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King Of Gods - Chapter 264


Chapter 264 - Success

Flooding Lake City.

’’Reporting to City Lord, we have confirmed that ZHao Feng has entered Tiegan Mountain.’’

A figure shrouded in darkness said.

The City Lord nodded his head. It wasn't out of his expectations. Zhao Feng probably went to the Tiegan Mountain to see the blacksmith mountain.

’’What else is there?’’

The figure didn't seem to have any intentions of leaving.

’’The reason why Zhao Feng went to the Tiegan Mountain seems to be because he wants to cause trouble.’’

The figure said slightly hesitantly.

Cause trouble?

The Flooding Lake City and Liu Qinxin exchanged glances.

Their first reactions were: Zhao Feng has courage.

What kind of person was Tiegan Master? Apart from the fact that he was at True Spirit Realm, he was also ranked first in the Flooding Lake area in terms of forging.

Across the entire Canopy Great Country, he could be ranked in the top ten.

Even though the relationship between the City Lord and Tiegan Master was bad, the former wasn't able to do anything to the latter.

’’If Zhao Feng really is going there to cause trouble, then it'd be troublesome...’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord had a solemn expression.

Zhao Feng's identity was extremely unique. Not only did he represent himself, he also represented the City Lord as he was the latter's son-in-law.

The relationship between the City Lord and Tiegan Master was originally bad and if Zhao Feng continued, everyone would think this was because of the City Lord.

’’Father, Tiegan Master's cultivation hasn't even reached the True Mystic Rank and isn't even a Grandmaster Blacksmith, why are we wary of him?’’

Liu Qinxin asked, somewhat baffled.

She knew her father's strength and normal experts at True Mystic Rank couldn't even be placed in his eyes. In the past, he had even sent challenges to the True Lord Rank.

It could be said that as long as True Lord Rank experts didn't appear, the City Lord would reign.

Such a figure shouldn't be so wary of a blacksmith master.

’’Tiegan Master isn't very simple. He has a close relationship to the Iron Blood Religion. Apparently he's the blacksmith of the Iron Blood Religion.’’

As the City Lord spoke, his eyebrows furrowed even more.

Iron Blood Religion.

Hearing this Liu Qinxin's expression changed: Zhao Feng was in doomed.

In Canopy Great Country, the Imperial, the Three Sects, and the Four Families had absolute control.

Amongst the Three Sects was the Iron Blood Religion whose power was even greater than the main Liu family and Qin Sword Palace.

Even the main Liu family was wary of the Iron Blood Religion and didn't dare offend them.

The current situation between the Imperials and Iron Blood Religion was like fire and water.

Although the Imperials were the rulers in name, the Iron Blood Religion was the greatest religion in the country and had immense power.

’’No, I need to go to the Tiegan Mountain myself.’’

As he spoke, the Flooding Lake City Lord disappeared and the sound of whistling air could be heard.

’’I'll go as well.’’

Liu Qinxin's eyes were filled with coldness and a bit of schadenfreude, ’’Hmph! This will teach him a lesson for using his identity as the City Lord's son-in-law. Now he has hit a nail.’’

Tiegan Palace.

The hall was silent as Tiegan Master descended.

’’....I came this time to represent my teacher 'Thousand Hand Grandmaster'.... To challenge you.’’

Only Zhao Feng had a smile.

The flames on Tiegan Master's body surged. It was obvious he was on the verge of explosion.

However, as Zhao Feng spoke, Tiegan Master's flames died off.

Thousand Hand Grandmaster?

Tiegan Master's body froze with a baffled expression.

A Grandmaster was obviously higher than a Master.

The 'Thousand Hand Grandmaster' had stunned Tiegan Master.

Was a Master good? Was it better than a Grandmaster?

Of course, the 'Thousand Hand Grandmaster' was a name Zhao Feng had randomly used to scare people.

’’Thousand Hand Grandmaster? The continent didn't have any new blacksmith grandmasters.’’

’’The closest blacksmith master in the Northern Continent died a hundred years ago.’’

Discussion rose upon the hall.

They hadn't heard of anyone called the Thousand Hand Grandmaster. At least, not in the Northern Continent.

’’Brat, if you're really here to cause trouble in the Tiegan Palace, this old one won't go easy on you even if you're the son-in-law of the City Lord.’’

Tiegan Master's face still had remnants of anger and had a hint of coldness in his voice.

However, he made no sudden moves.

The azure haired youth before him was weird and Tiegan Master had seen Zhao Feng's actions in the hall before with his Spiritual Sense.

According to Tiegan Master's analysis, Zhao Feng's level in forging was almost comparable to a Master's.

’’Hehe, my Master is a new blacksmith Grandmaster from the Middle Continent. I came over this time to take my Master's work to challenge the Masters of the Northern Continent.’’

Zhao Feng began to lie.

The distance between the Middle Continent and Northern Continent was insanely far and according to Zhao Feng's knowledge, the Middle Continent was more advanced.

Of the present crowd here, almost none of them had been to the Middle Continent and Zhao Feng's Master was a new Grandmaster, hence there was no flaws in his words.

’’Work of a Grandmaster?’’

Tiegan Master's eyes glimmered.


Zhao Feng snapped his fingers.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat brought out a flask that was larger than itself and greedily drank the alcohol at the same time.

’’This is a work of my Master from long ago.’’

Zhao Feng lifted his head.

Everyone within the hall was staring at the flask in front of the little thieving cat.

The flask was made of a unique material and when Tiegan Master's Spiritual Sense swept over it, his expression instantly changed and asked, ’’What is the use of this flask?’’

As soon as he said this.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat drank the rest of the alcohol and then put some water inside.

The water inside the flask slowly began to change.

Tiegan Master's Spiritual Sense swept over and instantly realised this as he flew over and gazed at the flask with insanity.

Zhao Feng smiled but didn't speak.

He had scouted about first and knew that apart from Tiegan Master's bad attitude, he loved wine, and the flask in front of their eyes right now could turn normal water into wine. It was extremely mysterious.

Zhao Feng had checked the ancient records and there didn't seem to be such an item.

This flask from the mysterious Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground which made it hard to survive even for those at the True SPirit Realm.

Zhao Feng lightly coughed and stopped Tiegan Master's insane state.

It was obvious that the power of the flask had caused Tiegan Master to be shocked.

’’LIttle friend, let's go somewhere else and discuss in private.’’

Tiegan Master squeezed out a smile and invited Zhao Feng inside the inner halls.

The present crowd was dazed.

Tiegan Master was known for his bad temper and was on the verge of explosion just before.

However, the person causing trouble was now treated as a guest by Tiegan Master in just a few words.

’’Apart from the True Lord Rank expert from a couple months ago, it's the first time I've seen Tiegan Master greet someone like this.’’

The blacksmiths and disciples all looked at each other and many even guessed: Was this azure haired youth a disciple of a blacksmith clan?

Inside a quiet lounge in the Tiegan Palace.

Zhao Feng sat with a smile as Tiegan Master inspected the flask. His face would change every second, from shock to amazement before beginning to sigh incessantly.

After a period of time.

Tiegan Master spoke, ’’What do you want? The closest grandmaster in the Northern Continent is my Master and I also know some of the Grandmasters in the Middle COntinent.’’

Zhao Feng laughed - it looked like the ’’Thousand Hand Grandmaster’’ coy had been seen through but his aim had been reached since he could talk to Tiegan Master.

’’I came this time to ask Master to help fix two items.’’

Zhao Feng first took out the Luohou Bow.

The instant Tiegan Master took the Luohou Bow, his eyes lit up and said softly, ’’Precise.’’

His hand suddenly touched the Ice Lotus symbol and his couldn't help but draw a breath.

’’Incredible, this is made by nature. The aura on here can be compared to ancient dragon lizards or descendents of the ice dragon.’’

Tiegan Master sighed towards this Ice Lotus symbol.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but remember the Dragon Snake Ice River in Sky Boundary Island. The entire river was freezing and the mysterious substance at the source was a forbidden existence that could freeze even experts at the True Spirit Realm.

’’If the power was even stronger it might've even created a world-stunning Spiritual grade Weapon.... But unfortunately....’’

Tiegan Master shook his head at the end.

Hearing this Zhao Feng was surprised. He didn't think the potential of the Luohou Bow was so large.

The main item he wanted to fix was not the Luohou Bow. The Luohou Bow was just passed on nonchalantly. He didn't expect this answer.

After a discussion of pricing, Zhao Feng and Tiegan Master reached an agreement.

Tiegan Master was to help Zhao Feng increase the potential and power of the Luohou Bow as well as fix another Spiritual grade item which did not exceed a High tier Spiritual item but the resources needed to be provided by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had let Tiegan Master inspect the flask for a while and in reality, Tiegan Master was the one who came up with the suggestion of providing the materials and repairing in exchange for the Luohou Bow.

However, due to the little thieving cat's disagreement, it ended in failure.

After the deal was made, Tiegan Master purposely tried to see Zhao Feng's level in forging but realised that Zhao Feng was only limited to theory.

Zhao Feng's learning ability allowed him to understand medicine, arrays, and forging since all the knowledge was copied into his mind by the God's Spiritual Eye. Therefore, Zhao Feng knew all the resources as well as their uses.

’’Little friend's eyes are great and has incredible talent - truly a talented genius of forging. Are you willing to enter the world of blacksmiths with me?’’

Tiegan Master's eyes became bloodshot.

Right at this moment.

A powerful aura swept through the air causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to tremble.

’’May I ask why is the City Lord has come personally?’’

The expression of the True Spirit Realm expert guarding the Tiegan Mountain changed.

The Flooding Lake City Lord asked, ’’Is my unruly son-in-law here? If he has caused any trouble, I hope that fellow Tiegan Mountain Daoists can forgive him.’’


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