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King Of Gods - Chapter 255


Chapter 255 - Flooding Lake City

’’.... That's right. I'm a beast tamer.’’

Zhao Feng replied casually as he shamelessly took this title.

Uncle Liu and the present crowd had already believed to an 80-90% extent that he was a beast tamer. Afterall, they had seen Zhao Feng personally control the Azure Sharp Swallow and suppress Grey Cat Eagle who was at 7th Sky.

Suspicion rose within the youth in black, Lin Dong, ’’This countryside brat had suddenly become a respectable beast tamer... that's way too unbelievable...’’

Canopy Great Country was enormous and thus, large numbers of flying beasts were required.

No matter how fast a person was, even an expert at True Spirit Realm would be fatigued after a journey ranging tens of thousands of miles long.

Hence, every expert had a flying pet. The golden robed person before had a Four Winged Flying Cloud Leopard which could be used in both combat and travel.

How tiring and depressing would it be to walk tens of thousands of miles?

All in all.

Flying pets were rare in Canopy Great Country and were fought over in some places.

This meant that beast tamers were extremely welcomed in Canopy Great Country, however, it was unfortunate that the people with this occupation was too low - even fewer than array creators and pill makers.

Hence, when Zhao Feng confirmed that he was a beast tamer, Uncle Liu's eyes gleamed with excitement.

’’So you're a beast tamer. No wonder you have such a smart and adorable pet.’’

Liu TIngyu's pair of glistening eyes gazed admiringly towards Zhao Feng.

Of the three, only Lin Dong's expression was dim and suspicious.

In a normal situation, he too would have believed it, but due to the fact that he disliked Zhao Feng, he couldn't accept this 'reality'.

’’Uncle Liu, Sister Ting, I've never heard of such a young beast tamer---’’

Lin Dong asked in a manner which was against Zhao Feng.

’’Dong'er, don't be disrespectful.’’

Uncle Liu scolded and interrupted Lin Dong in the middle of his sentence.

Small families didn't have beast tamer's and were extremely hard to find.

For example, the Overlooking Mist Liu family had a few beginner beast tamers that took care of the food and the healing of their pets, but it was extremely hard for them to tame Yao beasts.

The Overlooking Mist Liu family once had a professional beast tamer but he didn't stay long and was soon hired by other families.

’’I don't need prove my identity to anyone.’’

Zhao Feng glanced towards Lin Dong, his words full of confidence.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat nodded on the side and waved its paws, as if saying its owner was right.

Seeing this, Uncle Liu and Liu Tingyu believed it to an even greater extent.

Lin Dong was still slightly suspicious but he didn't dare retort.

If Zhao Feng wasn't a beast tamer, how could he own an Azure Sharp Swallow with his measly 6th Sky cultivation.

’’Beast tamer big brother, is our deal from before still valid?’’

Slyness flashed in Liu TIngyu's eyes.

Uncle Liu smiled, ’’According to the deal from before if the little thieving cat chooses to go with us, you won't stop it?’’

’’Of course the deal is still valid. But it's not easy to take a pet away from a beast tamer.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat pounced on Zhao Feng's shoulder as it wagged its tail, declining Liu Tingyu's luring offers with a proud face.

This result didn't surprise Uncle Liu.

If the little thieving cat could be so easily taken away from Zhao Feng, then the latter would tarnish the title of beast tamer.

Uncle Liu sighed and suggested, ’’How about this? Give Ting'er a hundred days time. Furthermore, you're a beast tamer. I don't think you would use other methods in this process.’’

’’Of course I wouldn't, but a hundred days time....’’

Zhao Feng purposely hesitated.

Up to now, only half his task had been completed.

’’Hehe, isn't little friend finding a girl of the Liu family? Our destination is one of the seven Side families, the Liu family of the Flooding Lake City.’’

Uncle Liu laughed and said.

Flooding Lake City Liu family.

Zhao Feng's heart leapt - he had finally found a chance to encounter the higher echelons of the Liu family.

’’The Flooding Lake City Liu family is a powerful force. When we reach there, it'll be much easier for little friend to find that person. From what I know, the Flooding Lake City Liu family has a more complete family tree which would make it easier for you to find that person.’’

Uncle Liu continued as he saw that Zhao Feng was slightly moved.

Uncle Liu already knew that Zhao Feng was looking for someone on the Crossing sky ship.


Zhao Feng nodded his head.


Liu Tingyu couldn't help but jump with joy and started to play with the little thieving cat.

Uncle Liu let out a breath. If he could create a relationship with a beast tamer who had potential, it would be great for the Overlooking Mist Liu family.

They didn't realise that as Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat looked towards each other, smugness could be seen in their eyes.

From the moment Zhao Feng took on the title of beast tamer, he had wanted to use this identity to go down the trail of Uncle Liu and company.

What made Zhao Feng even more blessed was that they had the chance to enter one of the seven Side families of the Liu family; this was a massive help for him to find the person.

Because of this, Zhao Feng gave the little thieving cat a hundred low grade primal crystal stones for its help.

If it wasn't for the little thieving cat, Zhao Feng probably wouldn't have been able to encounter the Liu family so easily, interacting with them would only cause suspicions.

At the same time, Zhao Feng complained in his heart, ’’Master, the information you've given me is far too little. There's several hundred families with the Liu name and there are also countless people named Liu Qinxin.’’

In reality, Zhao Feng had wrongly blamed First Elder.

First Elder had never been to the Canopy Great Country and didn't even know much personal information about 'that person'. The relationship between them had also happened a long time ago.

First Elder's true aim was to preserve Zhao Feng and guarantee his safety. The former didn't have too much hope about the situation within the Thirteen Countries.

After crossing the River of Rage, Zhao Feng and Uncle Liu and company had officially banded together.

Although Uncle Liu was an Elder of a Branch family, he hadn't crossed the River of Rage a large number of times.

’’Every five years, the Overlooking Mist Province Liu family would recommend a genius or two to the Side family....’’

Uncle Liu didn't hide the process.

Zhao Feng revealed a look of understanding. These 'recommendations' were like the one he had gotten in the Green Leaf Village.

Back then, he and Zhao Xue had been recommended to the Zhao family of the Sun Feather City but they had walked down different paths.

Liu Tingyu and Lin Dong were both recommended to the higher levels. How similar were they to Zhao Feng?

Additionally, Zhao Feng could tell that Liu Tingyu's talent was far above Lin Dong's, meaning that the lives of the two would be totally different even though Lin Dong's talent wasn't bad, it was only comparable to Yang Gan.


Uncle Liu lightly slapped his spiritual pet bag and a large eagle, whose wingspan was close to ten yards, had appeared.

Zhao Feng did not possess a spiritual pet bag, hence he could only be envious.

’’Come up.’’

Uncle Liu petted the eagle and let the group on.

In terms of cultivation, this green eagle had reached the 7th Sky, but in terms of speed and rarity, it wasn't as good as Zhao Feng's Azure Sharp Swallow.

However, its body size was better and could therefore carry more people. In this regard, it had an advantage over the Azure Sharp Swallow.

The Flooding Lake City Liu family wasn't too far away from the River of Rage. The distance was around half of the Cloud Country.

On the way, the rushing streams and mountains caused Zhao Feng's eyesto widen.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was much denser in comparison to the mortal world, one in ten people were already at Ascended Realm.

In the sky, there would occasionally be flying beasts and figures of some experts at True Spirit Realm.

Uncle Liu didn't find it unusual.

Normal experts at True Human Rank could be seen everywhere.

Only those above True Human Rank were rare.

True Lord Rank could flip the clouds with their hands and were all dominant figures.

Several days later.

The green eagle entered an area with a lake.

The Flooding Lake was slightly famous in Canopy Great Country. There were a few dozens factions and families here that were highly ranked.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye scanned across this area and found that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was even purer and the chances of precious resources appearing was even higher.

’’In the Flooding Lake City, the Liu Side family is one of the three strongest forces. The Flooding Lake City is straight ahead.’’

Uncle Liu had been here several times before and explained to Zhao Feng.

In reality, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had already seen the Flooding Lake City ahead. He had even seen the structure of it.

The entire Flooding Lake formed a heart shape.

The part curved inwards was almost at the centre of the lake.

The Flooding Lake City was at the centre of the island.

The instant the green eagle flew into the Flooding Lake City, Uncle Liu and company became quiet and cautious.

There were occasional powerful aura belonging to those at the half-step True Spirit Realm or True Human Rank that flew by on top of the Flooding Lake City.

With his God's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng couldn't help but inspect and compare this bustling place with the Thirteen Countries. The latter was indeed just a countryside.

The Flooding Lake Liu family was located in the East side of the City and was in charge of a large amount of land.

There was a rule to entering the Flooding Lake City: Large flying beasts had to be kept inside the Spiritual Pet Bag's. They weren't allowed inside the city.

Uncle Liu silently put the eagle away and descended onto the ground, advancing towards the city.

Zhao Feng was slightly depressed - he didn't have a Spiritual Pet Bag nor could he afford one.


A few guards flew over and intercepted Zhao Feng.

His Azure Sharp Swallow was considered a large flying pet since it was several yards long and would disturb others inside.

There were many guards in the air sitting on flying beasts, their strengths ranging from the 5th to the 7th Sky with the leaders reaching the half-step True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng had two choices:

  1. Leave the Azure Sharp Swallow outside.

But this choice meant that other experts would be able to steal it.

2. Give up on going inside the city.


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