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King Of Gods - Chapter 258


Chapter 258 - Bride (1)

’’.....You're definitely here for the fiancée battles right?’’

The Flooding Lake City Lord was full of smiles which made Zhao Feng's heart skip a beat. What he was scared of came.

Presently, the City Lord 'was certain' that Zhao Feng was here to participate in the fiancée battles but if Zhao Feng rejected, that would be giving the City Lord zero face in front of everyone.

In the Flooding Lake Liu family, the City Lord was definitely one of the most powerful people and had even surpassed the Head of the Liu family.

The City Lord was usually an expert from the Liu family who had the ability to rule this area. After all, there were many forces in the Flooding Lake area with two forces just below that of the Liu family's.

’’Hehe. Uncle Liu's eyes are indeed sharp. Brother Zhao is indeed interested.’’

Liu Yuan signalled to Zhao Feng for his eyes.

No one dared to not give face to the City Lord on such a big occasion. Doing so would be the same as offending the whole Flooding Lake Liu family.

Zhao Feng swore in his heart. He had the feeling he had been schemed against but all he could do at this moment was faintly nod his head, ’’I am indeed slightly interested but all I wanted to do is see what she looks like. As for the battles, this junior doesn't dare participate.’’

He gave face to the City Lord by saying that all he wanted was to see her looks.

Furthermore his last sentence gave him a step back.

’’I felt that we would get along the second we met. This is the last day, you're going on to fight after, ok?’’

The City Lord smiled and asked.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng almost fainted.

Why doesn't this Flooding Lake City Lord let him go?

Liu Yuan laughed in his heart and led Zhao Feng into the spectating stands.

In the spectating stands Zhao Feng's face was slightly unnatural.

And on the other side, the Flooding Lake City Lord had a playful smile on his lips, ’’To be able to become a Beast Tamer at such a young age and possess a large source of mental energy as well as the aura of an Ancient Bloodline that's even stronger than our Liu family's.... How could I let such a genius pass by?’’

That was it.

Ever since he saw Zhao Feng, the City Lord had discovered his potential.

The City Lord's cultivation was immeasurable and had a bloodline himself therefore he could sense Zhao Feng's bloodline without the latter noticing.

In Canopy Great Country, almost every big family had bloodlines. and to preserve these bloodlines, most would choose people with bloodlines.

Those with bloodlines were' nobles' that surpassed normal people due to their bloodlines.

And nobles obviously married nobles.

Being someone who had a bloodline inheritance and had a large source of mental energy at such a young age, the City Lord had his eyes set on this Beast Tamer.

Poor Zhao Feng was extremely frustrated while sitting in the spectator stands.

With his intelligence. he almost understood why.

’’This Flooding Lake City Lord shouldn't be forcing me to marry his daughter right?’’

Zhao Feng thought in his heart but thinking about it, why not plan a plan for this plan?

His purpose was to find out whether the daughter of the City Lord was the person he was looking for or not, and with Zhao Feng's 6th Sky cultivation he probably wouldn't be her match. If he lost, he would have no chance in becoming the future husband.’’

Thinking up to here Zhao Feng felt better.

Right at this point in time.

A bulky male with red hair stepped onto the stage. Red lines appeared on his arms.

’’It's the Zhong family's Tiankui.’’

Liu Yuan was slightly moved as he stared at the bulky man.

Zhao Feng's left eye stared at Zhong Tiankui's arms and realised that the red lines weren't tattoos but came from bloodline power.

’’Zhong Tiankui is one of the Ten Prodigies of the Flooding Lake City and comes from one of the three big forces - the Zhong family.’’

’’Even people from the Zhong family are coming.’’

The crowd from below the stage discussed.

Today was the seventh and last day. There were less people going up but each was stronger than the last.

Zhong Tiankui was a powerful youth.

’’His Qi of half step True Spirit has reached 60% and has a bloodline inheritance....’’

Zhao Feng couldn't accurately measure this person's strength, but he was sure that even if he went all out, the chances of winning were low.

Zhong Tiankui stood on the stage and his red hair was like fire.

At the same time, the red lines on his arms lit up.


Zhong Tiankui's aura erupted like a volcano eruption and the searing heat made the mouths of the spectators below dry.


Zhong Tiankui's body was immersed in red light, and like a flaming giant, he charged towards Liu Qinxin who was clad in white.

Liu Qinxin's eyes were still calm and a jade hairbrush appeared in her hand.

Jade hairbrush.

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat as he remembered the half of a jade hairbrush First Elder gave him.

The jade hairbrush in front of his eyes had a unique aura and a green glow appeared.


Streaks of green light appeared in the air in different shapes. Straight lines, curved, circles.

Each of these lights contained power comparable to the 7th Sky and could instantly crush the walls of a normal City.

’’The power of each of these streaks are comparable to Cang Yuyue's seed of sword intent in terms of power, and all of them come at once.’’

Zhao Feng's heart shook.

Liu QInxin's strength was stronger than what he imagined. No wonder she dared set up a fight for her future husband.

In this generation and in the Flooding Lake area alone, it was hard to find someone who was on par with her.

However, Zhong Tiankui's strength was also not to be underestimated. His flaming aura spread outwards and actually blocked Liu Qinxin's attack head on.

In a short amount of time, Liu Qinxin had the advantage but Zhong Tiankui wasn't on the losing end.

’’This is the clash between the geniuses of Canopy Great Country?’’

Zhao Feng was stunned.

Just Zhong Tiankui alone was able to sweep all the geniuses of the Thirteen Countries.

But thinking about it, the Flooding Lake area's cultivation advancement had far exceeded the Thirteen Countries.

Just the Flooding Lake Liu family's strength alone could crush the Thirteen Clans alone, and there was two others forces here with numerous clans and families.

After exchanging a dozen or so moves. the jade hairbrush in her hand waved.


Instantly, an even longer green streak of light appeared, and the edges of it was covered in a mysterious silver light.

With a ’’Peng’’, Zhong Tiankui was sent flying by an immeasurable power and a bloody gash was left on his shoulder.

’’What kind of power is that to be able to break through my 'Flaming Dragon Protective Body’’ so easily?’’

Zhong Tiankui pulled himself up from the ground with a pale face.

Although he was one of the Ten Prodigies in the Flooding Lake City, he wasn't the City Lord's daughter's match.

From the beginning till now, no one knew her true strength since she never appeared.

Only till recently when the City Lord wanted to host his daughter's wedding did they know a genius had appeared.

After Zhong Tiankui lost, no one went up.

The males below the stage had red faces and didn't dare raise their heads.

The Flooding Lake City was a major city and was a place where experts were as numerous as the clouds. However, at this moment, the males of the younger generation had been stepped on by a woman.

’’Brother Liu, you're the stepson of the Head of the family so you don't have any blood relationship with her. Why don't you go challenge?’’

Zhao Feng glanced towards Liu Yuan curiously.

Liu Yuan smiled bitterly, ’’Zhong Tiankui is ranked top three of the Ten Prodigies and I am below him. I had already lost to Qinxin a few days ago.’’

Zhao Feng understood.

Liu Yuan was the stepson of the Head of the family, and if he was able to marry the daughter of the City Lord, he would easily be able to enter the core of the Liu family.

However, the daughter of the City Lord was too terrifying. No one was able to stop her.

Of course, Zhao Feng also thought he couldn't beat her.

Even Zhong Tiankui who had bloodline power and was at half-step True Spirit Realm had lost. Zhao Feng was only at the 6th Sky right now.

For the next half day, youths occasionally came over to challenge but was defeated in a move or two.

Looking at the rumpled youths, cold sweat appeared in Zhao Feng's hands.

What was even more infuriating was the City Lord's smile towards him.

Seeing that the sun was about to go down and the battles were coming to an end.

’’End.... please end already....’’

Zhao Feng felt as if this day was a year long.

From the current situation, even if he went up there, was no chance of him winning.

The last stage.

The sparring stage was unusually quiet.

The daughter of the City Lord, Liu Qinxin stood in the corner of the sparring stage quietly.

She didn't have much hope for this time so her attitude was good.

The Flooding Lake City Lord sighed.

Suddenly his eyes spun onto the azure haired youth.

’’From the moment I saw you I knew we would get along. Don't disappoint me.’’

A playful smile appeared on the City Lord's face.

Zhao Feng cursed in his heart. Who was it that would get along with you?

But under the gazes of the crowd he couldn't resist the City Lord's wishes.

’’Oh well, I can't beat her strength anyways. All I need to do is check if she's the one.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes sparkled and paid closer attention to the jade hairbrush in Liu Qinxin's hands.

Apart from the fact that her age was slightly younger, her cultivation and hobbies all suited the requirements.

Especially the jade hairbrush. It was similar to the one Zhao Feng had. Even if this Liu Qinxin wasn't the one Zhao Feng was finding, there would definitely be some connection.

’’Brother Zhao, go and marry the daughter of the City Lord. This is something countless people are envious of.’’

Liu Yuan joked.

Zhao Feng lept casually onto the sparring stage.

Liu Qinxin's pair of eyes landed on Zhao Feng with interest.

At the same time a bright voice sounded, ’’This is a young Beast Tamer - Zhao Feng. All Master Zhao wants is to see the daughter of the City Lord's looks and came especially to participate.’’

The crowd below instantly broke out into discussion.

’’Such a young Beast Tamer!’’

’’Participating just to see her looks?’’

Zhao Feng almost spat out a mouthful of blood. His respectful words had been said to the public.

At this moment, even Liu Qinxin was looking at him in a weird manner.


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