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King Of Gods - Chapter 283


Chapter 283 - A Bunch of Retards


The pirates on the ship began to laugh gruesomely. The leading one-eyed red robed person with a black eyepatch was also bald..

He was the famous leader of the Severed Blood Pirates - the Severed Blood Bald Eagle.

Zhao Feng inspected this person with his eye and found that, although both he and Master Bi were at True Human Rank, the Severed Blood Bald Eagle's aura was much more powerful than Master Bi's.

No wonder he could almost succeed in killing Master Bi.

’’Severed Blood Bald Eagle, the Water Moon Treasury is the territory of my Transverse Water Stronghold. You better leave quickly, otherwise, we'll finish all of you off in one blow when our reinforcements arrive.’’

Master Bi said with a deep tone, his words pierced straight to the heart.

The expressions of the pirates on the ship changed.

The number of people that Master Bi took were all elites but were limited in number. In reality, the Transverse Water Stronghold had a greater number of troops, and as time dragged on, the situation wouldn't be good for the pirates.

’’We've already sent out news and if I'm not wrong, the Severed Blood Bald Eagle is warranted by both the Iron Blood Religion and Imperial family.’’

The Head of the Bi family snickered coldly.

The group from the stronghold also didn't hold back and retorted, but none of them showed any signs of attacking.

’’Both forces are around the same strength, but the side that really doesn't want to fight is Master Bi.’’

Zhao Feng's sharp eyes surveyed the entire situation.

Why didn't Master Bi want to fight?

At that moment, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye saw Master Bi's injuries.

’’Master Bi had burnt his Qi of True Force and one of his legs are disabled. His power is currently only 60% of his peak strength. On the other hand, although the Severed Blood Bald Eagle was also injured he still has 80% or even more of his original strength.’’

Zhao Feng's estimation of their strength was accurate to a degree that even Master Bi and the Severed Blood Bald Eagle didn't know this.

Master Bi didn't dare to fight the Severed Blood Bald Eagle head on and instead created a situation where both sides were equal.

Furthermore, the Bi family had said that they had spread the news.

This way, the Severed Blood Bald Eagle didn't dare to fight for an extended period of time. They would either have to finish the fight immediately or make a peace talk.

It wasn't realistic to finish the fight immediately because both sides were equal in strength and there might be other people waiting to reap the rewards after them.

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle's expression changed incessantly.

He wasn't certain whether the Transverse Water Stronghold had spread the news or not but Zhao Feng clearly knew that the stronghold hadn't. Instead, they had sealed off the stronghold because the Water Moon Treasury was too important and could bring in more terrifying experts from the outside, meaning that none of them would get the treasury.

About half the time it took to brew tea had passed.

The Transverse Water Stronghold and Severed Blood Pirates reached an agreement.

The two parties would both open the treasury.

The Severed Blood Pirates were obviously unwilling but the Bald Eagle's face was calm. This was the Transverse Water Stronghold's territory and his aim to open the treasury had been reached.

Furthermore, the battle for the treasury was about courage and intellect.

The people from the stronghold had a funny feeling: They would usually fight with the pirates - who would have expected them to work together?

Of course.

The Transverse Water Stronghold were also lucky because it was the Severed Blood Pirates who had the exact location of the treasury or else it wouldn't progress as smoothly if Master Bi and company wanted to open the Water Moon Treasury.

When Zhao Feng thought up to this point, he admired Master Bi even more.

’’The Water Moon Treasury's location is several hundred feet under the river in a secret cave. However, the whirlpools in the river can pull even large ships away;normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm won't be able to block it.’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle said in an expressionlessly manner.

The ship of the pirates was docked at the shore and didn't dare enter that zone.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye surveyed the water and saw many whirlpools.

These whirlpools were extremely powerful and even experts at 7th Sky might not be able to retreat completely unharmed.

However, from the surface, the water seem to be calm and silent.


Both parties sent people attached to ropes into the zone of whirlpools to search for the Water Moon secret cave.

The Transverse Water Stronghold first sent out two experts at the 6th and 7th Sky to search in the river.

The expert at the 6th Sky stopped moving almost instantly and when he was pulled out, his body was cold while his face was white. It was as if he had been crushed by some power.

Seeing this, the pirates were full of schadenfreude.

The other expert at the 7th Sky entered for a short amount of time before struggling and was pulled out.

’’The whirlpools at the depths of the river contain a terrifying pulling force and devastating pressure...’’

The expression of the expert at the 7th Sky was pale white and had no energy.

Master Bi's expression became solemn.

If the Water Moon Treasury's entrance was so easy to find, why would the pirates wait for them?

Zhao Feng quietly walked around the river and inspected it.

His left eye surveyed the situation within the river.

These whirlpools seemed to be formed by nature and when one went against it, the more terrifying the power it would be.

At the end, one would have to face the suction of several hundred to a thousand whirlpools.

’’Even normal cultivators at True Spirit Realm would find it hard to resist this array formed by nature.’’

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

If they were to just send out people one after another to find the cave, the most likely result would be that they would lose their lives.

Master Bi noticed Zhao Feng's actions and faintly smiled, ’’Little brother, what do you think we should do?’’

Being at True Spirit Realm, Master Bi's words obviously caught the attention of many.

The pirates looked at Zhao Feng's appearance and were slightly puzzled.

They had first thought that this guy was part of them.

’’I think that we should first scout out the whirlpools as there seems to be an array formed by nature down there.’’

Zhao Feng spoke.

As he spoke, a cold light glimmered in the Severed Blood Bald Eagle's eyes.

’’Does this brat have some skill or is it a coincidence?’’

The Severed Blood Bald Eagle exchanged glances with the azure robed elder next to him.

The azure robed elder squinted his eyes and laughed when he glanced at Zhao Feng, ’’This brat might know one or two about arrays.’’

The Severed Blood Pirates were already figuring out how to break the array below, but it was technically impossible to do so as it was the same as facing the limitless power of heaven and earth.

Therefore, the Severed Blood Pirates were trying to find out the route where they would pass by only the weakest of whirlpools.

Putting it simply, it was finding the flaw or the weak point in the array.

Having a clear path, the people in both parties who knew about arrays started to discuss.

Bi Qiaoyu and two other elders who excelled in arrays began to explore.

At this point in time.

Both the Transverse Water Stronghold and Severed Blood Pirates were trying their best to figure out a solution by sending people down time after time.

Zhao Feng gazed coldly on the side and walked around the river once again.

Both sides were discussing how to avoid the whirlpool and find the path to the entrance.

’’Ayy..... what a bunch of retards...’’

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

That's right.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had already discovered the best path of the array and was almost certain where the entrance was.

If the Severed Blood Pirates were to know this, they would probably vomit blood.

One had to know that they had paid a terrible price to find the entrance and had lost elites that were more than what could be counted with two hands but all Zhao Feng did was walk about the river twice.

Time passed by slowly.

Both sides reached a bottleneck in finding the entrance.

Bi Qiaoyu's knowledge in array surpassed what Zhao Feng had thought but their way of thinking was wrong.

’’Looks like I have to help them a bit.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

He didn't have any intentions of keeping all the treasure to himself because it was only a matter of time before these people reached the entrance and the longer they took, the more people would arrive and this had no benefits for Zhao Feng.

’’There's a saying, 'the most dangerous place is the safest place'.’’

Zhao Feng walked up next to Bi Qiaoyu and said softly.

The two elders who were also proficient in arrays didn't understand and had looks of disdain.

’’Ohh! I get it! Thanks Brother Zhao! You're definitely a genius.’’

Bi Qiaoyu said excitedly and everyone turned around to look at her.

Bi Qiaoyu's face was bright red and full of smiles, ’’The Water Moon Treasury should be at the centre of the whirlpool where it's most dangerous. If I'm not wrong the ’’Key of the Array’’ should be there.’’

’’Impossible, the most dangerous place of the whirlpool can even rip cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm into shreds.’’

One of the elders retorted and when Zhao Feng heard this, he almost started cursing.

’’It's like a tornado. The outer part is where the winds are strongest but the centre is extremely calm. This more one resists in this whirlpool array, the more the suction. On the other hand if you just go with the flow, you may be able to reach the key of the array without paying too much of a price.’’

Bi Qiaoyu quickly explained.

In just one speech, she had broken the array.

’’What she says is true and logical.’’

The eyes of the azure robed elder from the pirates side lit up.

They weren't dumb, it was just that their way of thinking was wrong and had instinctively wanted to avoid the most dangerous zone.

However, reality was exactly the opposite. The most dangerous place was actually the safest place.

Furthermore, the location of the Water Moon Treasury had to be at a specific location. If one wasn't willing to take risks, how would they get any rewards?


The Transverse Water Stronghold and pirates went down this line of thought and sent experts to test it out.


From below the river came the scream of a pirate at the 7th Sky.

A disfigured bloody corpse was soon pulled out.

’’What's going on? Didn't you say that if we went with the flow we'll be able to reach the eye of the array where it's the safest....?’’

Some of the pirates looked unsatisfying towards Bi Qiaoyu with red eyes.

Bi Qiaoyu's face went pale white as she looked towards Zhao Feng and Master Bi because this chain of thought was provided by Zhao Feng.

’’Bunch of retards!’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but curse.

He saw clearly how that pirate had died with his God's Spiritual Eye.

Although it was said that the more you resist, the greater the suction

Thus, if you went with the flow, the power against you would be smaller.

It didn't mean that not resisting meant not to use your True Force to protect your body.

Do you really f*king think your body is a legendary immortal, undying body?


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