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King Of Gods - Chapter 296


Chapter 296 - Against the horde (2)

At this point in time.

Caution, reluctance, shock, greed..... Different expressions flicker across Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company's faces.

The youth before their eyes had taken everything from the third floor. As long as they killed him, they would obtain the essence of the Water Moon Treasury! However, this was also the problem.

One True Spirit Realm and two half step True Spirit Realm experts couldn't even defeat this brat.

’’He's just an ant at the 7th Sky. Wait! When did he reach half step True Spirit Realm!?’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and azure robed daoist were full of regret and reluctance.

Zhao Feng sat unmoving on the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and cultivated.

’’The defense of the Three Flower Treasured Lotus is stronger than expected.’’

Heiyun Master was overjoyed.

Just then, Zhao Feng had used the lotus to protect the two before unleashing the hypnotic scent, forcing the three to temporarily retreat.

’’Zhao Feng, I suggest you hand over the treasures of the third floor as well as the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, otherwise, when Master Bi and the Fan Flying Bandit comes, you won't be able to last long against the three of us.’’

’’If you join us, we can let you live.’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle and azure robed daoist threatened.

Zhao Feng didn't even bother listening to them and used all his time to digest the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid and convert his Qi of half step True Spirit.

His Qi of half step True Spirit was being converted at every second.

Zhao Feng's actions caused the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and company to be infuriated.

’’Azure haired brat, don't think that just because you have the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, we can't do anything to you.’’

A cold, brutal light flashed in the Bald Eagle's eyes as a Low tier Spiritual grade blood sword appeared in his hand.

With the help of the Spiritual grade weapon, his attacks strengthened as he lept towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng once again used his Three Flower Treasured Lotus to release the hypnosis scent and the three petals to protect himself and Heiyun Master.


The attacks from the Severed Blood Bald Eagle this time were more fierce and the light of the three petals protecting Zhao Feng had dimmed down a little.

However, the more the Severed Blood Bald Eagle fought, the more tired he became so he retreated after a while.

’’We need at least two True Spirit Realm cooperating to break through the defense. Luckily, he's not at True Spirit Realm, otherwise, three True Spirit Realm experts won't even be able to do a thing to him.’’

The expressions of the Severed Blood Bald Eagle kept on changing as he started to discuss with the azure robed daoist.

From the current situation, it seemed that one True Spirit Realm couldn't handle Zhao Feng.

Heiyun Master sent an transmission with worry in his eyes, ’’Even with my help, we can only block two True Spirit Realm experts for a while. Furthermore, the Fan Flying Bandit's strength is close to True Mystic Rank so when the three combine attacks....’’

Although the Three Flower Treasured Lotus was powerful, it also depended on its user.

Zhao Feng remained unmoved by Heiyun Master's worries.

Seeing that they couldn't do anything to Zhao Feng, the Severed Blood Bald Eagle turned his sights onto the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

’’There must be something to it if Zhao Feng and the Mechanisms Master can't get it.’’

The azure robed daoist said through an intermission.

The three inspected it and found the problem of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

’’There's one resource missing in order to obtain the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible or else we'll be staying here for 49 days.’’

The azure robed daoists expression was grim.

’’What do we need?’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle said angrily. An item right in front of their eyes but unable to be obtained was indeed infuriating.

’’The Mystic Ice Crystal says that it needs the Blood of Yin.’’

Speaking up to this point, the azure robed daoist almost started cursing.

In this shitty place, where would they find a virgin girl with a special body?


The door from the West opened.

’’Three Flower Treasured lotus! Mystic Flower Treasured Bible!’’

The Fan Flying Bandit and flower dressed beauty walked into the third floor with a greedy and joyful look as their gazes scanned over Zhao Feng and the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible sealed in the Mystic Ice Crystal.

’’Junior, die-------’’

The Fan Flying Bandit waved the Water Moon God Peach Fan coldly towards Zhao Feng.


His attacks was stronger than the Severed Blood Bald Eagle's by half a level.

The light encompassing Zhao Feng and Heiyun Master quickly began to fade.

The Fan Flying Bandit's strength was close to True Mystic Rank and as he owned one of the Water Moon Four Treasures, the Water Moon God Peach Fan, he could suppress two True Spirit Realm experts at the same time.


At this critical moment, Heiyun Master put his hand on Zhao Feng's shoulder and poured in his own Qi of half step True Spirit.


The Three Flower Treasured Lotus lit up once again.

’’Heiyun Master, you were definitely poisoned by my Nine Deaths Flower Poison....’’

At the same time, Zhao Feng released the hypnosis and also induced an estrus scent.

The scents from the Three Flower Treasured Lotus could reach one's mental energy and its strength was based on the opponent's mental energy.

’’How could you have refined the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and release two of its scents??’’

The Fan Flying Bandit retreated with shock.

Although the Fan Flying Bandit could resist it, the flower dressed beauty next to him couldn't and undressed as she leapt towards him.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle watched from the side and didn't do anything.

’’Once the Fan Flying Bandit got the Three Flower Treasured lotus, even if I team up with Master Bi we'll die.’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle thought.


Right at this moment the door from the South opened.

The situation on the third floor surprised Master Bi.

Zhao Feng sat in the middle but the Fan Flying Bandit and Bald Eagle didn't charge towards him and seemed somewhat wary.

With the arrival of all three True Spirit Realm experts, the situation became complex.

’’I can kill this brat with my strength while paying a price, but with these two guys....’’

The Fan Flying Bandit paid attention to the other two True Spirit Realms.

Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle would only be able to resist the Fan Flying Bandit by cooperating.

Zhao Feng sat on the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and continued cultivating.

Heiyun Master was full of cold sweat. If the three True Spirit Realm experts teamed up, he and Zhao Feng wouldn't be able to last ten breaths.

’’Oh? The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible needs the Blood of Yin?’’

Master Bi's eyes flashed.

This requirements wasn't easy to fulfill.

The flower dressed beauty with the Fan Flying Bandit was definitely not a virgin as she came from the Hundred Flower Chapter of the Wicked path.

’’This chick....’’

The azure robed daoist and Severed Blood Bald Eagle all squinted towards Bi Qiaoyu.

The Fan Flying Bandit also realised this and his eyes lit up.

Bi Qiaoyu was only around thirteen years old and was pure and innocent. The Fan Flying Bandit had slept with countless girls and immediately knew she was a virgin.

’’Hahaha.... Old man Bi, you're full of schemes. Why don't you let me take her virginity?’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle laughed.

’’Peh! Would the Bald Eagle be gentle? Little lady relax, I'll let you experience something you have never before....’’

The Fan Flying Bandit said as he flapped the fan in his hand.

’’You... you...’’

Being stared at two bandits, Bi Qiaoyu's face turned pale white.

’’Master Bi, you....’’

The expression of the Head of the Bi family changed as he immediately protected his daughter.

Bi Qiaoyu was sent to learn mechanisms at a very young age and Master Bi was the person who had suggested to take Bi Qiaoyu in the Water Moon Treasury.

Bi Qiaoyu also fulfilled the requirements, of the unique body. This was nothing but a coincident.

’’Qiaoyu, this is your destiny. When the Water Moon Pirate created this place your destiny was settled. Who made you have an Extreme Yin Body....’’

Master Bi sighed.

Bi Qiaoyu's face was ashen grey as her skinny figure trembled. She couldn't imagine what awaited her.

From the moment of her birth, Master Bi had decided her destiny.

’’Back then, there were many experts forced by the Water Moon priate to help dig his grave. Later on, almost all of the participants were killed but apparently one or two managed to escape, although they soon died after from being poisoned, they still managed to send out some news.’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle glanced towards Master Bi.

’’That's right, one of them was my brother but he died due to the poison. I only know a few secrets in the treasury, such as the requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order to open the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.’’

Master Bi said.

Only two of the people who digged the grave managed to escape and one of them was Master Bi's brother.

The other person drew a map before he died and was found a hundred years later by the Severed Blood Bald Eagle.

This was what created today's situation.

’’Zhe zhe zhe, what an interesting story. Now we need to discuss how to deal with this blue haired brat and how to split the treasury.’’

The youth wearing the brocade was full of smiles.

All the requirements were fulfilled and all Zhao Feng could do was defend. When the three cooperated, there was no problem in defeating him.

Furthermore, the requirement of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible ’’Bi Qiaoyu’’ was no difficulty. It was just a matter of 'who.'

’’We need to kill this brat first or else when the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible is taken and the passage appears, the brat will escape.’’

The azure robed daoist said slyly.


Hearing this, those present nodded their heads and were terrified at this youth's calculation abilities.

’’This brat wanted us to take the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible and escape using his Three Flower Treasured Lotus through the passage that will appear.’’

Master Bi's expression dimmed.

Zhao Feng almost spat out blood from their discussion. He hadn't done anything but now, they had framed him. Even Heiyun Master who was next to him was suspicious.

After all, everyone clearly knew of how Zhao Feng had turned the tables around.

’’What do we do now?’’

Heiyun Master's heart thumped. The three True Spirit Realm experts were slowly closing in.

’’I was going to play with them a while but it looks like now the plan needs to be changed.....’’

Zhao Feng's gaze turned towards Bi Qiaoyu was was trembling in the corner.

It was Bi Qiaoyu who had helped him up, resulting in him having this encounter.

And now it was Zhao Feng's time to return the favour and change his plan.

Rescue Bi Qiaoyu!


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