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King Of Gods - Chapter 282


Chapter 282 - Party

’’Master Bi, what should we do? Are we really going to let those pirates take the Water Moon Treasury?’’

’’The Transverse Water Bay is our territory. How can we give these treasury to the pirates?’’

’’But Master Bi is seriously injured... ’’

The upper echelon of the stronghold discussed.

Most of the people were greedy and impatient towards the Water Moon Treasury, unwilling for it to be taken by the pirates.

After all, the Water Moon Treasury was in their territory. How could they just watch as the pirates took it?

’’Water Moon Treasury? What's this legend?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but be curious.

All the people here knew of the Water Moon Treasury. Only Zhao Feng didn't know anything.

However, from Master Bi's injury, it could be seen that the Water Moon Treasury had a great attraction for even those at the True Spirit Realm.

Master Bi's eyes shone as he said in a low tone: ’’The Severed Blood Water Leader Bald Eagle is extremely crafty. He set a trap to lure me in and ambushed me. However, he's also injured due to my counterattack.’’

Hearing this, more people suggested to attack and steal the treasure.

Although Master Bi had been tricked by the Severed Blood Bald Eagle and one of his legs was now disabled, the latter had also been injured.

All in all, Master Bi was at a disadvantage but the stronghold had more elites.

Immediately, Master Bi recovered while the Head of the Bi family gathered the upper echelon and experts.

Through some discussion, the stronghold decided to send its elites to fight for the treasury. Of course, there would be people left behind to protect the stronghold.

About half the time it took for tea to be made.

The Transverse Water Bay had gathered a powerful battalion. There was a total of four half step True Spirit Realm, seventeen 7th Sky, and dozens of 6th Sky cultivators.

It was obvious that the Transverse Water Stronghold was going down the path of elites.

On one hand, the stronghold needed people to protect it and on the other hand, it was for personal gain.

The more people going meant that the treasures split would be less.

’’Master Bi, what should we do with this unknown youth?’’

A few upper echelons looked at the blue haired youth with some enmity.

The blue haired youth was wearing an eyepatch with a cold expression - he didn't seem like a good person either.

’’Master Bi, in these situations, I'd rather kill an innocent than let a caught fish go.’’

A cold light flashed in one of the experts at the 7th Sky's eyes.

This suggestion was soon agreed upon by many. Some were even certain that Zhao Feng was a pirate.

Zhao Feng was somewhat surprised as he stroked his chin.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on Zhao Feng's shoulder and waved its paws in disdain.

Facing the group of experts, the one cat and one human were very calm.

’’Hmph! He was pulled up from the water by me and with such a cute cat, how can they be pirates?’’

Only Bi Qiaoyu stood out and protect Zhao Feng.

When Zhao Feng was pulled out, Master Bi had personally checked Zhao Feng and found that this youth had a bloodline power.

In the Canopy Great Country, bloodlines represented nobility. These people were welcomed everywhere. Was there a need to be a pirate at such a young age?

Furthermore, under all the enmity of all these people, they were unusually calm and this surprised Master Bi.

He couldn't see through Zhao Feng, but everything was possible. This mysterious youth would be left uncontrolled in the stronghold.

’’Little friend, are you interested to come with us to go to the treasury?’’ Master Bi asked with a warm smile.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think of Master Bi's intelligence.

Since he wasn't relaxed with Zhao Feng, why not take the latter with them?

If Zhao Feng really had other motives, they could easily kill him with their battalion.

However, if Zhao Feng was innocent, his cultivation and bloodline power would be a great help to them.


Zhao Feng nodded his head. He didn't know what the Water Moon Treasury was, so he asked about it.

’’The brat really doesn't know about the Water Moon Treasury?’’

The elites of the stronghold were surprised.

If Zhao Feng really didn't know anything about the Water Moon Treasury, this would mean that Zhao Feng wasn't from the area and probably didn't have any relationship with the pirates.

’’The Water Moon Treasury comes from the famous Flower Picking Moon Pirates hundreds of years ago... ’’ The Head of the Bi family explained.

A hundred years ago, there was a Flower Picking Pirate that shocked the entire Canopy Great Country - the Water Moon Great Pirate.

The Water Moon Great Pirate traveled across the country, committing countless crimes, stealing treasures and tarnishing young girls.

Although the Water Moon Great Pirate hadn't reached the apex of cultivation, his speed and movement was so incredible that it allowed him to run away from several True Lord Ranks.

Zhao Feng knew what had happened after listening only to half of the story.

This Water Moon Great Pirate had incredible speed and movement and ge had tarnished many beauties as well as stolen countless treasures.

After he died, he put all his treasures at a secret location and this was the Water Moon Treasury.

However, Zhao Feng was slightly curious. If the Water Moon Great Pirate's speed was at the apex, how could he die?

The Head of the Bi family revealed the key to this puzzle.

’’The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible that the Water Moon Great Pirate cultivated was a wicked skill close to the Spiritual Grade High level. Cultivating this skill can steal the Yin in women and replenish themselves. In just a few decades, the Water Moon Great Pirate used this skill to reach the True Mystic Rank. However, the later stages of this skill requires women with higher cultivation and one day, he set his target on 'Empress Qin'.’’

Empress Qin.

Zhao Feng's breathing rate quickened. He didn't think that the Water Moon Great Pirate's death would have to do with the person that he was going to give the letter to.

’’Empress Qin is ranked the top beauty in the Canopy Great Country and her cultivation is at the True Spirit Realm. The Water Moon Great Pirate arrogantly entered the important grounds of the Imperials and the place where Empress Qin lived. However, this time, the Water Moon Great Pirate failed.’’

’’At the end, he had to burn his Qi of True Spirit and escape with serious injuries before putting his knowledge and treasures into a hidden location.’’

When everyone heard up to here, they were all sighing.

The Water Moon Great Pirate had swept across the Canopy Great Country, but at the end, he went too high-key and dared to touch the Emperor's woman.

The Water Moon Great Pirate had died around a hundred years ago. His treasures were enough to move a True Lord Rank's heart. His wealth was probably more than what normal experts at the True Lord Rank had.

’’Personally or not, we mustn't allow the Blood Bald Eagle to get the Water Moon Pirate's treasure. If a wicked skill like the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was to be spread, it would threaten our stronghold. Master Bi gritted his teeth.

This was agreed to by everyone.

’’That's right, we must stop the pirates from taking the treasury.’’

’’Our stronghold needs to work together to fight for the treasury and destroy the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.’’ The group said righteously and soon formed a powerful party for battle.

Zhao Feng stood on the side righteously and watched coldly like a spectator.

Although these people all acted in a righteous manner, which one of them wasn't greedy and putting their eyes on the Water Moon Treasury? If they really got the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, who would give it up?

One had to know that Spiritual grade skills were almost extinct in the continent.

Even Zhao Feng's Lightning Inheritance was only comparable to a High tier Spiritual grade skill. The Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was a wicked skill that could allow the cultivator to increase their cultivation rapidly in a short amount of time.

Soon, the Transverse Water Stronghold party charged towards the depths of the bay under Master Bi's command.

Of these elites included Zhao Feng of 'outside help'.

Zhao Feng could even feel that at least four people in the group were watching his every move. Apart from Zhao Feng, Bi Qiaoyu was also included in the party.

This young girl who was twelve to thirteen was talented and had already reached the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

However in Zhao Feng's eyes, Bi Qiaoyu participating with her strength and experience was a burden.

Many of the upper echelons were puzzled and the Head of the Bi family was against it, but Master Bi had ordered Bi Qiaoyu himself to come.

’’Qiaoyu is smart and excels in arrays and mechanics, having learnt from a mechanic master. According to what I know, the Water Moon Pirate was proficient in mechanics and arrays. It can be imagined that his treasury is full of traps and mechanisms.’’ Master Bi explained.

He was the only one at the True Spirit Realm here and his position was unmovable in the Transverse Water Stronghold.

Since Master Bi had made the decision, no one argued.

Bi Qiaoyu was innocent and pure. Hearing that she was going to fight with the pirates, she found it fun and accepted it.

On the way, she played with the little thieving cat and her sounds of happiness created some joy for the silent and withdrawn group.

’’Bi Qiaoyu started learning mechanisms and arrays from a young age and the Water Moon Treasury was coincidentally here. Are things this coincidental?’’

Zhao Feng was suspicious, but he didn't ask anything so as to not draw Master Bi's suspicions.

The party met several hordes of pirates on the way and obviously slaughtered them. Afterall, most of the people here were of the 6th Sky and tgey had an expert at the True Spirit Realm here.

After passing a hundred or so miles, a river appeared in front of the party. This river was very weird - on the surface it seemed very calm but below it was countless whirlpools.

On the shore was a pirate ship and when the party arrived, the people on the ship were waiting.

The pirates on the ship were also elites and the leader wore a black eyepatch and red robe. He had a brutal expression and he was at the centre of the pirates as if he was the King.

The forces of the pirates were also considerable and not much different from the Transverse Water Stronghold's.

’’Old man Bi, you've lost a leg and even burned your Qi of True Spirit under severe injuries. Shouldn't you be resting instead of coming to fight for the treasury?’’

The one eyed red robed person licked his lips and released a bloody dominant aura of the True Spirit Realm with killing intent so cold that it touched the heart.


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