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King Of Gods - Chapter 267


Chapter 267 - Mysterious Entrustment

The azure symbol was comprised of lightning, it was like an arc.

It was similar to the symbol that Zhao Feng had received in the Floating Crest Trial.

The arcs of lightning within this seal contained deep intent and represented Zhao Feng's understanding of the Lightning Inheritance.

At the same time.

In Zhao Feng's mind, the first floor of the Lightning Inheritance lit up entirely and the second floor showed signs of awakening, it wasn't as dim as it used to be.

As for the third floor, it was still pitch black.

’’The Lightning Inheritance is split into three floors. Those at Ascended Realm can usually only comprehend the first floor whereas the second floor needed one to be at True Spirit Realm. As for the third floor, one needs to be at least at the third rank of the True Spirit Realm- the ’’True Lord Rank’’. If I'm able to comprehend the entire Lightning Inheritance, there's a chance of reaching the Origin Core Realm.’’

Zhao Feng lightly let out a breath and the azure lightning seal in his palm turned into a flower the size of a fist that blossomed in the air before disappearing.

At this instant.

The entire first floor had been comprehended by Zhao Feng and the entrance to the second floor was open.

The only problem was the fact that the second floor required one to be True Spirit Realm to be able to understand it while the third floor was for the True Lord Rank's.

Zhao Feng's consciousness tried to enter the second floor, but the images and scenes within caused him to be unable to breath.

Any scene would shake Zhao Feng's heart and comprehending it was extremely tiring.

However, even then, Zhao Feng was surprised.

Although it was hard to comprehend the second floor, it wasn't impossible.

Hard and impossible were two entirely different concepts.

’’I'm not even at the half-step True Spirit Realm, why can I still manage to comprehend the second floor?’’

Zhao Feng thought.

The only answer he could think of was the God's Spiritual Eye.

The God's Spiritual Eye gave him powerful mental energy and the ability to perceive and comprehend.

Zhao Feng's consciousness merged into his left eye.

In his left eye, the azure abyss had reached seven foot seven. It seemed as though it was reaching a limit.

Zhao Feng's cultivation was only at the 6th Sky but the azure abyss had extended over seven feet.

When Zhao Feng had dissolved the Ghost Mark, his cultivation had fallen. However, his comprehension hadn't disappeared and after learning mental energy skill, it had caused him to improve.

Thinking back to the Concealed Dragon Ruins, his mental energy level was on par with some cultivators at the half-step True Spirit Realm.

The level of his mental energy was stronger than before.

As Zhao Feng was surprised, a mysterious faint blue light appeared in the centre of the azure abyss and a cold aura enveloped his body.

’’This is...’’

Zhao Feng's heart shook as the faint blue light quickly faded, however, this was a power that he had never seen before. Just a tiny bit of it had made Zhao Feng's heart shake.

Could it be that the God's Spiritual Eye's power was on the verge of another awakening? Or had it reached a breakthrough point?

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think.

He was sure that his level of mental energy had surpassed usual cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm.

This was due to the understanding he had gained in the Origin Core Ruins and the progression of completing the first floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

This meant that Zhao Feng's mental energy level had exceeded his cultivation and thus, allowed him to comprehend a portion of the second floor.

The increase in mental energy level had allowed him to gain insights towards controlling True Force.

On the same night.

Zhao Feng continued to consolidate his foundation and felt the movement of his True Force become smoother.

The threads of True Force were even thinner than a needle but were extremely condensed and occasionally flashed with lightning.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng had a feeling that he could return to the 7th Sky whenever he wanted.

Furthermore, when he broke through, his foundation and strength of his True Force would be much stronger than the time when he had used the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

The drop in cultivation last time could be seen giving him a chance to become even stronger.

This time, his cultivation was greater than before and when he broke through again, it would be an entirely different realm.

However, Zhao Feng's eyes gleamed, uncertain whether to break through right now or remain at the peak of the 6th Sky.

’’When my Yin Shadow Cloak's fixed, my plan will be almost complete.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye surveyed his surroundings and noticed the four experts at the half-step True Spirit Realm that surveyed Zhao Feng.

These four at half-step True Spirit Realm all wore dark robes and specialised in tracking and hiding.

The Qi of True Spirit in their bodies had reached 50%. Zhao Feng would find it hard to fight even one of them back when the fight for the fiancée was held.

These Four experts were obviously enough to look after Zhao Feng.

Three days later.

In an underground room of Tiegan Palace.

’’The solution to fix this Yin Shadow Cloak is complete. Now we just need to fix it.’’

Tiegan Master said.

Zhao Feng didn't hide the fact he was refining his Luohou Bow to the Flooding Lake City Lord but this time, the reparations of the Yin Shadow Cloak was to be done in secret.

Thus, Zhao Feng still needed to help Tiegan Master personally and not by the help of other apprentices.

’’Right, the process of fixing the Yin Shadow Cloak is extremely complex. Such control isn't something a normal apprentice can do.’’

Tiegan Masters smiled.

This time Tiegan Master gave complex and strict requirements to Zhao Feng.

This made the latter suspicious as Tiegan Master was obviously troubling him or testing him.

However, he knew that the higher the requirements, the lower the chance of failure and the greater increase in power.

Tiegan Master indifferently gave all these tasks to Zhao Feng and because Zhao Feng was restricted by experience, he would make the occasional mistake that would be corrected by Tiegan Master.

Some of the harder tasks such as controlling fire and carving arrays were even given to Zhao Feng.

On the third day, sweat had started to pour from Zhao Feng's forehead as he finally felt fatigue.

’’Remove your eye patch, let's see your limit.’’

Tiegan Master said with a smile.

Zhao Feng paused before removing the eyepatch and revealing a sharp azure eye.

The moment Tiegan Master saw the God's Spiritual Eye, his heart shook slightly and was moved.

’’Your eyepatch can't block the true aura from your eye especially when you're using the power of the eye. I'll give you a brand new eyepatch some day.’’

Tiegan Master said before signalling Zhao Feng to continue.

This time.

Zhao Feng didn't have any worries as he opened his God's Spiritual Eye and began to complete these tasks.

Under this situation his perceivement and control reached an entirely new level.

’’Your eye is perfect for forging. If you're willing I can raise you to become a Blacksmith Grand Master.’’

Tiegan Master couldn't help but be excited.

’’What's the point in testing my skills?’’

Zhao Feng stopped working.

Over the past few days Zhao Feng's work had exceeded normal apprentices and even the limits of some old blacksmiths.

Tiegan Master flashed a smile, ’’I won't hide it anymore. Someone asked me to build a powerful Spiritual grade weapon which will need two blacksmith Master's working together, and it might not even succeed then.’’

’’What's this got to do with me?’’

Zhao Feng asked curiously.

’’This weapon comes from an ancient blueprint and is extremely difficult. Unimaginable control and precision is needed otherwise it'll fail.’’

When Tiegan Master spoke up to here, he paused slightly.

A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he spoke dimly, ’’Looks like you already made your plans when this junior first came to Tiegan Palace.’’

’’That's right, you can find the weaknesses just by glancing at an item once. This is something that even I'll need to spend a bit of time on.’’

Tiegan Master didn't disagree.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think. He could help Tiegan Master but what benefits did he get out of it?

One had to know there was only a bit more than two months left till the date of his marriage with Liu Qinxin, there wasn't much time left.

’’Hehe, the profits earned by completing this weapon exceeds your imagination. Just by this point alone, you can't reject it.’’

Tiegan Master smiled mysteriously, full of confidence.


Zhao Feng was slightly curious.

Tiegan Master suddenly spread out his Spiritual Sense and enveloped the entire room.

Zhao Feng found a slightly unusual aura.

’’The blueprint for this weapons comes from one of the Four great inheritance places. The 'Heaven's Legacy Inheritance'.’’

Tiegan Master told Zhao Feng with a solemn expression.

Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a cold breath.

The Heavens Legacy Inheritance was ranked first out of the four inheritances and was the most mysterious as well as ancient one.

No one had ever received the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and the Inheritance only appeared once every tens of thousands of years.

According to the records, the appearance of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance would cause the situation within the continent to change every time.

’’Secondly, the identity of the person is extremely powerful. Once you complete this task, that person will be indebted towards you and will help you greatly within Canopy Great Country.’’

Tiegan Master revealed the second reward.

Zhao Feng was silent for a moment before agreeing Tiegan Master.

The help from this entrustment was too big.

Just as Tiegan Master said, the blueprint came from the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance. No one could reject it by this point alone.

Like this, Zhao Feng and Tiegan Master reached an agreement.

Zhao Feng would help Tiegan Master build the weapon.


The duo fixed the Yin Shadow Cloak within a few days and the new Yin Shadow Cloak became a complete inheritance item once again.

Zhao Feng put on the Yin Shadow Cloak and began to fade away.


A shadow surfaced in the corner of the room, it was as if Zhao Feng had turned into a ghost.

Tiegan Master couldn't help but exclaim, ’’This inheritance item is indeed a beautiful artwork. Apart from invisibility and speed, it can also absorb part of the power from attacks. If one's cultivation is high enough, they could even create ’’Yin Shadow Doppelgangers.’’

Yin Shadow Doppelgangers?

Zhao Feng revealed a curious expression. Tiegan Master was indeed worthy of being a blacksmith master who could find out the hidden powers of inheritance items.


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