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King Of Gods - Chapter 254


Chapter 254 - That's right, I'm a Beast Tamer

Grey Cat Eagle had asked two helpers who had both reached the 7th Sky to accompany him and they were at least at Xu Zixuan or Ao Yuetian tier.

Qi Jiu seemed to be alone and stood on the other side as he smiled coldly.

There were also a few people standing on the side with gleaming eyes.

At this point in time, the atmosphere was extremely tense.

This entire event was caused by the azure haired kid who came from outside the Canopy Great Country.

The poor countryside brat had a precious flying beast and an intelligent pet cat which caused others to have thoughts on stealing it.

Everyone thought that this person had no background and low cultivation, hence he was a good target.

Zhao Feng didn't speak but smiled towards Uncle Liu.

According to their deal before the three from the Liu family needed to ensure his safety.

Uncle Liu wanted to use soft methods to help Liu Tingyu get the little thieving cat and it was a perfect chance for him to make Zhao Feng owe him one right now.

’’Everyone, this little friend here is a guest of our Overlooking Mist Liu family. I hope everyone gives me some face.’’

Uncle Liu scanned the crowd and released his half step True Spirit Realm aura. He was like a peerless mountain.

In the Canopy Great Country, there was a technique which could allow True Force to slowly change into Qi of half step True Spirit and become more like the Qi of True Spirit.

The higher percentage of Qi of half step True Spirit converted, the more powerful one was.

According to Zhao Feng's knowledge, the half-step True Spirit Realm experts in the Thirteen Countries only had one-twentieth to one-tenth converted.

However, in the Canopy Great Country, normal half-step True Spirit Realm experts had twenty to thirty percent converted, meaning that they were two times more powerful in comparison to those in the Thirteen Countries.

The conversion was slow, but the more converted, the higher chance of breaking through to the True Spirit Realm.

If one converted ninety percent, they had at least a 50% chance of reaching the True Spirit Realm.

At this moment.

When Uncle Liu released his aura, the expressions of the Grey Cat Eagle and company changed.

’’Thirty to forty percent has been converted to the Qi of half-step True Spirit.’’

A few people amongst the crowd sucked in a cold breath.

The aura from the half-step True Spirit Realm made others uneasy.

The Grey Cat Eagle and the two behind him started breathing more rapidly and were full of caution and hesitation.

If Uncle Liu and company were to protect Zhao Feng, they had no chance of winning.

’’The Overlooking Mist Province Liu family is only a tiny Branch family. It has nothing to do with the main Liu family.’’

A cold voice sounded from the side.

Qi Jiu stood proudly as his silver hair floated in the air. A layer of frost appeared, causing the temperature nearby to drop.

The coldness made Uncle Liu's expression change.

Liu Tingyu's eyebrows were furrowed as she circulated her True Force to protect herself. Lin Dong the youth in black's face was white as he struggled to resist.

’’Qi Jiu, all you need to do is hold back that old man. Leave the rest to us and we'll give you 40% of the profits.’’

The Grey Cat Eagle revealed a happy expression.

Qi Jiu's strength was stronger than expected and was able to resist Uncle Liu.

Zhao Feng originally thought that the former was only close to Cang Yuyue's but from the looks of it right now, he had the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

’’Sky Frost Dominance Fist.’’

Qiu Jiu's fist gave off a cold blue aura and a chilling ice blue light flickered towards Uncle Liu and the two.

’’Everyone dodge!’’

Uncle Liu exclaimed as his Qi of half-step True Spirit appeared, forming a mud yellow coloured palm.


The palm smashed through Qi Jiu's attack and crushed onwards.

Qi Jiu's figure retreated slightly as he turned into cold shadows that attacked furiously towards Uncle Liu.

’’This Qi Jiu has incredible power and his offense is close to Cang Yuyue's whereas his defense is even stronger. Overall, he's stronger than Cang Yuyue if the latter didn't comprehend the seed of sword intent.’’

Zhao Feng sighed in his head.

In terms of age, Qi Jiu was around 4~5 years older than Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue. After Cang Yuyue's seed of sword intent had been stabilised, her strength would grow to a whole new level.


Grey Cat Eagle exclaimed and led the two helpers at the 7th Sky towards Zhao Feng.

Liu Tingyu's strength wasn't bad and was able to handle a 7th Sky on her own.

Lin Dong, however, felt slightly troubled facing the other 7th Sky.

’’Azure haired brat, if you hand over the Azure Sharp Swallow right now and cut off your hands and feet, I'll consider letting you live.’’

A brutal smile appeared on Grey Cat Eagle's face.

With Qi Jiu holding Uncle Liu back, the three of them at 7th Sky were more than enough to take Zhao Feng and company down.

’’Hehe, is that so? I'm willing to give the Azure Sharp Swallow over, but I don't know whether you have the ability to take it or not.’’

Zhao Feng spread his arms and whistled, ordering the Azure Sharp Swallow to descend.


Grey Cat Eagle paused slightly.

But in the next instant, the Azure Sharp Swallow turned into a blur that was almost unseeable by the eye that shot towards Grey Cat Eagle.


A bloody gash was left on Grey Cat Eagle's shoulder. If it wasn't because he dodged in time and protected himself with True Force, he would've already been sliced in half.

The feathers of the Azure Sharp Swallow were extremely thin, and adding to the fact that its body was light, it was good at both good at speed and offense.

Therefore, Grey Cat Eagle had been injured by this sneak attack.


Grey Cat Eagle roared and charged towards the Azure Sharp Swallow, trying to conquer it.

However, the Azure Sharp Swallow was a beast at the 7th Sky whose speed was peak tier. Would it be that simple to beat?

Under Zhao Feng's control, the Azure Sharp Swallow flickered through the air time after time and flew in mysterious routes, forcing Grey Cat Eagle back.

The spectators nearby were all shocked as they started to discuss.

’’Could this brat be a rare beast tamer?’’

’’Beast tamer are a rare and very welcomed occupation in the Canopy Great Country.’’

At this moment.

Zhao Feng was the safest of the lot. All he needed to do was use his mental energy to control the Azure Sharp Swallow.

’’The Azure Sharp Swallow's speed and offense is perfect. It's only weakness is defense but under my control....’’

A smile curled on Zhao Feng's lips.

His God's Spiritual Eye could see the flaws of Grey Cat Eagle, hence giving the Azure Sharp Swallow the advantage.

On the other side.

Uncle Liu and Qi Jiu fought together and the former scanned across Liu Tingyu and company.

In reality, he had held back a bit to give Liu Tingyu and Lin Dong a chance for real battle experience.

Liu Tingyu didn't disappoint;she was clever and had great battle prowess, she was able to easily take on someone at the 7th Sky and even gain the slight upper hand.

As for Lin Dong who was in stalemate, he could barely take on the 7th Sky but this wasn't considered bad.


What made him most unexpected was Zhao Feng.

This azure haired youth who came from outside regions could use his flying beast alone to suppress Grey Cat Eagle.

After all, other than Qi Jiu, Grey Cat Eagle's strength was the strongest.

’’Hmm? This is mental energy. He's using a secret technique to control the Azure Sharp Swallow. Could it be.... That he's really a beast tamer?’’

Uncle Liu could feel the wave of mental energy from Zhao Feng.

Beast tamer was a rare occupation that could turn wild beasts into pets. Those who had extraordinary mental energy had a great advantage in this path.

And in reality.

Zhao Feng had many chances where he could control the Azure Sharp Swallow to finish the fight, but he wanted to understand the Liu family's strength.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and waved its paws, cheering for them.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and smiled meekly, almost clapping.

This scene caused Grey Cat Eagle and company almost to explode from anger.

Uncle Liu was dazed - it seemed that the cat and human were just watching a show.

’’Hahaha, is the little thieving cat cheering for me?’’

Liu Tingyu was full of joy and tried even harder, forcing her opponent to retreat.

She didn't see the little thieving cat's playful expression.

’’F*k this cat and human. They're just watching the show and not doing anything.’’

Lin Dong was furious but there was nothing he could do. He already had a bad opinion of Zhao Feng.

He could barely hold the 7th Sky person back. If Zhao Feng helped him, they could at least turn the situation around.

But the two didn't show any signs of participating.

The battle had gone on for a while and Lin Dong was unable to hold on.

’’It's about time.’’

Uncle Liu nodded his head and his Qi of half step True Spirit suddenly rose as he started counterattacking.

Afterall, he was an Elder of the family and 30-40% of his True Force had been converted to the Qi of half step True Spirit. He instantly pushed back Qi Jiu and gained the upper hand.

However, Qi Jiu was stronger than he had expected and a layer of ice armor appeared on his body.


Bloodline power surged from Qi Jiu and the area nearby turned into ice.

’’Shit, this Qi Jiu had bloodline power.’’

Uncle Liu was stunned.

The situation right now wasn't good.

He originally thought that he could control the situation easily but didn't expect Qi Jiu to be so troublesome.

At this time.

Zhao Feng nodded his head: ’’Hehe, little thieving cat, it's time for you to shine.’’

’’Miao miao!’’

The little thieving cat shook its head unwillingly.

Before it could react Zhao Feng picked it up by its ears and threw it towards the Grey Cat Eagle.

What the heck?

The Grey Cat Eagle was fighting the Azure Sharp Swallow and saw that the little thieving cat was being thrown towards him like a ball.

A cold light flashed in his eyes as he stabbed out towards the little thieving cat.


THe little thieving cat suddenly disappeared from his sight.

Before he could react a cat paw had slashed over his throat.


The throat of the Grey Cat Eagle burst open and blood poured down onto the ground.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat reappeared.

’’This cat knows how to turn invisible!’’

’’This cat is extremely crafty. It killed the Grey Cat Eagle in one move.’’

The expressions of the spectators nearby changed.

The little thieving cat was obviously not a normal pet.

After the Grey Cat Eagle was killed, the battle turned one sided.

Qi Jiu looked deeply towards Zhao Feng before leaving.

Uncle Liu let out a breath and wiped his cold sweat. He had almost failed to control the situation just then.

His eyes soon turned towards Zhao Feng and said cautiously: ’’May I ask this little friend, are you a rare beast tamer?’’

Beast tamer?

Zhao Feng could feel the expectation and respect within Uncle Liu's eyes.

’’Yeah... that's right. I'm a beast tamer.’’

Zhao Feng's thoughts spun as he nodded his head.


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