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King Of Gods - Chapter 301


Chapter 301 - Rising Dragon Auction

Zhao Feng could already see the Capital's magnificence from a thousand miles away.


Zhao Feng suddenly felt movement from his Spiritual Pet Bag.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat had finally woken up after a month of deep sleep. When its black eyes opened, a trace of profundity could be seen within them but it soon faded.

The little thieving cat's original grey fur had begun to turn into a faint silver colour.

Its size was also slightly bigger and although the changes weren't big, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had found that the little thieving cat had undergone a dramatic change.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on its owner's shoulder as it flipped two bronze coins with a ’’Ding!’’

Heiyun Master gazed curiously from the side whereas Zhao Feng was already used to it.

’’Miao miao!’’

The little thieving cat made a few gestures to Zhao Feng while shaking its head and sighed.

’’What is it saying?’’

Heiyun Master was slightly surprised.

’’It's telling me to not go to the Capital because my luck at this moment isn't very good and it's hard to guess whether I'll meet danger or fortune.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head helplessly.

The Capital was a place where he would definitely go. Furthermore, he had been blessed in the Water Moon treasury. However, a person's luck wouldn't be this good all the time.

’’A cat that knows how to calculate the future. Interesting. The Six Warlock divine Tower also has a mysterious, knowledgeable, and wise person who knows how to calculate the future. Apparently, that person also possesses a weird cat.’’

Heiyun Master said.

’’Oh? Six Warlock divine Tower?’’

Zhao Feng's heart moved.

Wise person? Weird cat?

Miao miao!

Upon hearing this, the eyes of the little thieving cat flickered.

Zhao Feng snickered, ’’Thieving cat, it wouldn't be a cat of your species, right?’’

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat angrily waved its paw, as if saying that it was the only one in the world.

Heiyun Master laughed.

The appearance of the little thieving cat created some joy in the heavy journey.

Zhao Feng stopped cultivating. His Qi of half step True Spirit had reached 60% and he could now try to break through to True Spirit Realm.

In reality, anyone that had reached the half-step True Spirit Realm had the ability to try break through to True Spirit Realm but the chance of success was extremely slim.

The Shedding Spiritual Pill only increased one's chances by a measly 20%. The higher conversion rate of Qi of half step True Spirit one had, the higher their chances of success would be.

If one's conversion rate of Qi of half step True Spirit reached 90%, they had at least a 50% chance of reaching True Spirit Realm.

However, the higher the conversion rate, the slower it was to progress. This was especially true when it exceeded 50%.

The azure sharp swallow's wings flapped and closed in on the capital.

Soon after, even normal experts could see the Capital's magnificence and the steeds in the air increased.

There was the occasional eye catching sedan or carriage flying in the air.

’’This place is indeed worthy of being the Capital.’’

Zhao Feng's footsteps didn't stop.

Ever since he had arrived in Canopy Great Country, he had a knot in his heart, and that was to complete First Elder's mission.

And now the target was coming closer and closer - it was right in front of him.


A carriage pulled by two Flying Cloud Horses suddenly appeared from in front and headed towards Zhao Feng and company.

Heiyun Master quickly signalled Zhao Feng to go around.

People who were in such carriages were not simple figures and were all experts at True Spirit Realm, they were usually at True Mystic Rank.

Just as Zhao Feng was going to make the azure sharp swallow go around, a voice sounded from the carriage, ’’Zhao Feng, according to our Iron Blood Religion's news, the Flooding Lake City Lord had warranted you especially in the areas of the Capital. The Flooding Lake Liu family had even come to some sort of agreement with the Imperials.’’

The window of the carriage lifted and revealed an elder wearing a robe who had a wrinkled face.

’’Greetings Protector.’’

Heiyun master recognised this person and immediately bowed.

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised - he didn't think that Heiyun Master would also have some connections with the Iron Blood Religion.

The robed elder in front of them had reached the True Mystic Rank and would be unrivaled across the Thirteen Countries.

’’Thank you Protector for the warning.’’

Zhao Feng immediately showed his gratitude.

To warn him, the Iron Blood Religion had sent a Protector ranked person. From this, one could see his importance.

’’Zhao Feng, the Deputy Patriarch warns you not to go to the Capital.’’

The robed elder looked deeply at him.


Upon saying this, the window closed and the carriage flew into the clouds with speed comparable to True Human Rank experts.

The exchange between them had only lasted two to three breaths and whether Zhao Feng listened or not, the news from the Iron Blood Religion had been delivered.

Zhao Feng understood the intentions of Iron Blood Religion. The Iron Blood Religion and the Imperials were on opposite sides and if Zhao Feng were to be roped in by Empress Qin, he might become an enemy of the Iron Blood Religion.

This interruption soon passed by.

Zhao Feng's decision didn't change. Empress Qin was someone he had to see.

An hour later.

The Capital came into view and the enormous ancient city had an archaic aura encompassing it.

Zhao Feng put the azure sharp swallow away and entered Canopy Great Country.

At the entrance, Zhao Feng saw portraits of himself - a youth with azure hair with a small grey cat.

The hair and left eye of the youth were all extremely eye catching.

The little thieving cat hid into the Spiritual Pet Bag unwillingly.

Zhao Feng's current appearance had blue hair and he had purposely taken off the eyepatch.

The bloodline power in his body circulated and faint blue blood entered the dimension of his left eye.

Zhao Feng's control of the God's Spiritual Eye had become better and with just a thought, the colour of his left eye became black.

Through some simple disguise, Zhao Feng had become a cold 'blue haired youth.'

When entering the Capital, the guards only gazed at Zhao Feng then instinctively looked at the portrait but shook their heads.

The youth in the picture had azure hair and his left eye was azure - unless he wore an eyepatch.

Zhao Feng didn't satisfy these requirements.

After Zhao Feng's Spiritual eye turned blue, his aura had also changed.

Like this Zhao Feng openly entered the Capital.

’’The Flooding Lake City Lord still isn't giving up and is even warranting me in cooperation with the Imperials in the Capital. How did he know that I would appear in the Capital?’’

Zhao Feng's heart was filled with solemness.

After entering the Capital, Zhao Feng didn't make any rash actions.

Empress Qin was extremely powerful and even normal True Spirit Realm experts would find it hard to find her.

He needed to plan first.

Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master first stopped at the Capital and followed Heiyun master's suggestion to sell some of the useless items. Although the auctioneer would take 5%, it would save Zhao Feng a lot of trouble.

There were many powerful auctioneers in the Capital and one of the most renowned ones would be the extremely mysterious Rising Dragon Auction. Apparently, they extended across the continent.

’’You can relax. The Rising Dragon Auction has no connections with the Imperials or the Four Families. Apparently, their headquarters is in the middle continent.’’

Heiyun Master said.

’’That's good.’’

Zhao Feng let Heiyun Master handle it. He had no interest in the auction.

Heiyun Master had some connections in the Capital and soon found some choices for Zhao Feng.

’’The Rising Dragon Auction happens once a month and the next one is in three days. Do you want to go? Apparently there's a lot of Spiritual grade items and this includes Scarlet Moon Incomplete maps, Heaven's Legacy scripts which all have a high collective value. Even some of the upper echelons from the Imperials will participate--’’

Heiyun Master's tone was full of excitement.

’’Not interested..... Wait, Scarlet Moon Incomplete Maps? Heaven's Legacy scripts? Upper echelons from the Imperials participating?’’

Zhao Feng was finally moved.

He had one of the Scarlet Moon incomplete maps from the Scarlet Moon Cave, something he had gotten from the Blood Corpse Protector. As for the Heaven's Legacy script, he had obtained one from the Water Moon pirate.

’’Hehe, there'll definitely be a few important figures. Imperial, Three Sects, Four Families. Every one of them will send people and Empress Qin might even participate personally. I hope to get some ancient scripts this time. En, some of the Four Inheritances items are great for research....’’

Heiyun Master became more excited as he spoke.

This Rising Dragon Auction was definitely large scale and was the most popular one within a hundred years.

Miao miao!

Upon hearing this, the little thieving cat excitedly jumped out from the Spiritual Pet Bag. It was a miser that would obviously be attracted to an auction.

’’Go back in.’’

Zhao Feng reached out and grabbed the little thieving cat before throwing it back into the Spiritual Pet Bag.

After all, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat was the picture on the warrants.

Not long ago, Zhao Feng had seen a youth with a cat taken away.

’’How about we go then?’’

Zhao Feng decided.

This auction gathered the forces across Canopy Great Country and Empress Qin might even appear. There were also Heaven Legacy Scripts and Scarlet Moon incomplete maps which were antiques that Zhao Feng was interested in.

The auction was to be held three days later, thus, Zhao Feng had to make his preparations.

Said simply, Zhao Feng needed to gather more 'silver'.

So even if interesting items appeared, Zhao Feng would be able to afford it.

Although his God's Spiritual Eye wasn't fiery and glowing gold, it was still full of intelligence and knowledge.

Over the next two days, Zhao Feng sold the materials, pill, and weapons that were not of much use to him in large quantities, leaving behind only some items which might be used in the future.

After clearing them out, Zhao Feng's Interspatial bracelet was filled with Primal crystal stones. He also bought two more interspatial rings that were each the size of a garage.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng was extremely wealthy and gave some of the items from the Water Moon Pirate to the Rising Dragon Auction to sell.

The headquarters of the Rising Dragon Auctioneer was in the middle continent and they were a neutral force which didn't reveal the identities of the seller.

Therefore, it was a very good place to get rid of some items.


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