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King Of Gods - Chapter 286


Chapter 286 - Purple Bronze Giant Coffin

The limitless nightmare didn't descend on Bi Qiaoyu.

The Head of the Bi family opened his eyes and let out a breath.

At this moment, half of Bi Qiaoyu's figure was almost revealed as half of her clothes had been ripped.

The hungry figures who were affected by the 'Drunken God Perfume' had been frozen mid-step and didn't move at all.

A chilling intent had passed through their mental energy and doused the flame of lust in their minds.

After completing all this, Zhao Feng averted his gaze.

However, a flame started to burn inside his body which almost burnt to the mental energy level as he found Bi Qiaoyu kissing him.

"This Drunken God Perfume is terrifying - it can even go into the mental energy level. For women, it had doubled effect, meaning that even those at the True Spirit Realm can't block it."

Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye and paid no heed to how his body felt because he was almost fully resilient to mental energy attacks.

With a heart as still as water, he scanned over Bi Qiaoyu with his ice blue eye.

Bi Qiaoyu's figure stiffened as she regained her consciousness and tried to find a hole to bury herself under.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly draped some clothes over Bi Qiaoyu.

"This person… Is his heart made of ice?"

Bi Qiaoyu felt somewhat disappointed and inferior. Could it be that she wasn't charming at all?

When Zhao Feng looked at her with his ice cold left eye, it was as if he was looking at a pile of white bones.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared out of nowhere and started to smell the Drunken God Perfume.

Zhao Feng's expression changed. This Drunken God Perfume was a super strong drug which could even affect those at the True Spirit Realm, so from logic, animals should be affected to.

He was about to stop it, but he found that the little thieving cat was jumping happily around with a satisfied expression.

This scene made Master Bi, Bi Qiaoyu and the azure robed daoists' expression to turn weird.

As time passed, the scent of the Drunken God Perfume either faded away or was sucked away by the little thieving cat.

Both parties didn't have many loses - they were just tired and felt weak.

The Severed Blood Pirates and Transverse Water Stronghold people sat crossed legged on the ground to recover before progressing forward.

According to the azure robed person's analysis, when passing through the corridor, they would reach the centre of the cave.

However, the corridor was longer than expected and there was poisonous incense which could kill even those at the 6th or 7th Sky.

The group walked warily forwards, scared to activate any of the deadly smells.

The corridor came to an end after a hundred or so yards, and a grey river appeared.

Wait, that river was made of countless grey bugs forming a 'bug river'.

The bugs were about the size of a thumbnail and some had thin wings. They were so condensed and packed that they seemed to be able to engulf the entire world.

The group all took a cold breath.

The river formed from countless grey bugs blocked the groups path.

Zhao Feng looked over and he found a burial ground in the middle of the bug river which had a twenty to thirty yard radius.

In the centre of the burial grounds, there was a giant 'Purple Bronze Coffin' that was as large as a palace.

Both parties had wide open eyes and gaped mouths. It was the first time that they had seen such a large coffin.

"Hahaha… we're finally here. This place must be the deathbed of the Water Moon Pirate."

"It's hard to imagine how many items are in that large coffin alongside the Water Moon Pirate."

The pirates started to laugh as they trembled with excitement, unable to conceal the greed on their faces.

The Transverse Water Stronghold's side all had shining eyes.

The Purple Bronze Coffin that was the size of a palace was at the centre of the bug river, about twenty to thirty yards away from everyone.

"Brothers, charge!"

The Severed Blood Pirates couldn't hold back any longer.

"Wait! These bugs should be low level Dead Corpse Bugs which are extremely sensitive to the blood of living beings. Thousand and thousands of these Dead Corpse Bugs can instantly eat all the flesh and blood of a human in an instant… "

The azure robed daoist seemed to be very experienced and quickly warned them.

The bugs in the river in front of them were counted by the millions and each bug had an aura comparable to the 1st Sky.

"Daoist, you're a Grave Robber Master. Don't you have any ways to solve this problem?" The Severed Blood Bald Eagle asked.

Grave Robber Master?

Hearing this title, everyone gave the white eye. No wonder this azure robed daoist seemed very experienced and made virtually no mistakes.

"Everything with blood will be sensed by the Dead Corpse Bugs. With such a large amount, there's probably no solution. I have a few packets of powder which can only decrease the chances of being attacked when put on our bodies."

After saying this, the azure robed daoist took out a few grey packets.

Seeing this situation, the expressions of the people from the Transverse Water Stronghold all changed instantly.

With these packets of powder, the pirates would have the upper hand. Luckily, there were only enough packets for five to six people.

The azure robed daoist snickered: "Only those at the True Spirit Realm have a 100% chance of passing. Those at the half step True Spirit Realm will have a 40-50% chance. As for normal cultivators at the 7th Sky, there'll only be a 10% chance."

His eyes scanned over Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng sighed, it looks like the balance that had been maintained by the Transverse Water Stronghold and Severed Blood Pirates would be broken soon.

"I have a type of 'cracking grenade' here which can explode and blast everything within a few yards radius into nothing. The fire elements in it should counter the Dead Corpse Bugs."

Master Bi took out seven or eight dark red balls the size of a baby's fist from his interspatial ring.

He then gave these dark red balls to everyone.

Although the usage of the cracking grenades wasn't as good as the powder from the azure robed daoist, it had instant use and could be extremely useful at the critical moment.

Some of the elites from the Transverse Water Stronghold soon had a cracking grenade in their hands.

Because the number was limited, several people from the stronghold didn't get any and being an outsider, Zhao Feng obviously didn't get one either.

"Master Bi, even if I go over, my cultivation will be useless. It's better to give this cracking grenade to Brother Feng." Bi Qiaoyu suggested.

Master Bi smiled: "Zhao Feng is strong and he has a bloodline power - I believe he can cross the river safely. After we pass through to the Purple Bronze Coffin. we'll still need you."

Being an outsider, Master Bi's trust towards Zhao Feng was limited and reaching up to this step, his use was already fulfilled.

Therefore, Master Bi didn't care about Zhao Feng's life. Of course, if he managed to reach the Purple Bronze Coffin. it would be best.

Zhao Feng's blue hair blew in the air and was extremely lively when juxtaposed to the burial grounds which was full of the air of death.

He didn't mind that he didn't get a cracking grenade.

He was just curious as to why Master Bi focused on bringing Bi Qiaoyu in from the beginning.

And now he was even personally protecting Bi Qiaoyu to pass.

Ceng~ Sou-- Sou--

The two parties from both the Severed Blood Pirates and Transverse Water Stronghold headed towards the Purple Bronze Coffin at the centre of the bug river.

For those at the True Spirit Realm, twenty to thirty yards was just a few breaths time.

The Severed Blood Pirates arrived first with Master Bi who was protecting Bi Qiaoyu behind them.

After them were those at the half step True Spirit Realm and peak 7th Sky cultivators.

It was extremely dangerous for these experts to cross the river and clouds of Dead Corpse Bugs covered their bodies and chewed on their True Force.

"Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

Screams came from the bug river as several experts at the 7th Sky were engulfed by limitless bugs.

Almost every few breaths there were screams.

At last.

Only four half step True Spirit Realm's and one-third of the cultivators at the 7th Sky, which was around 5 to 6 people at the peak 7th Sky, succeeded in reaching the Purple Bronze Coffin.

Zhao Feng purposely slowed down a bit and arrived with the last group of peak 7th Sky.

"Zhao Feng, I knew you wouldn't disappoint me."

Master Bi smiled but was somewhat surprised in his heart. The other experts at the peak 7th Sky were all ruffled and even one or two had lost limbs. On the other hand, Zhao Feng was not harmed at all.

The azure robed daoist was also shocked as he glanced at Zhao Feng.

A brat at the 7th Sky didn't have any of his special powder or Master Bi's cracking grenade should have died without a doubt, but somehow, he had reached here easily.

At this moment, comparing the two parties, it was obvious that the pirates had a slight advantage as the azure robed person's powder was more effective.

Furthermore, Master Bi also had Bi Qiaoyu dragging everyone back.

After reaching the Purple Bronze Coffin, the Dead Corpse Bugs only scuttled around a bit before returning back to the bug river.

Next, both parties discussed how to enter this enormous Purple Bronze Coffin.

The Purple Bronze Coffin looked like a giant coffin, but it was in reality a burial ground palace and there was a large door in every direction.

It wasn't realistic to break through the Purple Bronze Coffin as even the attacks from those at the True Spirit Realm would find it hard to dent it.

Furthermore, using extreme force might activate unthinkable results.

"Hmmm? Every door has a faint palm imprint at the centre." A pirate said.

These palm imprints seemed to be fresh and just left behind.

Of the four doors, only three had these faint palm imprints and the size of each was different.

The first was the size of an adult male.

The second seemed to be left behind by a young girl and the third was old and withered, as if from an old person.

Seeing these palm imprints, Zhao Feng's thoughts spun as he remembered the stone sign with his palm imprint on it.

The first palm imprint should be his, the second Bi Qiaoyu and the third the azure robed daoist.

"I understand!"

Almost at the same time, the azure robed daoist and the Severed Blood Pirates exclaimed.

The stone sign at the entrance was linked onto here and the three palm imprints represented the three keys to the entrance of the Purple Bronze Coffin.

Master Bi quickly stood in front of Bi Qiaoyu as he understood and looked at Zhao Feng with fiery eyes.


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