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King Of Gods - Chapter 302


Chapter 302 - Auction (1)

Three days later.

In an elegant and quiet area where the river and woods intersected.

The Rising Dragon Auction wasn't held in the expected crowdy and noisy area. Instead, this place was even quieter than normal auctions.

If one was then to underestimate the Rising Dragon Auction, they would be severely mistaken.

The reason why there was a small number of people was because the Rising Dragon Auction was extremely high class and the entrance fee alone was two thousand low grade Primal Crystal Stones - the same as two hundred thousand substandard Primal Crystal Stones in the Cloud area.

Furthermore, the items here all easily started off at ten thousand Primal Crystal Stones. Normal experts at the Ascended Realm could only look around.

However, the situation this time was different from usual. Many of the products here were at the pinnacle of the continent.

Flying steeds incessantly flew above the woods and lake.

’’The people attending to the Rising Dragon Auction this time is several times the norm.’’

’’There's broken pieces of Earth grade items, Demon Slaughtering Blade, Heaven's Legacy Scripts, Seven Sword Incomplete Manual and other high class items. Even those at True Lord Rank would come.’’

’’My god!!! Broken pieces of Earth grade items?? The legend says that ten thousand years ago a Earth grade weapon appeared and crushed an entire Capital of a Lord Country flat. After that, Lord Countries were only a legend.’’

The people entering the auction discussed.

Weapons were usually split into several grades - Mortal, Spiritual, Earth, Sky.

Currently, even Spiritual grade items were rare and were almost extinct in less populated areas.

As for Earth grade items and Sky grade items, they were almost non-existent and were items of the legends.

Even the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion didn't have a complete Earth grade weapon.

Putting the Earth grade weapons aside, just peak Spiritual grade items were low in number in Canopy Great Country. Even if they had them, they were items to hold the fort.

At a certain point in time,

An azure sharp swallow carrying a blue haired youth and short elder flew over.

Due to the fact that he was currently wanted, Zhao Feng pretended to be have an old and cold aura and didn't wear his eyepatch.

With his current control of the God's Spiritual Eye, he could change the colour of his left eye for half a day but would lose most of its power while he did so.

’’There's really going to be broken pieces of an Earth grade weapon?’’

Zhao Feng didn't dare believe this.

’’There's not only broken pieces of Earth grade items. Apparently, there's a profound Seven Sword Incomplete Manual which comes from one of the Four Great Inheritances - the Seven Item Inheritance and its power is said to be close to an Earth ranked skill. Apparently, there's also items from the other Four Great Inheritances but their contents were kept a secret.’’

Heiyun Master's face was full of excitement and had reached an extreme level.

Even if they were here just to look around, it would be worth it to come and attend an auction at this level.

Zhao Feng's calm heart couldn't help but feel somewhat moved.

The little thieving cat in his Spiritual Pet Bag danced around and if it weren't for Zhao Feng, it would have come out and jumped around.

’’There's too many people attending this auction and there's only a thousand slots. The entrance fee has been raised to five thousand Primal Crystal Stones.’’

There was several people at the entrance whose cultivation had reached True Spirit Realm with one of them even reaching True Mystic Rank.

The reason to raise the entrance fee was to limit the number of participants.

The level of the Rising Dragon Auction was considerably high and not many ordinary people came.

There were too many people here this time and they could only use such a method to kick out those who just wanted to look around.

Five thousand Primal Crystal Stones wasn't a small sum. It was worth five hundred thousand substandard Primal Crystal Stones which would be an enormous sum in the Thirteen Countries.

’’Heiyun Master, this way....’’

One of the attendants revealed a smile and led Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master inside.

Heiyun Master had an Esteemed Guest card which allowed him to entered the Esteemed Guest stands.

The Esteemed Guest stands were high up and if the guests were willing, they could make it so that those outside couldn't see your appearance.

’’If it was during ordinary times, you two would be able to receive at least a 4-Star or higher Esteemed Guest stand but because the situation this time is different, you'll only be able to enter the 3-Star stands.’’

This attendant smiled and said.


Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master were soon arranged to enter an Esteemed Guest stand which could fit a dozen people inside.

The number of Esteemed Guest stands were limited and the higher the star, the lower the number.

There were several dozens of 3 Star stands and only a dozen 4 Star stands while there were only four 5 star stands.

This was like how the old factions were arranged. The higher they were meant that they were higher on the golden tower.

’’3 Stars, not bad. Our stand is number 50.’’

Heiyun Master faintly smiled and glanced outside.

Because Zhao Feng chose to be concealed, there was a transparent glass around the area which allowed those inside to see outside but those outside to not be able to see inside.

As time passed, the auction became more and more packed.

Over half of the Esteemed Guest stands chose to hide themselves, but there were also those who were high key and let those outside see them, as if they had victory in hand.

’’The four big families - Liu, Yun, Bi, Tian.... They're all here including the Head of the Liu and Tian family.’’

’’Hehehe, I heard that even the imperials are here in stand 3. Due to the appearance of broken Earth grade items, at least one person between Empress Qin and the Emperor will come.’’

’’Number 4 is the Iron Blood Religion but who would be in number 1 and 2?’’

The crowd already started to discuss before the auction even started.

There were only four 5 star stands and the Imperials as well as the Iron Blood Religion took up number 3 and 4.

This time the major figures of every force arrived.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned across the open Esteemed Guest stands. The number of those at True Spirit Realm reached almost a hundred but the number of True lord Rank experts could be counted with one hand.

After an hour, the auction officially started.

The stage was semi-circle shaped and a plain robed elder at True Mystic Rank with two True Human Rank beauties stood on the side.

’’Cough cough.... The first item of the auction will officially be revealed....’’

The robed elder had a calm face and his voice seemed to be very kind.

One of the True Human Rank beauties took out a chilling ice stone which emanated a terrifying coldness.

Chilling ice stones gave off coldness all-year round and was normally worth around ten thousand Primal Crystal Stones.

However, right now, they weren't selling the stone itself but a small bottle of liquid within the chilling ice stone.

’’This is the Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid which comes from one of the Four Great Inheritances, the ’’Mystic Ice Inheritance’’. This fluid can allow a normal person to easily reach Ascended Realm. The best component of it is that it can allow someone without a Spiritual body to have a Spiritual body.’’

The elder introduced.

Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid which came from the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

A wave of discussion rose from below.

Everyone knew that although the population of the continent was counted by hundred of millions, those that had Spiritual bodies were extremely rare.

For example, Zhao Linlong from the Zhao family. He was the top genius back then but in the world of Clans, he was trash - he only had a mortal tier body.

Only those that had a Spiritual tier body had the chance to reach the Ascended Realm.

However, talent was obtained through bloodline but it could be uncertain.

The descendants of experts obviously were talented but it wasn't absolute.

There were some juniors of big families that had useless talents and would even find it hard to break through to the Ascended Realm. They would never reach the True Spirit Realm.

’’This Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid is indeed mysterious.It can allow a mortal to easily reach the Ascended Realm. None of the four great inheritances are simple.’’

Zhao Feng was surprised and somewhat speechless as he thought about how much effort he had gone through to reach the Ascended Realm whereas a simple bottle of Spiritual fluid in Canopy Great Country could change one's destiny.

’’Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid - starting at a hundred thousand Primal Crystal Stones. Every bid must be higher by a thousand than the last.’’

The plain robed elder smiled faintly.

As his words finished, there were already people crazily screaming.

’’I'll bid one hundred and fifty thousand!!’’

’’One hundred and sixty!!’’

’’One hundred and eighty!’’

Shouted the crowd.

This bottle of Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid easily went up to two hundred thousand and was steadily rising.

Several elders of the families with less talented descendants wanted this to change the destiny of their children.

The Ice Essence Spiritual Fluid was finally sold for three hundred and ten thousand Primal Crystal Stones, which was worth a low tier Spiritual grade weapon.

A low tier Spiritual grade weapon was an item that could hold the fort for smaller factions.

For the Rising Dragon Auction, the first item couldn't be too bad or good - it also needed to bring a small surprise.

The second and third items were all rare materials and although they weren't as great as the Ice essence Spiritual Fluid, they were at least at peak Mortal grade level.

’’Hehehe, the next two items are from the famous Water Moon Pirate....’’

The plain robed elder purposely dragged it out.

Water Moon Pirate!!!

Another wave of discussion came from the crowd.

’’One of them is the Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin, an item of entertainment which can heal the injuries of the heart by playing it. Experts of the Dao of Entertainment can use this Qin to send out critical Qi of Sound. In the past, an Entertainment Master used this Qin to save his faction and raise the morals of his clan by killing his enemies invisibly, saving the clan from destruction.’’

The plain robed elder summarised the item's history and legend.

Zhao Feng was almost fully stunned when he heard this because this Qin was given to the Rising Dragon Auction by him.

Back then, Heiyun Master had estimated its value to be close to a Spiritual grade weapon. They didn't realise that the Rising Dragon Auction would even know it's history.

At the same moment, in an Esteemed Guest stand.

’’Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin???? Isn't this our precious Qin of our Qin Sword Sect?’’

’’This Qin was then shamelessly stolen by the Water Moon pirate.’’

’’I didn't think that the Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin would appear at an auction. We must retrieve it.’’

The Qin Sword Sect was one of the Three big sects of Canopy Great Country.

’’The Sky Bamboo Nine Sound Qin's starting price is one hundred and forty thousand, every bid must be two thousand higher.’’

The plain robed elder announced.

Zhao Feng silently wondered how high an amount he would receive for this item.


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