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King Of Gods - Chapter 269


Chapter 269 - Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan

Tiegan Mountain.

Zhao Feng arrived on time as agreed.

According to the deal he and Tiegan Master had made, they would begin to craft the Spiritual grade weapon tonight.

When Zhao Feng entered the Tiegan Mountain this time, he sensed a multitudes of foreign auras causing his heart to freeze.

The entire Tiegan Mountain was tense and was dead silent. Not a single sound could be heard.

At the gates of the Tiegan Palace was a golden blood dragon sedan with a symbol of a sword and blade intertwining.

There were four sedan carriers in the four corners of the sedan and each and every one of them were straight and stationary..

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned over them and his expression changed dramatically.

The four sedan carriers had immensely powerful auras.

True Spirit Realm.

All of them were at True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a cold breath. What kind of person would have four True Human Rank experts carry a sedan?

At the same time.

Around half a mile back four dark figures merged into the darkness. Surveying Zhao Feng.

’’Tiegan Mountain tonight seems different.’’

One of the dark robed figures murmured.

The person at the front said, ’’There's a sedan outside the Tiegan Palace. It's made from gold metal and has a blood dragon as well as sword and blade....’’

As soon as his words finished.

The four dark robed figures sucked in cold breaths.

’’Golden Spear Blood Dragon Sedan.’’

The four stared at the sedan, they were paralyzed and fearful.

At this moment the backs of the four drenched in sweat.

’’What do we do?’’

One of them asked.

’’Don't move.’’

The leader's voice was bitter.

’’If that person in the sedan has the intent to kill.... Even if both the City Lord and Liu family head arrives, he can't save us.’’

The four dark robed figures were like statues as they stood motionless.

If one listened closely, they would realise that the entire Tiegan Mountain, even the birds and beasts, had not dared to make a sound.

It was dead silent.

Zhao Feng felt that even breathing was even harder than usual.

It seemed to realise that all of this had to do with the blood dragon gold metal sedan.

’’According to the deal with Tiegan Master, the person who entrusted us with this task will also arrive today.’’

Zhao Feng quietly entered the Tiegan Palace.

The four sedan carriers were like twigs, they didn't even look at Zhao Feng.

The latter only felt a coldness.

The entire Tiegan Palace was desolate, there was neither a single apprentice nor disciple in sight.

’’You're here.’’

Tiegan Master landed onto the ground.

Zhao Feng was frightened and was able to speak until Tiegan Master pulled him into a secret hall underground.

In the secret underground hall, there was a blood-red hair coloured male dressed in a golden robe. His age was around thirty he had an ordinary appearance..

’’Lord Tiemo, my assistant is here.’’

Tiegan Master said respectfully.

Zhao Feng remained stationary and inspected this blood-hair coloured golden-robed male. He couldn't see through this man at all. He seemed extremely normal but one would never forget him.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng instinctively felt that he shouldn't use his God's Spiritual Eye.

’’Him? According to the original plan we need two blacksmith masters to have a chance of success.’’

The blood hair coloured man's voice was soothing.

Tiegan Master explained, ’’Precision and control is the most important point in crafting this weapon. On this point, his precision is even better than a blacksmith master. Furthermore, Lord Tiemo needs this weapon as fast as possible but Pei Master is crafting items for the Emperor and doesn't have the time.’’

While the two were speaking, Zhao Feng was silent but he had still managed to gather a large amount of information. If he wasn't wrong, Pei Master was the number one blacksmith in Canopy Great Country.

’’Oh well, you and Pei Master were both disciples of a blacksmith grand master. In terms of forging, the two of you are probably on par.’’

The blood hair coloured man nodded his head.

He didn't question Zhao Feng's ability and instead decided to believe what Tiegan Master said.

’’What's your name?’’

The blood hair coloured man asked.

’’Junior Zhao Feng greets senior Tiemo.’’

Zhao Feng realised that this person's identity was extremely high so his tone was respectful but didn't contain any charm.

The blood coloured man nodded his head and didn't speak anymore.

Tiegan Master didn't waste any time as he lead Zhao Feng to begin forging.

Zhao Feng didn't ask many questions. What he needed to do right now was to help Tiegan Master help finish this item.

’’Look at the blueprint and its requirements before forging these few parts.’’

Tiegan Master took out a few pieces of paper and told Zhao Feng the details.

Zhao Feng took off his eyepatch and imprinted the contents onto his left eye. He was certain that these drawings weren't complete but the requirements.

The requirements stunned Zhao Feng. The precision had reached a monster level. Not a single mistake was allowed.

Furthermore, thousands of these parts were needed and each of these parts ranged in size from a seed to a palm.

These thousands of parts couldn't have any mistakes and this was just the beginning steps, not the complete item.

Although Master level people could create a few perfect parts thousands of part with the exact dimensions, weight, level of refinement, fire level couldn't have any mistakes. This was way too strict.

What was more important was that even blacksmith masters wouldn't be able to spot a mistake.

However, these problems weren't too much for Zhao Feng.

’’Any problems?’’

Tiegan Master asked.

’’No but it'll take time and effort. Additionally, in the process, there'll be some materials wasted.’’

Zhao Feng answered.

’’Materials wasted?’’

A smile curled up on the blood hair coloured man's mouth but he didn't speak.

The materials wasted before to craft this weapon could fit up an entire Tiegan palace.

’’Remember, the slightest mistake can cause the item to fail.’’

Tiegan Master warned.

’’Even if there is mistakes I'll find it.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head and started to refine the materials.

From start to finish his expression was calm and had no change in emotion.

His every breath, every power, was controlled perfectly.

The blood hair coloured man stared at his azure eye for a while with interest but didn't speak.

Time passed by slowly.

Zhao Feng and Tiegan Master both worked on their own parts.

The former worked on beginner level work that was more troublesome while the latter worked on arrays and the refinement of high grade materials.

Zhao Feng was shocked as he processed these materials. Any one of these parts were worth a normal mortal weapon and these were only the low grade materials.

Zhao Feng didn't even know the name of the high grade materials and Tiegan Master would tell him their elements and process it according to the drawings.

The beginning of the forging was a long journey.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye controlled every refinement and as time passed, the speed of his hands increased like a line of water.

One needed to be extremely careful when refining these items since a little change in temperature or power would cause failure.

And indeed, Zhao Feng did waste some materials but he learnt from his mistakes and would soon find the perfect point.

The blood hair coloured man's calm expression started to turn into solemness as time passed.

In the blink of an eye half a month passed by.

Zhao Feng would sleep when he was tired and then keep on working when he woke up.

Finally, on this day, the processing was done.

’’The first step is finally finished. Now we need to find the mistakes and make sure these parts are perfect.’’

Tiegan Master said.

The method they used was very simple: Inspect each other's items.

Zhao Feng first inspected Tiegan Master's works. Every one of his works were like an art piece.

According to Tiegan Master's requirements, Zhao Feng found a total of one hundred and twenty-three including those with the slightest imperfection.

’’A hundred and twenty three? So much?’’

Tiegan Master was slightly surprised and looking closely at it some of these were acceptable but had been picked out by Zhao Feng.

After that.

It was Tiegan Master's turn to look at Zhao Feng's work.

’’Six in total.’’

Tiegan Master was surprised. These flaws were mainly because that Zhao Feng lacked experience or didn't understand the theory.

The expression of the blood hair coloured man changed slightly.

’’Let me check once as well.’’

Zhao Feng started to double check through his work and would question Tiegan Master sometimes.

Soon twenty three flaws were picked out.

Some of these were hidden very well - even Tiegan Master couldn't see it. Another few of these flaws were either too small or acceptable.

However, all of these were taken out.

After this Zhao Feng then checked all of these parts over a few times.


Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The first step had been succesfully complete and Tiegan Master was overjoyed because the time used was less than half of what was expected.

The merging of the items needed someone of high forging skills to do it so Zhao Feng was only an assistant.

Plus the core secrets needed to be hidden from Zhao Feng.

What the latter needed to do was find the 'flaws'.

Continuous improvement.

Step after step was complete.

When the eighth day of the second month arrived, Tiegan Master stopped.

’’All the steps are complete. We just have one more thing to do - forging.’’

Tiegan Master took a deep breath as he requested Zhao Feng to check over the flaws.

Zhao Feng triple checked the materials and nodded his head.

The blood hair coloured man also participated in forging.

This was the last step and failure meant that everything before was for nothing.

Therefore, Zhao Feng didn't need to participate in this step and was asked to go back. After all, this item came from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and the crafting level was unheard of. The final item would be world shocking.

’’If the forging succeeds, you'll be a hero of the Iron Blood Religion.’’

The blood hair coloured man nodded his head towards Zhao Feng.


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