whereas the Five Elemental Primal Crystal increased destruction and damage.

’’The quantity of Five Elemental Primal Crystal's are low in number and most of them are of the Low tier, but they are still able to increase the power of most weapons. There is high demand for them, but only low supply.’’

The plain robed elder added.

From his words, one could see that both Five Elemental Primal Crystal and the Five Elemental Piercing Crystals were rare.

Putting the two aside, just getting one was difficult.

’’The starting price of the Five Elemental Primal Crystal is eight hundred thousand. Every raise must be at least fifty thousand.’’

The plain-robed elder added.

A starting price of eight hundred thousand was not high for an item that could increase a Low tier Spiritual grade item by half a tier.

’’Nine hundred thousand.’’

’’One million.’’

There was a large number of competitors, most of them at the True Human and True Mystic Rank.

Of the great forces, one of the four major families, the Bi family and the Iron Blood Religion also participated.

After the price reached two million, the Bi family gave up.

After all, a Mid tier Spiritual grade weapon was worth only a couple million.

’’Two million and three hundred thousand.’’

Zhao Feng tested.

The main competitor right now was the Iron Blood Religion.


Several people looked over towards the 50th stand.

All the other stands had participated in bidding over the past few items but only the 50th stand was quiet and seemed empty.

’’Hmph, who's this retard that dares to fight with the Iron Blood Religion.’’

A lot of people snickered but the weird thing was that after Zhao Feng bid, the Iron Blood Religion gave up.

The plain robed elder felt slightly weird as he announced the winner of the Five Elemental Primal Crystal.

’’Hehe, brat, you're also here?’’

A voice abruptly appeared in Zhao Feng's mind which caused Zhao Feng to jump up in fright.

’’It's you... Lord Tiemo.’’

Zhao Feng let out a breath as he recognised the owner of the voice.

He didn't think that Tiemo's senses would be so powerful as to pass through the protective arrays of the Esteemed Guest Stands.

The 4th Stand.

A blood hair coloured man sat upright with a smile.

’’Deputy Patriarch, you seem to place a lot of importance on this Zhao Feng.’’

The elder next to him was the Protector who had given Zhao Feng the news before.

’’His eye bloodline is extremely unique and is full of potential. More importantly, he had helped me once before.’’

The blood hair coloured man smiled faintly.

The glances of the crowd fell down as they saw that the 50th stand easily bid successfully against the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion.

Zhao Feng soon received the Five Elemental Primal Crystal and thought in his heart, ’’With the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal and the Five Elemental Primal Crystal, I can now consider which items to upgrade.’’

The auction continued and the items were of slightly inferior or better quality.

In this period, Heiyun Master bought some scripts of ancient Inheritances or antiques.

The only thing that made Zhao Feng sad was that his God's Spiritual Eye hadn't seen any 'holes' he could take advantage of.

The Treasurer Inspectors were all skilled and made no mistakes of selling rare items for cheap. Furthermore, inferior items wouldn't even be able to be auctioned here.

’’Next we have a rare item named the Foretelling Ancient Coin which comes from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.’’

The plain robed elder raised his hand and the True Human Rank beauty next to him revealed a tattered old coin.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat in the Spiritual Pet Bag instantly started to move and jumped out of the bag but Zhao Feng expressionlessly stuffed it back in.

After some discussion, Zhao Feng agreed to do what he could to buy this coin as long as the price didn't exceed a million primal crystal stones.

The little thieving cat nodded its head incessantly.

Under normal situations, the Foretelling Ancient Coin wouldn't go for a high price as not many people used it.

’’The Foretelling Ancient Coin's starting price is four hundred thousand. Every bid must be at least thirty thousand higher than the last.’’

The plain robed elder announced.

’’Four hundred and fifty thousand.’’

’’Four hundred and eighty thousand.’’

Not that many people were paying much attention to this coin.


Only the Tian family, Imperials and an elder were participating.

’’Eight hundred thousand.’’

Zhao Feng instantly raised the price to eight hundred thousand.

The auction paused for an instant before the Tian family gave up.

The elder glanced towards the 50th stand before sighing.

Now only Zhao Feng and the Imperials was left.

’’Empress, I heard that you also comprehend the Dao of Life. It looks like it's true then.’’

A figure of the True Mystic Rank smiled faintly.

’’This Foretelling Ancient Coin comes from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and not many coins are in existence. It has a high collective value. As for the Dao of Life, I only know a little bit about it.’’

A charming voice full of allure sounded.

’’One million.’’

This voice was like a warm stream of water that softened the hearts of the crowd.

At that instant, the entire auction fell silent.

Many people were charmed due to the voice and could only be mesmerised by it.

’’Qin... Empress Qin...’’

The experts at True Spirit Realm all took a deep breath.


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