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King Of Gods - Chapter 274


Chapter 274 - Ring of Lightning

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye analysed the situation.

However, the three dark figures all knew this as well.

Their one and only aim was to stall Zhao Feng.

’’Let's begin, I'll defeat all of you in twenty breaths.’’

Zhao Feng's azure hair blew as his God's Spiritual Eye became piercing sharp.


Faint azure blood in Zhao Feng's body moved and formed a glass-like tattoo, giving off an air of elegance and mysteriousness.

After the bloodline power was unleashed, Zhao Feng's eyebrows turned azure and his aura rose dramatically.


Zhao Feng exclaimed as he sent a mental energy wave towards the trio.

’’Ancient bloodline!’’

The expressions of the trio changed drastically as they circulated their True Force to the maximum and sealed off their mouth, nose, and ears.

However, even then, blood leaked from the person in front.

Fighting three cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm and still gaining the advantage.

’’Don't hold back anymore! Use all our power to stall him!’’

The throwing knife dark figure waved his hands and dozens of throwing knives turned into 'rain' which blocked Zhao Feng's escape routes.

At the same time.

Both the winged man and dagger wielder's attacks became even swifter.

The power of the trio had reached a new level.

According to previous experience, no one under the True Spirit Realm could resist up to ten breaths under the combined attacks of the trio. When the four of them were together, even the normal experts at the True Human Rank would be stalled.

However, the youth in front of them had bloodline power and lightning attacks which could exchange blows with the three at True Spirit Realm.

The more the trio fought, the more stunned they were. No matter what technique they used, it was all blocked by Zhao Feng.

With his bloodline power unleashed, Zhao Feng could crush any one of them alone.

If it wasn't because of the fact that the trio's teamwork was perfect, it would be hard to even stall Zhao Feng for ten breaths.

Shua ----

Zhao Feng's movement was like lightning and his God's Spiritual Eye controlled the situation perfectly, dissolving move after move then counterattacking.

Ten breaths later.

Burnt and bloody marks could be seen on the three figures.

’’Too weird, all of our moves can't escape his eyes.’’

’’This is the eye bloodline of the young master. The three of us combined aren't even his match.’’

’’He has hidden himself so deeply. The City Lord most likely didn't even think this far.’’

The faces of the three were filled with dumbstruck.

With every breath that passed, Zhao Feng's advantage would grow and suppress them.

Zhao Feng's Lightning Inheritance had completed the first level and his control and use of lightning had exceeded the limits of the Lightning Wind Palm.

Offense, defense, movement, skill.... Zhao Feng's every action contained lightning.

’’Aren't you guys going to move yet?’’

Zhao Feng closed in with an icy expression.

He was holding back right now since he didn't want to kill them.

Although he wanted to escape, he didn't see the Flooding Lake City Lord nor Liu Qinxin as enemies. After all, no matter what the City Lord planned, he didn't have any ill intent towards Zhao Feng.

Furthermore, these people only tried to stall him and not kill him.

This meant that both sides were holding back and didn't want to harm the life of the other party.

’’Young master, we admire your strength. Even if all of the ’’Dark Wing Four Shadows’’ were here, we still wouldn't be your match.’’

The leading knife thrower said respectfully.

At this point in time, he admired Zhao Feng's battle power.

The Dark Wing Four Shadows was a group that specialised in tracking and stealth, including assassinations.

In a short span of ten breaths they had used countless skills and usual cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm would have been killed several times.

However, Zhao Feng's eye seemed to be omnipotent and used lightning-quick means to break apart their teamwork.

If Zhao Feng was really willing, he could slay at least one of them.

’’Young master, we know that you've been holding back but our duty is to stall you, even if it means our death.’’

The dagger wielder said with a bitter smile but his eyes were full of resolve.

’’Young master, why do you force us so? The daughter of the City Lord's looks are perfect, she's talented and of noble birth.....’’

The three dark figures persuaded as they fought.

If hard measures didn't work, they could only try soft means.

On the other side.

The flute user from the Dark Wing Four Shadows had flown towards the City Wall.

On the City Wall.

A youth in purple armour looked towards the scene and said curiously: ’’What's going on? It looks like they're fighting. Zhao Feng and the Four Shadows?’’

The purple armoured youth was the person who had greeted Zhao Feng and Uncle Liu and comapany, ’’Liu Yuan’’, a genius of the younger generation.

It was also him that had told Zhao Feng of the fight for the husband.

After Zhao Feng had become the son-in-law of the City Lord, Liu Yuan could only be envious and jealous and sigh.

’’Why would the Four Shadows attack Zhao Feng? Isn't he the son-in-law of the City Lord?’’

Liu Yuan thought but no matter how hard he thought, he wouldn't have thought that Zhao Feng was running away from the wedding.

After all, it was the dream of countless men to marry a person like Liu QInxin.

’’The son-in-law of the City Lord wants to run away from the wedding. You all go to help!’’

The flute user took out a token.

’’What? Zhao Feng wants to escape the the wedding?’’

Liu Yuan's mouth was big enough to swallow an apple.

’’What are you gaping for? I need to go report to the City Lord.’’

The dark figure turned into a blur as he sped off inside the Flooding Lake City.

’’Quick! Quick! Go gather the elites and capture the son-in-law of the City Lord.’’

Only then did Liu Yuan react.

At this moment, his emotions were extremely complex.

He was the person that had welcomed Zhao Feng into the Flooding lake City and had recommended him to attend the fight.

Now it was also him that was going to capture Zhao Feng.

When Liu Yuan had gathered the elites, ten breaths had perfectly passed by.

Ten breaths.... Nine breaths..... Eight breaths.....

’’The support will almost be here.’’

The three dark robed figures held onto Zhao Feng and circulated their Qi of True Spirit.

’’It looks like a price will have to be paid.’’

Zhao Feng lightly sighed as he suddenly appeared in the middle of the three.

An faint azure barrier of lightning appeared as though it were spider webs. Any attack that came close would be blasted into dust by the lightning.

This defense was the reason why Zhao Feng faced the three at half-step True Spirit Realm with confidence.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye contracted as he suddenly threw open his arms.

The Heaven Earth element of Lightning suddenly became chaotic.

At this instant.

The comprehension of the Lightning Inheritance in Zhao Feng's mind had reached a limit.

The silence before the storm made the breathing of the three stop.

’’Not good!’’

’’He's using a strong technique!’’

The three felt it was hard to breath and the air seemed to contain a numbing sensation that spread out amongst their body.

’’Ring of Lightning!’’

Zhao Feng spread his arms as arcs after arcs of lightning formed waves that spread in every direction.

The rings of lightning extended throughout the air across a twenty yards radius and the ground near Zhao Feng's feet was instantly charred.


The three dark robed figures surrounding him immediately began to shake as if they had a seizure.

The first breath.

The three trembled continuously.

The second breath.

The closest dark robed figure fell onto the ground with black feet.

The third breath, the fourth breath.... The other two fell onto the ground uncontrollably.

The ’’Ring of Lightning’’ was a wide range attack that could numb the enemies.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The three dark robed figures lay on the ground with shock and stun.

If it wasn't because they had all used their Qi of half step True Spirit to protect their body, they'd be three black human shaped piles of charcoal.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath and put his two hands down as his ring of lightning faded away.

Using the Ring of Lightning for several breaths had expended a quarter of Zhao Feng's True Force. From this, one could see how much energy was needed to use this move.

’’Young... young master....’’

The three dark robed figures couldn't even speak properly.

At this moment, the three experts at half-step True Spirit Realm all lay on the ground with only 30% of their strength left, posing no threat to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng indifferently took out a precious True Yuan Pill to replenish his energy.

At the same time, he also called out the Azure Sharp Swallow before preparing to leave.

’’Zhao Feng..... Don't you even think about escaping.’’

Liu Yuan led two head guards at half-step True Spirit Realm over first with over a hundred group behind them.

Looking at the three dark robed figures, Liu Yuan was stunned. He had witnessed Zhao Feng's Ring of Lightning and how it had instantly caused them to lose their strength.

’’Liu Yuan, you're too late.’’

Zhao Feng smiled and stepped onto the Azure Sharp Swallow. He didn't need to worry even if he surrounded by them. After all, the Dark Wings Four Shadows' power was hard to replicate.

Zhao Feng had the confidence to slash this group into nothingness.

’’Zhao Feng, if you have the skills, fight me alone!’’

Liu Yuan roared as his battle intent surged.

Seeing Zhao Feng's strength had ignited his competitiveness.

Zhao Feng escaping would obviously make the City Lord and Liu family angry. If he was to capture and beat him, maybe the person becoming the husband would be him.

’’Hehe, fight you alone?’’

Zhao Feng stood on the Azure Sharp Swallow and glanced towards Liu Yuan as well as this group with mockery.

’’Do you dare? Everyone move back twenty yards.’’

Liu Yuan tried to anger Zhao Feng and told the people behind to stop.

It didn't matter whether Zhao Feng wanted to fight or not. All he needed to do right now was create a situation where even if he lost, reinforcements would arrive.

’’Why not?’’

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the group of hundred pursuers.

Although a lot of his True Force had been expended, he still had mental energy and finishing off this group would be less troublesome.

’’Hahaha... we'll fight fairly.’’

Liu Yuan was overjoyed and roared as he charged towards Zhao Feng.

’’Decide the battle with one move.’’

Zhao Feng didn't move and opened his God's Spiritual Eye. An azure abyss seemed to twirl.


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