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King Of Gods - Chapter 256


Chapter 256 - Behave

Zhao Feng sighed - it was his first time here and he didn't know anymore nor was he familiar with the lands. Hence he could only leave the Azure Sharp Swallow outside.

He decided to leave the Azure Sharp Swallow in midair and could only keep watch on it with his God's Spiritual Eye.

Right at this time Uncle Liu spoke, ’’My esteemed Sirs, according to the rules of each city, Beast Tamers are allowed to take their pets inside the city.’’

In any world, regardless of how strict the rules were, there would always be a small number of people with special authority.

For example, when one reached the True Lord Rank, if they wanted to ride into the city with their pets, no one could stop them. The rules were worthless to them.

Beast Tamers were also a special group of people as they were extremely low in numbers within Canopy Great Country.

Furthermore, Beast Tamers usually had more beasts and the number of Spiritual Pet Bags might not be enough.

Therefore, every city would take care of them.

’’Beast Tamer?’’

The leading guard at half-step True Spirit Realm and looked suspiciously towards Zhao Feng. The other guards didn't believe him as well.

The Flooding Lake City was an enormous city in Canopy Great Country and there were obviously many Beast Tamers within the city, but these Beast Tamers all had some fame and the guards recognised them.

The one-eyed azure haired youth in front of them looked wicked and evil - no matter how you looked at it, he didn't seem like a Beast Tamer.

’’Haha, when did the Flooding Lake area have a youth Beast Tamer? This one would like to learn a bit.’’

A enthused laugh sounded.

As the sentence finished a purple armoured youth riding a two-headed red bird flew over.

’’Young Master Liu.’’

’’Leader Liu.’’

The guards all greeted this newcomer with respectful expressions.

This purple-armoured youth was also at half-step True Spirit Realm, but his aura was even stronger than Uncle Liu's.

’’His Qi of True Spirit has reached 60%.’’

Zhao Feng was slightly moved.

It was Uncle Liu who immediately recognised this youth, ’’Young master Liu.’’

The purple armoured youth inspected Uncle Liu and felt that they were slightly familiar, ’’You're..’’

Uncle Liu immediately told him their identity.

’’Ohh, so it's the branch family from the Overlooking Mist Liu family.... I almost forgot about it. It's the time of the year for the branch family's to send their recommendations in.’’

Young master Liu Yuan finally remembered.

In the past, when Uncle Liu had sent over the branch family disciples to the Flooding Lake Liu family, he had seen this young master.

Through the introductions, Zhao Feng found out that this young master Liu Yuan was the stepson of the Head of the Liu family and was outstanding in the younger generation.

’’This is Zhao Feng, a Beast Tamer I just met who came with us to the Flooding Lake City...’’

Uncle Liu introduced Zhao Feng.

Young master Liu Yuan faintly nodded his head, not placing much importance on Zhao Feng being a Beast Tamer.

In this era, Beast Tamers were extremely welcomed and there were cases of people pretending to be one.

’’It's my honor to meet such a young Beast Tamer. Coincidentally my two headed Flaming Rage Bird's attitude seems to be very chaotic. Could Beast Tamer Zhao help a bit or two?’’

As soon as Liu Yuan's words finished the two headed Flaming Rage Bird below him screeched and a wave of flames appeared.

Liu Yuan was 'forced' off the two headed Flaming Rage Bird's back.

Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart. This Liu Yuan was an actor that had purposely enraged the two headed Flaming Rage Bird in order to cause him trouble.

Everyone could see that the timing of the birds enraging moment was too coincidental.

Uncle Liu and company wanted to say something but stopped themselves.

Afterall, if Zhao Feng was a true Beast Tamer, such everyday problems like this should be solvable.

Furthermore, they wanted to see Zhao Feng's Beast Taming powers.

’’Sure. However... I'm not doing it for free.’’

Zhao Feng said calmly as he glanced at the enraged bird.

A reward?

Everyone paused. This Zhao Feng wasn't easy to treat but true Beast Tamers weren't either.

’’As long as you can make my little red flames calm down, I can satisfy any requirement.’’

Liu Yuan said confidently.

Zhao Feng immediately asked Liu Yuan to help find a girl of the Liu family.

’’No problem.’’

Liu Yuan said without hesitation.

His little red flames had become angry by his will. If Zhao Feng could truly calm it down, it would display his true skills.

Furthermore, a Beast Tamer was someone that even the Flooding Lake Liu family needed to build a good relationship with. Normal requirements could be easily satisfied.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and slowly walked towards the two headed Flaming Rage Bird.

The two headed Flaming Rage Bird flapped its wings and the wall of flames rose, as if showing off to Zhao Feng.

’’Behave... behave....’’

Zhao Feng smiled and reached out with a finger and rotated it in circles.

At the same moment he walked slowly towards the two headed Flaming Rage Bird.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and bared its teeth towards the two-headed Flaming Rage Bird.

The latter stiffened and didn't move.

Zhao Feng's finger that was drawing circles seemed to contain a mysterious power that could calm people down. The little thieving cat's actions also seemed to have some effect.

The human and cat arrived safely in front of the two-headed Flaming Rage Bird.

’’Behave... behave...’’

Zhao Feng reached out and petted the two-headed Flaming Rage Bird's head.

This scene stunned everyone nearby.

In front of the two-headed Flaming Rage Bird, Zhao Feng's figure was like a dwarf compared to it.

But he had used such a simple tactic to calm the bird down and the latter was extremely quiet.

Liu Yuan was shocked and immediately whistled, but the two headed Flaming Rage Bird only trembled slightly and didn't have any obvious reaction.

At this time Zhao Feng had stood on top of the bird.

’’No one can ever stand safely on little red flames back without my allowance. Only Beast Tamers might be able to.’’

When Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat both stood on to of the two headed Flaming Rage Bird Liu Yuan found that his little red flames was trembling.

’’Miao... miao....’’

The little thieving cat copied Zhao Feng's action, patting its paw on the little red flames' head, as if saying, ’’Behave.’’

Liu Yuan, Uncle Liu and company all had bright expressions.

This was especially so for Liu Yuan as his face twitched. His little red flames had a fiery temper and had never been so humiliated.

That little cat dared to play with little red flames.

Although Liu Yuan was slightly angered he was still polite, ’’Master Zhao is indeed able to interact with animals. This one will satisfy your requirement when I return to the family.’’


Zhao Feng nodded his head slightly like a true Beast Tamer.

The more he acted in this manner, the more Liu Yuan and company had to be careful. A Beast Tamer wasn't easy to find even for the Flooding Lake Liu family.


With Liu Yuan leading, everyone passed smoothly and no one stopped Zhao Feng from taking his Azure Sharp Swallow.

When his title of ’’Beast Tamer’’ was recognised, he could use this privilege.

Beast Tamers could not only control their own pets, even the pets of others nearby would be unusually quiet.


Zhao Feng and company entered the Flooding Lake Liu family as guests.

It was Uncle Liu and company who received better treatment due to Zhao Feng.

The Flooding Lake Liu family had even sent an Elder at True Spirit Realm to serve Zhao Feng.

This Elder greeted Zhao Feng and promised to give the ’’1st tier treatment ' to Zhao Feng.

’’1st tier treatment' was almost the treatment Glorious Elders received.

Glorious Elders usually needed to be at the True Spirit Realm to receive this '1st tier treatment.’’

’’Can you give me some time to consider?’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly but didn't immediately agree.

His most important task right now was to complete his Master's mission.

He also remembered that this person would help organise him when they received the letter.

But if First Elder was to know that Zhao Feng had the potential to become a Tier 1 Guest of a major family in Canopy Great Country, he would probably tell him to immediately agree and not to send some letter.

First Elder's intention was to settle Zhao Feng in Canopy Great Country and that letter was just a connection.


Becoming a Tier 1 Guest had even better treatment that Core disciples.

Zhao Feng didn't even need connections - his fake Beast Tamer title's welcoming had far exceeded expectations. This was something Zhao Feng hadn't believed.

But obviously.

Zhao Feng didn't know his Master's true intentions and only had the thought of sending the letter to the true owner.

’’This is a ’’Flooding Liu Token’’. With this, Brother Zhao can enter the territory of the Flooding Lake Liu family without restrictions.’’

The Elder at the True Spirit Realm wasn't surprised nor unhappy. Instead, he gave Zhao Feng a token.

Flooding Liu Token?

Uncle Liu couldn't help but reveal an envious look. Beast Tamers were far too rare in Canopy Great Country and were occupations which forces fought over.

This Flooding Liu Token represented Zhao Feng's noble guest identity.

With this token Zhao Feng's actions in the Flooding Lake area would be far smoother.

Only when Zhao Feng's discussion had finished was it Uncle Liu and company's turn.

’’You two come over and test your talent.’’

The Elder scanned Liu Tingyu and Liu Dong faintly and said indifferently.

’’Ting'er, go!’’

Uncle Liu was full of expectation and nervousness.

The True Spirit Realm Elder didn't take out any testing items. Instead, he closed his eyes and felt Liu Tingyu's pulse.

’’Bloodline inheritance, this is the bloodline of our Liu family ancestor!’’

The Elder exclaimed.

A faint green coloured blood appeared on Liu Tingyu's skin like emerald.

Bloodlines were rare even in Canopy Great Country. Furthermore, Liu Tingyu's bloodline was the of the Liu family ancestors.

This disturbed the upper echelons of the Liu family.

Liu Tingyu and Liu Dong had succeeded in entering the Flooding Lake Liu family and had the opportunity to turn from carps into fish.

Witnessing this scene, Zhao Feng remembered how he and Zhao Xue had entered the Zhao family.

That night.

Zhao Feng stayed in a guest room within the Liu family.

Liu Yuan also handed over a booklet over to Zhao Feng containing list after list of information.

The names on the booklet were all ’’Liu Qinxin.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but admire Liu Yuan's efficiency rate.

’’Oh yeah, I forgot to tell Master Zhao, the daughter of the Flooding Lake City Lord is also named Liu Qinxin.’’

Liu Yuan said after being hesitant for a period of time.


Zhao Feng didn't pay much attention to it as there were far too many people with the same name.

’’The key point is that this Liu Qinxin is finding a husband by sparring.’’

Liu Yuan continued as sweat appeared on his head.


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