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King Of Gods - Chapter 265


Chapter 265 - Yun Haiyang

The descent of the City Lord caused the entire Tiegan Palace to feel pressured. Even those at the True Spirit Realm felt uneasy.

After all, the Flooding Lake City Lord could be said to be the lord in this area. His strength and fame ruled this area.

Apparently, when the Flooding Lake City Lord was young, he was a prodigy in the Flooding Lake Liu family and had the most hope to reach the True Lord Rank.

Luckily, it seemed that the City Lord didn't seem to have any enmities and was only here to find his son-in-law.

’’City Lord, your son-in-law is in the palace safely talking to Master.’’

The True Spirit Realm expert guarding the Tiegan Palace said respectfully.

The Flooding Lake City Lord paused slightly and retracted his aura.

’’Are you sure he didn't cause any trouble?’’

The City Lord confirmed.

One of the blacksmiths smiled bitterly, ’’He was causing trouble but when he met Master, he was invited to the inner halls.’’

’’Yea, I've never seen anyone causing trouble become guests.’’

The blacksmith disciples felt incredible and the Flooding Lake City Lord's expression was extremely colorful as his eyes twinkled.


Liu Qinxin entered the Tiegan Palace.

’’The daughter of the City Lord is here.’’

’’It looks like the son-in-law of the City Lord is placed of great importance by the Liu family.’’

The people within the hall started to chat and Liu Qinxin's found that her father's expression was slightly unusual.

’’Did Zhao Feng cause massive trouble?’’

Liu Qinxin asked cautiously.

Her emotions right now was extremely complex. On one hand she was sympathetic while on the other, she was expectant.

If Zhao Feng caused massive trouble and disappointed her father, the latter might punish him.

However, the City Lord didn't immediately respond. At this moment, Zhao Feng and Tiegan Master walked out from the inner hall together.

Tiegan Master was slightly regretful about Zhao Feng's talent towards forging.

’’Brother Zhao, if you have time, come over to the Tiegan mountain. If you're willing to become a blacksmith, my door will always be open.’’

Tiegan Master smiled and sent Zhao Feng away.

This scene caused Liu Qinxin to be dazed.

Wasn't Zhao Feng causing a ruckus? Why was he treated with such respect?

Anyone could see that Tiegan Master was extremely admirable towards Zhao Feng which was a dramatic contrast towards the City Lord, whom he gave an indifferent attitude. It was as if he was treating a stranger.

’’Sure, I'll come over when I've collected all the materials.’’

Under the baffled expression of others, Zhao Feng said farewell to Tiegan Master.

After walking out of the Tiegan Palace, the City Lord and Liu Qinxin looked weirdly at Zhao Feng;the youth was covered in another layer of mist that was hard to see through.

Under the City Lord's questioning, Zhao Feng humbly told what had happened.

The reason why Tiegan Master placed great importance on Zhao Feng was because of a mysteriousness as well as his talent for forging.

Hearing the explanation, the City Lord and Liu Qinxin looked at each other.

The City Lord looked deeply towards Zhao Feng. He had thought that he had seen through this brat but the latter had brought him even more surprise.

’’How about this? Since you're already engaged to Qinxin, you're part of my Liu family. The expenses for fixing the Luohou Bow will be paid by the City Lord Palace. Apart from that, you have to try and create a good relationship with Tiegan Master.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord's words and saved Zhao Feng a lot of money.

’’Thanks senior, oh I mean.... Father-in-law.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

When he had made the deal with Tiegan Master before, the materials would cost him around a hundred to two hundred thousand primal crystal stones because the little thieving cat didn't agree to exchanging the mysterious flask. Otherwise, the materials would all be paid by Tiegan Master.

Zhao Feng was just thinking about this problem and didn't think a simple sentence from the City Lord had saved him.

The City Lord nodded his head in satisfaction as his opinion of Zhao Feng became even greater.

Liu Qinxin didn't know what she felt. If this continued, Zhao Feng's position in her father's heart would only become higher and higher.

At the same time, her future husband's mysterious layer of mist became thicker and thicker.

A young beast tamer with precise archery skills and an Eye Bloodline...blacksmith talent that even made Tiegan Master sigh... and that little thieving cat that knew how to turn invisible.

How many secrets did this youth have?

Liu Qinxin finally realised that her future husband wasn't simple, but this person's interest in her became lower and lower, almost completely ignoring her.

As Liu Qinxin thought about Zhao Feng, she grinded her teeth and sent him away with her eyes.

After returning to the City Lord palace, Zhao Feng used the connections of the Liu family to scout for the materials needed to fix the Luohou Bow. These expenses were all paid for by the City Lord.

Zhao Feng obviously didn't know the word shameless because he had also listed the resources he was missing to repair the Yin Shadow Cloak.

As of present, the City Lord placed great importance on him so the overseer of the City Lord Palace was respectful towards him and didn't question him.

All the materials needed were gathered within ten days.

Zhao Feng took the resources and headed towards the Tiegan Mountain.

Tiegan Palace.

’’I need an assistant to improve the Luohou Bow so you'll need to help out.’’

Tiegan Master requested.

’’No problem.’’

Zhao Feng knew a bit about forging and being the assistant of a blacksmith master was the dream of many.

However, he found it weird that Tiegan Master would specifically ask him.

Was it because of his talent?

’’This kid's extremely knowledgeable about resources. I'll use this to test him.’’

Tiegan Master secretly gave Zhao Feng strict requirements.

The latter's God's Spiritual Eye inspected the resources so every mistake couldn't escape his eyes.

His perceptivity, control, and focus exceeded others by countless times.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye could enlarge and magnify things by hundreds of folds.

It was because of this that he could easily see the disadvantages of any item.

When Zhao Feng was helping, his actions were crisp and extremely responsible because the next steps regarded the outcome of the Luohou Bow.

Tiegan Master noted Zhao Feng's actions and was extremely shocked.

’’Such precision.... Even experienced old blacksmiths can't be so precise.’’

Tiegan Master suppressed the shock in his heart.

At this moment, it was as if he had seen the most gorgeous jade in the world.

Refining the Luohuo Bow needed roughly four to five days, and in this process, Tiegan Master gave Zhao Feng a large portion of the work while giving him pointers.

Zhao Feng had previously learnt pill refining as well as setting up arrays. Now that he had a Master level person guiding him, his knowledge had also advanced.

The key point was 'controlling the flame' which Tiegan Master had even made Zhao Feng do.

There were different steps in controlling the flame whose difficulty was the same as pill making.

The results shocked Tiegan Master once again.

Apart from experience and cultivation restriction, Zhao Feng's control was perfect.

’’A natural prodigy in forging....’’

Tiegan Master suppressed the joy in his heart.

A few days later.

The Luohou Bow had succeeded in strengthening.

The original Luohou Bow had its attributes changed after merging with the mysterious substance, and after this refining, it had merged with a precious Ice Soul Mystic Crystal. Such precious materials wouldn't be found so quickly if it weren't for the Liu family's connections.

The new Luohou Bow was slightly bigger than the original size there was an azure blue colour on its surface. The ice lotus mark's size became bigger and had a deeper colour.

After merging with the new materials, the Luohou Arrows damage increased.

According to Zhao Feng's knowledge, the Luohou Arrows contained the elements of wind and lightning. In addition to the terrifying coldness, it was like adding wings on a tiger.

’’The Luohou Bow and Luohou Arrows have reached the peak tier Mortal weapon and High grade Mortal weapon respectively. The combination of the two has become immensely close to Spiritual grade. It can dominate any Mortal tier weapons.’’

Tiegan Master was pretty satisfied with this product.

Zhao Feng liked it even more. Its power and attributes were perfect and its value could be compared with Spiritual grade weapons.

When the Luohou Bow was completed, Zhao Feng took out his Yin Shadow Cloak.

In reality, this was Zhao Feng's true aim and its value was far above the Luohou Bow's.

’’A damaged Inheritance item...’’

Tiegan Master had a solemn expression.

Although all the materials had been gathered, Tiegan Master still needed to find a way on how to fix it.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and left the Yin Shadow Cloak behind as he returned to the City Lord Palace.

The second he arrived back he was summoned by the City Lord.

City Lord Palace.

In a quiet lounge.

The City Lord and Liu Qinxin were sipping tea while chatting and smiling.

In the lounge was another youth.

’’Zhao Feng, come over here. This is Qinxin's cousin, Yun Haiyang...’’

Liu Qinxin's cousin?

Zhao Feng couldn't help but be slightly surprised since this person's name was almost the same as Yun Hai Master's.

Hai Yun Master's full name was Yun Hai whereas Liu Qinxin's cousin was called Yun Haiyang.

When he was being introduced, a cold glint appeared in Yun Haiyang's eyes.

’’Sister Qin, this is your future husband?’’

Disdain and disgust appeared on Yun Haiyang's face, the perfect goddess in his heart would be married off to this queer azure haired one eyed youth?

As they spoke, Zhao Feng understood that this Yun Haiyang came from one of the four families, the ’’Yun family’’, and when they were small, Yun Haiyang and Liu Qinxin had a good relationship.

Yun Haiyang revealed hints of enmity and disdain while they spoke, angry at the fact that Liu Qinxin was to be married off to Zhao Feng.

The latter sipped his tea and didn't care, causing Yun Haiyang to rage in his heart.

The City Lord saw this in his eyes but didn't stop it.

Yun Haiyang suddenly rose and smiled, ’’I heard that Brother Zhao's archery skills are top tier. I also happen to know some archery, why not compare our skills?’’


Not bothering to care whether Zhao Feng would agree or not, a green scarlet ancient bow appeared in Yun Haiyang's hand. A mysterious fire mark could be seen on the bow, as if symbolizing its owners anger and battle intent.


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