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King Of Gods - Chapter 293


Chapter 293 - Three Flower Treasured Lotus

Second floor of the purple bronze coffin.

The Fan Flying Bandit's enraged roars echoed for a long time and his Qi of True Spirit almost began to burn.

’’This blue haired brat....’’

The youth wearing the brocade had a twisted expression and the hatred in his eyes seemed as though it would manifest.

Both Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle were stunned.

The sudden change in situation was something they didn't expect.

Who would have thought that the weakest side would have such a powerful 'sneak attack'.

With that single action, the youth had successfully turned the situation around.

Without a doubt, having Heiyun Master meant that Zhao Feng would be the first to enter the third floor and the third floor was the true burial grounds of the Water Moon Pirate. The items there were the essence of the entire cave.

’’Senior martial brother, the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible will definitely be on the third floor. This brat dares....’’

Only till now did the flower dressed beauty react and begin to heave.

’’Hmph! Heiyun Master has been poisoned by my Nine Death Flower Poison and will die within half a day. The setup of the third floor will be the most difficult and even if that brat has kidnapped Heiyun Master, he won't be able to enter.’’

The youth in brocade started to calm down.

Without the antidote, Heiyun Master would die within half a day, most likely longer than the time it would take to break the mechanisms.

’’Furthermore, the reason why Heiyun master was so successful before was because of my powerful Spiritual Sense which is close to the True Mystic Rank. Without my support, Heiyun Master's speed will decrease by 30-40%.

As he thought to this point, a cruel smile appeared on the Fan Flying Bandit's face.

’’This means that we still have a huge chance.’’

The flower dressed beauty expressed joy.

On the other two sides, both Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle felt lucky that Zhao Feng had taken the mechanisms master as this lowered the Fan Flying Bandit's control of the situation.

’’Zhao Feng's strength and methods aren enough to be on par with a normal True Spirit Realm expert.’’

Master Bi couldn't help but feel slightly regretful.

From the beginning till now, he had used Zhao Feng as a chess piece and was wary of him.

When they were passing the Bug River, Master Bi had decided to give up on this chess piece but he never would had thought that Zhao Feng's performance had defied logic and flipped the tables around.

Even then, Severed Blood Bald Eagle and the azure robed daoist had to admit that they had underestimated Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had taken the advantage, however, this didn't guarantee that he would succeed.

’’Let's go. Zhao Feng definitely won't get the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.’’

Master Bi said confidently and let Bi Qiaoyu lead the way to the entrance of the third floor.

The Fan Flying Bandit and Severed Blood Bald Eagle had no intentions to fight anymore after the items were divided and all quickly progressed towards the entrance to the third floor.


The nine rooms to the third floor were far more difficult.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle teamed up with the azure robed daoist and spent half the time it took for a candle to burn to pass the first room.

The youth in brocades' speed wasn't slow. After all, he was the personal disciple of the Water Moon pirate and had knowledge of mechanisms.

The fastest person was obviously Zhao Feng.

As they were solving the mechanisms in the first room, Heiyun master spoke after some hesitation,’’The reason my speed was so fast before was because of the Fan Flying Bandit's help. This bandit's Spiritual Sense has almost reached the True Mystic Rank level.’’

’’My help will not be any worse than his.’’

Zhao Feng's voice was full of confidence but Heiyun Master obviously didn't believe him as Zhao Feng's cultivation hadn't even reached half step True Spirit Realm.

In reality, Zhao Feng's large source of mental energy had already given birth to Spiritual Sense but he usually didn't use it since it was one hundred and eight thousand miles away from the God's Spiritual Eye.

If there was no physical item blocking the way, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye could easily see up to several hundred miles.


Zhao Feng used his God's Spiritual Eye and helped solve the mechanisms by listening to Heiyun Master.

The first room was solved quickly.

Heiyun Master was slightly surprised but still didn't really believe it as luck may have played a role.


Zhao Feng's powerful eyesight in the second room made Heiyun Master extremely surprised and in the third room Heiyun Master's surprise turned to shock.

Apart from knowing not much about mechanisms and lack of experience, Zhao Feng's eyesight alone surpassed him.

If Heiyun Master needed ten breaths to find out the structure of a mechanism, Zhao Feng only needed one glance.

The problem was that even though Zhao Feng saw the structure of the mechanism, he didn't know anything about it.

’’This is a one in a ten thousand years genius. If you're willing to let me teach you, I can make you the one and only Mechanisms Grandmaster....’’

Heiyun Master's face went red from excitement.

’’Sorry, I'm also a blacksmith genius, pill genius, array genius....’’

Zhao Feng said casually as if he had gotten used to these compliments.

Previously, the blood hair coloured man and Tiegan Master had to rely on his eyesight to create the Wheel of Light and Darkness.

One had to know.

That blood hair coloured man had reached True Lord Rank and Tiegan Master's forging skills were ranked in the top few in Canopy Great Country.

The fieriness in Heiyun Master's eyes faded a bit and changed to a weird look as if he was looking at a monster.

If what this youth said was true then he was an all round prodigy.

What he thought wasn't wrong, Zhao Feng was an all round prodigy apart from body strengthening which he didn't train.

The speed of Zhao Feng and Heiyun master combined was faster than imagined.

’’The combination of us solving mechanisms are at the peak of the continent.’’

Heiyun Master's heart lept.

Zhao Feng's eyes could see the structure of any mechanism with one glance and he was gaining a lot of experience and knowledge.


The two only spent had the time it took to make tea to solve the ninth room.

’’This is just way too fast! The East side is also the luckiest.’’

Heiyun Master couldn't help but sigh.

On the way, Zhao Feng had received a lot of other rewards which included the Hundred Dissolving Pill.


The door to the third floor opened and Zhao Feng suppressed his excitement as he walked into a new room.

The interior of the third room wasn't big but it was really tall.

In the middle of the room was a crystal coffin which contained a corpse and after being there was a hundred years, there was no signs of decay.

Within the crystal coffin were several burial items and although low in number, anyone of them was at least a Spiritual grade item.

Inside the crystal coffin was a Three Coloured Lotus that gave off a warm light.

’’This is the Three Flower Treasured Lotus from the Water Moon Four Treasures!’’

Heiyun master exclaimed as if he was looking at a beauty.

He never had this expression back on the first or second floor.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye scanned over it and instantly confirmed that the Three Flower Trasured Lotus' value exceeded the Water Moon God Peach Fan's or the Hundred Flower Sack - it could be even worth more than the two combined.

’’The Three Flower Treasured Lotus is an inheritance item from the Hundred Flower Chapter and a wicked item. Back then, it was because of this that the Water Moon Pirate could block the combined attacks of several True Spirit Realm's and even those at the True Lord Rank could do nothing to him.’’

Heiyun Master admired.

Hearing up to here, Zhao Feng's heart moved.

Through Heiyun Master's explanation, he understood this lotus' use.

The Three Flower Treasured Lotus was a defense treasure with no offensive capabilities but it defense and support was extremely powerful.


The Three Flower Treasured Lotus could fly extremely fast and if someone at True Mystic Rank used it, they could reach the speed of the True Lord Rank level and the energy expended wouldn't be much at all.


The Three Flower Treasured Lotus could turn into three petals that protected the owner and attacks from normal True Spirit Realm experts as they couldn't even break its defense.

Lastly, the Three Flower Treasured Lotus had supportive powers that allowed it to release three scents that could cleanse one's mind, hypnotise, and induce oestrus.

Cleansing the mind could help cultivation and the Three Flower Trasured Lotus itself could gather Heavenly Earth Yuan Qi to increase cultivation speed.

Back then, the Water Moon Pirate had used this item to reach the peak of the True Mystic Rank in a few decades.

The first type of 'mind cleansing' could counter the hypnosis and the inducing of the oestrus effect;it could even counter most of the poisonous attacks of the wicked path.

’’The Three Flower Treasured Lotus was the Water Moon Pirate's most prized possession and his trump card. If you can refine the Three Flower Treasured Lotus, you can even fend off the attacks from one at the True Human Rank in a short amount of time.’’

Heiyun Master smiled and said.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and glanced towards the space above the crystal coffin.

On the space above the crystal coffin was an Ice Crystal Stone that gave off a chilling coldness and within it was a sealed book of which gave off a dark glow.

Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

The words on the book was instantly recognised by Zhao Feng and it made his heart jump.

Heiyun Master and Zhao Feng came close to the crystal coffin and started to solve the last mechanisms together.

’’I didn't think that the last mechanism would contain so many scripts from the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.’’

Heiyun Master's expression started to get solemn.

His knowledge of mechanisms exceeded the Water Moon Pirate himself but the core parts of the mechanisms came from the most ancient and mysterious Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.

The profoundness and complexity of these mechanisms were beyond imagination.

Even Heiyun Master was puzzled by some of the theory.

’’How about I draw out the structure of these mechanisms?’’

Zhao Feng suggested.


Heiyun master was slightly puzzled.

As soon as he finished speaking Zhao Feng took out a pen and paper and started to draw.

His eyes were calm and held the pen with a steady hand - there was no signs of trembling.

In one breath, Zhao Feng drew out dozens of drawings with terrifying precision.

Zhao Feng double-checked them and made sure there was no mistakes.

’’Mechanisms master, how long will we need to solve this last mechanism?’’

Zhao Feng asked.

’’You've drawn out the structures so I can succeed in about half a day. After then, you'll be able to obtain the Three Flower Treasured Lotus and the other items.’’

Heiyun Master thought and said deeply.

’’Half a day isn't long. How long do you think the others will need to reach the third floor?’’

Zhao Feng asked.

’’They'll need at least five to six days at minimum, while ten days at most.’’

A smile appeared on Heiyun master's face.

The speed of them two combined was top in the continent resulting in a terrifying speed of solving the mechanisms.

’’Great! Everything's going more smoothly than expected.’’

Zhao Feng revealed a happy smile as he sat down and took a sip from the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid to cultivate.


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