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King Of Gods - Chapter 271


Chapter 271 - Complete Plan

When the truth was unveiled, both Zhao Feng and Tiegan Master were stunned.

The person Zhao Feng was searching for was actually Empress Qin of the Imperial family.

In Canopy Great Country, the Imperials were the leaders and by right, the three sects and four families should listen to them.

As he thought up to this point, Zhao Feng furrowed his eyebrows and his expression changed abruptly as he recalled a piece of information.

If he wasn't wrong, the Imperials and Iron Blood Religion were like fire and water.

The Imperials were the leaders in name while the Iron Blood Religion was a religion who used cold methods to crush their enemies.

’’Empress Qin is a person who tries to seduce every living being and wants to control the country. She is a great enemy of the Iron Blood Religion.’’

Tiemo said coldly.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng felt nervous.

The Iron Blood Religion and Imperials family where Liu Qinxin was from were enemies.

’’If I take the letter and go to Empress Qin, wouldn't this mean....’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but be worried. Tiegan Master also realised this point and looked towards Tiemo.

The eyes of the blood hair coloured, Tiemo kept on flashing before he spoke, ’’No matter what you've worked for the Iron Blood Religion and me. I keep my gratefulness and resentments apart, so I won't trouble you.’’

Zhao Feng let out a breath as he received the answer.

He was worried that the Iron Blood Religion would force him to make a decision but even though Tiemo didn't trouble Zhao Feng, the latter felt his head hurt.

The Iron Blood Religion and Imperial family couldn't stand one another.

If he formed a good relationship with the Iron Blood Religion, he would become an enemy of the Imperial family which included Empress Qin.

However, if he handed over the letter and was settled by the Imperial family, this would mean he would be the enemy of the Iron Blood Religion.

No matter which one he chose, Zhao Feng would become the enemy of one of the sides.

After the weapon was crafted, Zhao Feng immediately asked to leave.

The most important task in front of him right now was how to escape this 'marriage'.

After sending Zhao Feng away with his eyes, Tiegan Master asked, ’’Deputy Patriach, aren't you worried that Zhao Feng will be used by the Imperial family? His eye bloodline's power is remarkable.’’

’’You have to look at everything further in depth. If I forced him right now, he wouldn't be loyal. Plus, Empress Qin was born here. How much relationship would she have with someone from out of Canopy Great Country?’’

The blood hair coloured man's eyes were deep.

’’Are you saying that Zhao Feng and Empress Qin actually don't have much of a connection between them?’’

Tiegan Master seemed to understand.


A queer smile could be seen on the blood hair coloured man's face, ’’The answer will be revealed soon. We'll see whether I'm right or not at that time.’’

After returning to the city.

Zhao Feng was immediately summoned by the City Lord.

There was only half a month left till Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin's marriage.

’’You don't need to do anything from now on. Just focus on preparing for the marriage.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord said.

In this period of time, the news of the marriage between Zhao Feng and the daughter of the City Lord had spread across the entire Flooding Lake area.

The City Lord Palace was already making its preparations and the entire Flooding Lake City was filled with an atmosphere of joy.

Zhao Feng became more pressured.

The closer it was to the day of the marriage, the less chance that he would succeed in escaping.

All of this had been planned step by step by the City Lord;he gave Zhao Feng no path of retreat.

If it were any other man facing a girl such as Liu Qinxin, even if they knew the marriage was planned in order to retain him, they would be willing.

Afterall, Liu Qinxin had flawless beauty and was like a goddess.

Her talent, background, and other aspects were all perfect.

However, Zhao Feng didn't have any intentions of getting married.

He was only sixteen and wanted to solely focus on cultivation. He knew nothing about men and women.

All of this was planned by the City Lord and was 'destined' because the little thieving cat had pulled off Liu Qinxin's veil.

But in front of the City Lord, Zhao Feng agreed to everything.

’’If you become the son-in-law of the Liu family, don't get too close with the Iron Blood Religion.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord warned.

Zhao Feng soon realised that Empress Qin came from a branch Liu family.

As she was apart of the Imperial family, to a certain degree, it was representing the relationship between the Liu family and the Imperial family.

If the Liu family and Imperial family were close together, then the Iron Blood Religion would be on the opposite side.

After saying goodbye to the City Lord.

Zhao Feng returned to his place and surveyed his surroundings with his God's Spiritual Eye.

This time, his face was filled with solemness.

There was an expert at the True Spirit Realm now.

Because the marriage was closing in and his relationship with the Iron Blood Religion, the Flooding Lake City had sent an expert at the True Spirit Realm to 'protect' Zhao Feng.

With an True Spirit Realm expert here to keep an eye on Zhao Feng, the difficulty of his escape would increase dramatically.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and began to circulate his cultivation.

Since there was an expert at True Spirit Realm, there was no need to hide his strength.

On the same night, he 'broke through' to the 7th Sky.

The breakthrough this time didn't need to be consolidated since Zhao Feng was 'returning' to his original cultivation.

’’Both cultivation and foundation are more stable than before.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Although he was at the 7th Sky previously, the him today was much stronger than than when he was at the Alliance Banquet.

After the Alliance Banquet, Zhao Feng had entered the Origin Core Ruins and his mental energy level had exceeded half-step True Spirit Realm.

Furthermore, the first floor of the Lightning Inheritance was now completed. All his attributes were better than before.

The news of Zhao Feng breakthrough soon reached the City Lord's side.

’’Young master has broken through and says he needs to consolidate his cultivation, hence putting off a lot of preparations for the marriage.’’

A servant said.

’’Breaking through to a new level is good. Do your best to get rid of the minor stuff for him.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord had some admiration on his face.

Firstly, the break through in cultivation did indeed need to be consolidated. Secondly, Zhao Feng's new cultivation was more worthy of being Liu Qinxin's husband.

’’One more thing, tell him to take off the eyepatch before the marriage. A genius with an eye bloodline power is more than worthy enough of Liu Qinxin.’’

The City Lord said and his words were soon brought to Zhao Feng.

’’Good, the escape this time will need the God's Spiritual Eyes power.’’

Zhao Feng slowly took off an eyepatch.

After returning from the Tiegan Palace he had received a new eyepatch. It was faint silver and as thin as a blade, noble and extravagant.


Using the excuse of consolidating his foundation, Zhao Feng started to begin his escape.

Although he didn't go out much, he was always planning.

He would even send the little thieving cat out to do things he couldn't.

The little thieving cat's size was small and specialised in hiding so it could do things very easily.

’’The landscape of the City Lord's Palace and Flooding Lake City are completely familiar to me now...’’

Zhao Feng thought.

With his current cultivation, he wasn't scared of the pursuit of two to three cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm.

The most troublesome people were the expert that had just arrived who was at the True Spirit Realm.

This person's name was Liu Yuan (A different person) and was rumoured to be a nephew of the City Lord. He had cultivated at Qin Sword Palace for some time and was using the name of protecting the son-in-law of the City Lord to stay.

The day of the marriage crept closer - only 5-6 days was left.

On this day.

Zhao Feng's preparations were completed and was about to 'exit consolidation'.

The first thing Zhao Feng did wasn't to find Liu Qinxin nor greet the City Lord.

His target was the expert at the True Spirit Realm.

’’Uncle Yuan, I just finished consolidating my cultivation and have many questions to ask about martial arts.’’

Zhao Feng went up to the expert at the True Spirit Realm.


Liu Yuan nodded his head. Being older, he didn't decline - many juniors would ask for pointers from him. Furthermore, the youth in front of him was the son-in-law of the City Lord and was the future young master of the Flooding Lake City.

At the same time.

Liu Yuan thought, ’’I'll use this chance to test out this kid.’’

Zhao Feng was surrounded in mysterious veil and his eye bloodline power was something that even the City Lord was curious about.

Zhao Feng first found Liu Yuan to ask about some things about cultivation then suggested to spar a bit.

His intent was obviously to test out this expert.

Liu Yuan could be considered a half-disciple of the Qin Sword Palace.

The Qin Sword Palace was one of the three sects of the country and had a good relationship with the Liu family and Imperial family.

In terms of fighting, they usually used Qins, swords, writing brushes, and flutes which all possessed an air of nobleness.

(TLN: Qin is an instrument from ancient times.)

Liu Yuan's weapon was a black writing brush and when he swung, the Qi of True Spirit would produce a grand aura.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye opened and analysed Liu Yuan's way of battle.

’’Noble, graceful, elegant.... Attack and defense are both average but his speed and agility are definitely not slow.’’

Zhao Feng observed.

The strength he currently displayed was close to the usual cultivator at half-step True Spirit Realm in Canopy Great Country which was slightly stronger than the half-step True Spirit Realms in the Thirteen Countries.

Because of the God's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng was able exchange a few moves with Liu Yuan. Of course, Liu Yuan suppressed his strength to around 30% of his true strength. The gap between the True Spirit Realm and Ascended Realm was too big.

After sparring for about an hour, Zhao Feng had finished testing Liu Yuan and to thank the latter, he asked to train Liu Yuan's flying pet.

Liu Yuan wanted to decline at first but due to Zhao Feng's honesty and will to help, he agreed. He had heard of Zhao Feng's beast taming skills.

Two hours later.

Zhao Feng teamed up with the little thieving cat and tamed Liu Yuan's ’’Phosphorous Coloured Swallow’’. The pet seemed to become smart and closer with its owner.

’’Thank you so much.’’

Liu Yuan was overjoyed but didn't know that from the beginning Zhao Feng had been planned against him and had succeeded.


Zhao Feng exchanged glances with the little thieving cat before returning.

Everything was according to plan.


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