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King Of Gods - Chapter 261


Chapter 261 - Arranging the Marriage

’’... The person that uncovered her veil wasn't me... it was that cat... ’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but retort. It wasn't himself that took off the veil, so why was he blamed?

At the critical moment, he had tried to pull the little thieving cat into the water, but that little bastard had hidden itself inside the Spiritual Pet Bag and started to sleep.

’’Don't try to quibble, that cat is your pet, so its actions must be ordered by you. Being a Beast Tamer, pets are your weapon.’’

A wicked smile of success appeared on the Flooding Lake City Lord's face.

The nearby people all came over and started to congratulate the City Lord.

’’Congratulations City Lord on getting such a great son-in-law.’’

’’Hahaha, we'll be waiting to drink the City Lord's wine.’’

These people were all experts at the True Spirit Realm, but they still acted respectfully towards the City Lord.

Zhao Feng finally understood something. The Flooding Lake City Lord was in control of almost everything here.

As long as the City Lord wished it, no one would disagree.

Even if he had a hundred mouths, it would be useless. Zhao Feng's thoughts turned and he soon regained his composure as a plan came into mind.

’’As of right now, it's impossible for me to get rid of this marriage. Only by extending it further and getting the City Lord's trust will I have the chance to escape.’’

Zhao Feng knew very clearly that it was futile to disagree with the City Lord. It was like trying to stop a carriage with a mantis.

Since he couldn't disagree, the only thing he could do was agree. Zhao Feng soon gave a helpless expression as if he had accepted reality.

’’Brat, my daughter's look and talent is hard to find in a ten thousand mile radius. Even when you were fighting her, she was going easy on you. Which point of her isn't worth you?’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord's expression was slightly dim as he released his True Spirit aura, making even others at the True Spirit Realm feel pressured.

Zhao Feng could only smile bitterly: ’’This junior only wanted to see her looks. As for marrying lady Qinxin? This one doesn't think that he's worthy.’’

Hearing this, the City Lord calmed down and smiled: ’’You don't need to act humble. This City Lord's eyes are good.’’

The people nearby smiled. In their eyes, Zhao Feng was the one climbing by marrying the daughter of the City Lord.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could feel the envious, jealous and unwilling looks of the youths below.

Liu Qinxin's watery eyes were filled with unwillingness. It was obvious that Zhao Feng wasn't the ideal husband in her mind.

This was because Zhao Feng was younger than her and in terms of cultivation and strength, he didn't exceed her at all.

However, no one in the Flooding Lake younger generation could reach her requirements.

Her ideal husband was a man that could create miracle, a peerless genius.

And the azure haired one eyed youth in front of her eyes didn't reach her requirements in terms of looks, age, cultivation or success.

However, her Master had said this on her deathbed and even made her name change to Liu Qinxin.

Her original name wasn't Liu Qinxin.

’’Could it be destiny?’’

Liu Qinxin was unwilling as she looked at her 'destined partner'. The more she looked at him, the more she was filled with bitterness and complexity.

Zhao Feng had regained his calmness now and accepted the congratulations without emotion.

’’Liu Yuan from today onwards, Zhao Feng will live in the City Lord Palace. Go tell the family about this.’’

The City Lord ordered and Liu Yuan respectfully agreed.

Zhao Feng was someone that they had tried to pull over, but since the latter had become the future son-in-law of the City Lord, they were now one family.

’’Congratulations Brother Zhao on having such luck to be able to marry Lady Qinxin.’’

Liu Yuan's heart was filled with complexity and envy. Where did this brat's luck come from?

Not only did Liu Qinxin have a noble identity, her looks and aura were top tier in the world. Even her cultivation suppressed the younger generation of the Flooding Lake.

’’Qinxin, you take Feng'er back to the Palace, I'll be right there.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord told his daughter.

Liu Qinxin nodded her head faintly and turned into a white blur like a swan that flashed into the City Lord's Palace.

Zhao Feng had to keep up and turn into an arc of lightning that followed her.

Liu Qinxin's speed was very quick and she purposely entered buildings, trees and intersections. She seemed to try and purposely shake Zhao Feng off, but no matter how big the City Lord Palace was, it was in the middle of the city and Zhao Feng's left eye was able to lock onto her position and quickly keep up.

Liu Qinxin sat in the middle of a lounge and thought when would the azure haired brat appear.

However just as she was about to sip her tea, the hum of lightning appeared from outside and Zhao Feng walked in casually, sitting in a seat opposite Liu Qinxin.

’’Could it be that he's extremely familiar with the City Lord Palace? Does this guy have any intentions towards me or the Liu family?’’

Liu Qinxin was slightly surprised and became somewhat suspicious.

RIght at this point in time, Zhao Feng was inspecting his first 'future wife'. She had an enticing figure and her eyebrows were so beautiful, it seemed that they had been drawn on. Sitting in the lounge, she had a quiet charm.

From a certain perspective, Zhao Feng realised that he had no reason to reject her but the number of beauties that he had seen wasn't low, so most of the time, his heart was as calm as water. It would only occasionally twitch.

Seeing Zhao Feng stare at herself, Liu Qinxin at the beginning felt disgusted. However, she couldn't see any impurities in his eyes. It was just a form of admiration.

This made Liu Qinxin slightly surprised. Although she wore a veil, most males still looked at her with lust. The youth in front of her seemed to be enclosed in mist. His eyes were sharp and didn't hide.

The two just sat looking at each other silently until the Flooding Lake City Lord arrived.

’’Feng'er, from today onwards, you'll stay in the City Lord Palace. It's best for you not to leave the Flooding Lake City. I'll have people serve your every need.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord said as he sat down.

Zhao Feng didn't retort and instead suggested: ’’This junior isn't ready for marriage yet. It's the most important thing in a lifetime and for Lady Qinxin's happiness, I hope it's not rushed... ’’

He was scared of the City Lord forcing him to marry Liu Qinxin instantly.

If that was the case, then all his plans will have gone to nothing.

Hearing this, the City Lord laughed: ’’Relax, it won't be that fast.’’

And in reality, the City Lord didn't want Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin to marry so quickly. He still needed to scout out Zhao Feng's background.

It could be said that both the City Lord and Zhao Feng had their plans.

On the same night, Zhao Feng's place was arranged in the City Lord Palace and his treatment was considerably good. He had his own house and it was next to a stream.

The servants of the City Lord Palace were all respectful towards him. They all knew that Zhao Feng was the future young master.

Zhao Feng sat on the ground cross legged, while his God's Spiritual Eye scanned his surroundings.

To prevent Zhao Feng from escaping, the City Lord had sent a total of four experts at the half step True Spirit Realm and one at the True Human Rank to survey him.

’’The Flooding Lake City Lord looks at me way too highly.’’

Zhao Feng's heart dropped - the situation was worse than he imagined.

Luckily, his plan had also started and as long as the City Lord didn't force him to marry straight away, there was hope.

For the next few days, Zhao Feng only did two things. Cultivating or going to the City Lord Palace's library to replenish his knowledge.

Being the future son-in-law of the City Lord, apart from a few restricted areas, he was to go wherever he pleased.

Of course, the four experts at the half step True Spirit Realm and the one at the True Spirit Realm always followed Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng gained more knowledge in the library and was able to occasionally come in touch with some advanced skills.

Through these books, Zhao Feng had a further comprehension of the Canopy Great Country and the Northern Continent.

It was another few days until Zhao Feng slowly walked out of the City Lord palace.

According to the City Lord, as long as Zhao Feng didn't leave the Flooding Lake City, no one would stop him.

If Zhao Feng was willing, he could even bring a large amount of guards and servant with him.

Over the past few days, the Flooding Lake City Lord had found out Zhao Feng's background. He wasn't a native from the Canopy Great Country and came from the countryside.

Knowing this, the City Lord relaxed - he was just worried that Zhao Feng came from some enemy faction and had bad intentions towards the Liu family.

And Zhao Feng's background was extremely clean. He wasn't someone from the country but was a person who came from poor faraway lands. There was obviously no enmity between him and the Liu family.

On this day, Zhao Feng was cultivating quietly on the ground.

In his mind, the three leveled Lightning Inheritance appeared.

Of the three levels, the first level was extremely bright.

’’The first level of the Lightning Inheritance is almost complete.’’

Zhao Feng was full of expectations.

The Lightning Inheritance had a total of three levels and if one was to cultivate up to the end of the third level, there was a certain chance of reaching the Origin Core Realm. From this, one could see why this was ranked as the strongest inheritance of the Floating Crest Palace.

After all, at this moment, the True Lord Rank was the king of a side and experts at Origin Core Realm were only limited to legends.

At this moment, Zhao Feng slowly let out a breath. He had at least an 80% chance of success in escape and it was at this time that the City Lord asked for Zhao Feng.

In the great hall, apart from the City Lord and Liu Qinxin, there were a few other important figures. Even the Liu family Head was here.

The reason why the City Lord had asked for Zhao Feng today was because of the marriage.

’’Zhao Feng, the marriage is set in 6 months, do you have any problems?’’ The Flooding Lake City Lord asked.

’’None, this one will listen to the City Lord.’’

Zhao Feng seemed to have accepted reality and the City Lord nodded his head in satisfaction.

On the other hand, Liu Qinxin was slightly disappointed. How she hoped that Zhao Feng would stand up courageously and reject this proposal and the City Lord - although it would lead to a gruesome death.

’’It looks like he's the same as other men, can't resist the idea of glory, power, women... ’’ Liu Qinxin sighed in her heart.

Since Zhao Feng didn't have any objections, the marriage was successfully set in half a year's time.

Liu Qinxin helplessly became Zhao Feng official future wife and Zhao Feng's escape plan had finally started.


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