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King Of Gods - Chapter 276


Chapter 276 - Fighting a True Spirit Realm Expert

The Azure Sharp Swallow flew freely in the air and Zhao Feng stood on its back.

His eyes were closed as he faced the chaotic wind;incessantly recovering his Yuan Qi.

As he had an ancient bloodline, Zhao Feng's recovery speed was much faster than normal people and it was soon 70-80% recovered.

At a certain point in time, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and a faint blue light flashed from the centre of his eyes.

’’Could it be that my left eye... is going to undergo another change... ?’’ Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

After the battle when Zhao Feng fully circulated his God's Spiritual Eye, the mysterious ice cold blue aura would appear.

His hand ran over his pure azure hair and amongst them were a few ice blue hairs.

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. A small amount of his azure hair had started to turn ice blue.

The ice blue aura in his left eye... Ice blue hair appearing in his azure hair...

What did this all mean?

Zhao Feng's eyes was filled with joy and expectation.

Right at this moment, he heard the sound of flying behind him.

’’Aura of the True Spirit Realm. Not good!’’

Zhao Feng's expression turned solemn.

His God's Spiritual Eye scanned the area behind him and found a flashing white figure chase after him.

Liu Yuan.

Zhao Feng instantly knew the opposer's identity.

Before the escape, Zhao Feng had purposely interacted with him.

’’Zhao Feng, come back and repent for your sins back at the City.’’

Liu Yuan's rightrous voice that contained the power of True Spirit appeared and scattered the birds nearby.

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and a mocking smile appeared on his lips. He didn't reply.

Liu Yuan started to get angry. How arrogant was Zhao Feng? Not even putting the pursuit of a True Spirit Realm in his eyes.

’’Does he really think he had deal with a True Spirit Realm?’’

Liu Yuan thought about Zhao Feng's past battle experience and didn't look down on him anymore.

However, Liu Yuan didn't believe that a junior that hadn't even reached the half step True Spirit Realm could really deal with a true True Spirit Realm warrior.

’’Normal cultivators at the True Human Rank can probably last up to ten to twenty miles. After going past this limit for a mile or two, they'll find it tiring.’’

Zhao Feng was calm. This was the air, not the ground.

Although cultivators at the True Spirit Realm had exceeded normal living beings and could fly... they weren't birds and didn't specialise in flying.

Therefore, the proficient ness of a True Human Rank flying was shorter than normal flying creatures.

However, the explosiveness of a True Human Rank was not to be looked down upon.

’’This Liu Yuan is still ten to twenty miles away from me. Once he catches up, he'll be at his limit.’’

Zhao Feng's calculation was very precise.

Normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm would have already panicked and fallen into despair if someone at the True Spirit Realm was pursuing them.

However, Zhao Feng was calm and controlled the entire situation.

Even if Zhao Feng had his full strength available, his chances didn't exceed 30%.

Liu Yuan wasn't a retard and didn't continue to exhaust his Qi of True Spirit. He took out his 'Phosphorous coloured Swallow'.

This Phosphorous Coloured Swallow was around the same size as the Azure Sharp Swallow and its cultivation had reached the half step True Spirit Realm.

Under full speed, it was even a bit faster than the Azure Sharp Swallow.

As the gap between the two were getting closer, Liu Yuan smiled: ’’Zhao Feng, you have no hope anymore. Just give up.’’

Zhao Feng didn't do anything and watched Liu Yuan close in on him.

The aura of the True Spirit Realm made the Azure Sharp Swallow below him tremble.

Soon, Liu Yuan was within ten miles of Zhao Feng and his smile became more and more confident.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng whistled and his God's Spiritual Eye gave off a weird whisp.

The next instant, the Phosphorous Coloured Swallow screeched and amongst flashing lights, it turned into a wind that rampaged around.

’’Phosphorous Coloured Swallow, what happened... ?’’

Liu Yuan was caught off guard.

The second that the Phosphorous Coloured Swallow touched him, it attacked chaotically and even left some light injuries on him.

Next, the Phosphorous Coloured Swallow lost its mind and slammed into a mountain below, shattering its bones.


Liu Yuan was full of grief and locked onto Zhao Feng with poisonous eyes: ’’Shameless junior, how dare you trick my pet... ?’’

He suddenly remembered how Zhao Feng had suggested to help tame his beast. At that time, Liu Yuan didn't have any suspicions. After all, it became smarter and more obedient.

Furthermore, no one would have ever thought that Zhao Feng would escape and betray the Flooding Lake City Lord.

’’After losing your steed, how are you going to pursue me?’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

His planning was precise and every possibility was thought of.

This was especially so for Liu Yuan - he was the most likely expert at the True Spirit Realm that Zhao Feng was going to encounter. Once he was caught up to him, Zhao Feng's plan would fail.

’’Ten miles to catch you... that's more than enough!’’

Liu Yuan lightly exclaimed and a bright white light shone from his body.

Normal cultivators at the True Spirit Realm could last from ten to twenty miles and in this time, Liu Yuan's speed was faster than the Azure Sharp Swallow's. But as time passed, his speed would gradually slow down.

As Liu Yuan was about to get closer into a several mile radius...

’’Hehe, I'll wait for it.’’

Zhao Feng laughed lightly and the Luohou Bow appeared in his hand.

In terms of ranged attacks, those at the True Spirit Realm couldn't even compare to bows.

Zhao Feng circulated his True Force and bloodline power, causing an arc of lightning to surround his Luohou Bow and a layer of ice to envelope Zhao Feng's body.

Sharp wisps of lightning appeared on the tip of the Luohou Arrows and whirlwinds formed on the other ends.

Beng~~ Sou- Sou- Sou--

Three arrows filled with coldness and lightning flashed through the air with incredible agility, easily travelling several miles.

Liu Yuan only felt the humming of lightning and coldness coming from in front of him.

Although he was extremely agile and fast in the air, he couldn't evade the three Luohou Arrows that had exceeded the speed of sound.

After the refinement, the Luohou Bow's level had reached the Peak level Mortal grade and with the Luohou Arrows, it had definitely reached the limit of Mortal grade weapons.

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline and merged his Lightning Inheritance comprehension into every arrow. Each Luohou Arrow had the capability to slay a cultivator at the 7th Sky and even normal cultivators at the half step True Spirit Realm.

Even someone as strong as Liu Yuan felt some threat from the arrows.

He lightly drew a breath and took out a black writing blush. With a strong wave, a flash of white light twenty yards long spread out.

Liu Yuan's rushed attack was even stronger than Zhao Feng's 'Ring of Lightning'.

Ding- Ta Peng~~

The Luohou Arrow clashed with Liu Yuan's attack and a terrifying coldness and ball of lightning exploded.

Liu Yuan could easily deal with the Luohou Bow attacks, but the terrifying part was the elements of ice and lightning.

Every time he dealt with it, his speed would slow down.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng's Luohou Arrows would flash back to their owner instantly.

Arrow after arrow pierced through to air towards Liu Yuan.

Not only did Liu Yuan need to fly, he still had to face the troublesome archery skills that slowed him down.

In just ten breaths, Liu Yuan was ruffled and filled with shock and rage.

If it was on the ground, he would have rushed up already and easily finished off three to five half step True Spirit Realm's in an instant.

However, this was in the domain of the sky, a battle in the sky.

Zhao Feng stood on top of the Azure Sharp Swallow and he didn't need to expend True Force to fly, so from the beginning, he held the advantage.

’’Junior, don't let me catch you... ’’

Liu Yuan furiously circulated his Qi of True Spirit and almost started to burn it. Back then, First Elder of the Broken Moon Clan had burnt his Qi of True Spirit to slay an expert at the True Spirit Realm from the Iron Dragon Country and gave the Broken Moon Clan time to escape.

Although Liu Yuan was furious right now, he wasn't in a life or death situation so he didn't really dare to burn his Qi of True Spirit.

Once the Qi of True Spirit was burned, it would harm his foundation and there was the possibility in a drop in cultivation or no chance of reaching a step further.

Coming limitlessly close to burning his Qi of True Spirit, Liu Yuan's speed once again rose.

Zhao Feng shot out three arrows lightning quick and these were taken head on by Liu Yuan, giving the latter some small injury as he closed in.

’’Two miles left.’’

Zhao Feng had a solemn expression as he took a deep breath and shouted, sending a wave of mental energy.

He obviously didn't expect to deal Liu Yuan with this.

His God's Spiritual Eye was suddenly opened to the maximum. The azure left eye seemed to contain an abyss that kept on extending.

Liu Yuan's heart shook and his consciousness struggled.


Zhao Feng felt extremely troublesome as he continued to create mental illusions to try and pull Liu Yuan's mental energy consciousness inside. This was several times harder than those at the half step True Spirit Realm.

At this point in time, his God's Spiritual Eye had reached a level that it had never reached before.


The azure abyss suddenly gave off a faint blue light and the power of the God's Spiritual Eye went up by another half level.


Liu Yuan had a feeling that the dimensions changed and he was in a prison filled with lightning. Beneath his feet with unfathomable abyss and above his head was clouds of lightning.

’’This place is... ’’

Liu Yuan was stunned. He had fallen into the opponent's mental energy.

Inside Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye's dimension, Liu Yuan's consciousness would face limitless torture.

However, Zhao Feng was already super lucky to pull his opponent's consciousness into the mental illusion. The mental energy needed to sustain this dimension was more than tens times needed to sustain a normal cultivator at the 7th Sky.

The resistance of a True Spirit Realm was like an ocean.

A breath later.

Cold sweat had appeared on Zhao Feng's head and he was feeling weak. At the same instance, Liu Yuan broke out of the mental illusion prison with humiliation, rage, weakness written on his face.

An almighty expert at the True Spirit Realm had been tortured by Zhao Feng for two hours.

It was impossible to express this humiliation.


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