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King Of Gods - Chapter 252


Chapter 252 - The Little Thieving Cat's price

Miao miao!

Maybe it was because the little thieving cat had smelled the scent of money, the cat appeared from the interspatial bracelet and looked around with twirling eyeballs.

’’What a cute cat!’’

’’Oh my god! This little cat looks extremely smart.’’

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat put its paws out and puffed out its chest, causing the young girls to laugh.

Zhao Feng's heart clenched as he swore in his heart. Why did it come out? He might even have to pay more primal crystal stones.


The little thieving cat was only the size of a palm and was considered a small pet, hence there was no extra fees.

The golden robed person inspected Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat with interest, but didn't say anything.


After the 49 places were taken, the four sailors pulled up the sails and began sailing the ship towards the opposite bank.

The waves and winds of the River of Rage were extremely dangerous. Even those at the 7th Sky wouldn't be able to last long before being dragged down into the depths of the river.

Under these conditions the Crossing sky ship's speed was extremely slow.

’’The River of Rage is around one hundred miles long is considered a thin area. With our current speed at least four to five days needed to reach the other side.’’

Zhao Feng calculated.

Four to five days wasn't long if one cultivated, but the problem was that the ship would shake incessantly due to the waves. After all, the ship would have to face waves with the force of a million kilograms.

Not only that.

When the waves were at its strongest, the Crossing Sky Ship would shake and had the danger of capsizing.

Under these situations even a small nap was dangerous.

Due to the fact that the ship was incessantly shaking, most people used True Force to stabilise themselves.

The most casual person was the golden robed person.

He was like a nail on the ship. No matter how strong the wind blew or the rain was, he never moved.

Apart from him were those at half-step True Spirit Realm. They also seemed to find it pretty easy.

These cultivators at the half-step True Spirit Realm were all extremely powerful and had cultivated the Qi of half-step True Spirit. They were much stronger than those in the Thirteen Countries.

Luckily the Crossing sky ship wasn't rocking the entire time. There were moments when the water would be unusually calm.

When the Crossing Sky Ship was calm, the experts on the ship would interact with one another and sometimes exchange items.

’’Little brother. Are you willing to exchange your Azure Sharp Swallow? This one would be willing to pay two thousand low grade primal crystal stones.’’

A middle aged person wearing grey approached Zhao Feng and enquired.

Two thousand primal crystal stones?

Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. This wasn't a small sum in the Thirteen Clans but he still shook his head, ’’No thanks.’’

At present, Zhao Feng still needed the Azure Sharp Swallow. Moreover, he didn't think that the Azure Sharp Swallow was only worth this much.

On this ship, apart from the golden robed person, no other flying beast was better than Zhao Feng's Azure Sharp Swallow. Some didn't even have flying beasts.

’’How about three thousand low grade primal crystal stones? That's worth an enormous sum of three hundred thousand substandard primal crystal stones.’’

The middle aged person gritted their teeth and asked in a low tone.

Zhao Feng still shook his head.

’’Three thousand five hundred.’’

’’Four thousand.’’

’’Five thousand, that's my limit.’’

Zhao Feng shook his head no matter what the person offered.

A few people nearby revealed playful and disdainful expressions.

They could tell that this middle aged grey clothed person was trying to trick this poor youth, but unexpectedly, the youth didn't seem to be shocked by the enormous sum.

The area outside of the Canopy Great Country lacked Yuan Qi and the production of primal crystal stones was low.

People outside of the Canopy Great Country were easily shocked by the sum of thousands or tens of thousands of primal crystal stones, but the youth before them didn't seem shocked.

Zhao Feng was still not moved even when the grey clothed person had raised the price to eight thousand.

’’My Azure Sharp Swallow is worth that much?’’

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

The Yuan Qi in the Canopy Great Country was denser and the production of primal crystal stones higher, hence the increase in price.

Items were rare when there was only a limited number.

The Canopy Great Country was led by martial arts and the beasts nearby had been slaughtered in vast quantities. Some precious spiritual pets were rare here than in the Thirteen Countries.

Normal people would not ride a flying beast unless they were heading into very dangerous zones.

Lower quantities of items resulted in higher price.

Because of these two reasons the price of flying beasts, especially rare ones, were worth a lot in the Canopy Great Country.

’’Hmph. Eight thousand primal crystal stones. Are you selling or not?’’

The middle aged grey clothed person's eyes dimmed.

Although he was only at the 7th Sky the aura radiating from him was much stronger than the ones in the Thirteen Countries.

Zhao Feng estimated this person could face off Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian or even beat them.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to reject, a voice sounded from nearby, ’’Aye? Grey Cat Eagle, are you trying to force this trade?’’

A silver haired youth slowly walked over.

Zhao Feng had an impression of this youth. This person had used the Sky Frost Dominance Fist before and had forced back one person at the 7th Sky and two at the 6th Sky.

Without using his bloodline power, Zhao Feng didn't have much of a winning chance against him.

’’Qi Jiu, this has nothing to do with you.’’

The middle aged man who was called Grey Cat Eagle gazed warningly at the silver haired youth.

’’Fair trade, the higher bidder wins. Do I have no right to participate?’’

Qi Jiu hmphed coldly.

Qi Jiu was also at the 7th Sky and his strength was comparable to Cang Yuyue, causing others nearby to shuffle backwards.

The grey clothed middle aged person's stopped saying anything. He couldn't stop Qi Jiu from bidding a higher price.

In terms of talent and strength, the opponent was far superior to him.

’’I'll give you ten thousand primal crystal stones for this Azure Sharp Swallow.’’

Qi Jiu's voice was faint but contained a coldness to it.

Ten thousand low grade primal crystal stones. That was all Zhao Feng had.

’’Eleven thousand.’’

The middle aged grey clothed person retorted.

’’I said that I'm not trading my Azure Sharp Swallow.’’

Zhao Feng calmly shook his head.

Hearing this, a lot of people were surprised.

A youth who had came from outside the Canopy Great Country could resist such a large amount of primal crystal stones?

’’I heard that the cultivators from outside the Canopy Great Country are extremely poor. Is this true?’’

’’Could this be a young master of a family or the son of a Lord of some country?’’

The people nearby exchanged glances.

Qi Jiu and the Grey Cat Eagle looked at each other in the eye before leaving.

No one dared to do anything on the ship. Even if there were problems, they would be resolved when they reached the shore.

Zhao Feng's expression was the same as usual and the little thieving cat on his shoulder yawned.


Just as the two left, another group of people came.

’’This cat is so cute. Can you sell it to me?’’

A young girl dressed in blue around the age of fourteen to fifteen enquired. She was like a delicate carving.

The girl's age was younger than Zhao Feng, but her cultivation had reached the peak 6th Sky.

A cold youth in black came along with her. His age seemed to be around Zhao Feng's.

The girl and boy walked together shoulder by shoulder. Although their ages were young, their cultivation wasn't to be underestimated.

Behind the two was a plainly dressed elder at half-step True Spirit Realm who was shaking his head at this moment.

’’Not for sale.’’

Zhao Feng's voice was cold.

Why did all these natives of the Canopy Great Country try to exchange with him?

Was it because they were easy to trick?

’’Azure haired brat. We're from the Liu Family in the Overlooking Mist Province. State the price and sell this cat to us.’’

The youth in black said coolly as if he knew Zhao Feng would agree.

’’Overlooking Mist Province Liu family?’’

’’Could this Liu family be affiliated with one of the Four Great families in the Canopy Great Country?’’

The people onboard were slightly surprised.

’’Liu family? These three come from the Liu family. Is their family my target?’’

ZHao Feng thought in his heart and asked: ’’Any price?’’

’’That's right.’’

The youth in black seemed to be extremely confident.

The girl in blue gazed at the little thieving cat in blue and clenched her fists, ’’This cat is the smartest and most intelligent pet I've seen. I'm definitely going to buy it today.’’

’’Hmm... how bout I give you 50% off?’’

Zhao Feng said slowly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws, symbolising its disatisfaction. The intelligence made the girl like it even more.

’’State your price.’’

The youth in black said smugly. The azure haired brat must have heard the Liu family's name, hence the 50% off.

’’One billion primal crystal stones.’’

Zhao Feng slowly gave a price.

Hearing this, everyone took a cold breath.

’’One billion. This brat does indeed have the mouth of a lion.’’

’’Even if they sold the Overlooking Mist Liu family, they probably wouldn't be able gather this much.’’

The people here were stunned then started to laugh.

The youth in black and girl in blue paused.


The youth in black's face went white then green from anger.

He had originally thought that a cat would only be worth a hundred primal crystal stones but Zhao Feng had said an extreme amount.

Before the youth could react, Zhao Feng laughed as he continued, ’’I meant peak grade primal crystal stones.’’

Peak grade primal crystal stones.

Everyone's mouths gaped open.

The golden robed person at the True Spirit Realm laughed and shook his head, ’’Peak grade primal crystal stones had been long extinct. Even high grade primal crystal stones are hard to find. Now, middle grade primal crystal stones are even considered rare.’’

Being someone at True Spirit Realm, he obviously had the right to say.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng didn't want to sell the cat, hence the price.

’’Azure haired brat. How dare you play us? We'll see....’’

The youth in black trembled from anger and turned around and left.

He never would have thought that a countrymen would not give him face.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was full of joy and smugness and the ruffled Zhao Feng's face while looking at the youth in black with disdain.

’’I really like this cat.....’’

The girl in blue bit her lips and gazed towards the plainly dressed elder with watery eyes, looking for help.


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