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King Of Gods - Chapter 278


Chapter 278 - Bet

In a wild forest...


Zhao Feng's faint figure appeared.

"This aura… "

Zhao Feng's face froze as his God's Spiritual Eye sensed an aura.

The Flooding Lake City Lord…

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. Right now, he was at least a thousand miles away from the Flooding Lake City, but he was still able to catch a wisp of the City Lord's aura.

This aura was merged with the Heaven Earth Fire Yuan Qi.

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he thought of a terrifying possibility.

Obviously, the City Lord had either broken through to the True Lord Rank or he was already at the True Lord Rank and had hidden his cultivation level before.

This result was obviously horrible for Zhao Feng.

He knew clearly how much power a True Lord had.

Of the eight strongest forces in the Great Country, everyone of them had at least one True Lord cultivator because no matter how many cultivators at the Ascended Realm and normal True Spirit Realm there were, it wasn't enough to dominate.

According to the ancient records, a faction must have a True Lord Rank cultivator to reach the half-star mark.

Although Zhao Feng didn't know whether or not the Flooding Lake Liu family was comparable to a half - star faction, he was sure that the Thirteen Clans definitely weren't.

All in all, the Flooding Lake City Lord's power and fame would have risen and this created a large resistance towards Zhao Feng's escape.

"That Flooding Lake City Lord is extremely calculating and may use his True lord cultivation level to try and find me. Although the Canopy Great Country is enormous and the forces are complex, his power can still affect anything near the Flooding Lake Area."

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

With the current situation, he must leave the Flooding Lake Area.


Zhao Feng continued down the trees and used the Yin Shadow Cloak to conceal himself as he traveled towards the Capital of the Canopy Great Country.

The Capital was one of the most populated cities of the Country and having stayed in Flooding Lake City for half a year, he obviously had a map of the Canopy Great Country copied into his mind.

Zhao Feng would occasionally open his God's Spiritual Eye and scan the landscape and compare it to the map in his mind.

In the blink of an eye, several days had passed by.

Zhao Feng tried to use the Azure Sharp Swallow as less as possible, because it would be too eye-catching in the sky.

The Canopy Great Country was incomparable to the Thirteen Countries. Here, martial arts was practised everywhere and flying steeds would fly by occasionally.

On this day, Zhao Feng landed in front of a small pond.

"What's going on? My eye… "

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye felt tired and would feel more so when he used it.

The weird thing was that Zhao Feng found that his mental energy source was full.

Even when Zhao Feng had fought Liu Yuan a couple days ago, it wasn't this obvious.

The pond was extremely calm and it was like a mirror.

Zhao Feng stood in front of the pond and looked at his hair.

Soon, Zhao Feng found that around one tenth of his azure hair had turned faint ice blue.

The colour of his hair had been changing the past few days.

Furthermore, the azure eye would occasionally flicker with a cold, icy aura.

Every time that aura came forth, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye's power would rise for a short amount of time.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng was able to pull Liu Yuan's mental energy consciousness into an illusion or else all he could do was run.

However, right now, even when Zhao Feng used his God's Spiritual Eye normally, he would feel tired.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared on his shoulder and took out two coins which he waved towards Zhao Feng.

One of these coins came from the Floating Crest palace, whereas the other came from Liu Qinxin.

The Floating Crest Palace coin was newer, whereas Liu Qinxin's one was slightly rusty.

"You're saying that someone's caught up?"

Zhao Feng's expression froze.

The little thieving cat nodded its head and threw the two coins into the air with 'Dings'.

Was it a blessing or danger?

Zhao Feng cursed in his heart. The route that he had taken was extremely concealed. How could someone have caught up?

The little thieving cat seemed to sense something as one of the coin's went 'Weng~' and in the next instant, it hid inside the Spiritual Pet Bag.


The sound of flying appeared and with it came a powerful aura of the half step True Spirit Realm.

This aura was very familiar.

Not good!

Zhao Feng used his Yin Shadow Cloak and hid at the edges of the pond.

A few breaths later, a figure in white like an angel from a painting landed.

The person was Liu Qinxin. Zhao Feng didn't know if it was a coincidence or not, but Liu QInxin landed right next to him and sighed as she looked at the pond.

Her eyes were even clearer than the pond and were calm.

"How did you catch up?"

Zhao Feng revealed himself. He obviously didn't think that Liu Qinxin would land right next to him by coincidence.

Although Zhao Feng's EQ was low, it didn't mean that his IQ was.

Liu Qinxin seemed to have some resentment, but she didn't show any anger or rage.

"My Master left me two things before she died and told me me that it can decide my future and marriage."

She smiled mockingly and revealed another tattered old coin.

This old coin was extremely similar to the one the little thieving cat had.

No wonder, the only problem that Zhao Feng could think of was the coin that the little thieving cat had taken.

With the little thieving cat's attitude, the things that it had taken wouldn't be given back.

This resulted in Zhao Feng almost being in danger. If Liu Qinxin didn't come alone and brought a few experts of the True Spirit Realm with her…

When Zhao Feng thought up to here, he sweated coldly and looked back with his God's Spiritual Eye but didn't find any signs of others.

"Don't worry, we'll solve the stuff between us."

Liu Qinxin's clear eyes surveyed the youth in front of her.

They had almost become husband and wife before.

"Solve? How?"

Zhao Feng felt slightly uneasy and guilty from being looked at.

"I'll tell you a story before we solve our problem." Liu Qinxin smiled.

At this moment, her beauty made Zhao Feng slightly dazed.

"I'll wash my face and listen."

It was only till now that Zhao Feng found that he didn't know much about his fiance.

"A long time ago, an expert took in three women disciples and let the three all choose an inheritance. Although the three were all talented, they could only comprehend one of the inheritances… " Liu Qinxin spoke.

Zhao Feng listened quietly and felt extremely calm.

"The first disciple was extremely smart and chose the Dao of Life, the second disciple was a beauty who chose the Dao of Charm and the third disciple didn't like to fight so she chose the Dao of Entertainment."

Liu Qinxin faintly smiled when she spoke up to here.

"It looks like you received the inheritance of the first disciple."

Zhao Feng was very interested in the story. Liu Qinxin's Master was indeed not simple - she had made Liu Qinxin change her destiny and from the little thieving cat's point of view, had almost schemed against him

"The first disciple is my Master who had passed away. The third disciple is my Mother who was schemed against and killed by the second disciple." Liu Qinxin said.

Zhao Feng paused. The first and third disciple had died, leaving behind only the second disciple who specialised in the Dao of Charm.

Did this mean that the disciple that chose the Dao of Charm was more suitable for survival?

"The story's finished. Let's solve the problem between us now."

Liu Qinxin's eyes focused on Zhao Feng and she started to smile.

Zhao Feng's hairs crept up.

Did this mean that Liu Qinxin still wanted to force the marriage?

"Don't worry, I'm not here to force the marriage."

Liu Qinxin sighed: "The thing is that your escape leaves behind a great humiliation for the Flooding lake Liu family."

Zhao Feng stayed silent and thought;'if it wasn't because of your father, would there be this result?'

"Also, my name and reputation is now tarnished because of your escape… "

Hearing up to here, Zhao Feng's heart shook slightly. His plan was all from his point of view.

Zhao Feng's actions were the same as saying that he didn't want this girl.

"What do you want me to do?" Zhao Feng asked.

At this moment, he was full of guilt and wanted to repay her somehow.

"One, go back to the Flooding Lake City and ask for a punishment from my father and the Liu family. From then on, the two of us won't have any relationship." Liu Qinxin said calmly.

"And the second choice?"

Zhao Feng thought that if he was to go back, he'd be beaten into a pulp.

Who could take on the rage of the City Lord, who was now at the True Lord Rank?

"Two, go back and continue our marriage."

Liu Qinxin's face went slightly red.

Zhao Feng almost fainted. She had said that she wasn't going to force the marriage but this was it, wasn't it?

"What's your decision?"

Liu Qinxin asked.

"I… I choose to… Keep on running… "

Zhao Feng's words took a return. If he was to return, he'd be either beaten into a pulp or forced into the marriage.

The first decision was possible, but only when he was strong enough not to be scared of them.

"You… Being an adult, how can you… "

"I what?"

Zhao Feng EQ was just too low.

"Be so irresponsible… "

Liu Qinxin bit her lips.

"Adult? I'm still underage."

Zhao Feng's high IQ was displayed.

"You… "

Liu Qinxin stopped speaking.

"How about we have a bet?"

Liu Qinxin's eyes turned.


Zhao Feng wasn't scared at all.

"We'll spar right now. If you win you can throw away all the responsibilities. But if you lose, you must choose one of the two." Liu Qinxin said somewhat resentfully.

"Hahaha… If I lose, I'll go back and marry you straight away." Zhao Feng started to laugh with confidence.

Although Liu Qinxin's strength surpassed normal half step True Spirit Realm's by far and had a bloodline power, Zhao Feng had succeeded in escaping from a True Spirit Realm expert.


Liu Qinxin smiled and pressed her hands on her dantian as a seal was broken.

Instantly, her Qi of half step True Spirit Realm turned into real 'Qi of True Spirit'.

"Qi of True Spirit… You… you had sealed your cultivation."

Zhao Feng was stunned. The aura from the True Spirit Realm made him almost unable to breath.


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