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King Of Gods - Chapter 260


Chapter 260 - Future husband???

The clash between Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin created powerful waves of power that rippled the protective array.

In this situation, even experts at the 6th and 7th Sky would most likely die.

However, at this moment, a grey cat the size of a palm walked into the battle circle, shaking and swinging.

This caused some girls watching to scream in horror.

The little thieving cat was acting like it was walking on a tightrope - the slightest mistake would mean death.

Sizzles of lightning and shockwaves exploded throughout the stage. Sounds of booming could be heard almost every second.


The little thieving cat fell onto the floor and dodged a green sword qi blade that swished over its head. It then immediately rolled across the ground and evaded an arc of lightning.

Even Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin, who were fighting, sweated coldly for the little thieving cat.

’’Don't be reckless!’’ Zhao Feng shouted.

The little thieving cat had a mysterious connection with him. But at this moment, the cat was drunk and its consciousness was blurry, hence didn't listen to him.

It was truly drunk.

Zhao Feng's face twitched. Looking closely at the little thieving cat, it was in a weird state. It wasn't just drunk, it had entered a queer state.

The 'drunkenness' of the cat seemed to have entered the little thieving cat's bones and it would use basic instincts such as dodging or evading to dissolve the attacks.

A shocking scene appeared on the stage:

Zhao Feng and Liu QInxin were fighting all out and a little drunken cat was hobbling between the two, occasionally hiccupping.

Liu Qinxin felt that something was wrong and was wary at first, but she found that the little thieving cat was in a blurry state, as if it was 'drunk' and didn't have the capabilities to attack.

Furthermore, there was urgency on Zhao Feng's face which meant that even its owner couldn't control it.

Time passed slowly by.

The two had gotten used to the existence of the little thieving cat and they didn't bother with it.

Plus, the little thieving cat was only the size of a palm and was easily ignored, but there were still some young girls paying attention to it.

’’What a cute cat!’’

’’That cat is way too cool!’’

Stars seemed to pop out of the girl's eyes as they were attracted to the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat seemed to be drunk and clumsy, but in reality, it was extremely agile, not receiving a single scratch of injury so far.

Maybe itself didn't realise that it had attracted some fans.

On the spectating stand, the Flooding Lake City Lord stared at the little thieving cat for a while with furrowed eyebrows.

He could easily see Zhao Feng's bloodline potential, but not what the little thieving cat was.

’’Could it be a weird species of Heaven and Earth? It's definitely newborn but to be able to gain insights into 'drunk step'... ? A drunk little cat? Hehe.’’

The City Lord became even more interested.

The little thieving cat's actions made him look at Zhao Feng with a better perspective. After all, no matter how strong the little thieving cat was, it was still Zhao Feng's pet.

Soon, an hour passed by and Zhao Feng's True Force had decreased dramatically.

In reality, he hadn't preserved any True Force and on the contrary, he had expended it significantly.

On the other hand, Liu Qinxin was still casual - she had the cultivation of the half step True Spirit Realm meaning that she could last longer.

’’En, if I continue on like this, I can lose.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

He didn't want to win and didn't have a high chance of doing so either.

At this time, Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he stared at the white veil covering Liu Qinxin's face.

’’This girl is extremely mysterious and likes to travel - she also has a hairbrush similar to First Elder's. Even her age is uncertain... ’’

Zhao Feng eyebrows rose. Could this Liu Qinxin be related to the person that he was looking for? Or was she the one?

’’If I could see her looks, that'd be much better.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think but knew that it was extremely unlikely.

The current situation wasn't good for him. If they continued, his True Force would be the first to be expended.

Liu Qinxin, however, was getting more courageous by the moment. She had fully gained the upper hand.

In normal circumstances, when Liu Qinxin had suppressed her cultivation to the 7th Sky and Zhao Feng acted more ferocious in the first hour, he still had a certain chance of winning.

But because he didn't want to win, he purposely expended his True Force.

Scanning across the stage, Zhao Feng suddenly found the little thieving cat. The little thieving cat was still doing its 'drunk step', but it looked smugly at Zhao Feng.

’’Good chance, the little thieving cat's mostly awake now.’’

Zhao Feng's heart was filled with joy. If the little thieving cat was awake, Zhao Feng could give simple orders to it.

Miao miao

The little thieving cat understood Zhao Feng's intentions and suddenly turned in Liu Qinxin's direction.

Liu Qinxin was suppressing Zhao Feng straight on and was used to the little thieving cat's existence thus ignoring it.

Only till the little thieving cat was five to six yards away did Liu Qinxin become wary.

At this moment in time, the little thieving cat's drunkenness had obviously faded by over half and it sped straight towards her.


In a flash, the little thieving cat suddenly disappeared from their sights.

Some of the spectators started screaming - they were mainly young girls.

Beng~ Sou- Sou-

A faint smile curled up on Zhao Feng's lips and his circulated his bloodline power and fired his Luohou Bow.

At the same time, the Azure Sharp Swallow pounced ferociously towards her.


Liu Qinxin's eyes were as calm as water and faced Zhao Feng's attacks while spreading her Spiritual Sense to scan in a ten yards radius.

Although she was at the half step True Spirit Realm, her Spiritual Sense strength wasn't any weaker than those at the True Human Rank and she was able to easily uncover illusions and those invisible.

However, Liu Qinxin became panicked the next instant.

Her Spiritual Sense didn't find any traces of the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

A meow sounded right next to her ear and Liu Qinxin felt a small grey cat the size of a palm appear on her shoulder.


Not only was Liu Qinxin shocked, even the City Lord and experts at the True Spirit Realms' expression changed.

At this moment, Liu Qinxin was stunned. The little thieving cat laughed at her, then like a joker, it ripped away her veil.


Underneath the veil was a beautiful face. Her nose, eyebrows, lips and teeth were like perfection. Her beauty made others unable to breath - she was like a goddess in a painting.

At this point, the crowd had become dead silent.

Countless spectators were stooped, their eyes dazed as they looked at this scene.

The soul-shaking looks even made Zhao Feng dazed for a little while, but it was soon replaced by disappointment.

The Liu Qinxin in front of him was far younger than he imagined - she did not seem much older than Zhao Yufei.

At this moment, the girl's face was filled with surprise that was quickly replaced by embarrassment and a layer of red covered her cheeks.

Through these actions, one could tell that she wasn't old.

But somehow, Zhao Feng felt a sense of anger and hatred from Liu Qinxin as the latter looked at him with complex emotions.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat seemed to sense that something was wrong and instantly disappeared from Liu Qinxin's shoulder.

The next instant, a powerful aura of the half step True Spirit Realm radiated from Liu Qinxin as her aura exploded and her hair was floating about.

Zhao Feng felt it was hard to breath and at this time, his True Force had all been expended. If Liu Qinxin decided to attack, now it would be hard for him to retreat unharmed.

Liu Qinxin's emotions were unstable and her eyes were extremely complex: ’’you... you pulled off my veil!’’


Zhao Feng was somewhat dazed, but luckily, Liu Qinxin managed to control her emotions.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reappeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and then it took out an old coin which it flipped mid air.


The ancient coin landed on the little thieving cat's paw and instantly, the latter seemed to realise something and flashed into Spiritual Pet Bag.

On the stage, there was only Zhao Feng and the embarrassed, hateful, angered Liu QInxin.

’’This little thieving cat... ’’

Zhao Feng grinded his teeth - he knew that the second that the little thieving cat sensed that something was wrong, it would disappear. And at this point in time, Liu Qinxin's mood was obviously not good.

’’It's my honour to witness your looks, but this one feels guilty for unable to be your match.’’

Zhao Feng immediately bowed in defeat. It wasn't hard for anyone to see that Zhao Feng wasn't Liu Qinxin's match.

It was already glorious for him to fight so long and even pull off the daughter of the City Lord's veil.

’’This one shall leave now.’’

Zhao Feng smiled and turned into an arc of lightning that flashed away from the stage.

The spectators only smiled and looked at Zhao Feng with kind eyes, having no intent to stop him.

’’Father... ’’

Liu Qinxin looked at the City Lord with embarrassment.

’’Stop him!’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord shouted and the Heavens seemed to shake. His voice was as powerful as thunder.

Zhao Feng, who was in the middle of running, felt his figure freeze and he almost spat out blood.

A devastating aura crushed down upon him and it made his True Force almost stop flowing.

Shua! Shua!

Two experts at the True Spirit Realm immediately went over and held Zhao Feng.

The latter knew that resistance was futile and immediately shouted: ’’This one isn't Lady Liu's match. City Lord, what is this for?’’

’’Haha, to be son-in-law, don't panic. Since you took off her veil, you're destined to be her husband.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord smiled and signalled the two True Human Rank experts to let go of Zhao Feng.

Future husband?

Zhao Feng was fully dazed. What the heck was going on?

At this point in time, Liu Qinxin had put the veil back on and landed next to the City Lord as she looked at Zhao Feng with unwilling and embarrassed eyes.

’’Can City Lord please explain?’’ Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

Ever since they had met, the City Lord had calculated against him, making him attend the fight then making Liu Qinxin suppress her cultivation and now giving him the title of 'future husband'.

’’Liu Qinxin's Master told her before she died that the man who first takes off her veil will be her destined partner.’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord was overjoyed. The moment that he had seen Zhao Feng, he had made plans and the latter had surprised him.

And now, Zhao Feng was the one who had uncovered Liu Qinxin's veil, her destined partner.

’’Wait, no... The person that uncovered her veil wasn't me... it was that cat... ’’ Zhao Feng replied with a sunken face.


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